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Chay Snowdon ‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’

Chay Snowdon return with double-single; ‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’.The Bristol based band (Liam Roberts on lead guitar, George Roach on bass, Ed Fox on drums and Chay Snowdon providing vocals and rhythm guitar) have already made their mark in the music independent scene with support slots with the likes of ‘The Sherlocks, ‘JUDAS’, ‘VANT’, ‘The Snuts’, ‘Glass Caves’ and ‘Oddity Road’ as well as performances at Camden Rocks and two UK tours. The band have now returned with two knockout indie tunes.

‘Mon Cheri’ is a brisk swagger-dripping banger sure to set a mosh pit alight. With jangly guitars weaving and striking bursts of vibrancy through foot stomping drums – this charming adrenaline surging track is locked and loaded, ready to make you dance, shuffle and bop. With shrilling guitar whines, rich buoyant rhythms and panache soaked vocals, its a rush of wild indie rock. Riding on high adrenaline instrumentation, this catchy track is a punchy, potent thrill from the start.

‘Sha La La’  is the flip-side to ‘Mon Cheri’s’ energy with its slow dance tempo and delicate brooding instrumentation. It’s sweet, tender and emotional as Snowdon’s warm vocals exude passion and soul. The smooth melody floats gently over twinkling guitars and soft drum taps. A moving guitar feature fills the song with that “hold me close” swoon leading the track into its dramatic classic rock crescendo of heartfelt guitars mourning over punchy drums and sing along refrain.

‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’ are two equally gripping and diverse tracks from Chay Snowdon showing just how versatile these guys can be. Each note leaves you craving to hear more.

Stream ‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’ below

Indie Quick Picks


Genre: 90s rock

Bio: Broncos is a brazen 90s rock band from Brooklyn. Their album ‘Revenge’ is out now.

Track: MOAB

Why We Like It: It’s a jagged riotous blast of rock that thunders in on a feisty foundation of pummelling drums and rugged riffs. This catchy number snaps and hops with an elastic bassline and mosh ready hefty instrumentation- perfect for those sticky bloodthirsty mosh pits.

You can follow Broncos on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/broncosbk/

Stream ‘MOAB’  below

Eraser TV

Genre: Indie

Bio: Eraser TV  are an indie band from Limerick, Ireland. The DIY band comprised of members Cian McGuirk on Lead Guitar and the Vocals, Alan Horgan on Rhythm and the Bass Guitar and Laura Drennan on Drums and Percussion have released their second EP ‘Modern Classic’

Track: (1-800) COAST 2 COAST

Why We Like It: This light golden number features some sparklingly sublime guitar moments weaving between a punchy beat and wonderfully buoyant percussion. The lengthy intro is sweet and melodic and when the vocals do enter the track becomes more heavy. A little obscure at times this track keeps hopping and bouncing along with some jagged injections breaking up the dreamy sun kissed atmosphere.

You can follow Eraser TV on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/EraserTVband/

Watch the video for ‘(1-800) COAST 2 COAST’ below

Hot Soles

Genre: rock

Bio: Hot Soles are a two piece band from Sheffield.Since October 2010, the band have been wowing audiences from all walks of life with their rip roaring, raucous soul vibe.Initially they started out as enemies, but quickly recognised and respected each other’s fighting styles. Realising their core internal rhythm was in sync, they became friends and decided to form what is known as Hot Soles.

Track: Hangin’ Loose

Why We Like It: It a swagger soaked sweat and leather rock track that grooves and strides in all the right places. Raspy vocals add a touch of panache while slick guitar licks and punchy drums give this track that all important strut quality. It’s a meaty number that spits fire and attitude while packing in some slinky grooves and sensual tones.

You can follow Hot Soles on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/hotsoles/

Stream Hangin’ Loose below

Chay Snowdon

Genre: indie pop

Bio: Bristol based indie/pop outfit Chay Snowdon is comprised of members Liam Roberts on lead guitar, George Roach on bass, Ed Fox on drums and Chay Snowdon providing vocals and rhythm guitar. Recently Chay and the lads have smashed their second UK tour, taking their brand of Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll to the ever-increasing crowds, having huge success selling out The Mothers Ruin in Bristol three weeks in advance as well as The Underground in Plymouth for the second time.Other massive shows of 2017 were The British Fireworks Championships and Radio Plymouth’s Bonfire Night Celebrations on Plymouth Hoe to crowds of around 10,000 people. As well as supporting The Sherlocks and Vant at their sold-out Bristol shows, even having time to sneak in their second live session for BBC Introducing in Devon.

Track: ‘Zenobia’

Why We Like It: It’s a catchy track with vibrant jangle guitar striding over a sublime foundation of rumbly rooted bass lines and punchy drums. This radio friendly track is a sweet little earworm coated in feisty attitude with a smooth melody smothered in laid back tones. This track has a young fresh feel with a thumping back drop that is sure to have a live audience clapping along. Filled with hooks from every angle while maintaining a chilled vibe it’s a mature infectious doozy.

You can follow Chay Snowdon on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/chaysnowdonmusic/

Watch the video for ‘Zenobia’ below


Genre: R&B Soul

Bio: PREP came about as an alias for 4 artists with an eye-watering list of credits under their belts. Co-writer and keyboard player Llywelyn Ap Myrddin – a classical composer keen on electronica – began writing instrumentals with House music producer / drummer Guillaume Jambel (GIOM), who has previously headlined Fabric and collaborated with Defected Records. Llywelyn was thrown by the response to these tracks from Grammy nominee Dan Radclyffe, noted for his work on recordings by Drake and AlunaGeorge. Sensing the foundations of a shared musical DNA, Myrddin, Jambel and Radclyffe’s line up was solidified by frontman Tom Havelock (who’d previously been co-writing for the likes of Riton, Sinead Hartnett and Ray BLK), who’s effortless falsetto was immediately apparent as the perfect foil to the band’s airtight grooves.’Cold Fire’ is the title track from PREP’s new EP.

Track: ‘Cold Fire’,

Why We Like It: This funky number glides and strides with an infectious strut quality that is masterful. It’s a tight shuffle and groove that will make you dance and clap along. These guys are just too cool for school. The disco vibes and bold swanky riffs seep and ooze chicness as it struts with a retro sun kissed finesse that will turn any cloudy day into a luminous glow of funky delight.

Follow PREP on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/prepband/

Stream ‘Cold Fire’ below

Tim Brooks


Genre: indie rock

Bio: Solo artist Tim Brooks has released his new single Quicksilver’. Brooks is not your conventional singer songwriter, the artist blends the worlds of Frank Turner, Bruce Springsteen and Gerard Way together, walking the line between acoustic intimacy, and straight up rock and roll.Brooks has played at some of London’s most prestigious venues, such as 93 Ft East, The Bedford and The Half Moon and having previous material aired on local FM radio.

Track: ‘Quicksilver’

Why We Like It: It’s a blistering track laced in shredding guitar riffs with a feisty drum backing. The melody rolls with a hefty punch as Brooks raspy vocals flood the track with a rush of adrenaline. It’s a high intensity number that seamlessly ventures from twinkling and sweet to powerful and mighty.

You can follow Tim Brooks on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/timbrooksmusic/

Watch the video for ‘Quicksilver’ below

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