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Social Confusion

Social confusion are a four piece alternative rock band based in Shropshire, taking influence from The Verve, Ride, Oasis, members Mat Spence (guitar/vocal), Rob Flynn (guitar/vocals), Wil Blase (bass) and Chris Symonds (drums) have created a very tight polished sound that’s great to listen to.
‘You Give Me Everything’ is an upbeat bouncy track with catchy chorus and great guitar solo. Its a well thought out track with a professional  sound. These guys know what their style and sound is and are going for it. The slick guitars and add a refreshing edge to the track.
‘Your Life Is Waiting Outside’ takes the tone down to a more melancholy Oasis vibe. With an airy light vibe and sombre vocals The sharp guitar drives the song with a steady rhythm on drums that keeps a sway pace. Its a melodic track especially in the chorus while the verses have a faster passed vocal.
These guys have a very polished sound and considering they began in the early days of 2012. They have a lot of experience under their belt and are definitely a band in the game for the long hall.
Stream ‘You Give Me Everything’ and ‘Your Life Is Waiting Outside’ below

Greywind ‘Forest Ablaze’

Greywind are a two-piece alternative rock band from Killarney that formed in June 2014. The band consist of siblings Steph O’Sullivan and Paul O’Sullivan. In March this year they released their single ‘Forest Ablaze’ a powerful mighty track with pounding drums, punchy bass and vigorous guitars. Its a full, heavy robust track with strong vocals from Steph as she preforms in an intense almost grungy manner for the verse with heart beat pulsing drums. Then it kicks in to a high energy loud vocal chorus, accompanied by a full “Evanescence” style guitars and drums up to a bursting and booming crescendo.
A band Killarney can be proud of!  I’ll look forward to more from these guys!
Watch ‘Forest Ablaze’ below

LIFE ‘ Popular Music’


LIFE are an alternative punk-rock band from Hull. Band members Mez , Loz, Mick and Stew released their new single ‘Popular Music’ in February this year and it has caused an instant frenzy on the airwaves bagging multiple spot plays from Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart on Radio 1 as well as Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music. These guys are a force to be reckoned with.
‘Popular Music’ is a fierce track that is fast passed from the start with accelerated verses that make you feel like your running a marathon at a hundred miles an hour and cant keep up. With powerful, ferocious screeching guitars and pounding drums you are taken in to a frenzy created by a savage tune that refuses to let you go. You get a moment to breath as they break into an addictive chorus where the music breaks and the vocals repeat in an almost whisper ” feels like she’s pealing off” and then you are rushed off again into a whirlwind of psychedelia where you are thrown back into the race. By the end of the experience you feel exhausted but want to do it all again. This is a turbulent track and not for the light hearted but a must listen!
Look forward to more from these guys!
Stream ‘Popular Music’ Below

Travis Oaks

Travis Oaks are an alternative blues rock band from Cavan. The band consists of Michael Paterson (Rhythm guitar and lead vocals),Taran Plouzane (Lead guitar and backing vocals), Aran McGillick (Bass guitar and backing vocals) and Killian McCourt (Drums). They have been carving their own sound since late 2012 by fusing Indie, Blues, Punk and Rock and now have signed a publishing deal with New York based Big House Publishing.
Their new single ‘Love You More’ shows us why these guys are creating hype. This hook-driven track is a robust, powerful song with a cool, slick, smooth tone in the verses, which oozes confidence and swagger. With bluesy licks, thumping rhythm and lush harmonies its a really slick song to listen to. The intro gives you an instrumental taste of what’s to come and then they hold back while singing the verse making you crave more. You wait through an intense vocal with harmonies and light guitar riff before an explosion into the heavy chorus.These guys know how to grab your attention with catchy chorus and impeccable guitar that keeps you addicted to their sound.
Travis Oaks will have a new EP Black Light out on June 10th and if ‘Love You More’ is anything to go buy its going to be a fantastic EP. Travis Oaks have been invited to support big names such as The Riptide Movement, The Hot Sprockets , ASH and most recently The Strypes, at the sold out Olympia Theatre so live shows are something these guys are not afraid of. Look forward to hearing more from Travis Oaks in the future. These guys are sticking around!
Stream ‘Love You More’ below


Bonsai are a four piece band from Stoke-on-Trent that consist of Chris Hough (Guitar & Vocals), Joe Hough (Guitar), Benjamin Hough (Bass) and Freddie Godley (Drums). These guys have created an alternative rock sound based on raspy vocals, psychedelic riffs and steady beats, that gives a dusty drive in a desert vibe.

‘Houdini’ was released last year and gives a classic rock feel, with slick, prominent guitar throughout and smooth raspy vocals. The guitar gives a trance feel to the song that draws you in right up to the polished sensual guitar solo.
‘Ned’ starts as a mellow track with a nostalgic guitar teasing the tune until the vocals and drums kick in. This track gives a youthful freedom vibe. With the slick skill of the guitar as a prominent feature throughout and well rounded drum beats this song takes you on an epic journey. Just the guitar riffs and solos alone are like a path to ‘Neverland’ that you can’t help but follow.
Two really strong tracks from very talented and skilled lads , will look forward to hearing more from Bonsai.
Stream ‘Houdini’ and ‘Ned’ below

Blank Parody

Blank Parody are an Alternative Rock band from Birmingham. Members Joby Fitzgerald (Vocals) Liam Howard (Guitar) Connor Hodgkiss (Drums) Freddie Shaw (Bass) released their début single ‘Dark Pretenders’ in March this year, and its a roaring rock track with thunderous drums and vocal screams. This pumping track is full of energy all the way through and is the perfect début  single. It shows us how tight this bands sound is, with a slick guitar riff and growl vocals these guys show real promise from the very first note.This is a beast of a song and is full of oomph, zest and energy, and is a great way to introduce the entry of an extremely talented band
Stream ” Dark Pretenders” below