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Darce ‘Enlightened’


After showcasing at Music Cork and Hardworking Class Heroes, playing support slots for major headline acts such as Le Boom and Sean Kingston and becoming the first artist ever to be streamed in Augmented reality. Irish alternative rap/pop artist, Darce returns with ‘Enlightened’ featuring vocals from up-and-coming Cork producer/artist Blakkheart.

The track which was mixed and mastered at Wavefield Studios is a chilled back number that floods with effortless charm and swagger while submerging you in a dreamy soothing state of ecstasy. Blakkheart’s immaculate vocals are a perfect fit for this track- she coos and lulls over flickering beats and ethereal soundscapes while Darce hops his rhymes over this tranquilizing backdrop. It’s mellow and smooth as silken electronics caress the rippling beat as the track unfolds into its calming state while Darce’s rap keeps it energetic and panache soaked.  Well crafted and polished to perfection this glistening gem is a mature, refined number from the ever surprising talents of Darce.

Stream ‘Enlightened’ below


Darce ‘Valhalla’

Irish hip-hop/alternative artist Darce has released the first single ‘Valhalla’ from his forthcoming EP ‘Night’ which features vocals by up-and-coming Cork soul singer Eve Clague. In 2017 Darce released his debut EP ‘Sunset’ and it has been featured on blogs across the world including Ambrosia For Heads and The Irish Times via Nialler9 (Artist of the week). He has been played on esteemed radio stations such as 2fm,98fm, Cool Hype Radio (Chicago) and Fubar (London).’Valhalla’ has already got it’s UK radio debut on Fubar Radio along with it’s first Irish play on 98fm’s Totally Irish.

 ‘Valhalla’ is a tightly crafted, darkly hued track that smothers you in sparse haunting soundscapes. It’s a breezy biting number with honest lyrics and a smooth creamy chorus melted on top. The rap adds attitude and fiery emotion to the track while Eve Clague’s vocals soothe and coo with a lulling gentle sleekness. The sticky beat adds a rebounding spring to the track while the haunting aerial soundscapes swirl with a chilling icy sharpness. It’s a catchy laid back frosty display from Darce.

When asked about the track Darce said: “It captures youth in rural Ireland. From the nights of backstreet drinking in cold ghost estates to the creeping feeling of knowing you will have to leave eventually.”

Stream ‘Valhalla’ below

Population 7 ‘Lowlight’

Population 7 are a nine piece alternative UK hip-hop and neo-soul band from the West-Midlands.The band have released their video for their new single ‘Lowlight’. This chilled effortless cool track exudes soulful breezy swagger and placid grooves.So laid back with velvety vocals lush harmonies which is blended with vocal rapping these guys present a smokey fluid track that evaporates, glides and cruises with ease. A soft beat encases the track in a buoyant blanket while gentle piano floats with fine elegance adding a cold classy chicness. It’s soaked in a subtle panache with a fiery attitude displayed through the rapping but still holds a delicate finesse and soulful passion.

Watch the video for ‘Lowlight’ below