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Cloakroom Q ‘Going For A Walk and I’m Not Coming Back’ EP

Northern Ireland art rock/neo psychedelic five piece Cloakroom Q are set to release their new EP ‘Going For A Walk and I’m Not Coming Back’ this Halloween. The band started in late 2016 and have since released a few singles and low fi compilations. These compilations were in the form of “official bootleg” recorded during the band’s earlier stages which include the single “Don’t Come Home” and their other more recent complication “Seven Stories Up”, partly recorded in Toulouse France and features versions of tracks off their debut EP ‘Going for a walk and I’m not coming back’.

‘Going For A Walk and I’m Not Coming Back’ is a spine tingling collection of tracks that weave and flourish with sublime obscurity through abrasive instrumentation while a healthy dose of psychedelic is churned through magnificent art rock elements and intense atmospheres.‘South of Sane’ kicks the mayhem off with the perfect tension building beat and spoken vocals. Soft guitars strum as the thrilling track builds and slowly creeps adding a warm trumpet into its swirling dark soundscape. Musically these guys create refined hair raising masterpieces with western-esque melodies mourning through rich rhythms and pining guitars. Through this EP  they showcase their ability to create stripped back wispy, mind melting acid soaked tunes shown brilliantly with ‘d0nkroom’. All these elements are twisted and entwined in euphoric dizzying bliss. ‘People With Energy’ rushes through on a heightened vibe of snappy beats, funky bass lines, jagged guitars and haunting synths. It’s danceable, groovy and filled with energy yet drenched in ominous vibes. Each track is crafted with the finest components to make it luscious, manic and thoroughly enjoyable. Their sound is unique to them and it is this band’s attention to detail and meticulous musicianship that makes these tracks so impressive. The grunge hued ‘Feeding The Stranger’ smears on that dark atmosphere thick. Rugged guitars crash and batter into the punchy drum assault while the vocals exclaim over this frenzied backdrop narrating about coughing blood, alcohol and vomiting.’Unearth’ closes the EP disguised, to start as a soft delicate number with a gentle beat and slow jam groovy bass line. The track builds becoming the mosh ready banger Cloakroom Q are pros at. Their braided rhythms keep a fluctuant foundation for everything to explode off. Cloakroom Q really give it their all for this beast of a track, constructing the verses perfectly to increase and tease the intensity of the fierce dynamite choruses. It’s a lengthy track, clocking in at 07:09 minutes but each and every minute is worth it. These guys blend the soothing and gentle tones seamlessly with the skull bashing heavy tones to lure you into a false sense of safe psychedelia before whacking you out of your dreamy daze with meaty gritty rock injections. It’s a magnificent end to the EP.

Cloakroom Q have created a wholly unique frenzied EP that grooves, whacks and soothes all at once rendering the listener captivated and craving for more.

‘Going For A Walk and I’m Not Coming Back’ is released on 31st October-  for more information

you can follow  Cloakroom Q on Facebook here  https://www.facebook.com/disappearlikethis/


Dead Royalties ‘Phantom Hearts’

Dead Royalties have released their new single ‘Phantom Hearts’. They are an energetic Post-Punk/Art-Rock trio with a sound that takes influence from Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and flavours of 90’s Alt-Rock / Brit-Pop. Their heavy yet accessible riffs conceal a hefty dose of unexpected complexity, opening new dimensions and making them appeal to both mainstream listeners and those who like to get their intellectual curiosity tickled. With their well received debut E.P. ‘Hormones’ (released through Secret Chord Records), as well as three other singles, they have rapidly gained momentum in the Bristol music scene and with BBC Introducing, resulting in sell-out home shows, a back catalogue of future releases and a unique sound that makes this trio such an exciting and hard hitting act.

‘Phantom Hearts’ is a slinky, strut ready number ravaged with groovy rhythms and heavy mosh ready rawness. The sleek pop flavoured melody slithers upon a rough cutting riff driven backdrop and gritty soundscape while smooth swagger soaked vocals caress the melody provocatively. Its heavy headbanging-ly frantic instrumentation contrasts magnificently with the sensual persona of the track making for a wholly enthralling listen. It’s infectious and will get everyone up dancing. Once that thudding beat kicks in this track has you grooving and bopping as it seeps cool flamboyance and prance quality from every note. Those guitar licks and elastic bass meanders inject panache and an irresistible strut element while the flickering soundscapes drizzle the track with a dizzying dose of acid. It’s a “slightly prudish and clinical love song about fornication and misguided lovers” produced in the most thrilling manner.

Stream ‘Phantom Hearts’ below

Cocoa Futures ‘Sink in the Water’

Cocoa Futures return after a year off with a very slick number ‘Sink in the Water’. The band teamed up with producer Brendan Willams who is the handyman behind bands such as Dutch Uncles and GoGo Penguin. It’s a groove driven slice of art funk laced in rich and diverse swirling synths. Maintaining a spacious format this tack takes its time building and increasing steadily to its crescendo. Rich rhythms are plentiful as Cocoa Futures make the most of the aerial space by filling it with luscious deep percussion pulses and gooey slaps. Twinkling guitar riffs saturate the track with a zealous refreshing zest while the electronic soundscapes glisten and wisp about in a tranquilizing yet groove infested danceable manner. It’s darkly hued and tightly bound to create a wholly mesmerising, compelling listen. The velvety vocals and mellow melody subdue you into an easy going state while the fluctuant wavy percussion gives a jittery foundation to create a joyously dance ready number. It’s an ambitious and impressive tune that contains all the blissful sweetness of synth pop in its purest concentration and combines this with a healthy dose of swagger sprinkled on top.

After several sold out shows in London last year and appearances at The Great Escape, Cocoa Futures is poised to take 2018 by storm with five more releases planned to be released before the year is out.

Stream ‘Sink in the Water’ below