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Jack Woodward ‘Higher’ EP

North-West singer-songwriter Jack Woodward has released his second EP ‘Higher’.  With his lead single ‘Higher’ receiving confident support from tastemaker radio stations such as Amazing Radio & BBC Introducing he follows through with his full EP demonstrating his electrifying sound to establish himself as one of the UK’s most promising new singer-songwriters. Like many great singer-songwriters, Woodward has been brought up on a strong musical diet. His musical palette has since developed to the likes of Newton Faulkner, Tom Odell, John Mayer and Foo Fighters, igniting his great passion for song writing.

‘Higher’ is a triple strike of what Woodward does so well. Title track ‘Higher’ is a strong example of his fine pop musicianship. The catchy chorus swooshes in with a surge of emotion exuding through Woodward’s passionate vocals and lush backing vocals. It’s a delicately paced track that spends time gently trickling emotion throughout the verses before building into the gushing chorus. Elegant piano accompaniment introduces the track while strong chords add stability. With stinging melancholic guitars lifting the crescendo, it’s an uplifting powerful piece that sets this EP off to a great start. Woodward is intent on showcasing his wide scope and multi genre style as each track shifts subtly between genres. ‘Pray’ displays the pop electronic flavour to this delicious Neapolitan ice cream -like EP. With a lighter bouncier feel, this snappy little ditty is fresh and crisp. Flashing electronics teamed with a sticky beat and luscious melody create a summer ready anthem. Woodward maintains his dark deeply emotional undertones; however, he wraps it in a pretty energetic little bow that charms and sparkles delicate bursts of luminosity. ‘Seven Seas’ is a little more alternative and definitely takes the darkest tone of the three tracks. This track marries the themes of both its predecessors and takes a fiery anthemic fist pump approach. Woodward’s vocals are deeper and dynamic as the shadowy instrumentation of bubbling basslines and jagged guitars add a conflicting vibe like a storm of uncertainty and agitation. It’s haunting and a little eerie but a mighty end to the EP.

Woodward has built a strong three point attack that displays his flexibility and versatility as an artist. His impressive depth and maturity teamed with refined prudent musicianship makes this singer songwriter stand out.

Stream ‘Higher’ below

Palava ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’

Manchester four piece Palava have released their new single ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’.It’s a blistery biting indie rock track displaying a laid back frosty sound that grooves sways and cuts deep all at once. A dreamy hazy melody melts upon crashing sharp guitar stings and punchy drums creating the perfect enthralling contrast. With velvety smooth vocals and breezy aerial soundscapes it’s a refreshing nose cutting display. The piercing guitars cut through the track with a bitter jagged scintillation while the bouncy rhythm adds a vibrancy and light flutter to this atmospheric airy track. These guys have a tight sound and each track they wallop out confirms they are ones to keep an eye on.

Stream Sometimes (I Wonder)’ below

Voyages ‘New Year’s Day’

Bath family of five, Voyages have released their new single ‘New Year’s Day’. Voyages is the creation of singer/songwriter, Will Walter whose work began in Spring 2017 in his home studio in the West Country. Enriched by psychedelic sounds, Walter’s journey started to create a modern alternative production and a new sound from everything he loved about his record collection before adding a band of brothers together for the ride. The band, who now perform and record as a 5-piece, are twins, Will and Tim Walter on vocals/keys, their brother Ollie Walter on guitar, alongside another set of twins in James and Lewis Woods who take care of the rhythm section on bass and drums. Their live show has become a huge part of what they do and they plan to be on the festival circuit for summer 2018. The quintet are about to release their debut EP with five fledgling tracks under the guise of ‘New Year’s Day’.

‘New Year’s Day’ is a mouth-watering luscious guzzle of infectious 60’s drizzled pop with a snappy peppy beat rebounding and vibrantly springing off a melty dreamy melody. With heavenly nectarious harmonies and a golden sun soaked radiance this track is a majestic little ear worm destined to brighten any day. Perfectly placed clap along percussion teamed with laid-back cruising guitars which wind in and out playfully between the melody create a snappy humdinger. Well layered and perfectly crafted you hear a new little jingle with every play. It’s mellow, immensely melodic and Beatles- esque with The Beach Boy’s vibes sprinkled on top. Voyages are ones to watch out for. This track is superb.

“The New Year’s Day EP is based around the mistakes made over the last year and the notion that if you didn’t make any you probably didn’t take enough chances, ” explains Will Walter, who wrote lead single, New Year’s Day originally as a poem, on New Year’s Day. “It was ultimately a stream of consciousness brought on by a goddamn awful year and catastrophic New Year’s Eve party which resulted in loss of phone, wallet and mind.”

The EP is available on all digital platforms as well as pre-orders for vinyl copies which include instant digital download. Visit https://voyagesmusic.bandcamp.com/releases for all info.

Stream ‘New Year’s Day’ below

Deep Sky Objects Self Titled EP

Photograph by Jack Deacon

Deep Sky Objects are a three-piece alternative-rock band originally from Kerry. The band members include brothers Kevin O’Brien (lead vocals, guitar), Thomas O’Brien (drums and backing vocals) and DD Foley (bass guitar and backing vocals). The trio have released their new self titled EP which has been featured on Today FM’s ‘Ed’s Songs of Praise’, Spin South West’s ‘Spin-Alt’ and many other stations throughout the country.

‘Deep Sky Objects’ is a five track EP of alternative anthemic whizzers. With biting guitars and fierce bass lines that penetrate through each track with a thrilling ground shaking bloodthirstiness these guys have whacked out a sublime EP where each track holds its own and is epic in its own right. Opener ‘This City’s At War’ explodes with fist pump fury and breezy ice braking might. The guitars are sharp, sublime and melodic while the laid-back vocals glide along the infectious melancholic melty melody. The soaring ‘Bones’ follows blustery guitars and elevated vocals give the track an aerial vibe and take the track to towering heights. Oozing passion with mini explosive bursts for the choruses this track is chilling with eerie tones lying beneath a blanket of breath-taking instrumentation. ‘Desire’ fleshes out the trio’s swagger soaked grittier side. A hair raising sensual dark bass line runs rampant all over this track and it’s awesome. A force to be reckoned with, dominant in all its glory. Punchy mosh worthy drums add fire and rage to this grimy ominous track while a shredding guitar solo scorches with such steamy slickness it burns all in its path. ‘See You When It’s Over’ returns to the peppy lighter indie rock sound. It is catchy with a bouncy rhythm that rebounds and slaps off the melody with playful animation hiding the sinister piercing guitar shrills and mysterious vocals. ’Crazy New Addiction’ brings us to the end of the EP the best way Deep Sky Objects can with a fantastic bass line that grabs your ears and seeps inside holding you captive to its infectious groove. Dark and luring this track crawls and creeps under your skin with chilling goosebump inducing instrumentation. The guitars simmer and scald with razor sharp stings while a body grooving rhythm obtains an uncontrollable danceable hold on the listener.

Deep Sky Objects are a band to watch out for. Each track is engaging, thrilling and well crafted. It’s a meaty well produced collection of tracks that is laser-focused on doing the simple things to perfection and boy do they excel. The choruses are catchy and the hooks will rattle around your head for days. These guys know what they are doing and it’s pretty impressive.

Stream Deep Sky Objects EP below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The RPMs

Straight off the back of a string of summer gigs and festivals up and down the country, Brighton’s The RPMs are back with their new single ‘Your Ghost’ and all revved up with a bigger sound than before. The RPMs recently released their second EP ‘Agents Of Change’ in June 2017 through Xtra Mile Recordings. They followed their release with a run of shows throughout the spring and summer months, including supports with We Are Scientists. Alongside this they also played Camden Rocks, Isle of Wight Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Butefest,110 Above, Big Feastival (run by Jamie Oliver and Alex James from Blur) and RivFest in honour of the memory of River Reeves and the members of Viola Beach. The EP continued to win them fans on the radio, including airplay of lead single ‘Oh My God’ from Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq, Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson across BBC 6 Music and Radio 1, BBC Introducing in The South & the Radio X Evening Playlist.  More recently, ‘Things I Forgot To Do’ was added to Huw Stephens’ Best of BBC Introducing playlist as well as the Radio X Evening Playlist and John Kennedy Recommends on Radio X.

‘Your Ghost’ is a flickering indie pop sprinkled bombshell. This band know how to write an insanely catchy tune brimming with rich intensely satisfying soundscapes. Dazzling electronics flash and fluctuate throughout adding a surge of adrenaline inducing bedazzlement. With bright spirited guitar jangles and a snappy beat this track is an instant vitality shot of pizzazz and high-powered energy. Smooth laid-back vocals add a hazy daydream vibe that exudes summer sun and good times. These guys write smashing indie pop bangers and ‘Your Ghost’ is a prime example of this. The melody is luscious and sweet while the instrumentation blinds with bright breezy scintillation and power pop energy while still holding an indie edge. Another great track from The RPMs.

Stream ‘Your Ghost’ below


Flatlands ‘Friday Night’

Flatlands are an indie pop four piece from Oxford. They combine the melodic world of modern British indie with the dance punk vibes of West Coast USA. The bands first foray onto the UK music scene in 2016 saw the band achieve support slots for Yonaka, Redfaces, Rhys Lewis, Rews and Neon Waltz. Early 2017 saw the release of their debut E.P, with support from BBC Introducing followed by a sold-out headline show. Having signed to New Level Management, Flatlands have been invited to play for Sofar Sounds Winchester and Oxford, played festival slots at, amongst others, Cornbury and Riverside. The  band have now released their new single ‘Friday Night’ today. This indie pop banger is catchy, vibrant and bursting with good vibes. Bright sharp guitars playfully entwines with the infectious melody and snappy punchy drums. Featuring thrilling guitar wails and smooth sometimes screaming vocals, it’s a scorching blistering indie track. This song exudes oodles of fiery energy and charisma with rapid lyrics it’s a buzzing rush of adrenaline. It’s one for the lively mania of the mosh pit while the crowd bellow out the infectious lyrics joyously. Well crafted it’s crisp, edgy and meticulously layered creating a wholly satisfying listen. Perfect for Friday night antics.

Watch the video for ‘Friday Night’ below

Cider Wasps ’Ethereal’ EP

Cider Wasps are a four-piece alternative rock band from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland. The band consists of brothers Danny and Tommy Dunford, Stephen Keating and Colin Drummey. Formed in early 2013 the quartet have been gigging in various venues across the country but as of late have started hitting the Irish festival scene with an appearance at Indiependence 2016. The band launched their debut EP entitled ‘HERE’ in the autumn of 2015 which featured their single Lúnasa. Many radio stations and DJ’s picked up on the EP immediately and it began to hit the Irish airwaves on stations such as WLR-FM, Beat 102-103, CRY104FM, and 98FM to name a few. Their most recent ’Ethereal’ is the second EP release from the band which was launched alongside an independent tour of Ireland starting in Whelans and finishing in Waterford.

’Ethereal’ is an impressively smooth EP packed with passion and sublime melodies. Each track glides smoothly into the next. The tempos are easy-going with dramatic crescendos and with sleek production it’s radio ready. The dreamy delicate ‘80beatspersecond’ kicks off the EP. Silky smooth vocals caress a sweet luscious melody while a throbbing beat sets up the tension for the explosive chorus. These guys write tracks from the heart, every song evokes a rush of urgency and intense emotion while soaring backing vocals and aerial breezy soundscapes lift the tracks to skyscraper heights.’Hummingbird’ trots in with a lively bounce and jangly melodic distorted guitar. The heavy rapid drums and resounding pulse on bass adds a lively energy to the track and danceable foundation. ‘Home’ slows the tone again to start. It’s a heavenly delicate romantic track that builds into a mammothly anthemic explosion. Elevated backing vocals and a heart wrenching rush of blood to the head chorus displays just how good these guys are at making you feel every heavy towering note. ‘Magic Beans’ is simply beautiful and graceful with heavenly soundscapes to start. The track once again erupts for this striking mind-blowing crescendo as Danny Dunford slips into his sweet falsetto range while hefty drums pound and crashing guitars blister and burst through the colossal soundscape. The divine ‘Ethereal’ finishes the EP with warm mellow guitar plucks and tender glowing tones. It’s candy coated purity and tear jerkingly delicate. A sublime melody and sharp guitar stings create a hazy sombre feathery lightness that is just heavenly. When the beat kicks in it’s soft and spongy adding a soothing cushion and bounce. It’s just sublime, a song to treasure.

The ‘Ethereal’ EP is a luscious highly emotive and passionate collection of tracks that touch on all aspects of modern pop/pop-rock without losing cohesion. Silky smooth with the right amount of punch and heaviness throughout. Dunford uses his velvety vocals to inject the right combination of sincerity, drama and emotion into all five tracks creating a satisfying beautiful listen.

You can catch Cider Wasps at their next live show on 23rd November at Fibber Magees, Dublin make sure to check them out.

Stream ‘Ethereal’ below

Fling ‘That’s Nice’

Bradford five piece Fling have released their new single ‘That’s Nice’ by revered independent label Dance To The Radio. The track has recently clocked up radio plays with Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq & Zane Lowe. The band were described as ‘off kilter pop-perfection’ by Wonderland and have been garnering critical praise from all areas of the indie world with Steve Lamacq playing the band numerous times on BBC 6 Music alongside extensive spins from Radio X and even Beats 1 jumping on board. New single ‘That’s Nice’ is a sugar coated indie pop tune, smooth and sleek this quintet have created a laid-back indie pop dazzler that celebrates the natural things in life. A smooth hazy track about having sex, it’s blatant, exuberant and insanely catchy. The sultry guitar licks weave between a honey drizzled melody and spongy beat they cruise in with laid back verses and sizzling instrumentation. Its warm tones wrapped in cosy fuzzy joyous vibes and good times. From the opening catchy keys riff to the scorching guitar and velvety raspy vocals its instantly likeable. It’s a natural  floral and wreaths, irresistible homage to the finer things in life put to dreamy sweet music.

Not one to mince his words, Fling’s frontman Charles McSorley explains ”A lot of people write songs that talk about sex or wanting to have it, but not about doing it. So we did one about doing it because it’s nice doing it.”  …….. fair enough

Stream ‘That’s Nice’ below

Brass Phantoms ‘Indigo’

              (Picture: Olga Kuzmenko)

In support of their single ‘Indigo’ Dublin fourpiece Brass Phantoms will be playing upstairs in Whelan’s on Friday October 27th. The single is the follow-up to recent single ‘City Of Wolves’ which we previously featured on Indie Buddie. The band have garnered airplay all over Irish radio, as well as being featured on BBC Radio 6 with Steve Lamacq, Spotify Discover Weekly, and Amazing Radio. Earlier this year they were listed as The Metro’s ‘Artist Of The Week’. They have headlined shows throughout Ireland, as well as New York this month for their first US dates which will be followed by a UK and Irish tour.

‘Indigo’ is a euphoric indie gem, smothered in areal breezy tones and oozing oodles of passion. Biting blustery guitars swirl and soar crashing into a galloping rumbling beat while Ryan Cashell’s unique powerful vocals add potency and might. It’s passionate and intense with little anthemic bursts that are blissfully aerial and refreshing. These guys have a knack for packing a lot into their tracks and ‘Indigo’ is no different. It’s brimming with luscious indie pop melodies consumed in a whirlpool of rich ethereal soundscapes creating a kinetic catchy tune that shows their refined musicianship and is sure to be amazing live.

The video for ‘Indigo’ was produced by Alan McCarthy. It shows a dancer performing a routine in a hall alongside a live performance by the band, which builds in intensity with the song. 13-year-old Alicia Premkumar stars as the dancer in the video.

Brass Phantoms are playing upstairs in Whelan’s on Friday October 27th make sure to head down and  check them out.

Watch the video for ‘Indigo’ below

The Assist ‘Give It To Me’

Indie four piece The Assist have released their new single ‘Give It To Me’. These guys have had a massive impact on 2017 since their debut EP, ‘Trouble’ was released. Their recent single, ‘Wonderful’, made the Spotify Viral 50 and they’ve played sets at Isle of Wight, Reading + TRNSNT (Jack Rocks/This Feeling) as well as support slots with Blossoms, Rat Boy and The Twang. ‘Give It To Me’ fleshes out their infectious blend of indie rock sprayed with danceable grooves and enough energy to have a live audience going crazy. Infectious melodies are coated in biting guitars and rich shakeable rhythm. Drenched in attitude it’s a no-nonsense belter that is insanely catchy. Just that “do do do” backing lyric will have you hooked – you will have to prise it from you brain. Upbeat immensely energetic and fresh these guys shake thing up with a simple tune that radiates bright scintillation while also packing a nice bit of grit and punch to keep it interesting. Slick guitar lines and groovy bass add a touch of swagger and greasy slickness while the spoken lyrics add a smack of Brummy attitude.  Fine track from the four piece.

Watch the video for ‘Give It To Me’ below