Luke August ‘Need Nobody’

Luke August will release his latest single ‘Need Nobody’ on Tuesday. ‘Need Nobody’ was worked with Grammy Award winning mastering engineer William Bowden (Gotye, Bluejuice, Paul Dempsey).
‘Need Nobody’ is a melodic track filled with intense emotion and set to subtle music. August displays a state of Zen restraint as the track flows with gentle elegance and posture while maintaining an edge by adding indie guitar pop and R&B influences. Its stripped back yet instrumentally rich. Sharp bright guitar ripples throughout with a sticky beat that adds thick tension and raw intimacy. Darker tones add an eerie quality which is lifted by the twinkling on guitar. Smooth vocals add a sleek soothing quality and passion to the track. ‘Need Nobody’ is a brooding emotionally raw track that throbs and oozes with sonic flecks and refined guitar while leaving you with a stillness to reflect on.

In contrast to his previous tracks, ‘Refugee’ and ‘One Heart’, ‘Need Nobody’ is a story of independence and acknowledging your inner strength to empower yourself. August says the opening line, “First you get drunk, then you get love”, a concept born in a moment of solitude and stillness, is a notion that most can relate to. August extracted his own emotions that gravitate around the opening line and infused the raw sentiment into the vibe of ‘Need Nobody’.
‘Need Nobody” will be available globally on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all major digital platforms on Tuesday March 21st, 2017
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