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Indie Quick Picks

King Bones

Genre: synth-punk

Bio: King Bones are a 6-piece synth-punk group from Dublin. Party Animals is taken from their newly released ‘My Best Friend’ EP featuring 3 tracks (Right There, John Coltrane, Party Animals – Radio Edit). Produced by Ger McDonnell (U2, Kasabian, Manic Street Preachers), the EP was recorded in Beechpark, Rathcoole and The Mill, Swords.

Track: Party Animals

Why We Like It: It’s a dazzling sonic number brimming with infectious grooves slapping and weaving between shimmering synths and gritty guitar injections. This flashy tune drives with relentless stamina while a chilled catchy melody coats the track in smooth laid back vibes. It’s a danceable song that coaxes you into its dark undertones with an infectious groove and glistening soundscapes until the hefty drums and fuzzed guitars kick in hooking you into their rich textured thrilling sound.

You can follow King Bones on Facebook here  https://www.facebook.com/itskingbones/

Stream ‘Party Amimals’ below

Team Picture

Genre: Alternative Rock

Bio: Leeds-based six-piece, Team Picture have recently released their debut mini-album, ‘Recital’ out via Big Dumb Music. Produced by Matt Peel (previously Eagulls, Autobahn and Pulled Apart By Horses). Since forming in 2016, Team Picture have earned praise at Radio 1, BBC Introducing and secured multiple spins at 6 Music with support from Huw Stephens, Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq, as well as ticking off support slots with the likes of Parquet Courts, Psychic Ills, The Orielles and Ulrika Spacek. In addition, the band have performed at the likes of Bluedot Festival (along with Warpaint and the Pixies), the Wire-curated Drill Festival and Manchester’s Neighbourhood Festival, as well as selling out their own curated ‘Du The Katman’ night at Leeds’ Hyde Park Book Club.

Track: ‘Break Yr Heart’

Why We Like It: This is a blistering, punchy, get up and dance classic rock track with all the components to make it instantly lovable. A stomping beat surges a strutting confidence throughout the track while fuzzed guitars shred and blister as swagger soaked vocals demand attention and seep a healthy dose of charisma into the song while the shrilling fuzz pumps adrenaline and slick pizzazz into each and every stride. It’s a glossy boisterous number that is just phenomenal. There are some golden guitar moments in this track, that steamy guitar solo will have you doing air guitar uncontrollably.

You can follow Team Picture on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/teampictureband

Stream ‘Break Yr Heart’ below


Beachwood Coyotes

Genre: indie rock

Bio: Beachwood Coyotes are an indie rock band from LA.The four piece is composed of Jason Nott (vocals, guitar), Drew Smith (bass), Bryan King (drums), and Yan Clermont (guitar).After receiving multiple placements on MTV, as well as extensive touring throughout the western US and critical acclaim from high-profile media outlets, Beachwood Coyotes have been deemed a band on the rise.

Track: ‘I Am Just A Stand In’

Why We Like It: It’s a vibrant rush of indie driven by a pulsing rhythm section that will have your foot tapping and hands clapping along in no time. Filled with catchy lyrics and a luscious melody this track is one for those jumping around vibrant sing along live shows. Light guitars glisten upon a lush electronic flavoured backdrop making for a thoroughly satisfying listen. The anthemic chorus teamed with the glowing instrumentation adds an electricity and dynamism to the track that is just sublime.

You can follow Beachwood Coyotes on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/BeachwoodCoyotes/

Stream ‘I Am Just A Stand In’ below

 Falcon Jane

Genre: Art rock , plez-rock

Bio: Falcon Jane are a plez-rock band from Orangeville, who make music that is inspired by nature, truth, peace and magic and is fronted by Sara May.

Track: The News

Why We Like It: It’s a delicate, sweet track that floats on a dreamy melancholic melody as May’s raspy warm vocals coo and sweetly lull upon light instrumentation. A twinkling guitar softly laments about wispy soundscapes while the steady beat throbs and bounces behind giving a strong foundation to this floaty number. It’s tender, emotional and immaculate while pulling at every heart felt emotion you possess.

You can follow Falcon Jane on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/FalconJane/

Stream ‘The News’ below


Genre: art-pop

Bio: Goosebump is an art-pop band from Toronto. The band have released their new song ‘She Don’t Say Goodbye’ from their upcoming album ‘Goosebump by Goosebump’.

Track: She Don’t Say Goodbye’

About the track the band said: “Lyrically it’s a meditation on saying goodbye to someone despite them being right in front of you and them not really saying anything”

Why We Like It: It’s an infectious “disco stew” ditty that will have you out on the dance floor busting all your 70’s -esque moves. Filled with shimmy shaking elastic grooves and swagger soaked vocals this track will lure you and charm its way into your brain. There is even  a warm sax blast over shimmering synths, sensual bass and jangly guitars which wander playfully about the track while a stomping beat puts a strutting spring in your step.

You can follow Goosebump on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/goosebumplife/

Stream ‘She Don’t Say Goodbye’ below

 Mating Ritual

Genre: indie pop

Bio: LA-based duo Mating Ritual have dropped ‘Stop Making Sense’ the lead single from their sophomore album ‘Light Myself On Fire’. Having already unleashed the snarling single ‘Light Myself On Fire’. The band comprises of brothers Ryan Marshall Lawhon and Taylor Lawhon, initially beginning as a solo project for Ryan while Taylor was in school the project was born from the duos previous band Pacific Air. After that ground to a halt the brothers were separated by time and ambition, then 4 years later they moved in together and Mating Ritual quickly went to a 50/50 process and the songs wrote themselves

Track: ‘Stop Making Sense’

Why We Like It: This richly textured gem is filled with lush vibrant tones and delicious melodies spread upon a bright synth driven canvas. The honey saturated pop melody glides and floats over a tribal – esque throbbing beat while the vocal harmonies caress and exude sweet delicate emotion making for a scrumptious wholly tantalising listen. The beat drives this track while its gripping swoony construction places you in a hazy dreamy state of euphoria.It’s anthemic, heart racing bliss wrapped in a silky blanket of synth pop.

You can follow Mating Ritual on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/matingritualsounds/

Watch the video for ‘Stop Making Sense’ below


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Beachwood Coyotes ‘I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes’

Indie rock four-piece Beachwood Coyotes have released their new single ‘I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes’. The new single features socially conscious lyrics, critiquing race relations in America. The Los Angeles based band have received acclaim from KROQ, Huffington Post, Wonderland Magazine and XS Noize among other tastemakers.

‘I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes’ is an energetic explosion of luscious indie pop soaked in electronic retro 80’s sounds. Rich rhythm and flickering soundscapes  create a lavish texture and blinding bedazzlement. With a vocal melody that rushes through like a surging flood, pumping adrenaline through your veins and an anthemic powerful chorus, these guys have written a track that is so intense and mighty yet glides with effortless breezy cool tones. With funky elements and hip hop hues it’s a multi faceted spurt of infectious songwriting and craftsmanship.

Beachwood Coyotes EP ‘Scrubby’ is set for release this Wednesday  September 6th  with a special release party at the Satellite in Los Angeles, California so make sure to check that out.

Stream ‘I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes’ below