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Mowbeck ‘Vaseline’

Nottingham pop-rock four-piece Mowbeck have released their new single ‘Vaseline’ which is taken from the band’s recently released debut EP ‘Talkabout’.The debut EP was written and recorded in a dingy rehearsal studio deep in an industrial estate, where the band began to stray from their early pop roots to embrace a darker, grittier core. Whilst ensuring that songwriting was always kept at the forefront and playing any gigs possible, the band’s strong DIY ethic caught the attention of Dean Jackson (BBC Introducing East Midlands) and earned them regular airplay on BBC local radios and even a slot on the BBC Introducing Stage at this years’ Reading & Leeds Festival.
‘Vaseline’ is an atmospheric ballad that croons and coos soft tender moody emotions. With a gradual build this track eases us into Mowbeck’s “gritpop”. With an effortless cool sway and spine tingling twinkle of keys coated in dark shadowy undertones this track oozes a ghostly delicate vibe that has a lulling soothing effect. Soft falsetto vocals start the track laced with raw emotion and haunting echos that builds to a raspy gritty intensity. The eerie glint and sparkling in the background like a light happening upon a diamond adds a dreamy haze to the track while the haunting almost nostalgic guitar gives us that razor sharp edge, like a cold breeze waking you from the dream. The track surrounds the vocals making them and the lyric the vortex while the haunting instrumentation twirls and weaves around complimenting and enhancing them. Mowbeck show fantastic musicianship with ‘Vaseline’ as they fully develop this track piece by piece carefully and delicately emphasising the right aspects at the right time portraying an intense raw track with smooth qualities embroidered with gritty elements.
Watch the video for ‘Vaseline’ below

The Grey Merchant ‘Spotless’


The Grey Merchant are an alternative indie band from Cork. Their debut single ‘Spotless’ is set for release via Demeanour Records on November 8th. The Grey Merchant introduce us to their swirling concoction of psychedelic experimental rock that will blow your mind. Its a labyrinth of pulsating bass and distorted guitars swirling in an intoxicating brew of hallucinatory narcotic rock. This thick ecstasy of eye- popping exhilarating psychedelia resounds and winds around a vocal line sampled from Charlie Chaplin’s speech from ‘The Great Dictator’. With rapid punch and repetitive striking drums ‘Spotless’ lures you into a darkened  hair- raisingly thrilling atmosphere where there is no returning. Once you let yourself succumb to the crisp edgy sting and moody undertone you become swallowed and consumed in the tireless relentless onslaught of the meandering entwining coil of The Grey Merchant’s unique and fantastic masterpiece. These guys are ones to watch.
Stream ‘Spotless’ below


Misfires ‘Coming Home’


Misfires are a Swindon quartet band that produce “some kind of mad, ambient and spacey noise, that’ll make you wanna have a party”. Band members Matt (guitar / vocal), Mert (guitar), Jake (bass) and James (drums) have released their new single ‘Coming Home’. Its an edgy punk- flecked indie track. With strident driving guitars, punchy drums and energising chorus Misfires have written a catchy aerial track with darkened moody undertones that bubble in the background until the mosh worthy release of the instrumental. The expressive dynamic grit on vocals teamed with ace guitar work and casual attitude is specked with suppressed aggression. These guys emit a cool indifferent swagger. This easy to sing along to cracking track shows great promise in the Swindon four piece.

Stream ‘Coming Home’ below

Creeper ‘Suzanne’

Southampton’s Punk Rock band Creeper have released their new single ‘Suzanne’. This fabulously theatrical band blast us into their massive rock sound with all the flamboyance of glam rock smeared in a massive punk rock anthem. ‘Suzanne’ is a mighty walloping track that emits hyperactive energy from its very core. With ruckus frenzy causing pounding drums and shredding guitars, Creeper erupt with dynamic fist pumping cinematic energy. Staggeringly Infectious melody and intense charismatic vocals gives the track a powerful punch mixed with mosh worthy mania. The elastic slap and rapid flexibility on bass gives a rooted groove and immersing depth and is a strong and fantastic foundation for the track. Creeper slow the pace briefly with a heavy pulsing beat and swagger filled vocals that exude attitude teamed with eerie breathy backing vocals. ‘Suzanne’ is a perfect display of the bands richness of depth and texture as they expand with enriched qualities glowing in glorious 3D-technicolour.
Watch the video for ‘ Suzanne’ below

The New Yorks ‘Heads of Tales’


The New Yorks are an alternative/indie rock band from Adelaide, South Australia. Comprised of members Vinnie Barbaro (Lead Vocals/ Guitar), Marcus Rosella (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Jared Grimm (Drums/ Percussion) and Carlos Carosi (Bass). The four-piece have released their debut EP ‘ Heads of Tales’ which aptly demonstrates the bands east coast indie rock with the propulsive drive of 90’s garage rock. ‘Girl’ starts the ball rolling with bright aerial vibes and a gleaming lustrous guitar riff. It is blue sky’s all the way coated in nostalgic melancholy tones. Raspy whispered vocals add that gritty garage moody vibe with a soft spongy beat cushioning the intense gravel. Soaring backing vocals and building aggression in lead vocals adds a raw edge while the rapid elastic bass and brisk feathery rhythm gives the track a swaying fluidity.‘New Age’ brings us an upbeat slapping rhythm and zealous guitar feature that lifts the track and adds a beaming sunlit twinkle. With dynamic grit on vocals and catchy melody this track is a memorable charmer. ‘First Flight To Tokyo’ begins as a lulling delicate track with strong sturdy beat teamed with effulgent nimble guitar weaving and winding between the beats freely and sweetly. Soft tender vocals develop and become dynamic and intensified as the track builds into a power ballad of expression of emotion. ‘Bluest Summer’ is a tropical reggae delight. With smooth sensual rhythm coated in a steamy spice on guitar. This develops into a bouncing ball of fun with an energetic malleability that is infectious. The charismatic track oozes fun vibes and boisterous mischief. ‘On The Radio’ gives us groovy funk that is “strut down the street” quality. Exuding panache and pizzazz Barbaro’s vocals seduce and coax in this funky oh so chic track. With flamboyant textures, slick suave guitar feature and peppy rhythm you wont be able to stop your feet from dancing. ‘I Hope He Knows’ finishes the EP with a riot causing infectious riff .Its snappy agile tempo spirited anthem – like “hands in the air and go crazy melody” give this track a frenzy causing energetic punch that I can imagine is insane live. With effortlessly sleek vocals, pounding whack beat and rhythm its a high-powered ball of fire.
‘Heads of Tales’ is a strong showcase of The New Yorks talent and displays a bright future ahead for the four piece.
Stream ‘Heads of Tales’ below

The Mono LPs ‘L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E’

Liverpool’s ace post-rock band The Mono LPs have developed a name for themselves with their clever creation of riff driven rock ‘n’ roll with a twist of cello. Band members Ste Reid (Vocals/Songwriter/Guitar), Vicky Mutch (Cello/Backing Vocals), Chris Barlow (Bass) and Daniel Beech (Drums) have been building a catalogue of gigs including supports with The Maccabees and British Sea Power. The four piece have released their new track ‘L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E’ which is the lead single taken from their new album, ‘State of Decay’. It’s a punchy song that makes a poignant statement about how love and hate can be as small as two people in a relationship or as big as two countries at war.
‘L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E’ is a swagger infused strut of attitude and sass. With a punchy jab on drums and smooth rubbery slapping bass that adds a springy buoyant feel to the track. The soulful vocals exude panache and a flamboyant sleek style that can lure and tempt with great charm and charisma. Fiery steamy guitars adds grit and a rough rugged quality to this otherwise sleek and sensual chic track. The warm depth of the cello adds a unique luxuriant rich quality to this blazing red hot gem.
A must listen!

The single launch for ‘L.O.V.E. & H.A.T.E‘  is at The Buyers Club, Liverpool on 3rd November and the album launch for ‘States Of Decay’ is on 10th November.
Watch the video for ‘L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen This Week is Mini Mansions ‘Flashbacks’ 


Los Angeles’ finest Mini Mansions have released a collection of unreleased/unheard B-Side tracks entitled ‘Flashbacks’. This follows their critically acclaimed second album ‘The Great Pretenders’ which was released in 2015. The trio , vocals and drummer Michael Shuman, vocals and keyboardist Tyler Parkford, bassist and multi instrumentalist Zachary Dawes have compiled a collection of nine ravishing tracks that smash all boundaries. We couldn’t choose just one track for our worth a listen but then, why would you choose one when their are nine spine tingling beauties.
‘Flashbacks’ kicks things off with ‘Drive’ a snappy quick step luscious track with Dawes’ fuzzed bass giving an ecstatic bounce. Parkford’s sweet delicate vocals introduces the nectarous melody with Shuman’s backing vocals adding a lush heavenly texture. The fluidity of this track makes it so easy on the ears and soothing with sugar coated sparkle. Building into heavier fuzzed rock instrumentation Mini Mansions introduce us to their gritty glam rock sprinkled with a smooth mouthwatering sweet 60s texture. With the sudden change to deep bass vocals by Shuman a warm mellow tone is added to the rich mix. ‘Drive’ knocks it out of the park and hooks you into the trio’s unique dreamy world of psychedelia and rock.‘Bored To Death’ coos and lulls into a gentle slow dance. With raspy vocals and tender lyrics teamed with elegant keys and dexterous chord progression creating a catchy soothing track that stops time, stilling everything around except for the beautiful melody. Lush harmony and gently sorrowful tones add purity and elegance. The track builds in intensity as a heartbroken tone takes over with heavy rhythm. The sweetened sting on guitar with soft piano and a light beat plays the track out with echoing gingerly soft repetitive vocals.
‘Ticket For One’ illuminates with a bright melody and multi-textures. The infectious slap whack beat combined with nimble keys and Dawes’ sharp elastic bass giving the track a rubber ball rebound effect. The call and response vocals between soft Parkford and deep Shuman as they interact with syrupy smooth melodies that will give you “stuck song syndrome”. Leading effortlessly and perfectly into ‘Ticket For Two’ a witty bouncy track with the catchy and almost “dollish” twinkle piano effect. Adding a catchy “clap clap” effect and steady striking bass ‘Ticket for two’ is a “tour de force” as it pulls similarities from ‘Ticket For One’ while developing a distinctive sound. Of course there is no great genius without a mixture of madness especially where Mini Mansions are concerned as they lead us into a frenzy of heavy manical moshing to end this fantastic track.
‘Fiona’ which we previously featured on Indie Buddie has a darkened dreamy tone and swoon-like atmosphere coated in hazy psychedelia. Once again Parkford and Shuman share vocals as they weave and intertwine melodies with warm seductive textures. The drums exude an oomph and panache to start and then seduce and coax when teamed with the smooth velvety vocals. They build into a sweep and bluster for the intense massive crescendo before the tone slows to a soft gentle echo finish.
‘Shape Recorder‘ has a spooky Halloween party track feeling to start with the peppy organ. The track maintains a sneaky eerie tone with psychedelic fuzz and heavy daunting instrumentation. Its a swirling confusion of blurry haunting fun and dangerous shady obscurity. The intensity of the track fades to a sweet soft vocal with lush harmonies before a final burst of instrumentation.
‘Valet’ is our taste of sensual reggae with Hendrix- esque guitar to start. This body grooving track is effortlessly cool and sleek and shows Mini Mansions in a new light. Its a sit back and bop to the music feel good tasteful track. Shuman’s warm deep vocals contrasting with Parkford’s candied falsetto towards the end adds a charming multi dimension. Exuding fiery strutting swagger with a captivating stride and flaunt this track is magnetic and tantalising.
‘Little Al Capone’ begins with a strong “digging” labour intensive beat and bass vocals adding grounding and depth. The track builds into a theatrical quick passed track with rapid beat and sprightly piano. Tight harmony on vocals and a vibrant dynamism and oomph instrumentation add passion and slappy elasticity. The track sounds like it could have been taken from a scene from a musical where the actors are hard at work, slogging through the daily grindstone.
‘Shadow’ completes our musical journey with the mysterious Mini Mansions in a sombre nostalgic tone. Its labyrinth of interweaving textures meandering through a delicate tender melody and heavenly sweet lavish vocals give this track opulent textures and diversity. The dreamy Utopian wistfulness and visionary fantasy set to swirling rapid beat and whine on guitars in a sway – like motion gives this track an abstracted feeling, like it was all a dream.
Mini Mansions are like a fine wine maturing and coming into their own. ‘Flashbacks’ could have been an album as each track opens your mind to their unique classy musicianship as they guide you into a journey of fantasy and rich textures unwinding your mind and unravelling your senses.

You can buy ‘Flashbacks’ and other Mini Mansions goodies here  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/mini-mansions/exclusives

Watch the video for Fiona below

Palmas ‘Flowers’.


Philadelphia’s surf/soul band Palmas have released their new single ‘Flowers’. Band members Eric Camarota ( guitarist) , Matthew Young (guitarist) , Adam Cantiello ( guitarist), Pat Degan (drummer) and Kurt Cain (vocalist) present us with their perfect blend of delicious sweet swirling melodies and experimental array of instrumentation. This Beatles – esque track bursts with luscious psychedelic features adding a euphoric dreamland vibe interweaving with blissful honeyed vocals and lush heavenly harmonies. Its a succulent beautifully delicate track that blossoms and flourishes as Palmas add a complex orchestral arrangement. The twirling trippy 60’s vibe consumes you in a gentle flurry of delightful intoxication as you are wrapped up in a colourful floral blanket of warm cosy tones and rich textures. With aptly placed percussion and the balmy mellow depth of the strings, it is an absolute joy and satisfactory listen. Palmas are budding into a fantastic band these guys deserve to do well.
Stream ‘Flowers’ below


Caelo ‘All You Need’

Cape Town alt-rockers Caelo have released their debut single ‘All You Need’. The rock trio have been busy making a name for themselves on the fertile Cape Town music scene since they formed in 2014. The band was initially an experimental two-piece consisting of frontman Joel Bronner and drummer Michael Dickens they soon expanded their ranks to include guitarist-turned-bassist Mat Winfield. Caelo have a knack for dexterous guitar work and an ear for singalong melodies and their debut single doesn’t disappoint.
‘All You Need’ is a headlong rapid whirlwind of fuzzed riffs and grunge pop hooks. Its breakneck style is a slap in the face of pummelling rock with robust pounding drums and razor sharp guitars. Its mosh worthy, frenzy causing hefty rock which lightens for the verses revealing their flair for ear-worm sugar coated pop melodies. This track gives you your cake and lets you eat it, well probably smudges it in your face. Exuding a grunge turbulent attitude with dynamic vocals this track packs a punch.
Stream ‘All You Need’ below

Divine Youth ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’

Divine Youth comprise of members Dan Sheldon (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Sheldon (Bass/Vocals) and Liam Kaye (Drums) from Stoke-on-Trent. They released their track ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ a few months ago. The indie trio caught our eye as they produce a unique sound with vibes reminiscent of Pulp and the early noughties guitar bands. ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ is an energetic spirited track that is muted or somewhat subdued while still remaining lively. The track is coated in nostalgic tones with Sheldon’s raspy whispered vocals adding a haunting inviting quality. The vocals manage to be soft yet ooze passion with a sort of scream- like dampened yell or howl. Divine Youth draw the listener in with a mysterious alluring quality and captivating magnetism. With driving enchanting euphoric guitars and elastic springy rhythm that add a dreamy calming effect that is soothing yet sorrowful.
Divine Youth are an innovate unique band that have a bright future ahead.
Stream ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ below