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A Chat With :Ryan Lindsey from Broncho

Photo Credit : Pooneh Ghana

We had a chat with Broncho’s Ryan Lindsey to talk about their new album ‘Bad Behavior’. We got into some of the intricacy and juicy elements of this luscious album while also discussing a petition for an Irish show, what they learned from their touring with Queens of The Stone Age and brief mention of Hanes boxer briefs and high dollar tequila.

You have released your new album Bad Behavior tell us about the concept behind the album?

We did our usual plan of not making any plans except to show up without a plan until things make sense. It’s my favorite plan

There are so many sublime tracks on this album each one bringing its own infectious slinky charisma and flirtation to the table. Talk us through the music writing process for this album? Was it any different to Can’t Get Past the Lips, Just Enough Hip to Be Woman and Double Vanity?

Very similar to our previous records in certain ways. Each record has been a mix of writing styles. It’s really up to each individual song. Some songs had been cruising around our minds for a while and some we came up with while recording.

I love how delicious the melodies are in this album, you never disappoint when it comes to melodies but these 10 tracks are deliriously mouthwatering. How do you come up with these melodies?

Well, first of all, let me say, thank you very much! you’re making me blush.  We always want things to taste good. I would hope that we are that healthy junk food, made with real sugar, to help you feel less guilty about the whole thing

It feels like, as a band, you guys are pretty tight – each instrument gels and weaves perfectly together. There are some slinky guitar moments with rich rhythms and groovy bass lines how do you guys combine your innovative elements together?

Touring tightens up the whole thing. And anything that don’t get tightened up on the road, gets tightened up in the editing bay. I like a healthy amount of loose, and a comfortable amount of tight. I guess we value comfort. And flexibility. And stability. Which is why I wear Hanes boxer briefs.

Ryan you sing with a mischievous twinkle in your voice, peppering the verses with suggestive uh-ohs and ahhs and at times barely pushing out your words to the point of whispering. What sparks these cheeky vocal moments which have now become such important characteristics to the songs?

Sometimes it feels good to get soft. It also feels good to push. It all starts with the diaphragm. Vocal control comes from the diaphragm. But above all things it feels good to be cheeky. Being cheeky also starts with the diaphragm. It takes a lot of breath.

There are a lot of bands and artists talking about the world events through their music lately however you guys depict the Bad Behavior in the world through a non-biased danceable, fun, sometimes dark and sleazy medium. Was this your attempt to take this discussion and perhaps put another less doom and gloom spin on it?

We’re taking a non biased reporters stance on the current times. Just reporting on what we observe and adding “facts” to support “our” “theories”. Doom and gloom ain’t fun. Unless it is! Depends on what party you’re looking for. We are that party where you can relax, because we all know what’s going on and nobody needs to talk about it. Unless you do!

The album version of ‘Get In My Car’ sounds a little different to the single version released last year did you re record it for the album and what did you choose to do differently?

We added slap to the vocals and ran it through a different tape machine and maybe some other itsy bitsy changes.  but you got a good ear because the changes were subtle.

You have seen your songs featured on influential TV and radio and have toured the U.S. and Europe, including arenas with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, The Growlers, Portugal The Man, and Cage The Elephant – that must have felt amazing, is there anything in particular you took away or learned from those experiences?

There’s multiple ways to do this whole thing. Everyone you mentioned does there own thing and does it at an elite level. It’s all about doing what you do, and then doing it well. They all teach through example. The way they take care of their biz. None of those bands ever tried to tell us what to do, they just let us watch what they do, and that’s what I love and learned from all of them. That and also Josh Homme told me the easiest way to the other side is to go all the way through. And I love him for that and a lot of other things.

Did you get any advice or words of wisdom off any of those bands?

Queens introduced us to high dollar tequila

I saw you guys support Queens of The Stone Age in Dublin last year. Your performance was very suave and energetic evoking an effortless sense of awe in the audience. How have you worked on your live shows to make them so enjoyable?

That was easy because we were opening for Queens in Dublin! That show automatically gave us the motivation we needed. I also love doing what I do and that makes it easier to be enjoyable because I’m legitimately having fun. I also stretch from time to time, and occasionally work on my core

From watching that show and some youtube videos it appears like you have developed your own floppy signature dance, everytime I hear a Broncho track I can just see you bopping with your arm in the air can you remember when that dance began?

Sometimes you gotta move and there ain’t nothin you can do about it. Unless there is! But when there ain’t nothing you can do about it, you just gotta let that arm get up there, and let your leg get out there.

What’s the most bizarre thing to happen to you while you were on tour or onstage?

A gentleman in Tempe Arizona asked if he could sit in on didgeridoo and of course we obliged. And would love for it to happen again

You released a joint 12 minute video for Sandman/Boys Got To Go. Talk us through the concept for the video and who came up with it?

Pooneh Ghana came up with the whole idea. She had been in Tulsa with us and met our friend Mark. Over the next couple of years she started talking about wanting to do something with him. When we played Sandman for her she started writing out the whole thing. We just did some more filming with her on this tour and will have more things to come from her semi shortly.

Can we look forward to anymore videos from this album?

We have two more videos done and we got more to shoot. Lots of work left to be done!

Have you any plans to come to Ireland for a show?

Not currently, but I strongly suggest a petition to be made for us to return. That way all party’s involved will have a legal obligation to bring us back!

Do you have any advice for anyone starting a band ?

Work on your diaphragm

What’s next for Broncho?

We are finishing touring the eastern half of the U.S.. we tour the west coast in February and then play the UK end of February. And if the petition gets pushed through swiftly, we will be playing Ireland!

You can catch Broncho live at :

27 Feb – Glasgow, UK @ The Blue Arrow
28 Feb – Manchester, UK @ Yes
1 Mar – London, UK @ Moth Club
1 Mar – Brighton, UK @ Patterns

Watch  the video for ‘Sandman’/’Boys Got To Go’ below 

BRONCHO ‘Bad Behavior’ Album

BRONCHO have released their new album ‘Bad Behavior’ an infectious swirl of luscious, teasing and exhilaration tracks to keep you drooling for more. It’s a tasty collection of tracks filled with psychedelic indie pop, laid back tones and insanely catchy grooves to ensure a satisfying listen. ‘All Choked Up’ sets the EP in motion with its churning rhythm creating a danceable foundation for the buoyant guitars and smoky melody. The stop start beat establishes an atmosphere of suspense which is only subdued by the shredding slick guitar solo. This track is so sleek and glossy with dark undertones twirling beneath the hypnotic rhythm. The tracks on the album flow into each other with a smooth fluidity,‘Weekend’ continues the heavenly subtly psychedelic trip with ethereal guitars twinkling between a steady backdrop. Ryan Lindsey’s sweet falsetto vocals provide each song with a heavenly quality. The instrumentation is tight throughout- crafted to perfection with glorious guitar twinkles daintly accompanying Lindsey’s vocals and honeyed melody while the strong beat and elastic bass grooves between. ‘Boys Got To Go’ displays this perfectly, the melodic flow guarantees a soothing listening experience as soft guitars glisten playfully throughout before whining elegantly every so often. BRONCHO provide the most glorious comforting blanket with ‘Keep It In Line’. This track enfolds your ears in a candied soothing melody, beautifully weaved instrumentation and sedating vocals. It’s bouncy, bright but incredibly tranquilizing. These guys delicately unwrap their sound revealing lush textures with each track. Together they gel immaculately- each instrument has its part and yet the tunes they produce feel airy and freeing. The album continues to blossom with ‘Sandman’, bringing a slightly ominous tone into this dreamy mix. The guitar and bass in this track is riveting. The song bubbles and boils around the playful guitar as Lindsey creates a haunting atmosphere. It’s a little more gritty with a creepy almost sleazy vibe but an absolutely thrilling listen.’Undercover’ follows the darker tone of its predecessor lightening it with buoyant grooves stomping between a sliding swagger soaked melody and strutting guitars. This is one well crafted track.The subtle guitar changes from twinkling and gliding to prancing as they flood the track with panache and an infectious funk flavoured danceable quality. ‘Family Values’ is another infectious gem that is sure to put a smile on your face. If you can prise your ears away from the bouncy weaving instrumentation and focus on the lyrics BRONCHO showcase their humorous cheeky side,“I got a thing for your mother / I got a thing to teach your father”. One thing I have come to love about the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based band is their sublime ability to create dreamy woozy tunes likeBig City Boys’. Though the track is hazy and dreamy the instrumental backing is strong, pushing forward with a relentless goal of fun loving with a slick proficient style that is one to be admired. The summertime cruising ‘Get In My Car’ follows. The album version sounds a little tweaked and more crisp to the single version released last year. This summer time gem bops and wiggles over a smooth melody and gleaming guitars. Glissading over to a glam rock flavour, BRONCHO provide us with a tantalizing variety of genres to taste throughout this album. They close the album in the best possible way, leaving us hungry for more. The swagger steeped foot stomping danceable and infectious ‘Easy Way Out’ accomplishes this task without fail. It’s slick, pristine, panache driven indie rock drizzled in rock n’ roll flamboyance with nimble steamy guitar licks and a catchy melodic flow to keep us wanting to dance all night long.

BRONCHO is that band that are cool, fun and make you want to scream and tell everyone about. Their sound is appealing to everyone from the lazy daydreamer to the adrenaline punk-rocker and indie-head in between. The provocative lyrics, incredible musicianship and all out swaggering groovy persona within each track is what makes BRONCHO one heck of a band. The sound is distinctive, Lindsey’s vocals are distinctive and their tunes undeniably infectious. It’s music to make you feel, music to make you dance and bop or tap your foot and do air drums to while you relax on a lazy summer’s day, but either way you feel every delightful note.

Stream ‘Bad Behavior’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From BRONCHO

BRONCHO have released their new single ‘Keep It In Line’ from the upcoming album ‘Bad Behavior’ out tomorrow October 12th via Park the Van Records. The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based band of Ryan Lindsey (vocals/guitar), Nathan Price (drums), Ben King (guitar), and Penny Pitchlynn (bass), has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively over the past few years, including arena shows with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Cage The Elephant. The band have now gifted us another soothing, blissfully sweet number to keep those summer glistening sunny days implanted in our minds.  Lindsey’s soft, velvety falsetto vocals drift and delicately float over the dreamy delicious melody as twinkling guitars shimmer between a snappy buoyant beat and glittering bass. BRONCHO have created their own glorious world of euphoria to keep us calm and sedated with their sugar sprinkled groove infested tunes that make you want to dance and bop while the sway-able hazy melody swoons you into a delightful stupor. There is no denying when these guys want to crush your brain with fuzz filled tunes they can do it superbly however, this track shows us just how slick, luscious and tightly woven their musicianship can be and it’s beautiful.

Stream ‘Keep It In Line’ below


Queens of the Stone Age at the 3Arena Dublin with support from BRONCHO

Sultans of Rock Queens of the Stone Age returned to Dublin last Friday night at the 3Arena to a sold-out show of elated fans. It is the last night of the European tour and some of the fans have been queuing in the bitter cold since the morning to get to the safety and immaculate view of the front barrier.

Oklahoma four-piece BRONCHO began the thawing of the crowd with their chunky, fuzzy garage rock smothered in deliciously infectious pop. They coolly walk on stage and blast straight into ‘Try Me Out Sometime’. Ryan Lindsey the immensely energetic frontman, yelps and wiggles throughout the tracks. His floppy coat adding flight and a floatability to his jumps. From the instantly singable ‘Class Historian’ to the slick shaky ‘Señora Borealis’ these guys put on a swagger drenched flamboyant show that oozes suave and swagger. It’s difficult not to wiggle and bop to these tunes and BRONCHO let the music do all the talking with little to no banter between tracks except for the chanting of “Queens of the Stone Age” which the crowd were only too happy to join in. Their tunes are power pop smacks of delight, their sound is fresh and invigorating, ideal for hazy summer days and just what those early bird queuers needed to defrost.

A translucent black curtain falls between the crowd and the stage creating a shaded filter to the goings on on stage as AC/DC blast from the speakers to entertain the fans. The audience erupt as Queens of the Stone Age take to the stage. Their presence undeniably larger than life. ‘If I Had A Tail ‘ kicks off their set to screaming fans. Homme is in a particularly good mood smiling and dancing with gyrating hips and wiggles. The anecdotes are plenty and the atmosphere is electric. The villains of anarchy have arrived, and boy do they put on a show. There is no massive screens or fancy distractions, it’s the five piece and the crowd and it is extraordinary. The charisma, swagger and just plain godliness has the crowd in awe. There is so much happening on stage as each member exudes fiery stamina. Like a tag team they keep everyone on their toes with their explosive vigour. ‘Monster in your Parasol’ ’My God Is The Sun’ three songs in and it’s total turmoil in the mosh pit. Limbs flailing everywhere, hair flicking into strangers faces and necks whipping while the five-piece stride back and forth on stage jumping and kicking. ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me’ whacks the crowd into another frenzy. This is the thing with a band like Queens of the Stone Age they have so many cracking tracks a live show is a constant thrilling battering to your body. Michael Shuman strides about the stage with a fierce, intense, sultry stage presence belting out lusty mammoth bass lines and haunting backing vocals. While Troy Van Leeuwen suave and dobonair as always skips about the stage in a red suit. “We came to dance, drink and hopefully get everyone laid.. let’s get loose” Homme declares before introducing ‘The Way You Used To Do’ as Dean Fertita ventures from behind the keys to add some brawn on guitar. Members of the audience are already being lifted out of the pit all kerfuffled and distressed from the mania. It’s all crowd surfing, shoes in the face craziness. With so many guitarists on stage the band members at times crash into the free-standing strips of light while wandering and spinning around the stage. ‘No One Knows’ evokes screams as the crowd bellow out the riff and lyrics along with the band once again causing total anarchy among the crowd. Jon Theodore showcases his slick pummelling drumming skills for first of two drum solos while Homme lights up a cigarette and watches the crowd’s reaction smiling. The crowd erupt shouting “Olé, Olé, Olé” “that’s exactly why we are here…that, right there, that’s the f**king moment…  tonight, it’s our night, your f**king night, our f**king night” Homme responds before the finale of ‘No One Knows’. Usually a drum solo is a brave move but it’s Jon Theodore for god sake it was legendary! Homme is effortlessly cool with his slicked back swagger and sensual guitar licks his presence commands the attention of the arena. We all subdue to his every wish. ‘I Sat By The Ocean’ ‘Smooth Sailing’ every track bashing out relentless stamina and maintaining the frenzy of the crowd. ‘Make It Wit Chu’ and ‘Villains Of Circumstance’ act as the breathers on the set list giving something to sway and sing along to while also allowing the body feel the pain of the moshing and battering from the previous tracks.

After ‘Sick Sick Sick’ the band leave the stage as the crowd howl for “one more tune” impatient they scream for “Burn The Witch” and Queens of The Stone Age oblige with an encore of ‘Misfit Love’, ‘Head Like A Haunted House’ which comes with a anecdote about a cheeseburger incident when they were last in Dublin where a guy sneaked into their van and was eating a cheeseburger when they found him. Homme calls him “the fastest drunk person I’ve ever seen in my life…..if he’s here tonight f*ck you man …no,  if he’s here tonight…I’ll suck your dick” Homme laughs. They leave ‘Burn The Witch’ to last and the crowd go nuts.

Queens of the Stone Age are just too cool and induce a state of riotous lawless anarchy among the crowd. They are the divinity of rock, the stage their temple and the crowd their loyal adoring worshipers. And a show like this is the reason why nothing can beat them, they hold all the trump cards. The crème de la crème of rock music.