Rat Face Lewey

Rat Face Lewey are an alt Rock brooding three piece that create adrenaline fuelled music oozing the sweet sent of ruckus causing punk teamed with the lawless anarchy of metal dripping in thick moody grunge. ‘Dead In The Ground’ was released in 2015 and it is the perfect expression of the bands frantic heavy sound. Punchy drums draw blood as they pound and pummel with mighty brawn while the shredding vigorous guitars create a storm of turmoil and riot causing energy. Its the perfect track for the sticky frantic mania of the mosh pit. With dark tones, gritty strong vocals and rapid tempo its easy to see this track would be massive live.
Rat Face Lewey have spent the better part of 2016 writing and fine tuning their adrenaline pumped sound in the rehearsal room. They will be travelling the UK in 2017 playing shows and recording new material in the same vein as their highly acclaimed singles ‘Dead in the Ground’ and ‘Digital Prison, so make sure to check out those tracks to get a taste of whats to come, these guys are ones to look out for in 2017.
Stream ‘Dead In The Ground’ below