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Motions ‘Back To Where I Begun’


Motions are an alternative rock band based in Dublin formed by Tom Daly and Dave Nulty. They have released their debut single ‘Back To Where I Begun’ which was produced by Philip Magee. The track deals with the theme of contemplating starting over when you’re close to the point of no return.
‘Back To Where I Begun’ starts with a strong raspy vocal with very light accompaniment that builds slightly for the first chorus with dramatic chord strides and pulsating beats. The track slowly builds tension for the second verse with an added dance synth quality and bendable beat. The return of the chorus brings us a brief instrumental blast with dynamic strident guitars. The track reaches its crescendo with an aerial yet strong instrumental with shredding guitars and pounding drums while still holding an atmospheric breezy vibe.
‘Back To Where I Begun’ is a strong debut single with an impressive rhythm that drives the track forward and gives a bendable quality to the track. The vocals are solid and emotion filled while the guitars are sharp and refreshing. A great start for Motions look forward to hearing more.
Watch Motions we recently released a video for ‘Back To Where I Begun’ with Crooked Gentlemen below

Trickster Guru ‘Problem Child’

Trickster Guru is the alternative rock and electronic project of Los Angeles singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Christopher Caplan. Trickster Guru’s debut EP ‘Problem Child’, was released earlier this year. He has also released a video for the title track ‘Problem Child’.
‘Problem Child’ is a innovative emotional track that tells us a story by beautifully fusing vintage rock and soul with the excitement and innovation of modern electronic synth. The track begins with a steady fuzzed beat that holds the foundation throughout the track. The vocals enter in a smooth tender manner. This track flows fluidly with a sway waltz -like quality. The addition of the synths and beats from alternative electronic co-producer AWAY enhances the passion and evokes the emotion of desire in the track giving an effective release of tension for the crescendo. Caplan has a deep smooth velvety vocal which is luring and seductive. With a dark mysterious atmosphere lingering in the background while the soft instrumentation and vocals attempt to ease your mind this track evokes every emotion and creates goosebumps while you are seduced by its melody and swoon like atmosphere of indulgence.

Watch ‘Problem Child’ below

White Crosses ‘Dead Souls’

White Crosses Band 1

Hailing from Warsaw (Poland) alternative punk band White Crosses, featuring the creative partnership of Konrad Sloka (Vocals/Guitar), Sebastian Prokop (Guitar), Stefan Banaszynski (Bass) and Marcin Plocha (Drums) have released a video for their single ‘Dead Souls’. The quartet produced big waves in their native country with their acclaimed EP release ‘Native Handshakes’ in 2015. They have recently joined forces with UK indie label Engineer Records and ‘Dead Souls’ is a taste of things to come from their forthcoming EP ‘Anchorless’.
‘Dead Souls’ is a hefty steady alternative pop punk track with strident guitars that drive the track forward. The punchy drums and exuberant bass give a strong foundation to the track. The heavy drum kicks for the verse giving the track a punch and weighty feel while the vocals are simple yet effective for the verse and become more animated for the chorus as they portray the honest lyrics with passion and emotion. I can imagine this song is massive live as it is set up for all the dramatic guitar poses and spins with dramatic breaks and attitude.
Watch ‘Dead Souls’ below

Sly Antics ‘Captive City’

Sly Antics are an alternative rock trio from Manchester. They are creating a name for themselves for their energetic live performances and hard hitting ear blasting rock tracks. They have already scored themselves shows at This Feeling and  secured festival slots alongside Maximo Park as well as a headline slot at Liverpool Cavern and appearances on big stages including Manchester O2 Ritz.

Band members Sam, Lee and Tommo have recorded a 5 track EP at Greenmount Studios (home to The Cribs and Pulled Apart By Horses) which is due for release in September this year. Their track ‘Captive City’ is the track that caught our attention.
‘Captive City’ is an energetic mighty track that is infectiously catchy and powerful. With its strong driving rhythm and beat that pounds through the track for the verses creating a solid foundation while the guitars are bright and steady giving light accompaniment for the husky gritty vocals. They lead into a soft pre-chorus with a bouncy bendable beat that persuades your body to dance. Then the track explodes before the chorus into a heavy mosh worthy sound. The vigorous guitars and thunderous drums give us that ear blistering effect that is robust and forceful. Sly Antics balance a melodic dance-like sound with heavy soul thumping rock so effortlessly. The change in style is swift and makes their music fresh and keeps you craving more.
Look forward to more from Sly Antics
You can catch Sly Antics live at
24th Jul 2016 Blackthorn Festival, Stockport
3rd Sep 2016 Night & Day – Captive City Launch Party, Manchester
24th Sep 2016 MAH – The Live Room, Manchester
22nd Oct 2016 Oxjam, Leeds
19th Nov 2016 Gullivers, Manchester
3rd Dec 2016 Verve Bar, Leeds
Stream ‘Captive City’ below

Live Music Review : King Harvest & The Weight and The Sour Seeds


The first thing we found out about our trip to The Pine Lodge Cork on Saturday to catch King Harvest & The Weight live was that Myrtleville is the best place to be stranded. We found lovely helpful people that made us feel at home and helped us out after our designated driver crashed into a wall just up the road from the venue, destroying our car but leaving the wall without a mark. A little shook up and bruised we headed to the Pine lodge to organise a way home and of course get to see as much live music as we possibly could before our lift came.


The night began with a set from The Sour Seeds an alternative rock band from Dublin. These guys have a slightly unusual set up with the addition of two saxophones. The Sour Seeds are refreshing and talented. Their smooth soulful tunes with added psychedelic and rock influences bring something new to the table, and come on who 20160701_215659_001doesn’t love a saxophone especially when it works well and adds diversity and depth to their tracks. Their witty humour and banter goes down well with the crowd, a brilliant warm up for a great night ahead.
King Harvest & The Weight begin their set with their single ‘Unstuck’ an upbeat catchy rock track bursting with great vibes. This track is brilliant live. It takes a new dimension with a dynamic bass, mighty drums and spirited guitar. This track is a strong opener and is so easy to dance to. It quickly becomes apparent that they are at their best live and to really appreciate their diverse sound you need 20160702_173759to go to one of their gigs .’Dream’ follows with its bright upbeat bubbly sound which I thought had a slight country twang when i listened to the album, however when performed live they give us punchier drums and a fantastic lustrous guitar that is compelling. The edgy bluesy ‘This Town’ give us a rock and roll feel with swagger. The heavy riff is brawny yet flexible and can coax you to dance without you even realising it. Its an energetic track that the crowd reacts well to and seems to sweet talk the crowd to bopping along. They slow down the tone with the melodic smooth ‘Morning Light’ showcasing their lush harmonies. Its a soft track that has a sway almost soft bop effect on the crowd. The set flows smoothly as they glide into the catchy ‘Diana’ which shows us their funky side. Unfortunately we had to leave at this point but not before we got to hear the smooth sensual ‘New York Is Dangerous’ with its slick darker tone.


King Harvest & The Weight make performing  look so effortless and easy with the flowing guitar solos, polished bass and punchy drums while they blow us away with a mixture of genres and sounds. There 20160702_173954is no doubt of their talent.
I would highly recommend going to see both these bands live and unfortunately I didn’t get to see The New 52 perform but i will definitely head down to one of their next shows.
Stream The Sour Seeds ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’ and King Harvest & The Weight ‘Unstuck’ below

DeepShade ‘Ganzua’

DeepShade are an Alternative Rock /Metal, Grunge, band from Wigan. David Rybka ( Vocal, Guitar), Tom Doherty (Bass), and Paul Barlow (Drums) released their debut album ‘Everything Is Popular Is Wrong’ in 2015 and it propelled DeepShade into the national spotlight. We were particularly impressed with their track ‘Time’ and did a feature on it earlier this year. They have now released ‘Ganzua’ From their next EP which is due out before Christmas this year.
‘Ganzua’ is a beast of a track and a force to be reckoned with. Its heavy intense powerful sound, dark atmosphere and forceful energy demands and deserves respect and recognition. From the start of the track we are met with vigorous guitars and thunderous drums while Rybka’s vocals remain intense and haunting with a slight rasp at times. His vocals echo and howl during the chorus as if waking the dead. The strident and slick guitar riff is infectious while the fierce drums pound through your soul. This track holds a smooth sensual quality while remaining robust and destructive. The lusty shredding guitar solo is brawny yet seductive and leads to a heavy headbanging frenzy instrumental with swirling haunting vocals giving a psychedelic element to the track until it finishes strong and solid.
DeepShade’s currently untitled EP features minimal studio overdubs and focuses on their chemistry as a creative unit. With mixing and mastering duties taken on by long term collaborator John Kettle.

DeepShade will announce the full EP release details in the coming months along with European tour dates.
We cant wait to hear the new EP, if ‘Ganzua’ is anything to go by its going to be massive!
Stream ‘Ganzua’ below

Corner Pilots

Corner Pilots are a no nonsense rock band hailing from Surrey, band members Dan Stafford (Lead Vocals), Joshua Bennet (Guitar), Jake France (Guitar), Ben Mawdsley (Bass) and Reece O’Brien (Drummer) are creating  a stir with their heavy, energetic performances and catchy heavy riff based rock tracks. Their catalogue of tracks on soundcloud are impressive and showcase their talent and great potential as musicians.
‘The Language’ is a blues rock track with slick zealous guitar and punchy drums. The rooted bass give a depth and foundation to the track. This track oozes energy and swagger and has a body moving effect. The guitar particularly excels in this track as it effortlessly pierces through the track and delivers a shredding strident solo. Stafford’s vocals are smooth and exuding confidence, swagger and attitude. With its anthem like energetic chorus that has a fist pump effect its easy to see how this song would be massive performed live.
‘Queen of My Nightmare’ gives us a heavier fuzzed sound with an infectious dirty riff that sticks in your head. Stafford’s vocals are sharper and dynamic., while the guitars are smooth and slick. This track is fiery and sensual while remaining edgy and cool and bursting with attitude. It is delivered in an effective energetic mosh worthy manner with the track building in tempo and intensity as the song progresses.
‘ Jump’ begins with a moody eerie tone and screechy guitars. This shadowy atmosphere continues throughout the track while the instrumentation builds for the chorus. The vigorous guitars play a riff that almost warns of danger while the creeping bass gives you goosebumps and the drums add a mosh effect. The vocals take on a mysterious tone giving this track a thrilling effect.
Corner Pilots show some great talent with these tracks look forward to hearing more from them.
If your around make sure you go see them live at the O2 Academy Islington on July 8th.
Stream ‘The Language’ and ‘Queen of My Nightmare’ below

Love Ghost ‘Friday Afternoon’

Love Ghost  are an alternative rock band from Los Angeles. The band consists of members Ale Sierra (Drums), Ryan Stevens (Bass), Finn Bell (Vocals/ keys, guitar) and Mya Greene(Viola). Despite only being together for little over a year the five-piece teen garage rock group have seen tremendous success, opening for such artists as The Tubes, Berlin, Ozomatli and Buckcherry. They have also played several high profile festivals including Make Music Pasadena and Echo Park Rising. Love Ghost’s musical composition is inspired by a mix of old universal horror films meshed with iconic grunge artists such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Their debut single ‘Mystery Box’ taken from their six-song debut self-titled EP was produced by Mark Renk (P.O.D) and they are back with their new single Smashing Pumpkins inspired ‘Friday Afternoon’
 ‘Friday Afternoon’ aims to reflect the importance of standing up for oneself especially during a time of hardship in teenage years. Love Ghost conveys this theme to us through soulful and emotional lyrics, distorted guitar melodies and punchy drums. Their mix of 90’s grunge and alternative rock takes you back to your youth while the addition of the viola is original and effective as it adds a soft nostalgic tone to the track. This track is extremely melodic with vocals that are sombre while the guitar is gentle and melancholy yet sharp keeping a refreshing edge to the track. The drums give us a heavy rock sound adding a slight mosh effect. The lustrous guitar solo is bright and zesty and gives us that classic rock element.
This is a strong track for this fresh young band as they showcase their talent and great potential.
Stream ‘Friday Afternoon’ below

A Chat With : King Harvest & The Weight


We caught up with Ben Adey from King Harvest & The Weight ahead of their UK and Ireland tour and the release of their unmissable debut album ‘Maps’.

Can you explain King Harvest & The Weight to anyone who doesn’t know you?
There’s plenty of bands out there who shamelessly ride their influences out to death, But we try not to ape our target too closely for our own good and come across like soulless bandwagon chasers. We love the music we grew up with, which is rooted in seventies good times rock n roll.

How did the name King Harvest & The Weight come about?
I wrote a load around 50 songs, demoed them all on a battered old Yamaha acoustic and then hooked up with Olly (guitar) & Justin (Drums) we recorded the tracks and got our arses in gear and booked some shows.

Your album is full of 70’s classic rock tracks with catchy hooks and well crafted melodies How did you decide on this style of music ?
It’s just what comes out, it isn’t over thought, or planned. It’s every free flowing creative and writing process.

Your music seems to have the ability to transport the listener back to that 70s rock period with such ease, is this a natural effect of your music flow or was it something you had to try hard to achieve?
Dead easy. Play what you like and do what feel is right for you. It’s not about being cool, it’s about doing what you enjoy, with no boundaries.

Your debut album Maps is due for release on June 20 what can we look forward to or expect from ‘Maps’?
Blistering 3 minute tracks, crammed with hooks.

What was your favourite part of making this record?
Recording it and playing music with superb people.

You have some great riffs and guitar solos in your tracks was this something you spent ages on to get right or did they come naturally?
Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. From rehearsal jams to the bare embryos of IPhone recordings.

Which of the songs on your album are you most proud of and why?I’d say, This Town. It was the first track I wrote, which actually spearheaded me into doing the album. It was the track that made me think that I wanted to actually have a go and play live again.

Had it not  arrived, I’d probably be spending my Saturday nights just driving back and forth to Tesco buying White Magnums & Bier d’ore. It saved me from decadence,ha!

Did you come cross any challenges when recording this album?
Yes, trying not to be impatient and rushing things.

You have a number of live shows coming up to promote the album what can people expect at these shows?
Loud noise, riffs and a pop song shower

Which venue are you looking forward to playing the most?
All of them.

What is your Favourite song to perform live and why?
Tough one, not sure yet!
You have three dates in Ireland this July is this your first time playing in Ireland and have you any expectations from the Irish crowd?
It is our first time as a band, yes. And we’re expecting it to be a great time.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band?
Pick up whatever is in sight, bang it, beat and have fun. Most importantly fuck what anyone tells you is cool and do what you love X

You can catch King Harvest & The Weight live at
Saturday 25th June – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow
Sunday 26th June – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Friday 1st July – Pine Lodge, Cork
Saturday 2nd July – Roisin Dubh, Galway
Sunday 3rd July – Grand Social, Dublin

We will be definitely heading down to one of the Irish shows to check out their “Loud noise, riffs and a pop song shower” .

Watch  King Harvest & The Weight ‘Unstuck’ below


Circle Of Reason ‘Never Enough’

Circle Of Reason are a four piece alt/hard-rock band hailing from Southampton. Band members Gary, Simon, Andy and Rob have created a name for themselves as a band who can deliver on the live stage. They have earned themselves support slots with the likes of Feed The Rhino, Marmozets, Neck Deep, Inme, Girlschool, Mallory Knox, Fearless Vampire Killers and many more. They have also performed at numerous festivals including Takedown Festival, X-Treme, Rock Diabetes, Kerrang Radio Summer Festival, Gosport, Keynsham and Weyfest. Having already released two video singles in the past 3 months in support of their mini album ‘Faith Or Theory’, UK unsigned alt-rocker’s Circle Of Reason are back again to announce their new video for ‘Never Enough’.
‘Never Enough’ delivers all of the bands renowned melodic hooks, articulate dynamics and fierce guitar riffs and is a massive attention grabbing opener for the album. From the start this track swallows you up in a whirlwind frenzy of hard hitting material with melodic verses and a soaring chorus. The intense vigorous guitar riffs and thunderous drums pound your very soul and convey an aggressive tone. The songs rapid tempo creates an almost manic circle pit worthy atmosphere which slows a little for the chorus where the dynamic vocals take your attention. The robust flexible bass runs along in the background of the track with powerful effect giving this track a depth. The track explores the lyrical theme of “No matter what you do, it’s never good enough for some people”. and this is conveyed perfectly through the instrumentation. The pounding drums and frantic guitars portray a frustrated and angry perhaps confused atmosphere that one would feel if you thought you were “never good enough for some people”
This track is a beast of a track that deserves to be played at max volume!
The band’s new mini-album, ‘Faith Or Theory’, is available now. You can purchase it  in physical format via the band’s store or digitally via iTunes.
The Video to ‘Never Enough’ was released earlier this month. It shows the emotion behind the song and how it could relate to anyone and features actress and model ‘Hannaj Bang Bendz’ check it out below.