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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Graces

Graces are a Cumbrian quartet who are now based in and around Sheffield.Breaking out of the four walls of their post-industrial rehearsal space in Sheffield, the band took their gripping live show around the country in 2017, playing sold out venues in Sheffield, London and Manchester on word of mouth alone. Whilst sharing stages with Feeder, Fickle Friends and The Amazons, they worked on a series of singles with producer Phil Gornell (Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low) and were lauded by the mainstream music press. After a busy festival season which included performances at Tramlines Festival and Kendal Calling, the band rounded off last year with a sold-out show in front of 700 people supporting Bruce Foxton from The Jam. They have now released their new single ‘Hotel’.

‘Hotel’ is a blistering blast of indie that rushes through on a wave of youthful exhilaration and chilled euphoria. The verses glide with a breezy laid back vibe as velvety vocals brood through a churning backdrop of biting ethereal guitars and punchy drums. This track builds in intensity becoming more gripping and heart stopping as it reaches its breathtaking crescendo. The melancholic pop-sprinkled dreamy melody floats between a sublime intoxicating wall of sound that soars and cuts sharp with thrilling distortion. It’s a cool crisp display from Graces that packs oodles of emotion and shredding aerial instrumentation into one gripping cinematic track.

Watch the video for ‘Hotel’ here

Indie Buddie Introducing: iisolate

iisolate are an indie/alternative duo consisting of Siobhan Taggart Vocals and Jamie Dumas Guitar/Production. The origin of the band began after a chance meeting in Galway when they were 15, After 5 years of waiting Siobhan moved from Derry to Limerick to pursue Art College and iisoalte came to be. The group is now located in Limerick. Siobhan’s dark lyrical content is often contrasted by Jamie’s 80s indie pop influences via the music creating this juxtaposition between the visual and auditory elements.As a band they have adapted to the ever changing music industry adopting the DIY approach, making records on a laptop in bedrooms. All production elements are performed within the group.The duo have now released their debut single ‘Encapsulate’ with an EP tipped for a mid summer release.

‘Encapsulate’ is a captivating, ambient track that crystallises on a darkened noir pop setting. This duo provide a glossy trip-hop sound that echoes and gleams with a mirror-like sheen as dark soundscapes wisp about like haunting ghosts whispering ominously in your ear. Siobhan Taggart’s vocals are ethereal and eerie as they lure you into the depths of this enchanting number. iisolate take their time slowly brooding and fermenting, ever so coolly progressing the track gradually to create a mesmerising enticing piece of work. A twinkling guitar feature glimmers through the floaty dreamy soundscape with a sweet lamenting melody that delicately warms the track. It’s spaced perfectly with a clicking rhythm steadying your mind to keep you sedated and trapped in their enthralling sound. This duo have created a mature track that announces them as ones to watch.

Stream ‘Encapsulate’ below

The Half Light ‘Night On My Mind’

London indie quartet The Half Light have released their new single ‘Night On My Mind’. It is the title track from their forthcoming EP and follows the earlier release of the lead track ‘8th May’, which was released in early March 2018. The single was recorded in December 2017 at Musicland Studios, Haggerston, produced by Ian Flynn of Werkhouse and will be followed in the summer by ‘Seven Summers’, the final track from the EP. The band have returned to the scene in 2018 with new material and a new line up consisting of James Rogers (Vocals/ Guitar), Guy Chapman (Guitar/Keys), Martin Sherbish (Drums) and Mike Taylor (Bass).Their music has featured on radio stations across the country, including BBC 6 Music, BBC London and Amazing Radio and the band were nominated for Best UK Act at the 2015 Pure M Awards.

‘Night On My Mind’ is another tightly packaged, blissfully melodic little gem from The Half Light that displays fine proficient musicianship and sublime melodies. Lavishly rich rhythmic layers ground the track creating the perfect foundation for the ethereal guitars to spring off while breezy soundscapes caress each guitar strum delicately to create a sublime dreamy atmosphere. The melody is simply divine as James Rogers’ smooth vocals gently embrace each delicious note adding a heavenly elegance and tenderness. Chiming keys add a shimmering graceful quality while the punchy drums and subtle edgy guitars add a nice dash of sting and bitterness to this sweet luscious can of punchy pop. The Half Light are steadily growing and building their sound becoming more majestic and mature with each new endeavour.

The Half Light will play Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, London, on Friday 11th May to mark the launch of ‘Night On My Mind’. The show is part of Hot Vox’s established RIDER indie club night events. Advance tickets will be available through the band’s website, with a series of further gigs and festival appearances to be announced (www.thehalflight.com).

Stream ‘Night On My Mind’ below



Sampson ‘Damned’

Halifax-born indie electro-pop artist Sampson has released her new single, ‘Damned’ off her most recent album, ‘Dark Sky Night’. This noir pop track is steeped in sultry electronics as a sticky beat slaps and gloops between Sampson’s luring coo. Its enticing as lush backing vocals add a haunting chilling quality while lamenting guitar broods in the background. The flashing swirling darkened electronics add an eerie dizzying spin to the track that dazzles and blinds building up to the crescendo. This track is superbly crafted creating moments of intensity and drama which is subdued between the gloomy darkened daydream- like soundscapes. Thoroughly thrilling and chilling this track seeps, creeps and almost wallows in a hazy sense of pessimism while building a lush electronic soundscape for its shadowy cinematic atmosphere.

When asked about the track Sampson said: “Damned, the latest single off the album, was co-written by two of my best friends – Nicole Ariana and Laurenn Marchand – at a song camp in Cape Breton Island. It’s a song about feeling stuck, and having choices to make that all bear consequences. For me, it was about whether or not I should leave somewhere and miss it, or stay while knowing something that would inevitably make me start to hate it.”

Stream ‘Damned’ below

Moon Loves Honey ‘You Drift Away From Me’

Danish  dreamy  alt.  rock/pop  band  Moon Loves Honey have released their highly anticipated  debut album ‘You  Drift  Away  From  Me’. The album takes  the  listener  on  a  colourful  journey  through  uncertainty,  loneliness  and  finally  hope  via  nine  finely  crafted  songs  –  three  of which  have  been  released  as  singles  and  enjoyed  radio  airplay  and  acclaim  from  media  across  the  globe.  Moon Loves Honey functions  as  a  band  in  concert,  but  in  the  studio,  its  Jeppe  Dengsø  as  a  one-man-band.  The album was  in  the  making  for  a  year  and  a  half  and  took  huge  dedication  to  complete  because  of  Jeppe͛s  growing  obsessive  attention  to  detail.  In May  2016  –  shortly  after  the  release  of  the  band’s  debut  EP  ‘Apart’  –  Jeppe  started  recording  songs  in  Aarhus  with  friend  and  mix engineer  William  Brinch.  The initial plan  was  merely  to  record  a  couple  of  single-ideas,  but  the  plan  of  creating  an  entire  album  slowly  manifested  itself.  Over the  next  year,  the  entire  album  was  finished

‘You Drift Away From Me’ displays huge emotional and musical  variety with every song  differing from the next,  while the album  still has a unique  sonic character  throughout. There is a lot of blissful juicy sounds packed into this album yet it doesn’t seem over the top each track cruises along blending together becoming a sweet glorious component of the mellow and euphoric entity that is the ‘You Drift Away From Me’ album. From the electronic and chill wave-tinged  pop of opening track ‘To Be Without You’, Moon Loves Honey completely consume you in a luscious dreamy state of soft delicate melodies wrapped in a fluffy cloud of euphoria. The delicate vocals soothe while subtle flickering soundscapes lure you deeper into a trippy sweet state of psychedelia. The tracks that follow lead you down a glistening path of discovery as delicious melodies snappy soft beats and swirling electronics radiate sun kissed vibes. ‘Lonely Day’ and ‘Before I Crash’ provide images of summer sun, chill vibes and azure blue sky’s. It’s easy going yet brimming with silky intricate instrumentation to provide a satisfying listen. It’s almost like these guys create a little world within this album to loose yourself and just recline into as it soaks away all your problems in soothing tunes. Title track ‘You Drift Away From Me’ adds a perky little bounce and swirling adrenaline to the album while the atmospheric ballad ‘I’m Falling Out Of Love With You Baby’ glides along with a honey drizzled melody and lo fi vocals. ‘Blå’ acts as the wispy electronic intermission before the shoegazey  rock- esque ‘Is It Just A Dream?’ and ‘Should Have Waited’ spiral in a hazy whirl with subtle anthemic bursts over subdued crashing instrumentation. Moon Loves Honey bring us to the end of this glorious album with the twinkling ‘Replaced’. Flickering electronics sparkle glimmers of scintillation through a melty emotional melody while lush vocals coo over the melancholic tones.

‘You Drift Away From Me’ blends sun kissed chilled dream pop with shoegazey rock and atmospheric electronics effortlessly to create a wholly mesmerising dreamy listen that relaxes, soothes and tranquilises while throwing in some groovy bops and sublime textures on top. It’s magnificently crafted and leaves you refreshed and vitalised.

Stream ‘You Drift Away From Me’ below

Piperline ‘Scarecrow’

Alternative pop duo and brothers Rami and Rafa Muniz formed their band Piperline in 2017 and are already releasing their 4th single ‘Scarecrow’ today. Rami and Rafa have been in bands together for the past 7 years but finally decided to move to London and start their very own project with Rami producing and playing keys and Rafa on drums and percussion. A DIY band since conception, the duo record and create their music in their own home studio, and have previously self-released their last singles ‘Dopamine’ and ‘Aluminium’. Their newest single ‘Scarecrow’ will also be supported by a music video release.

‘Scarecrow’ is a catchy, chilled number bound with tight knit grooves squelched into a pop drenched backdrop. Rami croons over the breezy keys as light electronic swirls fill the track with an aerial floaty atmosphere. The sonic soundscapes flicker and weave around a sticky beat which slaps and gloops between the velvety passionate vocals.It’s a hook filled, darkly hued track that shows some tight instrumentation from Piperline.
Piperline will be taking to the road in the summer to promote their brand new tune as well as their previous releases. Check out their website and social media to keep up to date. https://www.facebook.com/PiperlineMusic/

Watch the video for ‘Scarecrow’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From FLING

Psych-pop glam-rockers FLING have released their new single ‘Banjo Billy’ a bonkers three minute  glam-pop stomp that leads the way for the release of ‘The Legend of Banjo Billy’ EP out April 13th on Dance to the Radio. The release comes off the back of a 2017 that included sold-out hometown shows, playing to a packed Festival Republic tent at Leeds Festival and enjoying Radio support from the likes of Steve Lamacq (6Music), Huw Stephens (Radio 1), Radio X and Beats 1. Describing themselves as ‘Wonky Pop’ the 5 piece from Bradford comprise of Charles McSorley (Vocals), Jack Winn (Guitar), Billy Fielding (Drums), Jake Lees (Bass) and Sam Malynowsky (Keyboards) met at a gig and instantly bonded over T.Rex and David Bowie. FLING moved out of their basement studio to work with Lee Smith at Greenmount Studios (The Cribs / Pulled Apart By Horses).

‘Banjo Billy’ is the perfect blend of shimmering pop with the zesty fizz of indie rock. Laid back and sun kissed this track was made for summer days, sweltering heat and a cold one. With an infectious pop melody melted on top of sharp zealous guitars and rich buoyant rhythm it’s instantly likeable and fun. Raspy vocals glaze over the vibrant melody with a soothing easy going charisma while lush backing vocals fill out the sound creating the perfect sing along feature. It’s a jingly, infectious gleaming number that is smooth to start with stinging undertones. Well layered this track is a refreshing guzzle of zesty indie pop that leaves you craving for lazy summer days.

Stream ‘Banjo Billy’ below



Dry Roasted Peanuts ‘Former Child Stars’ EP

Cork based Indie-pop four piece Dry Roasted Peanuts have released their second EP ‘Former Child Stars’. Following on from the success of their debut ‘Sometimes I’ll Stay In/Sometimes I’ll Go Out’ in May 2017, Dry Roasted Peanuts are back with another barn-storming effort. Marc O’Cearnaigh (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), JJ Lee (Bass), Robert McDonnell (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Chris O’Sullivan (Drums) have conjured up a two-track compilation of indie-pop bliss, tinged with punk-rock sensibilities.

One thing I have come to love about this band is their sound has begun to reach a maturity beyond their years and ‘Former Child Stars’ displays this perfectly. ‘Honey + Lemons’ with its depth and musical precision pierces like a proficient swordsman at an unsuspecting opponent. The track progresses slowly with sweet toned guitar and steady rhythm leaving the dramatic effect to the compelling vocals. The lyrics are striking and the bands ability to hold the listeners attention through the narration with subtle instrumentation is remarkable. When the track finally does reach its crescendo it is phenomenal. Warm hazed wobbly guitars stride through a buoyant punchy rhythm creating the ultimate dazed blissful peak to the track. Second track ‘Upstanding’ fleshes out their swagger-soaked strut worthy sound. Once again euphoric golden guitar lines flood the track with sparkling luminosity while a spongy beat cushions you in their dreamy tranquilising soundscapes. With its sweet, delicious tone, for me the guitar melody is the highlight of this track. It’s light, nimble, zesty and infectiously calming. This short little ditty is a gem for sure. I could listen to both these track all day on a loop. This four piece are getting better and better with each release. I’m looking forward to what they have planned next.

Stream ‘Former Child Stars’ below

Gentlemen Jackals ‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ EP

Gentlemen Jackals are set to release their debut EP titled ‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ on Friday 2nd of February. Hailing from Kirkcaldy/Cowdenbeath, Scotland, Gentlemen Jackals includes Mark Wilson (vocals and guitar), Craig McMahon (guitar), Scott Thomson (bass and backing vocals) and Douglas Harden (drums). Since first coming together in summer 2015,the band have already had performing success, sharing the stage with bands such as Silver Coast, Clay, Lemon Haze, Pyro, Lost in Vancouver, and Dancing on Tables. The group’s success is greatly down to their DIY attitude; organising and promoting gigs, designing their own publicity materials and shooting their own music videos. In 2017, the band performed at numerous festivals, including Montrose Music Festival, Rockore and the Dunfermline ‘Fake Fest’. On February 10th, the band are scheduled to perform at the O2 ABC in Glasgow in the Scottish Final of the SoundWaves’ Music Competition. The quartet have recorded and released four independent singles ‘Hold My Body’, ‘Oh Tanya’, ‘Wisdom to the Wise’ and ‘Waiting for the Day’–all of which are produced by Mark MorrowAudio and their new EP, ‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ will be released on Apple Music and Spotify as well as a limited run of physical copies which can be ordered through their Facebook page or at their live shows.

‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ is a five-track collection of hook filled indie anthems that glitter with sublime power pop melodies drizzled on top of a fire fuelled indie rock foundation. From the punchy opener of ‘Heathens + Broken Hymns’ these guys waste no time in displaying their versatility as a band. A rumbling driving bass line slaps and rebounds off a snappy hyper drum beat while crashing guitars shred through an infectious melody and powerful vocals. It’s difficult not to bop along to this catchy fiery track. Their tight dynamic rhythm and gritty guitars cut through the tracks creating a body moving groove and mosh ready heaviness which is displayed in tracks such as ‘Preacher’s Son’ and the light sprightly ‘Wisdom to the Wise’. Here, Gentlemen Jackals display a swagger soaked shredding sound that exudes sass and confidence with blazing instrumentation that is sure to have a live crowd going wild. I mean check out those scorching guitar solos they are electrifying. ‘Out of Reach’ slows the tone a little. With its sombre filled melody, it takes the role of a power ballad filled with Bon Jovi- esque passion and a fist pump your chest teary anthemic chorus. Final track ‘Waiting for the Day’ closes the EP with a glistening guitar creating a magical airy vibe before they blast into their anthemic sound. It’s somewhat U2 – esque blended with a bit of Bruce Springsteen vibrancy. Blissfully melodic and passionate it’s a heart warming end to the EP that fills you with sweet nostalgia.

Gentlemen Jackals ‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ is a sublime debut EP. Filled with sweet heavenly infectious melodies superb instrumentation and musicianship that makes you feel every note and lyric, it’s a strong foundation for this four piece. These tunes flood you with an instant surge of heart racing adrenaline that could move crowds of people. Music that makes people feel something is hard to create but when it’s achieved it’s golden and these guys have obtained this through each track. Not a bad start.

Stream ‘Wisdom to the Wise’ below



Alfie Indra ‘Red Lights’

Alfie Indra has released his second track ‘Red Lights’ on Keep Me Young. Hailing from Suffolk (living in Manchester) the track comes after the success of Indra’s debut signed release ‘Hard To Cope’. The 21 year old has been releasing music unsigned for a number of years and his music has evolved from stripped back folk/acoustic to a more upbeat feel while still retaining the lyrical essence from his roots. ‘Red Lights’ has been released on all online platforms including Spotify and iTunes, along with a music video filmed in a night club in Manchester capturing those blurry nights, teamed with some bright red performance shots.

 ‘Red Lights’ fleshes out a sublime woozy example of Alfie Indra’s electronic pop with a mushy pliable beat giving a blissful sense of excitement and anticipation as it playfully slaps against hazy swirling electronic soundscapes. The melodies ooze heavenly ecstasy from every note while sonic flecks daydreamingly flash dazzling neon lights as if showing glimpses of a memory of a fun night out. This chilled laid-back track soothes with an unhurried sense of elation and wonder as Indra’s vocals whisper with sweet delicacy and passion. The guitars warmly glow through the hazy electronics giving a subtle glimpse of the thrilling solo to come for the magical joyous crescendo. It’s just a sublime subtle burst of heavenly mellowness that fills you with anticipation and youthful elation.

Watch the video for ‘Red Lights’ below