Olly Flavell ‘Paint the Sky’

Olly Flavell is an innovative singer songwriter whose originality captivates with ease. With wisdom beyond his years and a youthful flair, carefully crafted material naturally flows from this talented 20-year-old making him stand out from the crowd. In combining influences from the realms of Pop, Country and Rock Flavell creates an unseen contemporary sound with nuances of classic melodies and traditional lyricism. Flavell who is currently recording his new EP ‘My Heart In My Hand’ is set to  release his new single ‘Paint the Sky’ on Christmas day.

‘Paint the Sky’ is a beautiful melodic track that bleeds soulful passion and romance. It’s delicately swayable with a luscious melody and warm soaked heartfelt instrumentation to whisk you away into a sweet tender lovely bubble. With gentle guitar strums, a soft tapping beat and some steamy guitar injections it’s one for a romantic slow dance and perfect for the idealistic Christmas scene- soft snow fall and romance. Flavell’s soulful vocals exude a beautiful sense of love and devotion and pull at your heartstrings while a sultry guitar solo adds a nice hint of passion. It’s fireside, dreamy warmth perfect at this time of the year. Flavell has a knack with elegant melty melodies and refined arrangements and this treasurable wispy ballad is another example of his charming, polished evolving craft.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Paint the Sky’ below