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Indie Quick Picks

 Five Mile Smile

Genre: Rock

Bio: Five Mile Smile are a two-piece rock band from Belfast.

Track: This Is Not A Drill

Why We Like It: It’s a hefty dose of swagger-soaked rock and roll that glides in strut ready backed by pounding raw instrumentation. Thumping drums batter throughout while shredding sharp guitar shrill and whine. It’s an exhilarating wallop of pure classic rock and roll.

You can follow Five Mile Smile on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/Five-Mile-Smile-604400046245516/

Stream ‘This Is Not A Drill’ below


Genre: Indie

Bio: Stockport band Blossoms have returned with their new single ‘I Can’t Stand It’. It is the first track from their upcoming second album, ‘Cool Like You’.This follows the bands self titled debut album which scored the five piece number one on the official UK Albums Chart.

Track: I Can’t Stand It

Why We Like It: Bursting with the youthful surge of indie pop this number bops, chimes and gushes with subtle sweetness and delicate vibrancy. It’s catchy, luscious and blissfully melodic as shimmering synths trickle candied chimes over deep bass slaps and jangly guitars. With a dreamy melancholic melody and pulsing buoyant beat Blossoms steep this track in light heart-racing sugary sprinkled pop that rides in on a wave of nostalgic emotion

You can follow Blossoms on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/blossomsband/

Stream ‘I Can’t Stand It’ below


Genre: Indie, Shoegaze, Britpop

Bio: London’s Lo-Fi rabble Sleepovers have released the aptly titled ‘Group Therapy’ from the forthcoming Heartbreak High EP out March 9th.  Following the release of ‘Good Sides’ from the same aforementioned EP,

Track: Group Therapy

Frontman Alfie Smith explains the meaning behind the song: “I was self medicating a broken heart and head which ultimately led to turning to others for help.”

Why We Like It: It’s a woozy airy healthy dose of shoegaze pop that packs in some dreamy honey coated melodies to tranqualise your mind in a light breezy bubble. With sharp distorted guitars adding a dash of dizzying bedazzlement and spiky zest this track presents you a luscious sweet daydream bliss but with a piercing edge. The heavily layered swirling guitars provide a shrilling wall of sound that is crafted to a refined elegance yet appears laid back almost lazy. Sublime listen.

You can follow Sleepovers on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/sleepoverslondon/

Watch the video for ‘Group Therapy’ below


Genre: Indie

Bio: Kalpa are an indie 5-piece band from Bath. After a successful 2017 touring with Voyages through Bath to Liverpool, supporting Flyte on their UK Album tour in Bath and King No-One at Liverpool Arts Club, Kalpa are kicking up the dust and gaining serious traction. 2018 started off with their debut single launch, backed up by supporting High Tyde at the iconic Thekla, Bristol.

Track: Wrong Faces

Why We Like It: It’s vibrant indie pop that sprinkles little sun kissed bursts of scintillation through every note. With zesty jangly guitars gleaming throughout animated peppy drums its instantly likeable and radiant. The sweet melty melody glides upon the vivid instrumentation with ease as the dynamic passionate vocals flood the track with emotion. It’s a beaming infectious little ditty.

You can follow Kalpa on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/kalpaboys/

Stream ‘Wrong Faces’ below

Electric Shore

Genre: Alternative

Bio: Dublin indie-rock band Electric Shore have been working tirelessly on the live circuit since the release of their 2016 sophomore EP ‘Glass’. Now they’re back with new single ‘Too Different’,

Track: Too Different

Why We Like It: It’s a breezy atmospheric number that packs oodles of passion.Mature and anthemic this punchy track builds and progresses so that the chorus hits hard. A rich rumbly rhythm creates a fluctuating foundation for the sweet toned guitars to flicker and rebound off. The melody is delicate and lulling for the verses while the guitars freely swirl about the track with an ethereal aerial charm. Its well crafted and maturely written. A powerful display from Electric Shore.

You can follow Electric Shore on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/ElectricShore/

Watch the video for ‘Too Different’ below

My Pleasure

Genre: Almost pop

Bio: My Pleasure is from Hull, UK and describes his music as “almost pop”

Track: Drama at the Gala

About the track My Pleasure said: “Drama at the Gala is pretty much the song I always wanted to write, in which several different instruments spar with each other for attention and you’re never sure where the actual hook of the song is. It was especially nice to have my friend Carl Macklin on the drum set, fighting against a Casio drum machine.”

Why We Like It: It slaps a hosts of sounds into your ear drums causing the most contrasting assault to the senses. With sharp zealous guitar stings jabbing through fuzzed distortion while sweet little jingles lull and delicately soothe with a dolly like effect. Its packed with punk attitude and heavily layered beats which break for a stripped back acoustic verse. Though it’s a contrasting dizzying display each section is sublimely created giving a catchy satisfying track that quenches all appetites.

You can Follow My Pleasure on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/pg/mypleasursaurus/about/?ref=page_internal

Watch the lyric video for ‘Drama at the Gala’ below

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Blossoms ‘Honey Sweet’

Stockports five piece Blossoms have released their new single ‘Honey Sweet’ taken from their self titled debut album which is due for release next week. Blossoms are Tom Ogden (Voice/Guitar), Charlie Salt (Bass/BV’s.), Josh Dewhurst (Lead Guitar), Joe Donovan (Drums) and Myles Kellock (Keyboards/BV’s). The band have become one of the hottest live bands on the circuit, performing at festivals including SXSW, The Great Escape, T in the Park, Latitude, Reading & Leeds and are creating quite a hype around their highly anticipated album.
‘Honey Sweet’ is our first taste of what is to come from their album and as the name suggests its a sugar coated toothache-sweet track. Its soft spongy beats and syrupy shimmering synths keep the track light and creamy smooth. Ogden’s vocals remain tender and gentle with a lull-like tone that is easing to the mind. The guitar which is sharp and vibrant freshens things up and adds a bright and refreshing edge to the track. ‘Honey Sweet’ holds a nostalgic tone throughout, set to a beautiful melody that is catchy and comforting for the mind.
‘Honey Sweet’ is a candied track saturated in luscious synths and supple beats with velvety vocals, silky bass and zesty guitar. Its a great appetiser for the album, well maybe its the desert.

Stream ‘Honey Sweet’ below

Live Music Review of The Last Shadow Puppets and support act Blossoms


Fashion seems to be a big part of The Last Shadow Puppets act as Miles Kane and Alex Turner always show up in the most smart brightly coloured silk outfits when possible. This was true for this Thursdays show in the Olympia, Dublin. Blossoms however keep things cool and simple with their stage attire. They choose dark colours usually black with some white thrown in to contrast which adds to their appeal.
Blossoms opened their set to the eager crowd all muttering what they think Alex or Miles will do, where they will stand what tracks they will play ect. Blossoms begin with ‘At Most A Kiss’ a synth infused indie rock track. With it’s strong bass, slick guitars and rapid20160526_200932 punchy drums it’s a fantastic start to their set. Blossoms are a band that you absolutely have to see live to really appreciate their talent as we see from this instrumentally energetic track. They give you a full bursting sound that you don’t here in the recordings. They follow with their new single ‘Getaway’ which as we hoped in our review of this track earlier this year was amazing live, once again they gave us a new more voluminous sound and dimension to this smooth indie pop track giving it a edge and bite. Blossoms fly straight into ‘Across The Moor’ as the crowd enjoy it’s sleek seductive style with bouncy funky beats and flirtatious bass. It’s 20160526_200928_001irresistible keyboard melody has everyone bouncing and swaying. They slow things down with ‘My Favourite Room’ before they blast into ‘Blown Rose’ followed by the crowd favourite ‘Charlemagne’, with very little speech between tracks. Blossoms let their music do the talking, while their cool, calm persona radiates and gives them that attractive feature that draws the crowd in and makes them listen attentively. They conclude their set with the dynamic ‘Blow’ this song is full of swagger with enticing psychedelic guitars and strong alluring bass. This song performed live commands your body to dance and leaves the crowd wanting more. An excellent warm up and a strong act for The Last Shadow Puppets to follow.
The Last Shadow Puppets strut onto the stage Alex in a smart blue suit that only he can pull off and Miles in a golden yellow silk shirt that glows and shimmers with every movement. They begin with the melodic ‘Miracle Aligner’ as their adoring fans serenade them with their own lyrics. Turner struts about the stage with a 50s/ 60s style 20160526_210618 of stage performance. We see a fresh more playful side to Turner as he interacts with the crowd and his partner in crime Miles Kane. They perform some beloved songs from their first album which obviously are a big hit with the crowd as they watch Kane and Turner perform in a theatrical manner full of hip thrusts and guitar poses. Both are pros at performing and command the stage and captivate their audience as they perform. Nothing can put them off their stride not a lead coming out of a guitar while playing or a mic falling off its stand while Turner is singing. Turner simply carries on with or without them. The show is full of dynamic playful energy. They surprise us with ‘Is This What You Wanted’ a 20160526_212038Leonard Cohen cover in which Turner sings the verse while Kane’s strong vocals take on the chorus. They return for an encore of ‘Meeting Place’ ,’The Dream Synopsis’ and of course ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ The Beatles cover which gives the crowd an explosive ending as we are presented with a full heavy instrumental end of pounding drums screeching guitars and insane synth sounds. It’s definitely a show I’m glad we didn’t miss as it was a refreshing change to see such a fun light hearted show that was bursting with fantastic music from the much loved duo.

Blossoms “Getaway”

Blossoms have just dropped their new single, the Stockport boys , Tom Ogden (Voice/Guitar), Charlie Salt (Bass/BV’s) Josh Dewhurst ( Lead Guitar) Joe Donovan (Drums) and Myles Kellock (Keyboards/BV’s)  new song “Getaway” is an honest,catchy light pop track. Its melodic with creamy velvety guitar,shimmering synths and steady smooth beats. Toms soft vocals really add a gentle touch to the already emotional piece. This bright upbeat song leaves you with a sweet but sombre vibe which is very compelling. I can imagine “Getaway’ is very effective live as Blossoms are known for their brilliant live performances. We saw them earlier this year and every song had a new dimension when it was performed live so I’ll look forward to where they take this lovely track when they perform it live. They will be supporting The Last Shadow Puppets in Dublin this May make sure you check them out we will definitely be looking forward to their set!
You can catch Blossoms live at :
APR 16 Villa Marina, Isle of Man
APR 30 Live at Leeds, Leeds University Refectory,Leeds
MAY 19 The Great Escape, Brighton
MAY 25 Olympia Theatre, Dublin
JUN 10 Isle of Wight Festival, Newport
JUN 11 Parklife, Manchester, United Kingdom
JUN 12 Field Day, London Victoria Park ,London

Stream “Getaway” below