Old News ‘Castro’ EP

Indie-rock/alternative group, Old News have released their new EP ‘Castro’ which was mastered by TJ Lipple, who has worked with American Football, Fugazi, Look Mexico, and others. Old News is an indie-rock band based out of Kansas. Inspired heavily by math-rock, emo revival, and jazz harmony, the group combines these influences into a genre defying mix of sounds. Their new EP, ‘Castro’, is full to the brim with off-the-wall grooves, wailing trumpet, and spiraling, slinky guitar passages. Old News is comprised of current and former WSU/Friends University jazz alumni and oddball music fanatics, Beau Harris, Max Abood , Blaine Martin, and Sutton Wilson.

‘Castro’ is a rowdy collection of gnarly rock with some slickness in the form of jazzy elements and the odd trumpet bellow. With the twinkly guitar intro of ‘Everyone’s A Minimalist’ these guys display a knack for intricate instrumentation arrangements weaving fluidly between boisterous drums and grainy vocals. They balance the sweet and soothing with the fiery and powerful seamlessly. The trumpet injections add a touch of vibrancy to the turbulent tracks. When you think they couldn’t get more diverse Old News break into a subtle jingly instrumental that is like a sweet melodic elevator tune before fading out. ‘Disappointed But Not Surprised’ is brimming with energy and golden guitar moments. Crashing instrumentation slams into your eardrums like a cannonball before the lushest slinky guitar melodies and warm trumpet jingles iron out the sound creating an instantly chill dreamy haze. They shift between melty sweet and boisterous so rapidly and fluidly its amazing. ‘Spring Sensibility’ is the instrumental intermission packing a lot of gumption. Delicate soothing trumpet melodies lament with sweet nostalgia before the pounding drums and crashing guitars are introduced. This track slowly creeps into its thrilling crescendo, displaying a band that can keep you blissfully intrigued in their tunes even without vocals. Those guitar quivers and flickers are just sublime and take you to a beautiful scenic state of euphoria. ‘1917 Cherry St.’ is the final track on the EP and returns to the bands math rock heaviness. Sweeter vocals caress the verses while honey melodies on guitar and trumpet twinkle around with an airy feel. The verses then become more aggressive and ferocious.

An impressive EP from Old News. It’s well thought out and meticulously crafted as each detail, melody and flicker adds a new dimension and richness to the tracks. What appears to be a meaty skull bashing math rock EP blossoms into a pure richly layered experience that is pretty special and at times sweetly delicate.

Stream ‘Castro’ below