La Bête Blooms ‘Low Hummer’

Hull post-punk five piece La Bête Blooms have released their new track ‘ Low Hummer’. This rip-roaring fuzzed up anthem fizzes and spits with sharp riffs and distortion spewing from is very core. Its gritty raw and thrilling mosh worthy grunge.Hazy lo-fi vocals cool the track while the shrill on guitar adds a buzzing scorching blurry summer vibe. Pummelling drums tirelessly batter with brute force as the track explodes with anarchy while the nimble bass adds flexibility and elasticity to the track. This animated vigorous track displays La Bête Blooms knack for smooth slick melodies backed by lacerating guitar lines and aggressive instrumentation. Its no – nonsense attitude that warms with blistering sunny vibes.

Stream ‘Low Hummer’ below

Kev Minney ‘Dark Stars’

Kev Minney is a Brighton based acoustic guitar player, singer and songwriter. Minney uses open tunings to create a unique haunting and melodic sound.Taking inspiration from musical giants such as Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, Kev has blended his creative guitar playing with traditional pop melodies. Late in 2015, funded by his fans, Minney travelled to New York, where he recorded his debut EP ‘All You Need’, with Kenny Siegal and Jesse Lauter at Old Soul Studios. Now, working closely with Mercury-nominated producer Jag Jago, Kev has created an album which combines his superlative guitar playing and distinctive vocals with a modern electronic sensibility and orchestral serenity.He is about to release his much-anticipated second album, along with four singles.The first of which ‘Dark Stars’ was just released yesterday.

‘Dark Stars’ is a captivating emotionally charged delicate creation that blends sweet mellow warm tones on guitar with magical almost haunting qualities. A virtuoso acoustic guitar player, Minney creates a feathery light elegant track that sparkles with purity. Wispy strings and swirling soundscapes dance around the track with beautiful grace and delicacy forming into a floaty emotional unique piece of music. Gentle vocals and lush whispered lull on backing vocals add a mythical enchanting quality to the track. Its mellow and gentle laced in thrilling haunting melodies with exquisite guitar display that you can loose yourself in.

Stream ‘Dark Stars’ below

Beau + Luci ‘Fire Dancer’

Hailing from the swamplands of Southern Georgia, raised on a heady blend of rock-and-roll, blues and classic country, sisters Beau + Luci have released their debut EP ‘Fire Dancer’ which along with drawing from real-life experience weaves in elements of visionary storytelling throughout. Inspired by a central character from Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart trilogy—a fire-eater named Dustfinger—the intensely charged title track ‘Fire Dancer’ explores what Luci refers to as “the idea of taking something that could be used for destruction and instead using it to give hope”.
‘Fire Dancer’ starting with almost a cappella vocal harmonies, Beau + Luci demand attention with tight sweet toned vocals backed by rumbling drums. Its instantly catchy. This track twangs in all the right places without too much country in your face. Attitude soaked and bursting with sass and swagger these girls give us earthy yet lush rich textured folk-rock that packs a punch. Smoothly fluid and sleek with immaculate captivating harmonies teamed with elements of bluesy Americana rock thrown in and of course a shredding sharp guitar solo. Its elegantly and daintily lean and mean.
Produced by Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, Aaron Shust), Beau + Luci’s debut EP finds the duo collaborating with a host of esteemed musicians, including guitarist Scott Sharrard and keyboardist Peter Levin (both members of the Gregg Allman Band) as well as keyboardist Rami Jaffee (best known for his work with Foo Fighters and the Wallflowers). Throughout the EP, Beau + Luci show a sharp sense of songcraft honed through their near-lifelong studying of legends like Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash. At the same time, the two channel pure passion into each track, instilling the EP with powerful energy.
Stream ‘Fire Dancer’ below

VACAY ‘Shoes’

VACAY is the current musical project of young Toronto-based singer-songwriter and actor Levi Randall. He has released his new single ‘Shoes’ which blends delicate indie with heartfelt lyrics. From the start this track flows with crooning tenderness. Effortlessly laid back and dainty this track elegantly and honestly drifts with wistful tones and heart pining yearning. Honeyed gentle melody, warm whisper-like vocals and touching lyrics give the track a Bryan Adams feel. Building into a catchy chorus which displays Randall’s higher vocal range this sweet track is hum along ready. Soaked in melancholic longing tones with feathery light instrumentation it sits easily in your mind and definitely creates a moment of pause and reflection. ‘Shoes’ is a pure track without fuss its honest and virtuous while wrapping you in a hazy daydream.
When asked about the track Randall said :
“The inspiration for “Shoes” came from a girl that I worked with. I had a massive crush on her and we connected really well, but she was getting married. I wrote this song to get the jealousy and pain off of my chest.The silver lining to going through pain is what you learn through the situation and of course, the honest songs that come from it. Based on my past experiences, the songs that speak the most to me are the ones that are saying the words I felt but couldn’t find. My hope is that this song will relate to many people’s situations. If they are going through something similar, that they’d find comfort in knowing they are not alone.”

Stream ‘Shoes’ below

Atlanta Snow ‘Perfect Symphony’

Atlanta Snow (formerly Stefansson) are a new project, fronted by Singer / Songwriter / Producer; Matt Woodruff, who’s sound showcases a vibrant, contrasting and expressive approach to Electronic / Pop music. Atlanta Snow’s attitude is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and fat low end that makes the floor shake. Mixed by Dave Darlington in NYC (Avicii, Bob Sinclar, Sting), the new single ‘Perfect Symphony’ is full of catchy pop hooks with ambition flowing throughout. It is an uplifting anthem that features a sublime vocal performance by Woodruff. Its edgy pop synth-heavy alternative rock that is exhilarating. Breezy synths laced over soaring vocals and ethereal melodies make this track a sublime piece of musicianship. Heavy beats give this track a dance feel, its inspiriting and invigorating with enough rawness to create a razor sharp edge and bite.
‘Perfect Symphony’ is Atlanta Snow’s second single from their upcoming album and is the first track of what is to be an exciting year for the project.

Stream ‘Perfect Symphony’ below

Baum Jr. ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Baum Jr. is a newly emerging musician with an aptitude for creating catchy electro songs with edgier vocals. Boasting a background in rock, this eclectic artist is always keen on exploring electro-synth music from a whole new perspective. His music combines electronic soundscapes, retro synths, bleeps, bloops and blips with glitchy sonic effects, all fused with the familiar warmth of rock vocals and acoustic drums.
Baum Jr. has released his new single ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’. Its a powerful  classic rock ballad-like anthem soaked in nostalgic tones and smothered in edgy sonic effects. Bewitching flashing electronics teamed with dramatic punchy drums adds urgency and fist pumping energy while the vocals burst with vibrancy and stamina. This catchy laser light bedazzlement packs a punch with flickering soundscapes and a lyrical intensity that comes from the soul. Its an overwhelming powerful track that burns with fiery enthusiasm. With an explosive chorus and infectious melody its mighty yet smooth, sleek and extremely well crafted.
Watch the video for ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’ below

Stacey ‘First Move’

Toronto singer songwriter Stacey has released her new single ‘First Move’. This delicate melodic track oozes and seeps unadulterated romance with wispy synths and sultry silky vocals in an endless haze of dreamy bliss.Laced with casual soft percussion that portrays the monotonous waiting, the track is submerged in a laid back urgency and steamy mellow euphoria while holding an air of elegance and poise. Graceful keys gently simmer and glide through the track as it floats into an ethereal wistful daydream. With hints of Lana Del Rey charm and beauty its a must listen.

Stream ‘First Move’ below

Iron Islands ‘Contrails’

London trio Iron Islands have released their new single ‘Contrails’. Consisting of members Martin Andrew (Vocals and Piano), Al Baker (Bass) and Olly Brown (Drums), Iron Islands have made a name for themselves for their melodic compositions with the right amount of hooks, heartfelt lyrics and addictive instrumentation.
‘Contrails’ is a fine example of this with elegantly flowing piano running along an elastic bassline and a steady beat which sets the perfect busy back drop for the catchy melody. The track is instrumentally bustling and flutters rapidly while the soft yet dynamic vocals highlight the tender lyrics. The piano feature is playful and feathery light as it dances in between the flexible nimble bass creating a rich texture with a fluttering delicate and graceful quality. This track is light bright with an exquisite amount of intelligent instrumentation creating a beautiful delicate treasure of melodies weaving and playfully interacting.
Stream ‘Contrails’ below

Olly Flavell ‘Back to Life’

Olly Flavell a Manchester-based singer-songwriter currently studying at British and Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute, has released his new single ‘Back to Life’. With wisdom beyond his years and a youthful flair, carefully crafted material naturally flows from this talented 20-year-old making him stand out from the crowd. In combining influences from the realms of pop, country and rock Olly creates a contemporary sound with nuances of classic melodies and traditional lyricism. Olly obtained slots at festivals such as 2000 trees and has played iconic venues such as Birmingham’s Genting Arena and the ICC Symphony Hall. Olly’s skillfully crafted songs have earned him the opportunity to write toplines for Swedish dance music and also write for the likes of Little Mix. Collaborations with Tim Lord and Ben Newbury, stylist and video director to artists such as James Bay, also feature on his list.
‘Back to Life’ warms with country glowing qualities and emotionally charged lyrics. This track gleams with sweet melodies and cosy reassurance. Twinkling guitar and a cushioned beat adds a fluffy bounce and vitality while Olly’s soothing vocals  flood with passion and emotion. This gentle tender track builds to an anthemic sing along chorus that is heart warming and sway worthy. Bursting with positive chord progressions and beaming tones its a track that will settle your soul.
Olly Flavell is set to record and release a five-track EP in May entitled ‘Indigo Sunrise so keep and eye out for that.
Stream ‘Back to Life’ below

Tribe Society ‘We Sell Drugs’

New York four-piece Tribe Society have released their 10 track mixtape ‘We Sell Drugs’ today. Tribe Society pull in a mixture of genres from indie rock, alternative to hip-hop and electronic to create a sound that is original and signature to them.
‘We Sell Drugs’ is packed with ten bass -driven millennial anthems that will have you cruising grooving and swaying all to snappy beats and slick fluid melodies. Opening track ‘Nu Vibe’ sets the tone of this velvety mixtape. Its creamy smooth and rhythmically rich smudged in R&b soul. Its effortlessly chilled with sweet toned vocals, snappy goopy beat, sparkling synths and warm acoustic guitar feature. Heart stopping rippling beats teamed with lush vocals follow in tracks such as ‘Lonely People’, spoken vocals also feature adding firmness and earnest to the track. ‘Smoke Out The Window’ is drizzled in darker foggy electronics that have a wispy flow while the bright melody and keys create a catchy ear worm chorus. ‘Garden Of God’ gives an intense sticky eerie tone. With haunting electronic and raspy vocals however there is a brighter almost whistle- like melody featuring after the chorus that lifts the muggy gooey dark feel of the track. This track brings a rock feel while still maintaining that electronic flex beat. The tracks that follow bring a blend of hip hop soaked with fierce attitude softened by the soft synths and entangled in wandering electronics. Title track ‘We Sell Drugs’ is an infectious peppy warm song with a chorus you wont be able to prise from your brain. Its a laid back hazy track, perfect for lazy sunny days. ‘Faded Circle’ is the final track featuring distorted vocals and a sombre tone winding down a mixtape that displays Tribe Society’s masterful instrumentation which is tightly layered and rich in textures while also possessing thought-provoking lyrics.’We Sell Drugs’ is a wholly unique venture delicate and stunning while also packing a mighty electronic punch and hip hop fusions.
Stream ‘We Sell Drugs’ below


Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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