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Brass Phantoms ‘In Sight’

Dublin’s indie rock band Brass Phantoms have released their new single ‘In Sight’. Their single ‘Waiting Up’ garnered widespread airplay across Irish Radio on RTE 2FM, 98FM, SPIN, Today FM, and Radio Nova, as well as prestigious international features on BBC Radio 6 with Steve Lamacq and Spotify-curated playlists. The five piece consisting of  Ryan Cashell (vocals & bass), Greg Whelan (guitar & backing vocals), James Geraghty (guitar), Adam McCabe (drums & backing vocals), and Colleen Heavey (keys & backing vocals) have headlined shows all over Dublin, performed at major festivals including Other Voices and Indiependence Festival, and were the main support for Delorentos on their sold-out tour. The group has toured through the UK and have performed twice at MONDO Festival in New York, having been listed as one of the festival’s top acts to see.This year has seen Brass Phantoms sign a worldwide distribution deal with Believe Digital. Their single ‘City Of Wolves’ was used to promote television coverage of the UEFA Champions League this year, as well as being added to Spotify’s editorial Hot New Bands playlist .The band follow this success with their brand spanking new slice of indie rock ‘In Sight’.

‘In Sight’ has all the meaty enticing components true Brass Phantoms tracks possess. The ethereal glorious guitars reach piercing thrilling heights as they playfully soar, weave and sparkle over the punchy groove and weighty rhythmic foundation. The guitars in this track are particularly mesmerising as the sweet biting tones slice and sting over the aerial atmosphere with a superb finesse and grandeur that is awe inspiring. This cutting track strides along cool as a cucumber as Ryan Cashell passionately sings over the smooth melody while shimmering icy keys and elastic bass build the track to its massive intense crescendo. These guys create emotive tracks that pack oodles of gusto and rich instrumentation. Each track adds a new and exciting dimension to their sound and ‘In Sight’ is the perfect shiny new addition to their crisp refreshing collection.

About the track, frontman Ryan Cashell says: “In Sight delves into overcoming personal battles and letting go of bitterness. It’s how you treat yourself and deal with these obstacles that will make you stronger.”

Stream ‘In Sight’ below


Brass Phantoms ‘Disciples’

Dublin indie rock/post-punk outfit Brass Phantoms have released their new single ‘Disciples’. Last year the bands track ‘Waiting Up’ garnered widespread airplay across Irish radio, as well as being featured on BBC Radio 6 and Spotify curated playlists, and last month their single ‘City Of Wolves’ was used across television campaigns to promote the UEFA Champions League.They have been part of festivals including Other Voices and Indiependence, as well as headlining sold-out shows in Dublin. Before heading on tour at the end of last year, the Metro in London listed the five piece as ‘Artist of the Week’ and have just signed a distribution deal with Believe Digital after their recent UK and US tour.

‘Disciples’ is an overwhelming whack of soaring indie. Swirling synth soundscapes and ethereal guitars create an immaculate celestial atmosphere which encapsulates the snappy dynamic rhythm in a whirlwind of rushing adrenaline. These together, crash and collide in a dramatic fashion to deliver a thrilling powerful sound. Brass Phantoms never create their tracks by half measures its all in and mighty and this track is no different. So many lush intricate components weave, rebound and flicker within this track creating a juicy rich full-bodied tune to completely immerse yourself in. It’s breezy with haunting dark tones folded tightly into its inner core. Ryan Cashell’s vocals are as powerful and expressive as ever with his rooted deep range surging ominous tones for the verses and exuding passion with compelling potency for the chorus. The guitars are just magnificent with sharp, stinging, jagged strides intertwining with curving intricate melodies. It’s superbly composed – majestic yet chilling and hair-raisingly glorious. Another knock out track from the five piece.

In support of the track Brass Phantoms will be touring across Ireland supporting Delorentos with MCD, as well as doing their own headline shows in London in The Finsbury on April 19th, and in the Workmans Club in Dublin on May 17th. Make sure to check them out.

Stream ‘Disciples’ below



Brass Phantoms ‘Indigo’ single launch in Whelan’s with support from MUNKY

We were invited to Brass Phantoms ‘Indigo’ single launch in Whelan’s last Friday night with support from the ever so enthusiastic grungy disco band MUNKY who were also playing again after Brass Phantoms for the Midnight hour. Their swagger soaked set oozed slick panache doused in funky fluctuant grooves. Adding two lovely backing singers to their set MUNKY delivered a performance that was both classy and coarse all at once. ‘Regular Fool’ and ‘Hair of The Day’ introduce their sound. Packed with multi layers it’s slick, suave and gritty in all the right places. Their bassist Niall Donnelly exuberantly bounces and hops complete with dramatic poses and playful interactions with drummer Sam Russell which makes for an entertaining performance. Their sound translates sublimely live from shrilling distortion and skull pounding mosh ready frenzy to oh so cool and chilled groovy moments. Their disco flavoured grunge is infectious, it’s foot tapping body movingly delicious. Zac Stephenson’s vocals add a raspy gritty texture that shakes up their luscious sound. With catchy tracks like ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ and ‘7am’ on their set list it’s a feverishly danceable set. Your mind might refuse to dance but your body will succumb. ‘Just Can’t Quit’ lets Stephenson’s vocals shine. It’s a slow burner and insanely melodic and passionate, letting MUNKY display a more serious side to their repertoire. It becomes quickly apparent just how talented this four piece are. When you can get the whole room to sing along with you, you know your doing well. Usually it is an “oh ohh” or “woohoo” lyric or something but this quartet got us all singing “We don’t wanna talk about it we just wanna get f*cked” and why not it was catchy. Their guitar licks and riffs were divine and blissfully sharp while the baseline elastically slapped rumbled and grooved nimbly. It was a thrilling set exuding fiery passion pounding drums and expressive vocals. So much energy and dynamism with glorious melodies and rich textures poured from these guys along with a few splashes of sweat. The girls left for the final track ‘Bastered Luck’. MUNKY grooved through a sultry smoky rendition of the track. It’s a heavy dark intense chilling end to their set. These guys sent funky disco rock shock-waves around the venue. It was memorable for sure.

Brass Phantoms kicked things off with a floor shaking rumbling instrumental before blasting straight into ‘Ghouls’. With a simple stance it’s a serious set, frontman Ryan Cashell is an intense performer his rigid body radiating profound passion. Each track takes a different persona when performed live ‘City Of Wolves’ more rumbly and atmospherically anthemic. ‘In Sight ‘ and ‘Wood Words’ ease the crowd into an evening of indie revelry, soaring backing vocals resonate through the intricate weaving guitar lines and pounding drums. The band provide a refreshing shake up to their songs. Each track as energetic and intense as the next. Through their nostalgic melancholic melodies they possess an ability to captivate the listener enthralled in the swirling synth and guitar arrangement.  Each band members expression and interaction with one another and the crowd adds another dimension from Greg Whelan’s smiley banter to Cashell’s brave jump into the crowd. Adam McCabe’s rapid tireless drumming resounded throughout as his floppy hair joyously kept time. It’s the fiery explosive ‘Disciples’ that truly ignites their set and gets both the band and the audience hyped as the crowd mosh to the heavy chorus. The hollow woodblock knock between the beats for ‘Inferno’ is just mesmerising. The crowd cheer once it starts as they begin to shimmy and dance to its infectious pulse. It’s almost hypnotic. ‘Waiting Up’ lured in the cheering crowd with its anthemic elevated chorus that most bands could only dream of before the single that called everyone to Whelan’s that night… ‘Indigo’ was played. An immensely powerful performance of ‘Indigo’ proves the vibrant intense power of this band. It’s an energetic mammoth that leaves the crowd thirsty for more as they call for “one more tune!”. Brass Phantoms’ live performance was precisely what the majority of their songs are: vibrant, passionate, punchy and impossible not to enjoy.



Brass Phantoms ‘Indigo’

              (Picture: Olga Kuzmenko)

In support of their single ‘Indigo’ Dublin fourpiece Brass Phantoms will be playing upstairs in Whelan’s on Friday October 27th. The single is the follow-up to recent single ‘City Of Wolves’ which we previously featured on Indie Buddie. The band have garnered airplay all over Irish radio, as well as being featured on BBC Radio 6 with Steve Lamacq, Spotify Discover Weekly, and Amazing Radio. Earlier this year they were listed as The Metro’s ‘Artist Of The Week’. They have headlined shows throughout Ireland, as well as New York this month for their first US dates which will be followed by a UK and Irish tour.

‘Indigo’ is a euphoric indie gem, smothered in areal breezy tones and oozing oodles of passion. Biting blustery guitars swirl and soar crashing into a galloping rumbling beat while Ryan Cashell’s unique powerful vocals add potency and might. It’s passionate and intense with little anthemic bursts that are blissfully aerial and refreshing. These guys have a knack for packing a lot into their tracks and ‘Indigo’ is no different. It’s brimming with luscious indie pop melodies consumed in a whirlpool of rich ethereal soundscapes creating a kinetic catchy tune that shows their refined musicianship and is sure to be amazing live.

The video for ‘Indigo’ was produced by Alan McCarthy. It shows a dancer performing a routine in a hall alongside a live performance by the band, which builds in intensity with the song. 13-year-old Alicia Premkumar stars as the dancer in the video.

Brass Phantoms are playing upstairs in Whelan’s on Friday October 27th make sure to head down and  check them out.

Watch the video for ‘Indigo’ below

Brass Phantoms ‘City Of Wolves’

Dublin four-piece, indie rock band Brass Phantoms have announced the release of a new version of their track ‘City Of Wolves ‘ due for release July 21st. In February, the band released their well received single ‘Waiting Up’, which we featured here on Indie Buddie and garnered airplay both nationally as well as being featured on BBC Radio 6 and on Spotify Discover Weekly. Their music has been featured by the likes of Nialler9, Hot Press Magazine, JOE.ie, The Last Mixed Tape & Golden Plec. The quartet have headlined their own shows throughout the country. They have been part of major festivals such as Other Voices and will be taking to the Cork stage at this year’s Indiependence Festival on the August Bank Holiday.
‘City Of Wolves’ is a sprightly energetic track multi layered and agile with rich intertwining soundscapes that seep into your brain numbing it to everything around you except the tracks weaving melodies. Sharp zesty guitar briskfully and playfully wind and bend around the drum fuelled track. The intricate guitar work creates a swirling twinkling hint of psychedelia as it hooks you in luring you deeper and deeper into the melody. Soft lulling backing vocals add a haunting quality while the warm track bursts into a luscious instrumentally opulent chorus. It’s tight production and neatly bound together creating a slick proficient track that boasts strong musicianship from Brass Phantoms.
Brass Phantoms have a busy summer ahead with some Irish shows throughout the coming months and a follow-up single due for release in September. The foursome will also embark on their first UK tour later in the year. So keep an eye out for those.

You can follow  Brass Phantoms on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/BPdublin/


Brass Phantoms ‘Waiting Up’

Dublins alternative rock foursome, Brass Phantoms have released their new single ‘Waiting Up’. The band have played extensively all over the country and have Sunsets Festival and Guinness Amplify performances under their belt, as well as headlining shows at Dublin’s Workman’s and Whelan’s. Their track ‘City Of Wolves’ was released last year and was play listed on our national broadcaster RTE 2fm leading to a BBC Introducing slot for BBC Radio Ulster, and live sessions across stations like NOVA and 4fm. They finished last year at the Other Voices festival and have been booked for various showcases and Ones To Watch festivals this year as well as this summers Indiependence with Manic Street Preachers and SIGMA (full line up to be announced).
‘Waiting Up’ is a rush of sonic laden aerial indie. Soaring to skyscraper heights this track is sublime almost heavenly. The rapid tribal tinged beat teamed with rooted rolling bass gives the track grounding and a solid foundation to bounce off before it escapes and ascends into the elevated chorus. The sharp sting on guitar adds a breezy refreshing sensation as the track builds into a blustery thrilling crescendo. Smooth vocals coo to start with a velvety texture building and becoming more animated as the track progresses, while the lush uplifting backing vocals soar above with sweet elevated buoyancy. The superb production and breathtaking musicianship makes ‘Waiting Up’ a stunning display of Brass Phantoms compact remarkable soundscape

Watch the video for ‘Waiting Up’ below