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Caelo ‘All You Need’

Cape Town alt-rockers Caelo have released their debut single ‘All You Need’. The rock trio have been busy making a name for themselves on the fertile Cape Town music scene since they formed in 2014. The band was initially an experimental two-piece consisting of frontman Joel Bronner and drummer Michael Dickens they soon expanded their ranks to include guitarist-turned-bassist Mat Winfield. Caelo have a knack for dexterous guitar work and an ear for singalong melodies and their debut single doesn’t disappoint.
‘All You Need’ is a headlong rapid whirlwind of fuzzed riffs and grunge pop hooks. Its breakneck style is a slap in the face of pummelling rock with robust pounding drums and razor sharp guitars. Its mosh worthy, frenzy causing hefty rock which lightens for the verses revealing their flair for ear-worm sugar coated pop melodies. This track gives you your cake and lets you eat it, well probably smudges it in your face. Exuding a grunge turbulent attitude with dynamic vocals this track packs a punch.
Stream ‘All You Need’ below

Divine Youth ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’

Divine Youth comprise of members Dan Sheldon (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Sheldon (Bass/Vocals) and Liam Kaye (Drums) from Stoke-on-Trent. They released their track ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ a few months ago. The indie trio caught our eye as they produce a unique sound with vibes reminiscent of Pulp and the early noughties guitar bands. ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ is an energetic spirited track that is muted or somewhat subdued while still remaining lively. The track is coated in nostalgic tones with Sheldon’s raspy whispered vocals adding a haunting inviting quality. The vocals manage to be soft yet ooze passion with a sort of scream- like dampened yell or howl. Divine Youth draw the listener in with a mysterious alluring quality and captivating magnetism. With driving enchanting euphoric guitars and elastic springy rhythm that add a dreamy calming effect that is soothing yet sorrowful.
Divine Youth are an innovate unique band that have a bright future ahead.
Stream ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ below

Swords ‘Betty Machete’

Dublin’s Alternative band Swords released their new single ‘Betty Machete’ in July. Diane Anglim (vocals & piano), Jarlath Canning (bass, guitars & synth) and Ian Frawley (drums) have created a catchy beaming track that glows with bright textures and an upbeat snappy ball of elastic rhythm. The golden hook pulls you into a marshmallow of sweet lush melody. Anglim’s honeyed vocals are delicate and captivating while the fuzzed bass and guitars add a kick and psychedelic buzz to the track. The rapid soft slap beat drives the song and gives a playful quality and an infectious clap-along feature. ‘Betty Machete’ is instantly likeable and with an ear worm sing along chorus you will want to put it on repeat and enjoy its feel good vibe.
Stream ‘Betty Machete’ below

Everywhere ‘Some Other Dude’

Everywhere are an alternative rock band from London. The band consists of members Max Berga (Vocals), Joe Sanders (Bass), Hugo Hadji (Guitar), Boris Massot (Drums) and Joe Bates (Keys). Since their Hypemachine charting debut ‘Eddie’, Everywhere’s music has been streamed millions of times on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify. They made their first International appearance at the 2013 NME Awards in the UK, playing alongside Django Django and Palma Violets, and later went on to support the Kaiser Chiefs and headline Notting Hill Arts Club in London. Following the release of their critically praised single ‘Shades At Night’ the five piece have released a new track ‘Some Other Dude’. It is the second single off their ‘Sophomore’ EP due out in September this year. During the recording process of the new EP the band have divided their time between Stockholm, Los Angeles and London to collaborate with multiple producers, including American hit maker Mark Needham (The 1975, The Killers).
‘Some Other Dude’ gives us a taste of what we can expect from their EP. The track is “about the importance of seizing an opportunity before it goes out the window”. Its a fist pumping high energy confidence building anthem with escalating dynamic vocals teamed with soaring chorus and infectious melody. The elastic groovy bass and bopping punchy drums gives this track a dance effect and a  “carpe diem” feel. Its bursting with energetic “go for it” attitude. The accelerated luminous guitar raises your spirits adding that feel good factor. The soft shimmering synths gives a subtle upsurge and encouraging burst to the track. ‘Some Other Dude’ is richly textured with a fantastic uplifting melody. It will have you dancing ridiculously around the room in no time.
Stream ‘Some Other Dude’ below

Edgar Duke ‘You And I’

Edgar Duke are a psychedelic-funk rock band from Leeds. The band consist of members Tom O’Reily (lead guitar and vocals), James Raymond (drums) and Luke Strange (bass). Their slick bluesy track ‘You And I’ caught our attention this week. Its a confident funky track oozing swagger and strut quality. Edgar Duke pull in a variety of styles and sounds creating their own blend of seductive smooth tones that spark fiery steamy 70s suave while maintaining cool and indifferent. The sharp sting of the guitar keeps the track fresh and adds an edge and zest, while the elastic bass gives that hip swaying flirtatious effect. The rapid beat is smooth and keeps the track spirited and light while adding a brawn and muscle. The track is catchy and with dynamic vocals is a fantastic listen. Keep an eye out for Edgar Duke. ‘You And I’ shows these guys have great potential.
Stream ‘You And I’ below

Mucklo ‘Double Dealing’

Hailing from Frankfort, Indiana, the man behind Mucklo, Michael J. Hall, started writing music at a young age. In High School, Michael played many punk rock shows as the guitarist and vocalist for a progressive, genre-clashing four piece psych rock band called, Split Lips and Lemons. After departing from Split Lips and Lemons, Michael began meeting a lot of phenomenal local musicians and commenced to playing bass for both an original blues rock band, The Down Low Kickers, and a Grateful Dead cover band, The Graciously Departed (formally known as Band And Dave). Hall has taken his experience and has been perfecting the lyrics and sound of the project he now calls Mucklo. The name Mucklo stems from a bolt-making artist who worked out of the same local factory Hall and his family worked at for a time. Hall fully composes, writes and produces his music. He has a passion for home recording and a knack for instruments, Hall can play the guitar, mandolin, drums, harmonica and autoharp, to name a few.
Mucklo released the track ‘Double Dealing’ earlier this year. It is an alluring and enticing song with entrancing shadowy tones that lure you into the darkest depths of the track. Mucklo traps you in this intoxicating atmosphere while seducing you with his bass- driven bobbing groove. The track develops into a sticky gooey head bopping trip with bouncy guitars and a soft pop punch beat. The shredding guitar solo freshes up the track and adds to the psychedelic trip while the vocals are dismal and draw the listener in giving a narcotic hypnotic effect that is eerie yet soothing.
Stream ‘Double Dealing’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Farebrother

Farebrother are Bath’s latest indie alternative band. Tom Hunt, Michael Vowell and Matt Day, make up the indie three-piece. The band have become known for their electric performances and have already won an endorsement with Mass Records while also receiving interest from All Saints, Olympus and Mini who have incorporated the high-energy, hook filled tracks into their media campaigns. 2015 saw them perform at some of Bristol and Bath’s most iconic venues, such as The Louisiana and The Nest. Farebrother have now released their debut EP ‘Rapture’ this year.
The title track from their debut EP is our worth a listen track this week. ‘Rapture’ is a fully formed snappy track that is so well composed its difficult to reconcile yourself to the fact that it was taken from their debut EP. Farebrother ease you into the track with a reserved verse to start. Its stripped back with light accompaniment and bare vocals that give a rawness to the track and establish the vocal melody. They then introduce their fantastic energetic sound with walls of crunching guitar and pounding rapid drums that drive the track forward. The vocals are strong and confident and exude swagger and emotion. The track builds into an anthem fist pump that is arena worthy. Its a crowd -pleaser with its catchy chorus that is infectious and gives that feel good fiery atmosphere to the track. Farebrother appear to have mastered the art of writing tunes that connect with an audience, these guys definitely have a bright future ahead of them.
Stream ‘Rapture’ below

Harbouring Oceans ‘Enso’

Harbouring Oceans are an alternative Pop, Art Rock band from Kilkenny. The band consist of Dan Pearson (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Geoff Warner-Clayton (Keys/Vocals), Benedict Warner-Clayton (Drums), Ken Farrell (Bass) and Thomas Donoghue (Lead Guitar). The five-piece released their debut single, ‘Enso’ in May this year. It is the first release from a band who’s members have been playing together in different projects for over a decade and finally after years of experimenting with their sound across Ireland in some of the country’s biggest venues and festivals, Harbouring Oceans was born in December 2015.
‘Enso’ is a tender emotive track tightly packed in a soulful stirring melody and bound with deep rhythmic grooves. Pearson’s vocals are clear and exude raw passionate emotion with lush close harmony in backing vocals that adds a delicate and dainty quality to the track. ‘Enso’ begins in a soft ambient manner that builds as the song progresses. The light piano feature adds  grace and elegance to this beautiful track. The guitars interweave through the music and teamed with the groove of the bass give elasticity to track which adds a flexible sway -like quality. Harbouring Oceans have found a blend of soulful, sensual, raw emotional music that evokes your senses and touches your soul.
Watch out for these guys.
Stream ‘Enso’ below

Delamere ‘Black & White Space’

Delamere are an alternative band from Stoke-on-Trent, band members James Fitchford (guitar, keys & vocals), Ashley Egerton (guitar), Richard Dawson (bass) and Will Mason (drums & electronics) signed to Scruff of the Neck Records in the Summer of 2014 after their first singles earned early airplay and acclaim from the likes of Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing in Stoke, with later releases ‘Bright Young Things’ and ‘Heart’ being aired on National Television on Channel 4’s Made in Chelsea and Sky Sports’ Soccer AM. The band have also supported acts such as Peace and Palma Violets. Last year saw the band play festivals such as Dot to Dot and Tramlines, while 2016 saw them make appearances at renowned industry showcase festivals The Great Escape, Live At Leeds and International Music Summit in Ibiza. The four piece are set to release their self-titled debut album which was recorded at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios (Blossoms, The Coral) with producer Rich Turvey. Their lead single ‘Kill It’ was met with rapturous response from fans and critics alike and they have just released their second single from the album ‘Black & White Space’.
‘Black & White Space’ is a richly textured melodic track that acts as a labyrinth tightly layered and twisted in intricate instrumentation. Its soft percussion gives a steady foundation to the track while the sparkling swirling synths give us that circular aerial feel. Fitchford’s vocals are soft and velvety and add a delicate quality to the track while the guitars twinkle with a gentle melody that illuminates the track and lifts it into a new dimension.
You can catch Delamere on their third UK tour at

Stream ‘Black & White Space’ below

Fossils ‘Lo-Fi’


Fossils are an alternative band from Liverpool. The band consists of members Jonathan Gibson (Lead vocals, guitar), Jay Denham (bass, backing vocals), Ryan Culshaw (Guitar) and Jack Robertson (Drums). Their debut single ‘Lo-Fi’ has been played on BBC Introducing Liverpool and they have supported Martha Ffion who’s on Jake Bugg’s label.
‘Lo-Fi’ is a refreshing aerial track with echo vocals and soft beats. The use of reverb gives this track a breezy flying vibe and teamed with the delicate bubbling drums you get the feeling you are running to your freedom as you feel the refreshing wind on your face cleansing you of whatever you are running from. The guitar is bright and sharp and adds an effective contrast to the smooth drums adding an edge to the track and giving that breezy vibe.
This track shows Fossils great musicianship and potential . Look forward to hearing more from them.
You can catch Fossils at soundstation Liverpool in St Michaels station on the 24th July.
Stream ‘Lo-Fi’ below