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Vernon Jane ‘Push Me’

Dublin’s Vernon Jane have returned with their feverish video for the new single ‘Push Me’ which is the final single from their 2018 EP ‘The Dark Place’. Developing on their all consuming sound Vernon Jane slither and brood into the depths of this spine chilling number. Its intense as the track sneaks in to start, teasing and crawling before plunging into the mighty chorus and explosive crescendo. The guitars weave, lurk and scrabble through the slinky rhythm and dizzying distortion. Warm horns mellow out the background sublimely contrasting Emily Jane’s screaming vocals. These guys masterfully create the suspenseful atmosphere as they walk the tightrope before pummeling right into the mind blowing havoc Vernon Jane do so well. Its controlled anarchy portrayed in the most tightly crafted and admirable manner possible.Precise bass groves weave the sultry path through the steamy guitars while jazzy hues and psychedelic turbulence are subtly blended into the brew making for one gigantic expressive number that drags you kicking and screaming through a hosts of emotions.

The striking visuals of the accompanying music video is directed by DOCK check it out below

GORILLABRAIN ‘The Sliced Bread Conundrum’

London based solo artist GORILLABRAIN has released his new single ‘The Sliced Bread Conundrum’. This chilling number lurks in the shadows ready to pounce on you when you are alone and vulnerable. It’s filled with menace as the deranged head spinning electronics swirl around a slicing guitar massacre that lacerates through the hypnotic beat. The layers of vocals growling and wailing over whining dizzying electronics, clattering beats and blustering distortion will send shivers down your spine. Humorous lyrics are mangled between the dark, heavy mania making this track one creepy thrill. It fills you with that eerie fear ( like meeting an insane clown in a dark alley dancing frantically toward you ) while packing in enough meaty frenzy to make you want to dance along too. This is the brilliant stuff of crazed nightmares.

Watch the video for ‘The Sliced Bread Conundrum’ below


Brass Phantoms ‘In Sight’

Dublin’s indie rock band Brass Phantoms have released their new single ‘In Sight’. Their single ‘Waiting Up’ garnered widespread airplay across Irish Radio on RTE 2FM, 98FM, SPIN, Today FM, and Radio Nova, as well as prestigious international features on BBC Radio 6 with Steve Lamacq and Spotify-curated playlists. The five piece consisting of  Ryan Cashell (vocals & bass), Greg Whelan (guitar & backing vocals), James Geraghty (guitar), Adam McCabe (drums & backing vocals), and Colleen Heavey (keys & backing vocals) have headlined shows all over Dublin, performed at major festivals including Other Voices and Indiependence Festival, and were the main support for Delorentos on their sold-out tour. The group has toured through the UK and have performed twice at MONDO Festival in New York, having been listed as one of the festival’s top acts to see.This year has seen Brass Phantoms sign a worldwide distribution deal with Believe Digital. Their single ‘City Of Wolves’ was used to promote television coverage of the UEFA Champions League this year, as well as being added to Spotify’s editorial Hot New Bands playlist .The band follow this success with their brand spanking new slice of indie rock ‘In Sight’.

‘In Sight’ has all the meaty enticing components true Brass Phantoms tracks possess. The ethereal glorious guitars reach piercing thrilling heights as they playfully soar, weave and sparkle over the punchy groove and weighty rhythmic foundation. The guitars in this track are particularly mesmerising as the sweet biting tones slice and sting over the aerial atmosphere with a superb finesse and grandeur that is awe inspiring. This cutting track strides along cool as a cucumber as Ryan Cashell passionately sings over the smooth melody while shimmering icy keys and elastic bass build the track to its massive intense crescendo. These guys create emotive tracks that pack oodles of gusto and rich instrumentation. Each track adds a new and exciting dimension to their sound and ‘In Sight’ is the perfect shiny new addition to their crisp refreshing collection.

About the track, frontman Ryan Cashell says: “In Sight delves into overcoming personal battles and letting go of bitterness. It’s how you treat yourself and deal with these obstacles that will make you stronger.”

Stream ‘In Sight’ below


The Misty ‘The Lovely Dead Girl at Table Six’

London based multi-instrumentalist ‘The Misty’ has released his new single ‘The Lovely Dead Girl at Table Six’.  The track was recorded in his own home, as well as enlisting the help of La Frette Studios in Paris, the same studio chosen by rock band Arctic Monkeys for their latest LP release. Alongside the single release The Misty produced a music video, with the help of China Town Studios, featuring a French model to help put together the visual.

‘The Lovely Dead Girl at Table Six’ is a fluctuating flutter of delight as The Misty croons over a dreamy melody while vaporous guitars whine and sting between ethereal soundscapes. Filled with a rich and intense depth this track grooves and sensually sways with psychedelic hues through a delicate melodic flow. The swirling bubble of electronics set the romantic tone as the brooding vocals and sultry guitar injections add a stirring quality and meaty grit. Perfectly crafted this luscious tantalizing track transports you to a soothing dreamy state that captivates with a 70’s psychedelic rock vibe softened by whirls of jazz flickering through a pop lush melody. It’s soft and aerial with a vibrant mouth watering backdrop to tease all the senses.

Watch the video for  ‘The Lovely Dead Girl at Table Six’ below


Badhands ‘Monday Morning’

Badhands (aka Daniel Fitzpatrick) has released his debut album this week along with the video for the lead single, ‘Monday Morning’.Badhands is the musical project of Dublin songwriter and musician Dan Fitzpatrick. His recently completed debut album, entitled ‘Predictable Boy’, began as a collaboration with producer and bass player Tom Cosgrave (The Minutes), then quickly evolved in to a more expansive project with the enlistment of multi-instrumentalist Aoife Ruth, drummer Ken Mooney, and engineer Chris Barry. With a strong focus on lyrics and vocals the album explores themes such as laziness, loneliness, loss and madness. Badhands debut single ‘Waves’ was released in November 2017, and was soon followed by an impressive run of live gigs, namely a performance at the Whelan’s Ones to Watch festival, a packed headline show in The Workmans Club, and a sold out gig at Vicar Street supporting Michael McDonald.Predictable Boy marks Fitzpatrick’s first venture as a solo artist, having previously worked as a musician and songwriter for years with the likes of The Mighty Stef, The Last Tycoons, Paddy Hanna and Maud in Cahoots.

‘Monday Morning’ is a gloriously melodic number which floats upon a rich energetic backdrop of jagged guitar injections, punchy drums and an elastic rooted bass line that weaves and twirls its way into your spine making you groove and dance along. With a bitter sweet melancholic melody drizzled into your ears by Fitzpatrick’s warm raspy vocals, this track is drenched in passionate tender moments that are incredibly relatable and touching. With sombre tones perfectly contrasted against vibrant lush instrumentation, Fitzpatrick presents a wholly consuming, mature number full of gusto and honesty. His musicianship is refined, pure and brimming with opulent textures as he wavers between the darker tones of the brooding Monday monotony and the lively foot tapping energy seamlessly to create a charming little ditty that is sure to make your day better.
Badhands ‘Predictable Boy launch is at The Workman’s Club in Dublin this coming Saturday, November 17th make sure to check it out. More live dates below

November 16th – Bennigans, Derry
November 17th – The Workmans Club, Dublin
November 22nd – The Roisin Dubh, Galway
November 24th – Broken Home, Newbridge
December 7th – Pharmacia, Limerick
Plus More TBA

Watch the video for ‘Monday Morning’ below


The Flavians ‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’

The Flavians have released their new single called ‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’. The track was recorded over the span of a year in various spaces around Berlin, Germany and in Nässjö, Sweden using a mix of analogue and digital gear with instruments from the 60s and 70s. The track was finally mixed by Fabio Buemi in TRIXX Studios, Berlin and then mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, NY. The single will be the second release from The Flavians’ first album ‘Ordinary People in an Ordinary World’. The band has been playing support shows across Germany and The Czech Republic while filling out venues such as Cassiopeia and Badehaus in their adoptive hometown. Furthermore, they have built up a strong following through social media and their last single ‘On the Radio’, has racked up over 150,000 streams and been played on over 50 radio stations worldwide.  

‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’ is an easy going pop sprinkled gem that bounces along in a dreamy soft 60’s-eque soundscape while intelligent witty lyrics glide upon the sugar coated melody. These guys tell a story perfectly as lush backing vocals lull in the background while jangly keys twinkle around laid back guitar strides and punchy drums. It’s candied exterior makes this track so easy on the ears as The Flavians flesh out their catchy melodies and infectious bopping light instrumentation. This track is sure to put a smile on your face as it bops its glorious way into your head until you are blissfully singing along.

Watch the video ‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’ below




All Tvvins ‘Infinite Swim’

Electronic duo All Tvvins have released their new single ‘Infinite Swim’ from their second album ‘Just To Exist’ which is due for release early 2019 and produced by James Vincent McMorrow. All Tvvins enjoyed a phenomenal start to their career. Their debut album ‘IIVV’ shot into the Irish charts at #2, earned a Choice Music Prize nomination for Irish Album of the Year and smashed the 15 million streams landmark. Meanwhile, gigs in the UK and Ireland included a life-affirming sold-out show at Dublin’s historic Olympia Theatre as well as a tour as guests to Metric. All Tvvins, who consist of Conor Adams (The Cast Of Cheers) and Lar Kaye (Adebisi Shank) spent January and February of this year recording the new album and the album’s title ‘Just To Exist’ comes from a line in their new single ‘Infinite Swim’.

‘Infinite Swim’ is a funky flex of rich textures weaved through luscious melodies and pristine production. It’s swagger soaked panache strides and glides upon slinky guitars, groove infested bass and dazzling electronic whirls while it’s chic exterior smoothly drifts along with an effortless chilled tone and laid back vibe. The sweet creamy vocals caress and float upon the infectious velvety melody as it magnificently swoons it way comfortably into your mind.The track is rooted with a meaty funk foundation that adds a strut ready danceable shuffle while the electronics slide and glissade with an ethereal soul tinged elegance. A vapourous guitar solo brings this 80’s disco tinged  track to slick glorious heights, All Tvvins present us with a first rate glossy number to sink our teeth into.

To celebrate the album’s release, the duo have announced their biggest Dublin headline show to date at The National Stadium on April 13th 2019.

Stream  ‘Infinite Swim’ below

Ned Dylan ‘Life’s a Rave’

17-year-old original artist and songwriter, Ned Dylan has released his first single ‘Life’s a Rave’ from his debut album. The track is produced by Gordon Raphael (the Strokes’ first three albums/Regina Spektor’s ‘Soviet Kitsch’/Hinds), Wizard (M.IA./Chemical Brothers/Chase & Status/Wiley) and Freear (Slamboree).In the past Dylan has played festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival, Secret Garden Party and Beautiful Days among others, leaving lasting impressions with his high-energy performances.He has also received coverage, airplay and praise from the likes of BBC Radio 2, Sir Tim Rice, American Songwriter, Amazing Radio and BBC News among others.

‘Life’s a Rave’ showcases Dylan’s sublime musicianship that encapsulates its theme perfectly through darkly coated soundscapes and catchy melodies. This cinematic number wavers between indie pop and symphonic rock to create a wholly enchanting goosebump inducing listen. Driving rhythms and sticky beats slap between an ominous piano feature while sinister strings elegantly lament in the chilling background. His vocals are filled with anguish and a sense of hurried danger and drama while lush backing vocals add a dash of soul into this adrenaline inducing banger. It’s intense, utterly mesmerising and well crafted with tight production teamed with the perfect and diverse use of instrumentation to slither and glide between genres seamlessly. Dylan oozes effortless swagger yet his delivery of the track seeps a sense of mystery and confusion through the vivid instrumentation.

About the track Dylan said “Life’s a Rave, is about ‘social media, isolation, escapism and how we connect with each other”

Watch the video for ‘Life’s A Rave’ below

Voice of Aiko ‘Prescription Dream’

In collaboration with Voice of Aiko, Arts Council England, and charities REST, MIND & APRIL, Enya Belak Gupta unveils a powerful new film to help tackle the global prescription drug crisis. ‘Prescription Dream’ is a slick and stylish documentary that illustrates with chilling insight the terrible impact prescription drugs can have. The tense, unnerving tone employed throughout represents the helplessness and confusion of dependency sufferers. The film was released with the aim of generating cultural discourse around this pressing issue.Voice of Aiko is a creative collective of musicians, filmmakers and artists joining forces to campaign for real societal change. Aiko’s first project Prescription Dream sees founder Calista Kazuko collaborate with fellow musicians Samim, Miguel Toro and Jack Brown and filmmaker Enya Belak Gupta to spotlight an ongoing global prescription drug epidemic. 

‘Prescription Dream’ is a luring seductive number saturated in dark tones and eerie instrumentation. With sultry cooing vocals melting upon the sweet buoyant melody, this track charms its way into your mind effortlessly. The weaving mysterious instrumentation unfolds upon the rich bouncy rhythm as this track entices and sedates you with its chic suaveness, glossy exterior, and jazzy elements. Muted brass features and shimmy ready flirtations create an infectious number that superbly expresses its theme. It’s crisp production and enchanting qualities mixed with a 60’s- esque mystery movie vibe make for one mesmerising listen.

Watch the video for ‘Prescription Dream’ below


Master of None Album

Little Red songwriter Ian Mitchell has released his debut solo album under the nom de guerre Master of None. The eponymous 10 track album takes influence from artists such as Ween, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits and Nick  Cave. Although some of these artists also inspire Ian’s Little Red work, these influences are displayed  more fiercely on Master of None. However this album doesn’t adhere to one genre, the common thread is the songs’ lyrical  darkness, dealing explicitly with alcoholism, substance abuse, sex, debt, death and mental illness.

From the electronic slapping opening track ‘S.R.I.’ Mitchell takes us on a unique journey into his world which is quite the step away from Little Red’s style. ‘Let’s get fucked up’ and ‘Hunter’s Quarry’  twinkle through with delicate acoustic guitar, or piano for ‘Hunter’s Quarry’ and eerie vocals. His stripped back approach is chilling and quite ominous with some tender tones swirled throughout. It’s an experimental album with a lot of vocal personalities weaving between each track as Mitchell ventures down the Lo-fi avenue with his production. ‘Fluffy Bunnies and Unicorns’ makes good use of sticky electronics and pulsing beats concocting dark atmospheres between the obscure lyrics and spoken vocals. This electronic flow builds and progresses with each track on the album sometimes appearing tribal like in ‘Big Boots’ which also feature a traditional string element giving a Celtic jingle of warmth to the track .’Francis Bacon’s Bae’ and ‘Master of Nones’ are perhaps the most melodic tracks on the album with a waltz like string in the former and an elegant piano feature between trip hop beats and sorrowful vocals featuring in both tracks. The album takes a menacing turn with ‘Prick’. This heavy track is head-bang ready and a bit of a rush. With distorted guitars crashing and slicing through flashing electronics as repetitive lyrics attempt to hypnotize you through spoken vocals. There is a Marilyn Manson feel about ‘Husk’ while ‘The Gallows’ closes the album on a contrasting melancholic, bittersweet tone of delicacy.

It’s an obscure album which blends the eclectic, erratic and often sinister side of Mitchell’s musicianship. From elegant to mind crushing, each track takes you on a unique journey into the dark. With most of the tracks coming in at around the 2 minute mark they are brief haunting encounters filled with mystery, sinister themes and boozy ballads. Fantastic.

Stream ‘Francis Bacon’s Bae’ below