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Rat Face Lewey

Rat Face Lewey are an alt Rock brooding three piece that create adrenaline fuelled music oozing the sweet sent of ruckus causing punk teamed with the lawless anarchy of metal dripping in thick moody grunge. ‘Dead In The Ground’ was released in 2015 and it is the perfect expression of the bands frantic heavy sound. Punchy drums draw blood as they pound and pummel with mighty brawn while the shredding vigorous guitars create a storm of turmoil and riot causing energy. Its the perfect track for the sticky frantic mania of the mosh pit. With dark tones, gritty strong vocals and rapid tempo its easy to see this track would be massive live.
Rat Face Lewey have spent the better part of 2016 writing and fine tuning their adrenaline pumped sound in the rehearsal room. They will be travelling the UK in 2017 playing shows and recording new material in the same vein as their highly acclaimed singles ‘Dead in the Ground’ and ‘Digital Prison, so make sure to check out those tracks to get a taste of whats to come, these guys are ones to look out for in 2017.
Stream ‘Dead In The Ground’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Bay Rays.

Kent trio The Bay Rays have released their single ‘Satisfaction’ the title track to their forthcoming debut EP ‘Satisfaction’ which will be released in March via the band’s own label East Wing Records. The track is “about wanting to escape your social anxieties. You break down barriers, but then you don’t like the person you’re becoming”. Band members Harry Nicoll (lead singer/ guitarist), Anthus Davis (bassist) and Maxwell Oakley (drummer) give us a high powered animated ball of elastic intensity that keeps belting out fiery energy right to the end. Opening with the thrilling shrill of guitar sirens its a roaring triumph that demands to be blasted from your speakers. With swagger filled vocals and strutting elastic bass this track is a confidence building stride and flaunty prance to success. Punchy brawny drums pound through your skull with mighty dynamic intensity. With an infectious melody teamed with energetic instrumentation, The Bay Rays give us that room shaking body grooving track that is so satisfying and catchy you will be hooked craving more and more. Oh its so good you really need to have a listen.
Stream ‘Satisfaction’ below

Enola Fall ‘Closer’

Enola Fall is an indie band from Tasmania, Australia. For the last decade Enola Fall have become a fixture on the Australian indie scene, playing major festivals and supporting acts like Courtney Barnett, The Jezabels, Amanda Palmer and The Violent Femmes on tour. Anchored by singer/guitarist/songwriter Joe Nuttall, the band have picked up press acclaim with Huffington Post, USA Today & Stereogum, toured across the USA and enjoyed regular radio support from tastemakers at Triple J & over 100 American stations.
The band have now unveiled ‘Closer’, the first taste of their upcoming fourth album which is due for release in the Spring. The track  illustrates the band’s talent for deceptively complex explorations of humanity and sexuality combined with a wry sense of humour, and the new video for the track features re-edited educational films from the 1940s that are given a new lease of life with dark emotive undercurrents. Coated in dark eerie tones this track is a spellbinding brew of bewitching swirling bubbling emotions smudging thick sticky beats against atmospheric electronica. Brooding vocals haunt with hair-raising chilling enchantment while the enthralling guitar hooks memorise and enslave you in its maze of weaving psychedelia. Gritty fuzzed elements add danger and peril to the track while the smooth alluring vocals lure you deeper and deeper until you are completely swallowed up by the track. The shift to female vocals is a refreshing striking contrast that blends perfectly with Nuttall’s vocals, adding diversity and power to the track.
Enola Fall will be hitting the road in support of the new single and album in 2017. For more info, head to https://www.facebook.com/enolafall/
Watch the video for ‘Closer’ below

BAD CHILD ‘Desert Island Lover’

Toronto singer/songwriter BAD CHILD has released his new single ‘Desert Island Lover’. This infectiously smooth track glides with effortlessly cool charm and lazy sunny day vibes. Coated in indifferent moody tones this track is almost beyond feeling, it conveys the mood of “becoming comfortable in your situation and not realising how bad it is”. With a numbing flow that places you into a paralysing trance dulling your mind with its soft heavy percussion which plods and thumps, immersed in its task. The beat and percussion become the main focus point to the mind with its stumbling magnetism while distorted keys splash out sweet melodies giving a blissful hazy daydream vibe. The sharp guitar adds edge and bite to the track. Sulky glum vocals add a monotonous punch to the track while also possessing a charismatic charm for the chorus. This track is an  insanely catchy pop composition and an ambling, entrancing listen blurred with hazy sullen vibes and coated in beachy island tones.
Stream ‘Desert Island Lover’ below

Henry Chadwick ‘Guest at Home’ EP

Currently based in California, indie artist Henry Chadwick has been making waves with his new EP, ‘Guest at Home’. A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, his self-produced EP showcases Chadwick’s skills, as he wrote, engineered and played most of the instruments on it. Chadwick’s music has charted on both the Hype Machine and Indie Shuffle Charts with #1 Spots and his single ‘Alright’ has just reached 100,000 streams on Spotify. Chadwick draws influences as much from music of the past (The Beatles, The kinks, T-Rex, Nirvana, David Bowie etc.,) as from  current artists who keep pushing forward stylistically and sonically. Henry makes catchy, thoughtful and usually energetic music with a unique perspective, edge and charm. Henry Chadwick was raised in a studio environment, his father being an engineer who worked out of Cherokee studios in Hollywood through the 1980’s and continued to record in his home studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
‘Guest at Home’ EP brings a sound that will transport you to back to the swinging 60s with flashes of current indie edge to pull you into a spiralling concoction of energetic charming delight. Title track ‘Guest At Home’ kicks things off with a ripe zealous guitar riff sugar coated in an infectious melody that swoons and floats with ecstasy. Peppy bouncy beat, clap along feature and smooth vocals make this track an instant hit. The witty lyrics and sweet shrill on guitar teamed with a slice of rock and roll Jerry Lee Lewis -esque piano this track will have you rocking around the clock. ‘Overtime’ slows the pace with strumming guitar and reverb psychedelic vocals. Its a prism of trippy sparkling hypnotic euphoria. Soft beats and spaced out vibes give the track a floating wispy daydream feel. ‘Alright’ is a hazy Californian driving track. Bursting with cool sun kissed vibes exuding effortless sleek swagger with a creamy fluid flow. Slick guitar adds a zest and a sensual smack of charm to the track. Its a groovy dexterous foxy strut of laid back smooth rock. ‘Something I Don’t Know’ showcases that superb rock with ear worm melody and infectious hair raising heart quickening guitar feature teamed with punchy drums that makes you dance around the room in a joyous frenzy. Its an uplifting radiant tune that appeals to every fibre of your being. Chadwick displays the high range in his vocals for the catchy lovable chorus. ‘The Two Of Us’ closes the EP with edgy guitar and eerie vocals. Perfect harmonies add a lush texture while the strong beat drives the track forward. Simple sway-like feel with darker undertones keeps the track fresh and makes it stand out from the others. With psychedelic twists towards the end Chadwick knows how to keep your attention throughout making you want to hear more.
Stream ‘Guest at Home’ EP below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Honey Lung


Honey Lung are an alternative band from London. They have released their debut EP ‘Kind Of Alone’. Which has already captured the interest of the likes of Radio X and BBC Introducing. We have chosen their single ‘End Of Time’ from the EP as our worth a listen track this week. ‘End Of Time’ instantly blasts you with fierce 90’s grunge. Shredding guitars rip through the track with raw razor sharp grit and relentless aggression while the drums pound and pummel giving rough and tumble grainy textures that is absolutely thrilling. Soaked in an infectious pop melody that contrasts the dark moody tone, its a sulky sweet juicy track to sink your teeth into. Monotonic, droning brooding vocals fester and wallow in the downcast tone giving a nostalgic nod to the moody bands of 90’s youth. This track bursts with energy and vibrancy in-between the gloom. The zesty riff slaps you in the face and throws you head first into their ebullient sound, leaving you craving more and more for this sun soaked vitalising unique moping sound. The track summarises youth- hood’s conflicting feelings and emotions perfectly, pouty gloomy yet epic. Watch out for these guys.
Stream ‘End Of Time’ below

Secret Company ‘Lightning Parade’

Electrifying Chelmsford four-piece Secret Company are back with their latest single ‘Lightning Parade’. The new single is a tease of whats to come from their debut album ‘The World Lit Up And Filled With Colour’ which is set for release on March 10th next year. Band members Scott Revell (vocals / guitar), James Patman (guitar), Kushal Gupta (bass) and Tim Reyland (drums) are highly ambitious by their own admission and since forming in 2012 have gone on to clock up hundreds of thousands of Soundcloud & Spotify plays, performed live tracks on Channel 4’s reality show Made In Chelsea and have appeared at some of the country’s leading festivals this year including Leeds Festival, Secret Garden Party and Isle of Wight. Having previously been praised for their ability to balance delicate touches with anthemic stylings, the quartet yet again prove that pop music doesn’t have to be faceless as their intensity comes complete with thoughtfully crafted leading lines which have led the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens to count himself a big fan.
‘Lightning Parade’ is a darkened melodic grim track that builds into a fiery juggernaut of intensity and emotion. Introducing itself with Revell’s velvety smooth vocals narrating the story in a tender delicate manner. The track springboards into hair raising acute intensity. Shredding shrill on guitars pierce through the sticky beat and muggy gooey atmosphere. The chorus explodes with ferocity and an relentless aggressive energy that is so tense you are on the edge of you seat. With jaw-dropping liquid-smooth yet sharp vocals that haunt and shock with a versatile range and chilling spine tingling qualities. Drenched in eerie bloodcurdling tones this track makes for an electrifying and thrilling ride.
You can pre-order the band’s debut album ‘The World Lit Up And Filled With Colour’ on iTunes now and get ‘Lightning Parade’ and three more songs instantly here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/world-lit-up-filled-colour/id1176470765

Watch the video for ‘Lightning Parade’ below

Sad Palace ‘Breeze/ Rainbow Melt’



Sad Palace are a really smooth effortlessly cool indie band I stumbled upon, don’t you just love when that happens. Sad Palace present us with coastal fresh indie pop bursting with rich juicy melodies and slick musicianship while spacing us out with hints of psychedelia.
‘Rainbow Melt’ gives us a sensual sway-like groove and tender velvety vocals wrapped up in edgy indie pop. The razor sharp sting on guitar adds spice and zest to the track while the ripply rhythm keeps the track bouncing along in an almost 70s psychedelic groove. With luring tempting bass and vocals that ooze panache and swagger this track will coax and sweet talk you into pressing repeat. Rich luscious textures and layers gives the track depth and showcases this band’s solid musicianship. While the brazen flashy guitar licks whip and flatter the flaunting track pulling you further into the groove.
‘Breeze’ lulls you into its melodic funky strut almost instantly. With velvety vocals to start cooing and soothing right into the hook driven feet shuffling riff. With psychedelic entrancing instrumentals, this track swirls you into a dreamy blissful euphoric stupor before slapping you back into the rapid bouncy slice of indie pop. The vocals smoothly glide from creamy dreamy haze to bright and bubbly effortlessly, as the guitar illuminates the track with zealous licks and peppy bounce. This track is infectiously catchy and like honey to the ears. Sad Palace know how to write and craft earworm melodies, mix and blend them with fantastic instrumentation. Watch out for these guys.
Stream ‘Rainbow Melt’ and ‘Breeze’ below


Childcare ‘Film Club’

Londons alternative band Childcare released their new single ‘Film Club’ last month. Band members Ed Cares (singer/songwriter), Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Legate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums) have created their own sound of alternative rock, enthused with the energy of punk and drenched in off-kilter pop. Childcare played some of their first shows at the Reading and Leeds festivals, and soon released their debut single ‘Omega Grey’. The song gained radio play from Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq, was named Track of the Day at Radio X and playlisted at Amazing Radio. Also paying close attention were Lost In The Manor Records, who, after witnessing Childcare at one of their vivid and visceral live shows, wasted no time in proffering a contract.
‘Film Club’ proves why Childcare are gaining so much attention. Blasting with a torpedo of killer hooks and a colossal wallop of intense energy, its a mind – blowing flash of Childcare’s talents. With a razor sharp jagged guitar riff and rapid wild global beat this track is the “crème de la crème” of edgy gritty alternative rock. It has everything and more, an anthemic vocal with bouncy sweet interjection on backing vocals, witty lyrics and sick instrumentation. Childcare hit right on the musical nerve and infects you with rich catchy melodies and weaving malleable bass lines, creating tightly compact layers of delicious textures and flavours to sink your teeth into. Exuding swagger and effortless cool charisma this track is a charming strut and prance that will have you moving in no time. Its a must listen. Looking forward to hearing more from Childcare.
Childcare are having an official ‘Film Club’ launch show on Monday 28 November at The Waiting Room, London N16 if your around make sure to check that out.
Stream ‘Film Club’ below

Fauna Twin ‘Edge Of The Coin’

Fauna Twin are Parisian singer-songwriter Claire Jacquemard Ginsberg (leader of Hippies Vs Ghosts) and North Wales’ Owain Ginsberg (We Are Animal). They have released their single ‘Edge Of The Coin’ which is taken from their debut ‘The Hydra’ EP. Beginning with a dramatic chilling and eerie hair raisingly thrilling vibe, the track grabs your attention. It develops into a lightening strike of groovy beats and bouncy spirited synths. Swirling sonic waves interweave between playful melodies and rapid weighty textures on percussion creating a twirling euphoric surge of energy and blissful psychedelia. Jacquemard’s smooth soothing vocals lull you into a hypnotic stupor. The track coils and curls building to a dynamic crescendo with soaring vocals and bursting with energy. ‘Edge Of The Coin’ is infectiously catchy you will want to put it on repeat, dance and sway to its luring seductively rich sound and dynamic bounce and energy.
Steam ‘Edge Of The Coin’ below