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Changing Gears ‘Leave’

Dublin five-piece pop rock band Changing Gears are set to release their new single ‘Leave’ on 22nd June. This peppy energetic number rides in on a wave of vibrant guitar melodies and velvety vocal lines over an elastic rhythmic backdrop. It’s sun kissed irresistible melody floods the track in sweet honey soaked vibes and the guitar injections are just sublime. They playfully weave silky golden strands of bliss between the buoyant foundation and surf-like breezy atmosphere. It’s a glorious glossy number that is infectious and delightful to listen to.

In support of ‘Leave’ Changing Gears will play BelloBar on 22 June make sure to check them out

Stream ‘Leave’ below

Changing Gears ‘Hold On Tight’

Changing Gears are a five-piece pop rock band based in Dublin, who recently have released their new track ‘Hold On Tight’. Comprising of Eoin O’Donnell (guitars & vocals), Colin Reid (guitars & vocals), Steve Power (piano, keys & vocals), Danny Spelman (bass & vocals) and Morgan O’Brien (drums/percussion), ‘Hold On Tight’ was released as part of their upcoming studio album which will be out in early 2018. It is a laid back track that cruises in with sharp guitar jangles and a punchy beat. It’s mellow, sun kissed and hazy with a jazzy piano feature springing up where you least expect it. Smooth vocals and a dreamy atmosphere create an effortless easy-going track with zealous guitar stabs to keep it refreshing. Perfect for summer days.

Watch the video for ‘Hold On Tight’ below