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Darce ‘Who You Loving Now’

Irish alternative Rap/Pop artist Darce has released his latest offering ‘Who You Loving Now’. The track, produced by Dale Holland and Wavefield Studios, features vocals from Becky Phillips and deals with the insecurities of the aftermath of infidelity. ‘Who You Loving Now’ is Darce’s most electronic venture to date as the addictive dance influenced beats slap and whack about the track setting a hypnotic steady foundation for the flashing electronics to rebound off. He’s brimming with confidence – his raps flow like melting butter over the dazzling soundscapes. It’s a summer ready jam that is both chilled and breezy yet sticky and sweltering hot all at once. Becky Phillips’ vocals are the icing on the cake- beautifully placed in the song she adds a creamy lush quality and melancholic airy sweetness that cools the tune down and sets a slow motion effect as you focus on the lyrics.  Another sublime radio ready track from Darce.

Stream ‘Who You Loving Now’ below

Fears Chella ‘Polaroid’

Fears Chella are an evocative Stoke/Manchester based ‘Slackerpop’ band who cheekily blur elements of grunge and pop with sparkles of dreamy and chaotic 90s indie-rock. Forming in 2016 Fears Chella quickly gained support from Huw Stephens on Radio 1, Shell Zenneron Amazing Radio, Hattie Pearson, The Unsigned Guide’s ‘Artist Spotlight’, Ditto Music and BBC Introducing. The band have now released their new single ‘Polaroid’ which follows the success of their previous singles ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Lush’ which have earned the band playlisting slots with Spotify, 150k streams and a plethora of blog and radio coverage. The new single ‘Polaroid’ is “A song about the intoxicating feelings of that freeze-framed teen abandon you get with new loves, and about the games people play when really everyone just needs to feel wanted”. Having spent 2017 playing shows like headlining stages at Dot To Dot Festival and slots at Threshold Festival and Sonder Festival the band have also been busy playing shows with the likes of The Big Moon, Get Inuit, Honeyblood, All Tvvins, King No-One and PINS. All of this has been in culmination for Fears Chella upcoming 2018 tour starting in March.

‘Polaroid’ is a fizzy luscious can of sugar indie pop bursting with sunny vibes and energetic youthfulness. Vibrant zesty guitars interweave between a foot tapping beat and an irresistible honey coated melody. This track explodes with sparkling luminosity as swirling adrenaline infused soundscapes deliver a sugar rush of bliss while jangly guitars add a refreshing spritz of sharpness to the sweet syrupy euphoric track. Its a peppy, catchy, sun kissed anthem bursting with oodles of youthful pizzazz and intensity.

You can catch Fears Chella live at:

2nd March //  Birmingham // Actress & Bishop

8th March //  London // Old Blue Last

9th March //  Brighton // Hope & Ruin

10th March //  Norwich // Epic Studios

13th March //  Leeds // Oporto

15th March //  Glasgow // Broadcast

16th March //  Manchester // Night and Day Cafe

17th March //  Stoke // Sugarmill

22nd March //  Nottingham // Boedga

Stream ‘Polaroid’ below

Fears Chella ‘Lush’

Stoke/Manchester based band Fears Chella have released their new single ‘Lush’. The track follows the success of their last single ‘Girlfriend’, which earned the band playlists slots with Ditto Music, Spotify, Hattie Pearson and Shell Zenner along with BBC Introducing ‘Track of the Week’, support from Huw Stephens on Radio 1 and a plethora of media. With upcoming shows supporting The Big Moon and MISFIRES, whispers of a headline tour around the corner and previous shows headlining a stage at Dot To Dot, slots at Threshold and Sonder Festival as well as slots supporting All Tvvins, Honeyblood, LIFE, King No-One and PINS these guys are really grabbing attention and making their sound heard.

‘Lush’ is a juicy burst of refreshing indie pop. Smooth and breezy these guys glide in on an effortlessly cool wave of sun soaked indie sprinkled pop with a hint of grunge underneath. Dreamy lavish soundscapes swish around sharp guitar stings and a soft bouncy beat. It’s anthemic with a catchy chorus and exhilarating instrumentals. It’s an adrenaline rush of youthful bliss. Sugar coated and sweet yet blustery and raw. Fears Chella keep their sound edgy and polished at the same time to create a hazy dreamy, airy almost chaotic 90’s tinged indie banger. To put it simply it’s well ‘Lush’.

Stream ‘Lush’ below

Dutch Party ‘Blade Runner’

Indie alt pop outfit Dutch Party have released the new single, ‘Blade Runner’. Dutch Party has received critical and commercial acclaim with features in Billboard, Pigeons and Planes and Fader among others. ‘Blade Runner’ is the first song off the upcoming EP ‘Combat Pop’ and combines infectious guitar riffs, with heartfelt and poignant lyricism. Originally hailing from Twin Peaks in San Francisco, Ken Franklin started writing and recording music after he discovered a recording booth in a small closet beneath the stairs of his parents’ house, that had been hidden for decades behind a wall of boxes. Inside was a reel-to-reel tape machine, an echo box, and two guitars which Franklin soon used to experiment with different sounds and sonic textures to create his own songs. After moving to LA, Ken started indie alt pop band, Dutch Party, while living in Echo Park with the intent of adding more subversion to the American airwaves.
‘Blade Runner’ is a sweet luscious treasure of infectious guitar melodies blended flawlessly creating delightful mouth-watering alternative pop. Lo-Fi vocals soothe with a dreamy haziness while sticky slapping beats and intricate rhythms playfully bounce with hyperactive elasticity. Instantly danceable and swirly this track takes you from grooving to a laid-back utopia effortlessly. Light twinkles add a sprightly feather-like wispy delicacy and airiness to the track while the stomping beat grounds it. It’s a stunning new release from Dutch Party.

Stream ‘Blade Runner’ below

Wild Youth ‘Lose Control’

Dublin band Wild Youth comprised of members David Whelan (vocals/guitar) Conor O’Donohoe (keyboard/vocals) Ed Porter (guitar/vocals) and Callum McAdam (drums) have released a video for their upcoming new single ‘Lose Control’, which is set for release this Friday 8th September. ‘Lose Control’ is an instantly catchy radio ready surge of indie pop. Sweet vocals caress  a smooth feathery light melody. The rich clap along finger clicking rhythm makes this track danceable and breezy. Twinkling guitars and soft shimmers on keys create a floaty blissful melty atmosphere and rush of youthful adrenaline while the steady beat pulses throughout. This dreamy ear worm will have you dancing and grooving in no time. It’s a sophisticated, intricately layered, sublime track that is sure to be a hit.

You can catch Wild Youth live at

12 Sep Cyprus Avenue, Cork

13 Sep Abner Browns, Dublin

19 Sep Trinity Freshers Ball, Dublin

22 Sep Grand Social, Dublin

23 Sep Roisin Dubh, Galway

Check out the video for ‘Lose Control’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Trooper Charlie

Dublin’s indie four piece Trooper Charlie have released their new single ‘Indigo’ which was self written and produced. The band consisting of members Adam Lunnon-Collery  (Lead Vocals), Luke O’Brien ( Lead Guitar),Victor Bell (Bass Guitar & Vocals) and Colin Jackson  (Drums & Percussion) have been playing together for the best part of almost 8 years since the age of 13 years old where they met in secondary school. They have played shows all over Dublin and Ireland from Cyprus Avenue in Cork to Whelan’s in Dublin.

‘Indigo’ is a lush laid back sun soaked track drenched in tropical tones and hazy vibes. Sharp zesty guitar and elegant twinkling keys add spurts  of fruity freshness while smooth bouncy  percussion and mellow vocals soothe creating a calm relaxed atmosphere. This catchy daydream laced track cruises with an effortless flow and infectious groove. It’s polished and breezy, well layered and richly textured. These guys have created a slick fluently smooth track that is just heavenly.

Watch the audio video for ‘Indigo’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Jackobins


Liverpool’s finest The Jackobins have released their much anticipated new single ‘Nightfire’. This band have developed a steadily rising fan base across the U.K. They have played sold-out shows on their current tour, a number of well-received festival appearances in 2016 and have gained recent airplay on BBC Introducing Merseyside, Radio X and Radio 6. With a recent change in the line up The Jackobins return with a little shift in their sound.
‘Nightfire’ presents us with The Jackobins dreamy silky indie pop side. Its sophisticated, smooth and polished while still packing quite a mighty punch. Bringing their anthemic chorus to new heights by packing a mighty heartfelt emotional wallop. Warm melodic guitars sparkle throughout the track interweaving between the melt in your mouth melody. Its light with an aerial atmosphere that has a feather like float which is grounded by the steady bounce on drums and agile elastic bass. What stands out for me with all of the Jackobins tracks is the nimble proficient radiant guitar and this track is no different. With a splendid display the guitar elements lift the track with dazzling luminosity and scintillation. Soaked in melancholic tones teamed with sweet passionate vocals it’s radio friendly and proves these guys can do whatever they put their mind to.

Stream ‘Nightfire’ below

Heir ‘I’ll Pick You Up’

Heir are an alt-pop band based in Leeds. The band consists of members Tom Hammond, Sam Luca, Harry Vernon, Ste Fisher and Samuel Newham. The indie pop quintet have been selling out venues in their hometown.They have also enjoyed support from the BBC, and completed a European tour following the release of their debut EP last year. They have also supported the likes of Honne, The Dunwells and Karima Francis and have now released their new single ‘I’ll Pick You Up’.
‘I’ll Pick You Up’ is an ebullient zippy track that bursts with refreshing zesty vibes, cooled with smooth vocals and shimmering synths. Funky buoyant riffs give the track an infectious groove and bounce. Smothered in effortlessly cool swagger and a strut-like glide the track is chilled yet packed with upbeat feel good vibes. The punchy ductile bass adds animation and spring while the subtle twinkling synths add a laid back drift and cruise mellowing out the effulgent boppy track. Sweet lush harmonies glide along adding a delicate silky texture to the track. ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ is a catchy clap along refreshing glass of indie pop sprinkled with funky zealous blends and radiant vibes chilled with cool tones.
Stream ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Young Earth

Young Earth are an Indie-Pop/Rock band from Dublin. Formed in BIMM, the band drifts effortlessly between summer pop tunes to heavier, overdrive drenched styles, all while keeping an obsessive focus on solid hooks and singalong chorus’ to create a fresh, retro tinged style of Indie Rock.The band had a busy year in 2016, headlining several shows in Whelan’s and Sin E for the release of their Single ‘Maggie’, with highlights at Whelan’s Summer Watch 16, Le Cheile Festival, Ruby Sessions and featuring at Hard Working Class Heroes.
The four piece have released their new single ‘Got A Secret’ which is the band’s first single of 2017. Its an impressive blister of swagger soaked indie rock gritty and heavy in all the right places with the slickest smoothest verse that will have you weak at the knees. This track is well crafted with insanely catchy sleek finger clicking verses teamed with cool breezy vocals. Punchy drums add a mighty powerful brawn and fight teamed with the crashing vigorous guitars makes for one sturdy powerhouse. Heavy instrumental summons that thrilling neck breaking moshing which I can imagine is epic live. Mixed with this frenzy Young Earth cool things down with swing-like panache soaked verses, featuring zesty sprightly choppy guitar strums and a vibrant bounce on drums. The magnificent rhythm and polished approach brings to fruition a track that exudes talent and displays a band that deserves to go far.
Stream ‘Got A Secret’ below

Cosmo Calling ‘On The Wire’

Cosmo Calling are a Manchester based Alternative Indie-Rock band with an infusion of powerful textures and addictive melodies. The dual vocal, indie-rock 5 piece are signed to New Street Records.The band is comprised of members Phoebe Taylor (Vocals),Harry Preen (Vocals, Guitar ),Darragh Burke (Guitar) and Gabriel Alexander (Drums). The band have supported Noasis at a sell-out show in 2016 and played their first UK tour early last year to their ever-growing fan base.Their debut single ‘On The Wire’ is due for release on the 3rd of March. ‘On The Wire’ is a perky bouncy track bursting with sweet melodies with tight interweaving rich blends of dual vocals. Bright lustrous guitar introduces the track with vitality and an exuberant riff. The lively cheerful beat keeps the track playful and fun. The entire track has a frolicsome uplifting vibe and glowing radiance that will put a smile on your face. The perfect combination of Phoebe Taylor and Harry Preen’s vocals add a unique quality and sweetness to the track as they both ooze enthusiasm and warmth.

Cosmo Calling are playing a launch night at Night and Day to celebrate the singles release on march 3rd so make sure to check that out.

Watch the lyric video for ‘On The Wire’ below