Ponte Pilas ‘Out Of My Head’

Berlin-based energetic rock ’n’ roll band Ponte Pilas have released their new single, the long awaited ‘Out Of My Head’. Ponte Pilas consists of Scottish frontman Calum Bolland and Ecuadorians Daniel Rivera (drums), Randy Bullet (bass) and Ismael Rivera (lead guitar). Although they are not all related, the band considers itself a band of brothers. They have won the love and following of the Berlin scene after playing over 30 shows at famous venues like SO36, Musik und Frieden and PrivatClub. The quartet has been promoting their debut EP Young Perros by touring cities like Prague, Karlsruhe and Leipzig and will support indie legends The Wedding Present in the Netherlands.

‘Out Of My Head’ struts in swagger soaked and ready to knock your socks off with Ponte Pilas’ slick rock n’ roll. Slinky guitars saturate the track in steamy flamboyance while punchy drums and elastic bass create a fluctuant foundation and infectious groovy backdrop for this swanky track to flourish off. The raspy vocals fill this luring track in panache as ‘out Of My Head’ powerfully rushes adrenaline into your veins. With a tight production, sleek musicianship and a shredding guitar solo – it’s a charming strutting display to have you prancing and dancing around the room carelessly.

Stream ‘Out Of My Head’ below