Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Sherlocks

Sheffield four-piece The Sherlocks have been steadily building a solid live following and were the first unsigned band since Arctic Monkeys to sell out their local venue the Sheffield Leadmill. Their recently released single ‘Will You Be There?’ is an infectious indie track that continues the bands epidemic of frenzy causing high energy anthemic tracks that are sure to cause dance seizures. Animated bounce on drums teamed with razor sharp vigorous guitar riffs that are presented in such a slick nimble manner will cause a live audience to go berserk. The catchy chorus is sing-along ready with  a mosh/ frantic jumping worthy crescendo and shredding guitar solo, its the perfect indie rock track. With effortless smooth and cool vocals and a melody soaked in melancholic tones this bustle robust track sweeps you into The Sherlocks whirlwind of intense tireless energy.

To see all live shows for the Sherlocks check out the link below

Watch the video for ‘Will You Be There?’ below

Sonïtus ‘Alleviate’


Hailing from East London, Sonïtus are a multicultural assemblage of tenacious artists whose powerful neo-rock explores the beautiful, devious and carnal sides of the human psyche. The band consists of members Russell Balogun (vocals), Dein Moore (guitar, vocals), Nathan Chan (guitar), Scott Bacon (bass) and Romulo Heredia (drums.) The quintet’s debut EP, ‘Kleptocracy’ was recorded in part at Urchin Studios in Hackney with Dan Cox and Matt Ingram (Lianne La Havas, Enter Shikari, Denai Moore, Slaves), and produced by Sonïtus’ Nathan and is set for release this Friday. It is a seven-song EP that shows Sonïtus are unafraid to weave threads of R&B and urban UK sound into their politically driven progressive metal.
The EP lead track is ‘Alleviate’. It is an acutely intense track that agonises and bubbles with deep emotions and frustrations. Beginning teasingly gentle and subdued with soft hushed whispering vocals and repressed instrumentation like the cold sting of emotions churning and boiling inside. This track oozes and bleeds with harmonic waves of arpeggiated guitar and bass, flowing across a determined kick drum and shivering hi-hat. ‘Alleviate’ hooks you into the chilling eerie vibe of swirling hair raising emotion. The track builds into a ferocious surge of molten metallic rage showcasing Sonïtus’ attack of alternative rock. With gritty growl-like yell on vocals, striking vigorous guitars and tireless pounding rumble on drums the track becomes aggressive with fight back spirit. Its a punch in the face of bloodthirsty brutal retribution from the restrains of conformity.
You can catch Sonïtus live Friday 18 November at The Finsbury, London N4 (Official Kleptocracy launch show)
Stream ‘Alleviate’ below

Mowbeck ‘Vaseline’

Nottingham pop-rock four-piece Mowbeck have released their new single ‘Vaseline’ which is taken from the band’s recently released debut EP ‘Talkabout’.The debut EP was written and recorded in a dingy rehearsal studio deep in an industrial estate, where the band began to stray from their early pop roots to embrace a darker, grittier core. Whilst ensuring that songwriting was always kept at the forefront and playing any gigs possible, the band’s strong DIY ethic caught the attention of Dean Jackson (BBC Introducing East Midlands) and earned them regular airplay on BBC local radios and even a slot on the BBC Introducing Stage at this years’ Reading & Leeds Festival.
‘Vaseline’ is an atmospheric ballad that croons and coos soft tender moody emotions. With a gradual build this track eases us into Mowbeck’s “gritpop”. With an effortless cool sway and spine tingling twinkle of keys coated in dark shadowy undertones this track oozes a ghostly delicate vibe that has a lulling soothing effect. Soft falsetto vocals start the track laced with raw emotion and haunting echos that builds to a raspy gritty intensity. The eerie glint and sparkling in the background like a light happening upon a diamond adds a dreamy haze to the track while the haunting almost nostalgic guitar gives us that razor sharp edge, like a cold breeze waking you from the dream. The track surrounds the vocals making them and the lyric the vortex while the haunting instrumentation twirls and weaves around complimenting and enhancing them. Mowbeck show fantastic musicianship with ‘Vaseline’ as they fully develop this track piece by piece carefully and delicately emphasising the right aspects at the right time portraying an intense raw track with smooth qualities embroidered with gritty elements.
Watch the video for ‘Vaseline’ below

DD Allen ‘Just Like The Old Days’

British singer-songwriter DD Allen has announced the release of his new single ‘Just Like The Old Days’ which is taken from DD Allen’s forthcoming album due out early 2017. DD Allen first caught the attention of critics and fans alike as the support on James Blunt’s 2014 ‘Moon Landing’ arena tour in Bournemouth. Since then he has been putting the finishing touches on his debut album. On the new record, DD Allen has teamed up with an A-list team including engineer Mike Spink (The 1975, Jake Bugg) and Andrew Scheps (Adele, Hozier). The yet untitled album was inspired by many great artists, including Bob Dylan, who Allen names as his greatest influence. The record also includes a cover version of Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright’.
‘Just Like The Old Days’ blends edgy contemporary rock and roll with sustainable melodic and soulful musicianship creating a sound that flows smoothly with effortless grace and charm. Warm sweet mellow tones on guitar fills the track with full flavoured ripe qualities. With animated bounce on drums teamed with soulful harmonica this track exudes bright rich tones with multi textures. Allen’s raw vocals amplify and heighten the dynamic energy and flush textures of the track. Shredding guitar solo adds a sharpened sting to the track while creating a cheeky “air guitar” moment for the listener.
Stream ‘Just Like The Old Days’ below

FOXTRAX ‘Underwater ‘



New York indie-rock buzz band FOXTRAX have released their debut European single ‘Underwater ‘. The band consist of members Ben Schneid, Jared Stenz and Jon Stenz. After just over a year as a band, FOXTRAX have enjoyed a stellar start to their career. Almost immediately after forming, the band wrote, recorded and self-produced their debut EP ‘The Cabin’ in a secluded studio deep in the woods of North Carolina. The songs were then given a radio-friendly final mix by Florence & The Machine/Wolf Alice producer Ben Roulston, who became an instant FOXTRAX fan on hearing their first batch of songs. Industry taste-makers were quick to spot the band’s ear for classic hooks, with Spotify including ‘Underwater’ on their Fresh Finds playlist and Sirius XM playing the band on their Alt Nation and The Spectrum shows. In October, FOXTRAX were hand-picked by Ticketmaster as one of only 5 New Music Favourite artists invited to play performances streamed live on Facebook, and the boys also enjoyed a weekly residency with Sofar Sounds in Los Angeles.
‘Underwater’ is a perfect introduction to a new band going places, and fast. Its infectious warm melody smudged with melancholy tones and heart wrenching emotion this track hooks you from the first note. With pounding rapid drums teamed with scorching driving guitar this track is ablaze with bright beaming scintillation. The flashes of sweet toned guitar riffs glitter and shimmer with sweet sounding melodious tones. The soulful raspy vocals adds warmth with a touch of sombre wistful vibes. This track will give you stuck song syndrome with its rich textures and fantastic melodies combined with uplifting and dynamic instrumentation. It shows incredible musicianship from FOXTRAX. They are definitely ones to watch.
The three piece are already confirmed in the first wave of SXSW announcements as official showcasing artists, and they’re set to blow away audiences at US and European festivals next summer so keep an eye out for them.
Watch the video for ‘Underwater’ below

Luna Tides ‘Open Woods’ EP

Wales four-piece Folk/Rock band Luna Tides are set to release their debut EP ‘Open Woods’ next week.
‘Open Woods’ is an EP soaked in satisfying rich melodies that glow like a chest of hidden treasure and fill the soul with joy.
Title track ‘Open Woods’ kicks off the EP with sweet mellow twinkle of guitar. Gentle delicate vocals lull and soothe with lush harmony in backing vocals. The soft beat gives the track a cushion bounce. The track builds to an almost tribal repetitive uplifting anthem that would provide courage and endurance to the listener. ‘Last Night’ introduces itself with a strong beat and bright inspiriting vibes. This track weaves luxurious melodies on guitar with sweet infectious vocal melodies creating rich textures that is honey to the ears. ‘Luna’ follows taking a darker tone and giving a night time moon light vibe. A deeper almost rumble on drums and shadowed rhythm gives a magical mysterious vibe. With eerier strums on guitar and wail in the background a sense of danger and peril threatens from the unknown. Deep vocals warn of something menacing while the backing vocals add a haunting quality. ‘Luna’ changes the tone of the EP and gives us a refreshing darker side to Luna Tide’s story telling. ‘What Comes Around’ a track we previously featured on Indie Buddie closes the EP. Its bright warm cosy texture comforts and shields us from the dark tones that we previously heard. However subtly showing its own melancholic undertones with sombre lyrics. The overall bouncy track builds to an infectious sing along chorus with lustrous guitar and elastic rubbery beat that will have you bopping in no time.
Luna Tides ‘Open Woods’ will put a smile on any sour face with their upbeat lively tracks and heart warming soul enriching music.
You can pre order the EP here   http://bit.ly/LunaTidesClwb
Watch the video for ‘What Comes Around’ below

Live Show Review Of Bastille supported By Rationale and Keywest


The first time British four-piece Bastille were in Dublin they performed in the Academy 2 we find them on their return to Dublin headlining the 3Arena. Fans queued in the cold from morning just to get to the front. Its a long wait but they assure me its worth it.
Rationale has the grilling task of kicking off the show which I’m sure is nerve wrecking for any band, but Rationale take it in their stride. Tinashé Fazakerly possesses a mixture of Michael Jackson moves with Mick Jagger swagger and Elvis Costello charisma and magnetism. This fresh faced charmer has all the girls going wild. With his energy and pizzazz alone he has the arena in the palm of his20161110_193910 hand. He struts up and down the stage with dramatic poses and dance bursts. Not only is Fazakerly a fantastic performer combined with his powerful voice Rationale make an impression that will not be forgotten. With funky tracks sprinkled with soul and coated in body shaking sonic waves Rationale make sure that you not only hear the music you feel it through ever fibre of your being. ‘Fast Lane’ revs up the crowd in this delirious energetic yet soulful frenzy. The pulsing snappy beat and sweet luscious tones on guitar that, might I add look really slick played live. The power, punch and multi texture that the synths provide give the tracks luxurious layers making these tracks deluxe and infectious. Fazakerly gets the crowd dancing and engaging so effortlessly with his magnetism and humorous banter. I found myself gushing about how brilliant Rationale was long after the show. I would highly recommend seeing them live!
Keywest bring the antsy crowd closer to their headline act with an energetic set of tenacious rumbling drum beats and piercing guitar. Lead singer Andrew Kavanagh’s playful banter and cheeky Irish wit keeps the crowd engaged and hyped as they belt out track after track relishing the arena opportunity. Its obvious that Keywest are arena ready as they comfortably draw the crowd in and engage themkeywest-2 in a sing along. The quintet made the arena seem like an intimate gig as they held onto their raw fresh energy that too often gets lost at an arena show with over production. Though probably well rehearsed parts seem to be off the cuff and spontaneous which was refreshing and the crowd lapped it up savouring every moment,  proud of the lads achievements from busking roots to the 3arena. Despite the constant reminder from Kavanagh, I cant seem to remember where they will be playing next though……..(March 31st The Olympia Theatre)
Waiting in anticipation the crowd watch a televised feature of a grumbling tightly wound TV newscaster which plays across the four screens of the 3Arena’s stage, if you watch the videos and are one of those devoted  Bastille followers, you will understand the feature if not its still entertaining to watch. This does drag on a bit longer than desired by the audience as they begin to get excited and scream over the safety announcements hoping it was the announcement of the band. When the crowd become really hungry Bastille take to the stage complete with a string and brass section. Opening with ‘Set Me Free’ frontman Dan Smith spirals round the stage in his “Wild World Corporation” t-shirt,  a brand everyone in the arena is well familiar with by now. Bastille blast through their set list with a hurricane of high powered anthems. Its all frantic pogo – jumping and dancing as Bastille step things up with a dazzling flashing lights display leaving their army of adoring fans in thrilling awe of their magnificence. Smith stops to thank his fans after every song humbled and grateful for every bit of support they give him. One thing that really sets Bastille apart from most arena bands out there is their love and genuine appreciation for their fans and this love is returned to them in its masses by their devotees. ‘Flaws’ queues Smiths brave entry into the crowd. As he makes his way to a podium in the centre of the arena he is pulled back and forth, not fazed by this he jumps and dances amongst the crowd amazingly his vocals bar a few shakes remain remarkably intact. Truly humbled by the bastille-1turnout and the support Smith recalls the last time they were in Dublin in the Academy 2 and once again thanks the crowd. We only receive brief breaks from the intense energy with the slower sweet lull of ‘These Four Walls'(The Ballad Of Perry Smith). ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ sees Smith rush back into the crowd as he encourages the entire arena to dance with him and we witness a sea of jumping as everyone on the floor joins in. Feeling tired from dancing song after song I decide to rest a bit until they explode into ‘Good Grief’ and although my legs felt like they could buckle under me I jumped and danced anyway (feeling the pain of that decision the next day I still regret nothing).
The quartet walk off stage and we await the encore. The crowd chant “Olé, Olé, Olé” to encourage the bands swift return. The lights focus on a spot high up in the rafters where Smith is sitting out over bastille-2a fire exit stairwell. Backed by guitarist Will Farquarson they sing ‘Two Evils’ not fazed by the height Smith waves at fans in the balcony. No-one feels left out when Bastille perform, they include and engage with everyone even if it is at dangerous heights. ‘Icarus’ returns Smith and Farquarson to the stage and the crowd bellow out the lyrics while Smith spins about the stage and pirouettes with bliss. This manic and energetic set comes to a close with their biggest hit and much loved ‘Pompeii’. Keywest and Rationale are invited on stage to help them out. An outburst of singing from the crowd and massive sound of all the acts on stage lifts the song into legendary status. The three acts on stage and the audience experience a special moment of euphoria and elation leaving everyone in an ecstatic high as they leave the venue.


Civil Villains Double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum


Civil Villains are London trio Mark Hudson (Bass), James King (Guitar & Vocals) and Toby Warren (Drums & Vocals). These long time friends have created a sound that is hard to pin down. Walking the tightrope between mathy alt-rock and desert riffage. Having played in all manner of London venues, Civil Villains have recently returned from a North American tour, where they performed headline shows in Toronto and Cambridge, played Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City, and Mondo. NYC Festival in New York. Recently they were main support for Listener at The Borderline, played with Tides from Nebula and Polymath at The Boston Music Room (London), and Wild Throne at The Old Blue Last (London). They are now set to release their forthcoming double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum on December 2nd via Milky Bomb Records, which was recorded at Brighton Electric with Josh Harrison (Royal Blood, Tigercub, British Sea Power).
Civil Villains present us with two uniquely creative and complex tracks.

‘Heathens and Cream’ is a spine tingling hair raisingly chilling track coated in a darkened eerie atmosphere with thick slimy guitar licks and flexible sensual luring bass. Deep enthralling vocals give a haunting yet seductively captivating creepy quality to the verse. It tempts you and draws you into the track, while the howl like screech and growl for the chorus adds aggression and a frightening realisation of danger. Featuring atypical rhythmic structures ‘Heathens and Cream’ leaves you wondering what you have just experienced yet yearning to hear more.
‘Haunted Hokum’ is my favourite of the two its rapid slap bounce beat and Queens Of The Stone Age – esque vocals once again hook and lure you into the quicksand of infectiously sweet sensual entrapment of the melody. Steamy sultry desert hot guitars sting and burn with striking chords and scorching licks. The enticing driving bass lulls and coaxes its prey into a spellbinding comma fully submissive to this enchanting beguiling track.
Civil Villains display fantastic musicianship with their double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum. Its a bubbling concoction of moody erratic indie blended with gritty rock with a whole load of steamy sensual haunting confusion thrown in, add a dash of the sweet comfort of nectarous tones on guitar and your hooked.
Watch the video for  ‘Heathens and Cream’  below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Idle Frets


Liverpool band Idle Frets are Ben (Guitar, Vocals), Dave (Guitar), Luke (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Erin (Drums, Backing Vocals). They have been wowing crowds all over the country with their live shows and now the four piece are back with their new single ‘Glow’. It’s a big-hitting single that exudes effortless cool tones and exhibits the bands arena-ready all driving, rousing indie. Dripping in sticky hot summer night vibes and layered syrupy synths ‘Glow’ shimmers and glitters with gooey sweltering radiance. Raspy emotive vocals ooze charisma and smooth cool swagger. The driving rhythm creates heart racing indie that is fist pumping anthem ready. With slick edgy guitar and a dynamic malleable slap on bass Idle Frets have created a track that is richly textured with an instantly catchy massive chorus. Its a killer radio worthy ear-worm. These guys are ones to watch.
You can catch Idle Frets live at:
11/11 – The Bristol Pear, Birmingham
10/12 – Arts Club Loft, Liverpool
15/12 – Sofar Sounds, Manchester
16/12 – Sofar Sounds, London
17/12 – Camden Assembly, London
Stream ‘Glow’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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