Mark Crozer ‘Shock To The Heart’

Alternative rock artist Mark Crozer has recently announced the release of his newest single ‘Shock To The Heart’. This comes after 5 albums, 4 EP’s and countless single releases as a continuation of a successful 20 year career as a musician. Crozer is best known for the song, ‘Live In Fear’, which later became the successful entrance theme song for WWE superstar Bray Wyatt and achieved over 10 million YouTube views and 2.5 million Spotify plays. Crozer and his band ‘The Rels’ had the opportunity to perform live at Wrestlemania 30 to an audience of 75,000 at New Orleans Superdome, making them one of the two British bands to have ever performed at Wrestlemania. In addition, Crozer is the bassist with alt-rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain with whom he has performed since their comeback performance at Coachella back in 2007. After a busy 2017 writing, recording and releasing his most recent album ‘Sunny Side Down’, produced by legendary REM producer Mitch Easter, Crozer chose to maintain his creative flow and upon returning from an 8 month tour with The Jesus and Mary Chain, Crozer wrote his newest single ‘Shock To The Heart’. Inspired by the blistering guitar riffs of the likes of Killing Joke, Pixies and Nirvana, the single is a snapshot of Mark’s long running battle with anxiety and a panic disorder.

‘Shock To The Heart’ boils, bubbles and coils with sizzling fiery alternative rock. With a rumbling bassline that sends shivers up your spine and punchy drums driving the track into a frenzy of pounding adrenaline, it’s a thrilling rush of tantalizing musicianship. Eerie vocals coo, creep and tease with goosebump inducing hysteria while scorching guitar riffs pierce through the track screeching and scalding all in their path. It’s an ominous electrifying display from Crozer and absolutely invigorating. A must listen.

Stream ‘Shock To The Heart’ below