Matt Portland ‘Secondary’

London singer songwriter Matt Portland has released his new single ‘Secondary’.Portland is a solo artist who writes, produces and plays every instrument on his songs, recorded in his small home studio.The new track draws inspiration from the ballads of the late 60’s and 70’s and soundtracks from that era, attempting a modern take on the Wall of Sound.

‘Secondary’ encapsulates beautifully Portland’s wholly absorbing and carefully crafted sound. With delicate finger picked guitar and lonely guitar slide intro the track croons in with tender solitary tones and a swoony sweet 60’s melody. Building the track into a passionate ballad Portland fleshes out his lonesome Spaghetti-western sound with a steady drum thud and graceful piano element. It’s a weepy delicate number that gradually builds in emotion as more instruments are introduced to fill out the track. The guitar laments behind a rich percussive foundation while elegant strings flutter around the teary fist pump passion. Each part of the track builds upon the brooding theme as the melancholic tones flicker between a powerful tear jerking chorus. The guitar solo wails and whines with a bittersweet tone while Portland’s velvety vocals coo over this timeless wishful backdrop. It’s a well crafted track that packs one heck of an emotional punch.

Stream  ‘Secondary’ below