RÉN ‘Give It All Up’

RÉN (pronounced rain) is an Indie Pop artist from Brooklyn, New York. RÉN is making waves with her thought provoking tracks which are fresh in perspective. She showed us her wisdom through groovy indie in her debut single ‘Time’, followed by her single ‘Into the Unknown’ which is about escape and a much-needed reminder to let go of those aspects of life you will never have control over. These tracks embodied the core concept of RÉN – live fully, ‘let go’ of everything holding you back, and go ‘Into the Unknown’. When performing live lead singer Renée Orshan is joined by her Von Trap like family with brother Reuben Orshan on lead Guitar and sister Eden Orshan on background vocals.
RÉN has released her new single ‘Give It All Up’ which is bursting with an exploding release of optimism and acceptance. Saturated in infectious dance beats and shimmering synths this track exudes sunny radiant vibes from its very essence. With tropical juicy elements its a fruity cocktail of realisation that gently coaxes you into recognising your feelings and emotions. The sun soaked atmosphere fills you with elation and exhilaration. Its a rush of positivity with Renée’s vocals softly cooing and lulling you with soothing warm tones. The track is surrounded with cool airy fresh vibes that swish and swirl like a gentle breeze blowing away all the tension leaving you relaxed and ready to dance, while the synths rain down on you sprinkling joy and uplifting tones. Richly layered with zest and luscious textures dripping from every note its a shimmery delight to relish and savour. This pulsing pop track will have you up and dancing around the room looking forward to summer in no time. RÉN is one to watch.
Stream ‘Give It All Up’ below