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Paul Dunbar & The Black Winter Band ‘Made My Peace With You’ Album

Liverpool-born, Paul Dunbar is a soul, rock & blues singer-songwriter, playing live across the UK and Europe and has supported the likes of Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Big Country, James Taylor Quartet & Frank Turner. He has announced the release of his new album ‘Made My Peace With You’ which is set for release in May with a subsequent album launch scheduled for Monday 7th May at Liverpool Philharmonic. Dunbar is recording with the newly formed Black Winter Band, Tom Cowley (Drums,Percussion,Vocals) and Callum Williams (Bass,Keys,Vocals) complete the lineup.

‘Made My Peace With You’ is a healthy dose of soul flavoured classic rock with some folk and country seasoning sprinkled on top. Dunbar straddles multiple styles in a seriously balanced mature manner. The classic rock opener of ‘The Losing Game’ and dynamic funky groove of ‘Made My Peace With You’ feature jangly guitars and heartfelt melodies which flood the track with passion while slick shredding solos create a steamy vaporous texture.The tender power ballads of ‘Ballad of Four Eyes’, ‘Set Free To Emotion’ pull at the heart strings  while  the dark brooding ‘Hands Down’ throws a trudging heftiness and heavy emotion into the mix. Dunbar’s raspy warm vocals exude emotion and soothing tenderness for the sweet tunes and vibrate powerful dynamism for those rock tinged beauties. Soul is definitely his calling as each track oozes, bleeds and seeps soulful passion. Warm glorious melodies caress every track whether it be the infectious heart stopping chorus of ‘Barely Holding On’ with is soothing country elements, mellow guitar and a steady spongy beat, Dunbar provides a cosy yet nostalgic tone to each song. The tracks glide fluidly into each other making for a smooth mellow listen. ‘Friends’ and ‘Earth Sky Or The Raging Sea’ whack out the bluesy meaty side to the album with slick guitar between an elastic slapping bass and attitude soaked vocals. They are  strut ready and vibrant oozing panache and sultry blazing swagger while the stomping rhythm in ‘Earth Sky Or The Raging Sea’ is mighty and staggeringly powerful. The snappy grittier rock and roll tracks like ‘Contort Yourself’ sets the adrenaline a blaze with a danceable rhythm and scorching guitar lines. ‘Whos Gunna Love You’ closes the album with sweet somber tones drenched in luscious country drizzled melodies. It’s an emotional end to the album and evokes images of broken hearts, rain and painful emotion.

‘Made My Peace With You’ is a refined and energized product from Paul Dunbar & The Black Winter Band. It’s a dignified, well-written piece of work that is honest, mature and thought provoking. Housed within are arm-waving choruses, easy-on-the-ear melodies and modern country/ classic rock songs that are powerful and timeless.

Stream ‘Barely Holding On’ below


Maker ‘DEA’ Album

Kent four piece Maker will release their twelve track debut long-player, ‘DEA’, on Kidda Records on 6th April 2018. Made up of band members Alessandro Marinelli (vocals), brothers Andrew Donaldson (guitar) and Gavin Donaldson (drums) and John Austin (bass) Maker bring a sound brimming with psychedelic bluesy punch and stirred with a fist full of soul. The band have already picked-up fans in one of the world’s most acclaimed guitarists, Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes/Magpie Salute), as well as Simone Marie (Primal Scream) and Tom Meighan (Kasabian). Their debut album ‘DEA’ was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales where artists such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, Queen, Black Sabbath, Kasabian plus many more have all recorded seminal albums. Produced by Nick Brine (The Stone Roses, Oasis, Teenage Fanclub, Imelda May), the album was recorded over just fourteen days and every track was recorded with the band all together playing in the same room.

‘DEA’ is a timeless swagger filled pure rock album with all the boozy soaked blues, fire loaded soul and leather dressed suave you’d expect from this four piece. From the first shredding riff of ‘Soul’ you know your in for one hell of an album. Its gritty, rough around the edges rock with enough sass and swagger thrown in to create a sleek steamy blazing rock track. With powerful vocals and strut ready atmosphere teamed with passion and soul, it’s an anthemic and fiery start. The debut album’s title, ‘DEA’, comes from the initials of the album track ‘Dead Ends & Avenues’, a track which is about triumph in the face of adversity, making your own luck and succeeding despite life’s hurdles.It’s a foot stomping infectious number that shuffles and prances with a rebellious two finger salute. These guys keep pelting out the sizzling licks brain crashing drums and rugged brawny riffs over infectious melodies and feel good blistering stamina to create an album that is wholly satisfying and invigorating. With shredding guitar solos and oodles of red hot energy this album is locked and loaded and set to scalding temperatures. The Lenny Kravitz– esque ‘Move Your Feet’, bluesy sensual ‘Quick Getaway’ and funky flavoured ‘Curtain Call’ all ooze trade mark shots of their raw, brawny, slick rock and roll. While the sultry ‘Girl Quit Your Crying’ brings a slower tonality with its bluesy and soulful tone and sensual sway -like tempo. Featuring steamy guitar licks and a elegant piano feature before building to a mighty crescendo with punchy drums and expressive vocals this track is passionate and powerfully sharp all while cruising on sultry and sensually smooth swagger. Maker use this album to showcase the versatility in their sound as they whack out the twanging glorious ‘John’s Pharmacy’. With its country- esque twangs and glowing warmth teamed with peppy piano, it’s a joyous little ditty.There is no end to their slick rock and roll, ‘Soaked Up’ floods through reinforcing their golden rock and roll drenched flamboyance that makes you want to dance. Each anthemic track is like an instant shot of confidence and a strut ready soundtrack to boost you with feel good vibes and make you feel like you’re the sh*t. While the smooth tender tracks like ‘Comin In From The Rain’ cools the tone and sets the perfect scene for summer evening chill time. It’s delicate and passionate without becoming sappy. It is tender and emotional in a raspy sweet rock and roll way. ‘She’s On A Replay’ is a sultry dark mysterious track that is worth the wait, slotting in second last on the album it’s a strident laid back swagger laden banger steeped in spine chilling blues that creeps in, all mysterious and eerie before the explosive chorus. The intensity of the verses tease the thrilling chorus to come while slick guitar licks slither around the brawny melody and blistering riffs.The sweet warm twangs of  ‘(Little Bit Of) Soul’ brings us to a calming mellow end to the album. It’s soulful and charming with glimmering guitars behind a melty passionate melody and punchy drums which then builds into a stomping anthem. It’s a euphoric sublime end to an album that packs some mighty beefy punches and swagger soaked kicks.

Maker have already headlined many of the UK’s most prestigious venues (including rocking London’s legendary 100 Club in March 2017 as part of the ‘Best Of British Blues Explosion’), played as special guests to some of the UK’s finest artists (including band hero Wilko Johnson) and shared bills with the likes of The Cribs, Dizzee Rascal and Mark Ronson, to name but a few. The band have a handful of brand new live shows just confirmed (with further dates to be added in the near future).

‘DEA’ is released on Kidda Records on 6th April 2018 for more information head to Makers Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Makeruk/


Stream ‘Soul’ below



The Raise ‘Chasing Time’ Album

The Raise are a three piece British rock band who are set to release their newest album ‘Chasing Time’ on the 22nd of April. Comprised of band members Rob Elton (guitars and lead vocals), Nick Gunn (bass guitar, guitar and backing vocals), and Nige Masters (drums, percussion and backing vocals). For a small band of only three members, ‘The Raise’ certainly create a big sound. The album features melodic songs, lush vocal harmonies, and massive  guitar riffs. ‘Chasing Time’ was written, performed, recorded, engineered and produced by the band themselves and throughout the recording process their aim was to keep the tracks as close to the live version as possible.

From the hefty riff driven start of ‘Inside’ The Raise display their slick beefy and sultry smooth rock. Featuring punchy drums and nimble shredding wailing guitar solos teamed with brawny flexible bass these guys create catchy tunes that pack a mighty punch. Each track flows effortlessly into the next from slower tempo ‘Live The Dream’ to steamy ‘Reel To Reel’. Packed with catchy chorus’ and trippy flashes of distortion glimmering in and out between mighty rhythm and sensual riffs The Raise add hints of diversity amongst their catalog. Loaded with proficient guitar work each track boasts their skills of refined riff and lick creations. The swagger infused ‘Rock Her World’ displays their funky side soaked in anthemic might while holding a sensual groove. ‘The Game’ takes the roll of the slow jam, emotional and soft yet backed by a mighty raw chorus and bright jingle on guitar. ‘Take Me If You Dare’ closes the album with headbang worthy might that’s mosh pit ready.  The Raise have created a solid album with hints of fluctuating musical hues that are compelling.

When asked about the album the band said:

“The album was influenced by the concept of our constant search for more time and freedom to do the things we really love to do. “The Raise is a project that allows us to play the music we love and say what we want to say about this crazy world we live in.”

‘Chasing Time’  is set to be released on 22nd April 2017 and will be available via all major media providers. More information about The Raise can be found via their social media pages or official website here http://www.theraise.co.uk/




Second Hand Spaceman ‘Blast Off’ Album


Electronic Producer Second Hand Spaceman is set to release  his debut album ‘Blast Off’ on 28th April with 100% of Pre-Order sales being donated to the World Land Trust to help them with their vital rainforest conservation work and to help to spread a positive, educational message about saving the environment. This is the first project embarked upon by Second Hand Spaceman. The album itself has been a work in progress for the past 18 months and was self-written, recorded and produced.
‘Blast Off’ is a viscid flex of electronic grooves mixed with orchestral and ambient flavours splashed against a host of synthesisers with a hint of hip hop thrown in. Right from the first track on the album, ‘Nice Planet’ Second Hand Spaceman sucks you into his spacey eerie vibe with spooky alien-like soundscapes and sticky beats. Its a wobbly electronic phenomenon. ‘Blast Off’ brings us a big band bouncy feel, vibrant and bright with brass-like sounds and triumphant vibes. Throughout the album Second Hand Spaceman shows off his skill to create a cinematic visual for the listeners to experience from jubilant hearty sounds to delicate twinkling in tracks such as ‘Uncharted’ and ‘Discovery’. A sense of magical elegance is created with sparkling light keys against an edgy sonic background. Its definitely an album for adventures as it opens the mind to all possibilities where there is no limits not even musically.

You can pre order the album here https://www.secondhandspaceman.com/

King Harvest & The Weight release debut album Maps in-store and online today


King Harvest & The Weight are Ben Adey ( Bassist and main songsmith), Justin Edley (drums) and Olly Smith(guitar/vocals). They have released their debut album ‘Maps’ today which is a collection of upbeat catchy rock tracks bursting with great vibes and embroidered with dynamic bass, mighty drums and spirited guitar. The album flows fluidly with each track bursting with infectious luscious melodies and fantastic musicianship that will attract repeated listens.
If you are in Dublin on the Sunday August 21st head down to Howth and check out King Harvest & The Weight’s next performance for the birthday celebrations of late Thin Lizzy legend Phil Lynott, at the personal request of his mother, Philomena. A third single release and video for When it Stops will accompany the album launch. Trust me your going to want to see these guys live.

Check out the Press release below

Maps, the debut long-player from West Yorkshire three-piece King Harvest & The Weight gets its eagerly anticipated in-store release today, also becoming available to download from all major online music outlets. Greeted with universal praise from publications and peers throughout the industry, the album’s 14-tracks have been hailed for their infectious blend of pop sensibility, garage-rock intent and AOR sophistication –bolstered by a recent whistle-stop tour of the UK and Ireland
Described as “the greatest lost mixtape –a dashboard discovery for a hot summer’s day”, Maps comes hot on the heels of frenetic lead single Unstuck, and the introspective follow-up Bloodsport, which –alongside a video from up-and-coming filmmaker Jordan Greenwood –explores the effects of depression on relationships.
Opening with Howl –a spoken-word intro from Stooges/Minutemen bassist Mike Watt –Maps features contributions from a diverse host of musical luminaries, including Peter Gabriel vocalist Rosie Doonan, and Ren Harvieu keys-man Andy Bruce. Frontman, bassist and main songsmith Ben Adey is joined by Justin Edley (drums) and Olly Smith(guitar/vocals) to complete the band’s core lineup.
Watch ‘Unstuck’ below