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Miles Kane ‘Coup De Grace’ Album

Finally Miles Kane has released his highly anticipated Coup De Grace’ album to enrich our ears with his new found sophistication and maturity seamlessly blended among his rock and roll swagger. Appearing more cultured and thought-out this album surpasses 2013’s ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ in both refinement and grandeur. It’s a  glam, psych and pop- faceted prism of beauty that packs in some groovy elements and punk wallops along the way.  Kane has huddled together a team of collaborators for his third album, which includes seven co-writes with Jamie T while Lana Del Rey co-writes on ‘Loaded’ and John Congleton produces.

‘Too Little Too Late’ sets the fiery brisk pace of the album with punk slaps weaving through Kane’s rock n’ roll backbone. The glam rock stomper ‘Cry On My Guitar’, laid back pop sprinkled strutter ‘Loaded’ and snappy glossy ‘Cold Light of the Day’ follow suit adding a new dash of spice with each track as Kane builds his repertoire delicately blending a new genre dimension into his own panache driven branding. Slick, thrilling guitar wails, solos and licks are plentiful and the sultry bass grooves and clap along anthemic choruses exceed all expectations. Kane has found his dynamite team creating an enthralling album with each track cruising into the next with masterful fluidity and fantastic musicianship that makes every song lovable. The dreamy brooding ‘Killing the Joke’ cools the intensity a little as Kane belts out a hard hitting emotional performance to a sway worthy background. The synth element adds a delicate ethereal quality to this tender number as lamenting guitars wander about pining behind an emotional vocal delivery and steady drum thuds. Kane’s knack for melodies has always been apparent and this album is no different- he slides those glorious honey drizzled melodies into our ears leaving us craving for more as they seep into our brains sweetly caressing and soothing their way inside our minds. ‘Killing the Joke’ displays the sweet tender lovable melody while the funky flex that is title track ‘Coup De Grace’ fleshes out his swanky, chic melody. This 70’s – esque Disco Stu jam returns the albums pace to high voltage fun. With slinky guitars and an elastic bass line driving the track into a strutting frenzy – this hook filled gem is timeless and magnetising. The album speed balls into the shouty attitude driven ‘Silverscreen’ before another delicious high powered melodic number, ‘The Wrong Side of Life’ erupts where Kane exclaims over a jagged drum and guitar combination. It’s passionate and quite expressive vocally while the keys wisp and float around a striking backdrop. ‘Something to Rely On’ draws on the raw vigor of the beginning tracks with shredding sharp guitars stinging between punchy drums and an anthemic chorus. ‘Shavambacu’ closes the album with a finger clicking sleekness that creeps in from somewhere dark in the 60’s lurking between chilling and romantic. The chorus breaks up the eerie vibe with a bopping beat and vibrant sweet melody over delicious little flickers on guitar. It’s honest with a ballroom Foxtrot- esque spring in its step, over a sing along simple melody to have you doing a little shuffle to yourself as Kane sings out the album.

Coup De Grace’ glosses and polishes over the cheeky rock n’ roll bravado we know Kane for, with some refined sophisticated flurries sprinkled over a raw and edgy foundation. He packs in a healthy dose of wonderful melodies, sweet and tender moments with some good old fashioned fun and danceable numbers which he swirls into his delectable brew.


Stream  Coup De Grace’ below


Little Red ‘Draw Blood’ Album

Oxford and Reading’s Indie-folk outfit, Little Red have released their new album ‘Draw Blood’.Featuring the singles ‘Siren Song’, ‘Diamond Back’ and ‘Woebegone’, Draw Blood features nine tracks, written and recorded by the band. A fuller and more realised document of their sound than 2014’s well-received ‘Sticks and Stones’, Draw Blood features eight full-band tracks and one intimate trio recording, ‘Lay’. New member Marc Challans (formerly of AMP) has made a big impact on the band’s new sound, not only by adding heavier drums and percussion to the record, but also by sharing co-producer roles with Ben Gosling and Tom Hodges (Club Soda). Three of the tracks, ‘Black Dog’, ‘Chapters’ and ‘Huntsmen’, have been re-recorded with the new live line-up, to bring listeners up-to-date with where Little Red are now. Influenced by artists such as Colter Wall, Tom Mcrae and Tom Waits, the band has embraced Folk, Southern Gothic and Americana to help create this record.

The album gravitates around a folk sound with rich rhythmic slaps and pulses bringing a grittier more punchy texture to each of the tracks. It’s easy to listen to as each track flows fluidly into one another with subtle genre shifts weaving between their indie folk outfit.Siren Song introduces their sound with eerie dark guitar strides between a trudging drum beat and sweet luscious vocals from Hayley Bell. The vocal rounds make for a truly engaging listen and the blend of male and female vocals is refreshing and sublime. I quite like the ghostly mysteries of this track as it’s crafted simply with each component piece carefully placed for maximum spine chilling effect while the soothing vocals ease your mind from the creeping guitar line.Black Dog’ and  ‘Chapters’  takes on their buoyant Americana hued style as twangy guitars bounce along the rich sprightly rhythm while the glorious vocals coo and vibrantly harmonise through the punchy tracks with the latter having a organ-like element throughout the chorus. Diamond Back’ brings us a nice clap along feature while ‘The Quiet Ones’ returns to that dark tone with a western-esque stand off at sun down lonesome vibe. These guys know how to tell a story and they portray the emotion and imagery perfectly through their music and this track and ‘The River’ is a prime example of that. ‘The Huntsmen’ follows their immaculate storytelling with the delicate instrumentation of acoustic guitar and soft drums before it bursts into a swayable blissfully folky instrumental that is perfect for old medieval grand halls and large crowds dancing with tankards of beer. ‘Lay’ is the only acoustic track on the album. Bell’s vocals sweetly coo over warm guitar twinkles. It’s a delicate number filled with emotion and tender tones.Very mellow and calming it’s the most soothing track on the album.The lusciously rhythmic ‘Woebegone’ closes the album with vibrant tones and marvelous harmonies. This track rhythmically is my favourite as it is rich rumbly and dynamically elevating. It’s one to get your blood pumping and your feet tapping.

‘Draw Blood’ is a tight album that showcase’s Little Red’s intricate musicianship and compact layering to create a satisfying hair raising collecting of tracks.


Stream ‘Draw Blood’ below

Chimpanbee ‘Can’t Stop or Rewind’

Irish indie band Chimpanbee have released their debut album ‘Can’t Stop or Rewind’. Chimpanbee formed in 2010 from the ashes of a grunge rock band called The Creaks. In 2010 the band released an E.P entitled the “The Pressures of Free Money” which was free to download. With 25,000 friends on myspace the E.P found many ears and some decent airplay which was followed by a brief venture to London and some popular local shows. The band were then discovered by Alex Jones of Ruby Music and subsequently signed a deal. After some extensive and fervent recording session’s the album was nearly finished and a highly anticipated release was on the horizon , but unfortunately tensions frayed as they do and the young ensemble split in 2012. This left the album incomplete and seemingly to go to waste. But in 2017 the album re-surfaced and Chimpanbee were revived in the process. The band added a new lead guitar player by the name of Alan Stacy, a bluesy, soulful and gifted professional to compliment the rough and ready haphazard style Chimpanbee had crafted.

‘Can’t Stop or Rewind’ ignites an instant rush of excitement within the listener with its rich luscious sounds and genre bending refinement. From that snappy whack of opening track ‘Sleep in Your Bed’ Chimpanbee introduce their fun infectious sound with groove mingled rhythms wiggling beneath an infectious vibrant melody and slick guitar flourishes. This foot tapping swagger soaked style continues throughout the album ‘Fell In Love’s ethereal guitars and sparkling keys soar over a dreamy coated melody. The energy in these hyped up energetic tunes keeps the album tipping away at a lively enjoyable pace as Chimpanbee flesh out their tunes and compact finely layered sound. The slow burners hone in on their exquisite musicianship. ‘Light It Up’ begins sweet broody and delicate with lush backing vocals cooing behind twinkling guitars and velvety passionate vocals. They begin the track gentle, tender and emotionally dreamy. When those lyrics hit you they relate to that poor sod who we have all been at one time or another however, the track builds becoming more bad ass and hefty developing into a fiery rock heavy anthem. Punchy drums ,striking guitars and distortion make for a cinematic wallop that fights back the timid beginning. With a sing along bridge this track is one for massive live shows. You can imagine the crowd swaying, moshing and bellowing back the lyrics. This song alone gives a sublime glimpse into the magnificent capability of this band. The sprinkling of sun kissed vibes through ‘Tokyo’ adds a peppy buoyancy to the album with golden light guitar strides between sprightly drums and glistening keys. The catchy sing along choruses are plentiful and are a fundamental element in each and every glorious track. ‘Snaaakes’ gives us a mysterious fairy like tone to the album with rumbly percussion flickering underneath magical soundscapes. It’s the tune that sparks images of little Celtic fairies dancing on midsummer’s night as magical blue and gold lights twinkle about, floating in the air like fireflies. The dark undertones add a sublime mystifying quality to this indie folk number. Darkly coated and eerie ‘Systems Failed’ has a thick heavy chorus of crashing guitars and meaty drums while ‘No Lies’ has a vibrant animated bounce. Each track holds its own identity within the album and brings a delicious new dimension and layer to sink your teeth into. Title track  ‘Can’t Stop or Rewind’ closes the album with delicate elegant piano and a steady beat holding a strong foundation for the sweet vocals and sombre drenched melody to glide off. This track is laced in lonely melancholic tones and the piano playfully weaves a beautiful melody like its dancing and swaying in sweet lamenting solitude. It’s a tear jerking melody that floats into your head until you are humming this bitter/sweet tune. The whistle feature adds a charming quality as that piano melody becomes the main focal point of the song I found myself lost in its beautiful majestic tone leaving everything else in the track in the faint distance.

‘Can’t Stop or Rewind is a charming and captivating experience. From the start to the end of the album you feel like you have experienced a multitude of emotions traveling through journeys of happiness, joy and grief all while bewitched within Chimpanbee’s musicianship.

About the album the band said “Can’t Stop or Rewind is an album that takes you on a journey from an alcohol and drug fueled one night stand right through to falling in love , developing unhealthy attachments and dependencies until it all finally winds up in full destructive mode and ultimately a bitter end. An elementary tale performed as though the world ends tomorrow, it aggressively captures the intensity and mystique of meeting the real world for the first time”.

Stream ‘Can’t Stop or Rewind’ below 

The Kax Self Titled Album

After a ten year hiatus The Kax are back with the long awaited deliverance of their reissued self titled debut album. Drawing influence from the likes of U2 and Gang Of Four, The Kax launch their alt rock revitalisation with 9 diverse and individually enticing tracks. Having previously built a name in and around Los Angeles, The Kax aim to take advantage of all that digital services have to offer, this motive pairs effortlessly with the growing online presence that The Kax have been accumulating over the past ten years. The band already have globally famous venues such as The Troubadour and Viper Room under their belt. Recorded and engineered by the well established and acclaimed producer Scott Gilman (Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper),’The Kax’ bears all the professional make up an album may need in order to gain some headway. Two of the songs featured on this album were co written with Sierra Swan, an interscope artist who has toured with the likes of Ringo Starr and Billy Corgan.

‘The Kax’ album is brimming with powerful blistering sounds wrapped in lush melodies and vibrant soundscapes. The shredding guitar riffs plastered all over ‘So Do We’, ‘Better Then’ and ‘Remember Me’ showcase the punchy raw nature of this album as the guitars scorch throughout every track drenched in reverb and attitude while snappy drums and elastic bass lines keep the rhythmic foundations bouncing along. The whole album is an adrenaline shot of dynamic alternative rock with a driving whack of punk undertones. The fluctuant bass lines are another sublime feature throughout all the tracks, particularly in the U2- esque ‘The Hollows’ and the sun kissed infectious ‘Summertime Daze’  as they weave tightly between the sharp guitar with an infectious hip swinging groove. ‘Hungry Animals’ brings a hazy dreamy vibe into the album as the guitar lines become more light and twinkly for the verse before spasming out. The melody in particular in this song is sublime- very catchy and cool as it’s steeped in dreamy pop hues with laid  back vocals spread on top. ‘The Light’ flickers some distorted swirling psych sprinkled disco on the album with whirring guitars over a punchy drum beat and dragged out vocal notes. It’s pretty trippy but flooding with a 70’s tinged strutting swagger. The album comes to a close with ‘Coming Down’, a sparkling guitar driven number saturated in glorious melodies and passionate vocals.

It’s a compact album with heartfelt golden melodies that warm the heart and soothe the soul while packing in a hefty dose of rock edge and anthemic power.

Stream ‘The Kax’ below

Bright Shadows ‘Cross the Light’ Album

Bright Shadows have released their debut studio album ‘Cross the Light’ after over 18 months of writing, recording and producing. The album features 11 tracks of upbeat pop-folk and unique vocal harmonies that reflect their popular live performances. Forming back in 2013, Bright Shadows, comprising of Helen Beth and Raji K soon decided to make the leap to go part time in their day jobs in order to put more focus on their passion and their career within music. After releasing their debut EP ‘Diffusion’ back in August 2015, a bright 6-track EP featuring harmonic pop and driving rock, and then experiencing a busy period of festivals, gigs and radio appearances, they made the decision that their next project release should reflect their more acoustic live sound. Jumping back into the studio in early 2017, the duo created ‘Cross the Light’ which encompasses the live sound that they wanted to portray.

‘Cross the Light’ is a rich invigorating collection of blissfully melodious tunes and luscious harmonies. Opener ‘Afraid of Bliss’ displays their peppy motivational sound perfectly. Filled with emotion and divine harmonies upon a hearty folky hued acoustic backdrop it sets the album up to be a bright golden ray of sunshine. The duo throw on some swagger and power with ‘She’s A Ghost’ as Helen’s commanding vocals take the lead. Melodies are the main focal point of the album as theses guys write some catchy endearing tunes that grab your attention with their honey drizzled sweetness or striking haunting quality’s. ‘If You Let Me’ displays their delicate ballad side while ‘Every Word’ takes the roll of a stomp along break up tune. Each track holds a charming little twinkle about it that softens your heart and has the ability to make you smile. Filled with strong hooks and sing along elements Bright Shadows deliver a bright vibrant collection with contrasting themes of loss and sadness throughout to create a wholly consuming album. ‘Automatic’ and ‘The Hunter’ display some swagger and slickness in the duos style as they use their acoustic sound to shake things up and become more dark and mysteriously chilling. Their skill acoustically makes the album riveting as it doesn’t lag in any place keeping you on your toes and satisfied. When they take the tone down to a heartfelt Fleetwood Mac- esque slow burner such as ‘Minute of Silence’ they gradually build it up again pacing each track meticulously making for a comfortable and easy listening experience. The country twangs flickering throughout the album create a warm glow and golden hue over it as the sweet and at times powerful harmonies between Helen and Raji are crisp and pristine and just beautiful to listen to.

‘Cross the Light’ is a passionate collection of tracks that make for a satisfying and enjoyable listen with a glass of wine and a beautiful sunset.

Stream ‘Cross the Light’ below



Eldafyre ‘Death Of The Surrenders’ Album

Eldafyre has released his newest album ‘Death Of The Surrenders’, a poetic and endearing fusion of punk, funk, rock and blues.Originating from Victoria, Australia, Eldafyre had his first opportunity to play with a band after a jam night at a music store nearby. Spending a couple of hours jamming with rock artists from around the area, Eldafyre felt that he’d found his place within the industry singing with the support of a full band. Soon after, he put an advertisement out to try to get in touch with the artists he’d played with that night, and once they all got in contact they got together to record the album. Eventually, all members followed their own paths and left the band, nicknaming them ‘the surrenders’ Eldafyre decided to name the album after them, symbolising the birth of a new life and the start of something better. Upon the band leaving, Eldafyre wanted to record the album professionally, so with the recordings he already had, he collaborated with his producer to recreate the essence and basics of the song, whilst transforming them into something new. With most songs being recorded and completed on the first take, the 9-track album holds original and raw live energy.

‘Death Of The Surrenders’ is a calming collection of tracks that captivate and enthrall with mystical depth and gentle tones blended with some grittier elements and breezy soundscapes drizzled on top.  Eldafyre’s captivating sound becomes apparent from the opening track ‘Down Floor’ as it begins wispy and mysterious before building into a guitar whipping rock and roll number with punchy drums and crashing strikes on guitars between a powerful vocal delivery. He manages to wholly engage the listener with his endearing tunes smothered in raw passion and honest lyrics. There are some ethnic twangs through ‘Naturally Provided’ while ‘Slip Stream’ takes a more delicate guitar style that glides with elegance and calming refinement. Though the album has an evening chill time aura about it there are some swagger gems thrown in ‘Surrender’ fleshes out a funky drizzled strut ready beat with some gritty guitar grating through organ-esque keys and sassy soundscapes. ‘My Pain Is Juice’ and ‘Against The River’ follow this funky panache driven persona while ‘Heavens In The Earth’ returns us to the tranquility and earthy soundscapes of the first half of the album. ‘Satisfied’ closes the album with a waltz-like slow dance jam filled with twinkling romantic guitar and a steady, sway ready beat. This is a sublime and sweet end to an album which takes you on a flickering journey of multi genre discovery.

Stream ‘Death Of The Surrenders’ below



Cappellino ‘Ghost Town’ Album

Cappellino has recently released his newest album ‘Ghost Town’, a 10-track album featuring a fusion of indie pop, electro pop and hints of folk. Hailing from Watford, Cappellino has been making music since he can remember. After spending years honing his craft in bands around Watford’s thriving scene, he released his debut EP back in 2015 which lead to performances at Soho’s Ronnie Scott’s and Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival. The following year was spent writing and recording his debut album ‘Ghost Town’ which has already received support from BBC 6Music for the lead single ‘Love Is All I Want’. The debut album ‘Ghost Town’ was written about a break up and the rediscovery of self outside the confines of a relationship. A journey of realisation and self-therapy for Cappellino himself, ‘Ghost Town’ is lyrically honest and personal, with the musicality reflecting the rawness of emotions.

‘Ghost Town’ is an ornate collection of tracks that are crisp and pristine, exhibiting an instrumental and emotional warmth that makes your heart skip with each and every moment.The R&B flavoured ‘Love Is All I Want’ slinks along with a fun, fresh sound, catchy backing vocal line and skittish dance-able beat. The layering and intricate compositions makes this album a wholly satisfying listen as the electronic pulses teamed with luscious melodies and ethereal instrumentation really hooks you into Cappellino’s unique fascinating world. ‘The Things We Knew Before’, ‘My Hearts In The Wrong Place’ and ‘The Better’ display this perfectly with warm guitars twinkling between sticky beat slaps and passionate vocals. The  rich glittering and humid shimmers of electronics flood the track with a sun kissed warmth and heartfelt sweetness that is infectious. While the slow burners ‘Maps’ and ‘Steps’ flicker and elegantly bounce with gentle keys in the former and supple guitar in the latter teamed with sweet as pie vocals. The guitar work in ‘Steps’ is just sublime especially for the instrumental solo, it glides with a tropical tone and intricate fluctuations that are divine. Each track has a powerful rushing crescendo that is worthy of a swaying crowd sing along and lighters in the air drama. Cappellino writes sublime gripping tracks that consume you in emotion and cosy vibrancy. Title track ‘Ghost Town’ is a golden gem. With its lush and carefully- sculpted dimensions teamed with a beautifully delicate and delightful melody, velvety vocals and sweet backing vocals- it’s harmoniously exquisite. Tender and sombre it brings a tear to your eye while the tapping beat adds a positivity and lift to the song before the fantastic crescendo bursts with juicy electronics and breezy refreshing tones. ‘Teeth & Tongue’ makes its driving rhythm the main focus as it is unique and exotic with shaky percussion blended into the pop sensibilities while ‘Mirror the Verb’ pushes through with airy synths that hover over a peppy melancholic hued melody and strong guitar strums as dance-able soundscapes wisp and rush around this full bodied sound. ‘Best Intentions’ closes the album sweet and melodic as guitar jingles sway through a steady beat and elegant melody, ending the story of this album as richly crafted as it began with zesty guitar injections stinging between the dainty flow of the track.

‘Ghost Town’ is a remarkably complete album, a lavish blooming garden growing out of delightful melty melodies sprinkled with sweet pop hues and exquisitely compact instrumentation. It’s honest and warm making for a delightful listen.

Steam ‘Ghost Town’ below

FREEMAN ‘Truth’ Album


West London based singer-songwriter, FREEMAN is set to release his eagerly awaited debut album ‘Truth’ on Catapult Records tomorrow the 25th of May. ‘Truth’, recorded at Eastcote Studios in Kensal Rise with Jamie Brown and engineer Andy Hughes, features fourteen tracks including the current single ‘Weekend’, the recent ‘Good Times’ and last year’s debut ‘Lay On’ all of which have picked up widespread critical support from the likes of the Huffington Post to plays on BBC Radio London. ‘Lay On’ was accompanied by a video featuring footage from the Oscar winning French short ‘The Red Balloon’ and had 180k views and over 1.5k shares on its first week online.

‘Truth’ is a collection of catchy indie pop tracks sprinkled with sweet Americana to create a sublime tight album that is enjoyable to listen to. ‘All About Love’ kicks off the album with a sensual bassline and punchy beat that will have those feet tapping and body grooving in no time. The melodies in this album are delightful, this particular tune has a sing along ready chorus and melody that is luscious, sweet as taffy and utterly golden. ‘Best Days’ and ‘Rolling Stone’ steamroll in with a stomping beat and rock and roll swagger soaked guitar strides, there is definitely a Bryan Adams country-esque vibe about the former while ‘Weekend’ hops about with a indie pop buoyancy and vitality as jangly guitars drive through free wheeling, sunny soundscapes and upbeat animation. ‘Good Times’ which is my favourite track on the album takes on the role of the sweet slow jam. It is warm glowing and feathery light with delicate tapping percussion wrapped in a luscious sway-able melody and soothing vocals. ‘Indiana Girl’ and ‘Redemption’ follow the emotional slow burner pathway as does ‘Lay On’ which adds a soulful hue to the mix provided by delicate keys and supple guitar injections caressed by soft whispered raspy vocals. This romantic little ditty is soothing, delicate and heartfelt. The Americana and country flavours shine through tracks such as ‘Watchtower’ and ‘Hearts Of America’ as warm guitar (and harmonica twangs in the former) fill the tracks with cosy melancholic tones and rich depths as the ever catchy melty melodies melt upon this beautiful balmy backdrop. There is no shortage of sing along choruses in this album nearly every track has a hook that invades your brain, constantly revolving in your head all day ‘Rolling Stone’ is a prime example of this so is ‘Life’- who doesn’t fall under the trap of a good “la la” lyric especially when it’s surrounded by a sweet delicate melody. Freeman brings the album to a fluid and gentle end with the aching yet glowing positivity of ‘Midnight Wanderer’ followed by the hushed heartbreaking ‘Goodbye My Love’ and finally the tender ethereal ‘Fire’ closes the album on a calm beautiful tone.

‘Truth’ is a heartfelt charming collection of tracks that are warm, cosy and sweet with some swagger and fun thrown in to keep you singing along and bopping between the emotional tears. The album will be released on limited edition vinyl and CD and will be available to download at all the usual major outlets tomorrow.

Watch the video for ‘Lay On’ below

Idiot Grins ‘State of Health’ Album

California band Idiot Grins have teamed up with The Byrd Sisters for their incredible 12-track album release ‘State of Health’. ‘State of Health’ showcases Idiot Grins’ signature blend of rock and soul tones, complemented perfectly by the sublime backing vocals of The Byrd Sisters, together with an all-star horn line-up led by the legendary John Bamont. Idiot Grins’ sound draws from an assortment of diverse influences, including Otis Redding, Tower of Power, Gram Parsons and The Rolling Stones, encompassing genres ranging from Americana and country rock to R&B. ‘State of Health’ follows on flawlessly from their two previously released albums; ‘Quarry’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Big Man’. Idiot Grins are John Hansen (lead vocals),Evan Eustis (bass, mandolin and vocals), Mike Conner (keyboards),Michael Melgoza (drums) and Randy Strauss (guitar).Collaborating on the latest album are The Byrd Sisters (Lena Byrd-Miles, Lisa Byrd and Lauren Byrd), a singing sibling trio with music in their blood, who’ve been performing together since 1992.

‘State of Health’ is an album that packs soul, blues and rock and roll into twelve swanky, slinky tracks. ‘Get Busy Dying’ kicks of the album doused in funky tones and strut like panache. Triumphant brass injections add a dash of warm vibrancy while lush backing vocals and smooth soul infested vocals flood the track with chicness and effortless cool swagger. The arrangements are lavish as delicious melodies weave and rebound off dynamic rhythms and passionate musicianship. ‘Frock’, ‘Build It’ and ‘That’s Some Funky Business’ continues this flamboyant flex and swanky display as they give you that spring in your step boastfully strutting down the street charisma that is just too infectious and feel good. ‘Philly Belly Cheesy’ is the sweet slow dance gem. It’s sway like tempo refreshed by the joyful brass blasts while the beautiful melody swoons you into a stupor. This album is easy on the ears yet laced in rich instrumentation as jangly keys hop and bop between elegant glides while the warm guitars stride and bounce between a vibrant rhythm. The soulful ‘Unkind’ is a sublime example of this as it shifts and changes seamlessly from gentle glides to animated hops adding a dash of shimmy to its slow tempo croon. ‘Televised’ provides a sultry swing to the album while ‘Take It Back’ jumps in with a tempo that makes you want to dance on a glorious hot summers evening party. The peppy melody in ‘Dream’ is insanely catchy and deliciously wistful while ‘Mama’s Tears’ and ‘Breath’ twang with country influences and melancholic tones. Each track flows fluidly into the next making the genre shift hardly noticeable right up to closing track ‘Big Starry Night’ which glimmers with a rock and roll suave and peppiness backed by a buoyant beat snapping along between sublime melodies and a shredding guitar solo.

Idiot Grins have created an album which is a joy to listen to, vibrant, strut ready and melodious. They have packed a lot into this album to make it a rich full bodied experience.

Stream ‘State of Health’ below

The Fierce And The Dead ‘The Euphoric’ Album

The  Fierce  And The  Dead are an internationally acclaimed 4  piece  instrumental  rock  band  from  London  formed  in  2010.  Their  sound  has  constantly  evolved  since  debuting  with  a  19  minute  one  track  EP,  Part  1,  that  combined  epic  post  rock  with  electronica,  krautrock  and  psychedelia.  2011’s  debut  album  ‘If  It  Carries  On  Like  This  We  Are  Moving  To  Morecambe’  added  hardcore  punk,  jazz  and  ambient  influences  into  the  mix.  Over  the  course  of  these  two  releases  and  a  handful  of  live  performances  the  band  began  to  gain  a  cult  following and  critical  acclaim  from  the  underground  and  mainstream  music  press. They will release their third studio album “The Euphoric” on May 18th 2018, when they will play a sold out release show at The Black Heart, London.

‘The Euphoric’ is a nine-track collection of blissfully melodic mind dissolving tunes that burrow their way into you brain filling you with lush mellowness doused in gritty mosh worthy heaviness. Tracks like the jagged frenzy inducing ‘Truck’ and ‘48k’ slap you in the face with some slick rooted bass lines that unearth your inner rock deity while shredding guitars dance all over the punchy crashing drums with such prowess and swagger it leaves you gob smacked. These guys know their instruments and each track is a fluid example of their proficient ability to whack out some genre bending gems. ‘1991’ has a lightness that is one to be admired, this track is so nimble and sparkly yet locked down by a hefty anchored rhythm section. Jangly guitars twinkle and flutter about jittery keys creating a spacey trippy experience that would float away in a mirage of obscurity were it not for that meaty foundation keeping it grounded whereas ‘Dug Town’ bounces a sweet classic rock element off this brawny foundation. The synth start to ‘The Euphoric’ blends wispy trippy soundscapes with heavy grooves as the band layer and layer these, building in intensity then cooling down again to give those live moshers a small breather before beginning the mania again. ‘Dancing Robots’ is one hell of a track, it slithers, grooves and bops with sweet guitar melodies weaving between some skull bashing heavy injections. It’s never too much with these guys they walk the fine line between bulky, meaty rock and beautifully melodic seamlessly creating melodies that have you bobbing along headbanging and just going crazy with some swaying breathers in between. ‘Cadet Opal’ features a glorious keyboard refrain that shimmers and glistens about a steady beat. It’s a short little gem that is a little bit spacey and groovy with flickering scintillation throughout. The band then snap you out of the euphoria and calmness of ‘Cadet Opal’ with the dizzying distortion of ‘Verbose’ with its stinging guitars and vibrant rhythm. ‘Parts 7 & 8’ closes the album cool and smooth with some dazzling heavy interruptions to create a choppy wholly satisfying end to what is a mind boggling thrilling album.

‘The Euphoric’ is a tight album, it’s cool well crafted and one wild ride and is sure to be awesome when performed live.

The Fierce And The Dead  ‘The Euphoric’ album is out on May 18th make sure to check it out.

Watch the video for ‘Truck’ below