Michael Jablonka ‘Flump’

Michael Jablonka has released his new single ‘Flump’. This searing track marks a grittier grunge infested shift in Jablonka’s sound. It’s a fierce shredding slice of indie rock, as raw course guitar riffs lacerate with adrenaline surging force through the groovy rhythm. With its pedal to the metal potency, Jablonka walks the fine line between edgy ferocity and chilled suaveness. His vocals are as cool as a cucumber while blistering guitar and pummelling drums twist, coil and combust behind him. This rich dynamic track is another fantastic reason to keep an eye out for this guy. His talent and skills are one to be admired and his tunes, frenzy inducing dynamite.

You can catch Michael Jablonka live on Sat 19 May at The Queen’s Hotel, Brighton (Great Escape Festival)

Stream ‘Flump’ below