Paul Dunbar & The Black Winter Band ‘Made My Peace With You’ Album

Liverpool-born, Paul Dunbar is a soul, rock & blues singer-songwriter, playing live across the UK and Europe and has supported the likes of Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Big Country, James Taylor Quartet & Frank Turner. He has announced the release of his new album ‘Made My Peace With You’ which is set for release in May with a subsequent album launch scheduled for Monday 7th May at Liverpool Philharmonic. Dunbar is recording with the newly formed Black Winter Band, Tom Cowley (Drums,Percussion,Vocals) and Callum Williams (Bass,Keys,Vocals) complete the lineup.

‘Made My Peace With You’ is a healthy dose of soul flavoured classic rock with some folk and country seasoning sprinkled on top. Dunbar straddles multiple styles in a seriously balanced mature manner. The classic rock opener of ‘The Losing Game’ and dynamic funky groove of ‘Made My Peace With You’ feature jangly guitars and heartfelt melodies which flood the track with passion while slick shredding solos create a steamy vaporous texture.The tender power ballads of ‘Ballad of Four Eyes’, ‘Set Free To Emotion’ pull at the heart strings  while  the dark brooding ‘Hands Down’ throws a trudging heftiness and heavy emotion into the mix. Dunbar’s raspy warm vocals exude emotion and soothing tenderness for the sweet tunes and vibrate powerful dynamism for those rock tinged beauties. Soul is definitely his calling as each track oozes, bleeds and seeps soulful passion. Warm glorious melodies caress every track whether it be the infectious heart stopping chorus of ‘Barely Holding On’ with is soothing country elements, mellow guitar and a steady spongy beat, Dunbar provides a cosy yet nostalgic tone to each song. The tracks glide fluidly into each other making for a smooth mellow listen. ‘Friends’ and ‘Earth Sky Or The Raging Sea’ whack out the bluesy meaty side to the album with slick guitar between an elastic slapping bass and attitude soaked vocals. They are  strut ready and vibrant oozing panache and sultry blazing swagger while the stomping rhythm in ‘Earth Sky Or The Raging Sea’ is mighty and staggeringly powerful. The snappy grittier rock and roll tracks like ‘Contort Yourself’ sets the adrenaline a blaze with a danceable rhythm and scorching guitar lines. ‘Whos Gunna Love You’ closes the album with sweet somber tones drenched in luscious country drizzled melodies. It’s an emotional end to the album and evokes images of broken hearts, rain and painful emotion.

‘Made My Peace With You’ is a refined and energized product from Paul Dunbar & The Black Winter Band. It’s a dignified, well-written piece of work that is honest, mature and thought provoking. Housed within are arm-waving choruses, easy-on-the-ear melodies and modern country/ classic rock songs that are powerful and timeless.

Stream ‘Barely Holding On’ below