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Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir ‘Stop Shakin’

Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir have released their new single ‘Stop Shakin’. Blake Brown is an American singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado. After participating in many collaborative projects, he started Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir in 2013. The idea was to have the flexibility of playing solo, but to also include a revolving cast of musician friends when they were able to join him. Part of the cast includes close friends and musicians of groups, The Fray, The Films, and Tennis. After 3 EP’s, countless shows, and a debut full length, ‘Long Way Home’, to be released in March 2018, Brown has found mainstay players. His wife, Tiffany Brown and long time friends Jason Legler, Adam Blake and Trent Nelson make up The American Dust Choir, creating a blend of indie-rock and Americana. Brown’s music is rooted in acoustic sounds, and characterized by his seemingly simple, yet complex melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

‘Stop Shakin’ displays their meticulously created indie Americana simply and sweetly portrayed as a infectious tune. This foot tapping gloriously twangy little ditty is a radiant ball of vitality. Sharp golden guitars illuminate the track with an instant shot of pizzazz and stinging zest while a buoyant beat and raspy warm vocals create a laid-back fun danceable vibe. This track radiates sun kissed tones and easy-going attitude. It’s definitely one to get you up shimmying and shaking. It is well layered with each intricate guitar melody adding a fantastic new dimension and sparkling facet to the track while the rich rhythm livens up the song adding a meaty groovy texture. The luscious honey drizzled melody in so catchy and vibrant it’s a joy to listen to and will be stuck in your head all day.

Stream ‘Stop Shakin’ below