Divine Youth ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’

Divine Youth comprise of members Dan Sheldon (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Sheldon (Bass/Vocals) and Liam Kaye (Drums) from Stoke-on-Trent. They released their track ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ a few months ago. The indie trio caught our eye as they produce a unique sound with vibes reminiscent of Pulp and the early noughties guitar bands. ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ is an energetic spirited track that is muted or somewhat subdued while still remaining lively. The track is coated in nostalgic tones with Sheldon’s raspy whispered vocals adding a haunting inviting quality. The vocals manage to be soft yet ooze passion with a sort of scream- like dampened yell or howl. Divine Youth draw the listener in with a mysterious alluring quality and captivating magnetism. With driving enchanting euphoric guitars and elastic springy rhythm that add a dreamy calming effect that is soothing yet sorrowful.
Divine Youth are an innovate unique band that have a bright future ahead.
Stream ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ below

BaDow ‘Hot Headed Machine’

BaDow are a Blues/Rock band from the South Coast of England. Fronted by Jodie Amos (Drums & Vocals) with Sam Morris on Guitar & Vocals and Bradley McGinty on Bass & Vocals. BaDow bring us the release of their second EP ‘Hot Headed Machine’. Title track ‘Hot Headed Machine’ kicks the EP off with a sizzling slick bluesy swagger. The fuzzed scuzzy bass and blazing guitar add a sensual elastic quality to the track while Amos’ vocal are clear cut with attitude and sass. This track is smooth and saucy with grit and brawn brought in by the punchy drums and vigorous guitars. ‘Poor Young Man ‘ gives us a heavier rock mosh worthy sound to start. It becomes more sensual and groovy for the elastic verse with a hip swaying dirty bass. The track becomes more energetic for the explosive chorus. The melody is infectious as the repetitive bridge holds tension until the dynamic crescendo. This track exudes steamy swagger and strut quality. ‘Wasted On Me’ pounds a steady beat to start, with a light guitar feature and lush backing vocals. Amos’ vocals for this track take a gentle emotional approach. The chorus once again builds up BaDow’s rock sound as they give us a burst of robust instrumentation which subsides for the verses. This track features a fantastic shredding guitar solo and really gives the guitar time to shine as it smashes it in an insane lengthy display of polished slick lustrous licks. The sleek ‘Freedom Of The Night’ finishes the EP with smooth sensual bluesy rock. The zesty guitar riff and flexible sultry bass teamed with powerful drums and a catchy melody makes this track a strong ending for the EP.
BaDow ‘Hot Headed Machine’ gives us their rendition of smooth, steamy, gritty classic blues rock and sizzling melodies.
Stream ‘Hot Headed Machine’ below

Ape Rising ‘King of the Universe’

Ape Rising are an Irish Synth infused rock band. Band members Johno Leader (guitar, vocals, Peter Donohue (guitar, vocals),Peter Denton (keys, vocals),Jimmy Deface (bass, vocals) and Fran Mc Donnell (drums) have released their debut single ‘King of the Universe’ which was recorded in-house by frontman Johno Leader. With a sound that will transport you to a space adventure retro rock era, jammed with soaring vocals and floating backing vocals. The track is energetic with a melody doused in aerial vibes fused with atmospheric animated synths. The vigorous spirited guitar intensifies the track and gives an edge while the elastic beat adds a playful bounce and punch. ‘King of the Universe’ is layered and alive with textures which give a trippy trance effect that draws you into the track.
A strong debut from Ape Rising.
Watch ‘King of the Universe’ below

Cellar Door Moon Crow ‘Tightrope’

Goodwin brothers Phil and Tommy from Sheffield form the two piece British rock band Cellar Door Moon Crow. The beardy duo released their new single ‘Tightrope’ earlier this year. Its a gritty blues track that hooks you in from the first few seconds. The sick riff is infectious and adds a grainy rough and tumble quality to the track. The forceful elastic beat is compelling and hits you to your core tempting you to move. With dynamic sultry vocals and sensuous seductively enticing verses and a massive ballsy chorus with a The Troggs ‘Wild Thing’ feel this track packs a punch. Its high energy beefy attitude and gutsy guitar make this snappy track compelling and electrifying.
Stream ‘Tightrope’ below

Midnight Chimes ‘Halloween Moon’


Dublin duo Midnight Chimes have created an EP of Halloween tracks packed with “Ghastly electro rock to haunt your dreams, Or for you to boogie to”. ‘Halloween Moon’ kicks off with ‘Witches Disco’ a funky track dripping in cheesy 80s “Time Warp” spook. With eerie organ effect on keyboards and a “dj funky clown” the image of that is enough to creep me out. Its catchy and definitely has a bouncy dance feel that will get those feet shuffling. You can even do a swift monster mash to it. The sweet backing vocals add a old time movie feel to the fun lively track. ‘Devil On The Loose’ follows with sinister keys that change the tone of the EP. It surprisingly blasts into a heavy rock sound with growl vocals for the “Devil On The Loose” lyrics. With shredding guitar and steady beat, its infectious and hypnotic. Its a mixture of gritty rock and pop with a sneaky nimble and slick guitar lick and riff thrown in that is so catchy its a head banger. ‘Boogie With The Boogieman’ is a swinging bluesy track with a sensual hip swaying groove. Its strut- like tempo and swagger teamed with a flexible beat keeps this track smooth and luring. I don’t know why but it gives me the image of a guy in a vampire costume trying to seduce you with his dancing and as he draws closer the music becomes intense as you panic to try and get away. ‘Werewolf Blues’ presents us with that heavier rock sound with effects-laden vocals and ghostly piano warning of danger. The pounding beat and vigorous guitar adds a mosh effect. The music fades as we hear a mysterious vampire speak which I will admit, alone in the dark is pretty frightening. ‘Dance Hall of the Dead’ begins with a trick or treat door bell followed by a fantastic riff and some otherworldly effects on keys. Its a light fun track with thrilling elements and gritty rock features that adds body and brawn. ‘Fortune Teller’ is a bewitching shimmy that tells the story of falling for a misleading temptress . This track oozes seduction and deceit with a smooth sensual beat, captivating guitar and the gently whisper of backing vocals. ‘Midnight, Vienna’ is the final track on the EP its a romantic track with a pop feel. Its light fluffy melody and sweet backing vocals give a boy band feel with bright glittering guitar while the keys keep things a little eerie. Its an unusual contrast but perfectly ends the EP on a good note. Its like the end of a horror movie and all is well, the morning has come and all the evil has vanished.
Stream ‘Halloween Moon’ below

The Chris Paterno Band

The Chris Paterno Band are a seven -piece indie-pop-soul band from New York. They are releasing their self titled EP on 30th September and we were lucky enough to have a listen to it. The EP begins with ‘Unfaithful’ a peppy track with bouncy percussion and groovy beat that is sure to have you bopping along. The Chris Paterno Band waste no time in introducing their golden horn feature which lifts the track adding a refreshing and zesty texture. The raspy soulful vocals add warm tones to the track and a balmy feel. ‘Morning Light’ is a sweet delicate track with a creamy supple melody. Its an elegant ray of sunshine, fragile yet warm and soft. With tender vocals to start this track is relaxing with a sway-like catchy chorus, its perfect for sunny evenings. The horns are subtle and the beat has a tribal feel with the guitar taking strength and presenting us with a beautifully graceful accompaniment. The track builds becoming a little more intense vocally while still holding that dainty atmosphere. ‘Pressure’ follows with its groovy strut worthy sound. We reviewed this track earlier this year. Its swanky persona and swagger filled chorus makes this track a cool sassy example of the diversity of The Chris Paterno Band. ‘Lover, When You Gonna Come?’ presents itself with an air of country twang upon the honeyed lilt of harmonica from the start and throughout. The instrumentation paints a fantastic picture as they sound like a train chugging gently with the horns appearing as the toot toot. This track once again is aglow with bright tones and hopeful vibes. ‘Farther (…we grow)’ is a sensitive track with vocals filled with raw emotion and melancholy tones. The guitar features dramatic sombre strums with a light twinkle on piano. Its a tear- jerker that evokes feelings of sorrow and despair and self reflection. ‘Sweet Thing’ finishes this EP on a sweep of lavish percussion and rich textures with experimentation of auto tune on vocals and their signature luxurious horns. Its infectiously swayable and catchy, watch out for that deep bass vocal at the end.

This EP is a unique venture as The Chris Paterno Band present us with a rich lacquer of satisfying melodies and textures in their own unique style.
You can pre-order the EP at http://chrispaternomusic.com/ and the iTunes Store. 20% of sales will be donated to Project HOME and The Episcopal Academy’s Kennith R Balsley Memorial Fund.
Stream ‘Morning Light’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Alexandra Savior

Portland, Oregon’s mysterious bewitching singer songwriter Alexandra Savior is captivating audiences with her laid back desert rock and sultry crooning vocals. We did a feature on her single ‘Shades’ earlier in the summer and she is back with another addictive dose. ‘M.T.M.E.’ floods us with dark intoxicating tones, smouldering sultry vocals that lull and coax the listener with the sharp sting of guitar adding a sizzling and scorching sun effect. The bubbling beat consumes the listener in a muggy yet comfortable hypnotic enclosure. The added scream gives a shock to the system and adds danger to the shadowy tone. The scorching guitar solo teamed with menacing keys to finish adds a frightening eerie end.
Put it on repeat and become engrossed by this enthralling mesmerising track.
Stream ‘M.T.M.E.’ below

Live Music Review Of :Áine Cahill supported by Megan-Kate Doolan and David Keenan

We got the pleasure of witnessing a diamond in the rough develop into a rising star last Saturday night at the Grand Social Dublin where the bubbly Áine Cahill had her first sold out Dublin show.

megan-jpg2Megan-Kate Doolan greeted the crowd with her warm mellow vocals and smooth soothing tracks. The Wexford youngster showcased her flavour of alternative folk, sprinkled with a bit of soul and glazed with gentle creamy vocals and a slight rasp giving a fantastically unique rich texture to her tracks. With beautiful melodies presented simply with just her and her decorated guitar Megan-Kate Doolan looked delicate and elegant but when performing her songs she draws you in and touches your soul.

David Keenan follows with an intense set of strong lyrics and dynamic vocals. Belting out tracks about places he has been and people he has met on his travels. He possesses the art of story telling indavid-jpg2 true Irish manner. With proficient guitar playing that is organic and raw strengthened with powerful vocals that are attention grabbing with the odd lilt almost half yodel at times. Keenan shows the red-blooded gritty side to music reminiscent of the Irish songs of old.


Once Keenan finished his set the crowd flooded forward awaiting the entrance of Áine Cahill. The room became clammy and sticky as the people packed to the front. I began to realise just how popular Cahill had become as I was being pushed back from the people in front of me, who made no apologises of their crude assault on my shoes while leaving me with little to no personal space. One gets worried when you are so close to someone that you can almost breath in their hair. Cahill begins her set with a captivating a cappella version of ‘Bang Bang’ which completely absorbs the crowd in a frenzy of awe and admiration. This starlet shatters any doubt anyone can have as she performs a soulful rendition of this classic with all the emotion and suave only aine-cahill-2Cahill possesses. Crooning her way into ‘Puppet’ followed by a passionate and soulful ‘Dangerous Woman’ which gets everyone swaying and loosening up their hips. Track after track showcasing her talent effortlessly. Cahill displays she is a born performer. Exuding sass and likeability she holds the entire audience in the palm of her hand while she banters back and forth with them. ‘Blood Diamond’ is a catchy cheeky little dig at the “bitches ” who always get what they want. Portrayed with a characterisation of class and an attitude of high class splendour while also delicately giving the middle finger Cahill once again pulls the crowd into a “girl power” anthem that has everyone shouting out the lyrics as they are reminded of someone they know who fits the description of the lyrics. The famous ‘Black Dahlia’ had everyone singing and swaying. It is obvious that Áine Cahill is set for great things from the roaring for “one more song” and from the massive amount of people bombarding her for autographs and selfies after the show. Watch out for Áine Cahill she has a big career ahead of her.
You can catch Áine Cahill live at
Fri 23 Sep The Waiting Room, London
Fri 04 Nov Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Good Water

The Birmingham duo Rob Clements (Guitar & Vocals) and Tom Fisher (Drums & Vocals) have developed their own unique psychedelic tinged style of indie, rhythm and blues. They have released their new single ‘See Your Light’. Its a groovy slick shimmy of smooth sensual rock and psychedelia. Its punchy pounding drums keep the chorus throbbing and driving forward while adding a flexible rhythm and a stirring brawn stomp to the track. Layered with swirling keys that add an intoxicated hypnotic effect, this track is rich in colourful quality and textures. The fuzz fuelled guitar riff is instantly catchy and adds an edge and an exhilarating charm. The vocals are simple, strut -like and smeared with lush harmony they exude a cool velvety swagger.The track builds to a shredding spine-tingling guitar solo and fantastic crescendo that leaves you wanting to hear more.

Stream ‘See Your Light’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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