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Callow Saints ‘Unhinged’ EP

Callow Saints are a female-fronted indie/rock band from Aylesbury. After taking the local music scene by storm, the band rapidly spread further afield, becoming more and more in demand in the Oxford and London scenes. They were voted one of the top bands out of 20,000 entrants to win a slot at the prestigious Camden Rocks Festival; performed alongside the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs, Bryan Adams and The Pretenders at Cornbury Festival, have headlined a packed out O2 Academy in Oxford and had two sold-out EP launch shows in the past two years.The band have just released their latest EP, ‘Unhinged’.

Callow Saints deliver a varied batch of memorable songs that exude energy and passion in their ‘Unhinged’ EP. ‘I Should Run’ sets the EP in motion, seeped in emotional tones as a moving melody drifts upon a vibrant backdrop of crashing drums, elastic bass and strident stinging guitars. The flicker between the zealous guitars and sensual groove on bass makes for a wholly enthralling experience for the verses as it teases and builds in intensity for the gritty explosive chorus. They blend the raw expressive emotion and edgy rock soundscapes perfectly creating a meticulously layered sound. This EP gives a sublime taste of the sound Callow Saints have developed, the tracks are catchy, dark and extremely consuming. ‘E.M.M.A’ is pushed by a driving rooted bass line while punchy drums pummel through staggering, slick, guitar work. The whispered bridge adds a creepy, haunting quality that keeps you on your toes- this track is sublimely mesmerising. Ruby’s vocals command attention- her power and control is masterful as she croons, whispers and bellows with magnificent control. Her sultry vocals for the verses of ‘Ten’ is particularly enticing as steamy guitars whine over a steady beat and sensual bass. Once again they produce a fiery aggressive chorus which interrupts the vaporous atmosphere. That guitar riff is hypnotic and spine chillingly good.‘Kiss Is Bliss’ brings us to the end of the EP with a lighter tone. The riff has a Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ feel while the buoyant rhythm, catchy lyrics and peppy melody lusciously makes this track a sing along anthem. It’s an animated, bright way to the end the EP while still packing in some rock punch.

‘Unhinged’ is a thoroughly satisfying EP filled with all the right ingredients to have you rocking out, dancing and singing with ease. Each track is brimming with delicious melodies upon gritty rough instrumentation with a sweet, swagger soaked sliver of silky sleekness on top. Ruby’s vocals are just sublime and powerful she transmits passion and emotion from every note effortlessly to create enthralling, gripping tracks that are wonderful to listen to but mighty enough to have a nice kick.

Stream ‘Unhinged’ below