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BaYat ‘Adrenaline’

BaYat have released their new single ‘Adrenaline’. The song which was produced in Positive Studios is a classic rock song inspired by the social issues that many of us face everyday. Money, power, greed and drug abuse all form part of the themes represented in this song, each of which resonate in some way to the listener. BaYat wanted to use the song to portray the message that you do not need to abuse yourself in order to feel good.

‘Adrenaline’ is a gritty classic rock banger that displays BaYat’s dynamic powerful musicianship. Crashing guitars soar and shred over punchy drums creating an anthemic wall of sound that surges through you with fist pumping might and kinetic energy. It’s catchy, vibrant and filled with meaty brawn and vitality. Jagged riffs saw their way through the track as the guitars shrill and ripple through the beefy rhythmic foundation while the raspy vocals bellow out the infectious melody. It’s straight cut, burly rock filled with high powered goodness.

Stream ‘Adrenaline’ below