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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Circus Wolves

Guy Wynn Davies (vocals), Cameron Tetlow (drums), Ben Dodson (bass) Jack Taylor and Jim Ker (guitars) comprise Manchester alt.indie band Circus Wolves who have shared the stage with the likes of The Slow Readers Club, The Amazons and No Hot Ashes. They are set to release their new single ‘No Country’ on January 26th ahead of the band’s highly anticipated headline show at Night & Day in Manchester on Saturday 2nd February.

‘No Country’ is a searing, jaunty swivel of the exhilarating alternative rock Circus Wolves do so well. The five piece whack out the intense high voltage rock from the get go with blistering guitars crashing off dynamic drum whacks while a rooted bass groove rumbles and wiggles creating a sublime fluctuant foundation for this track to soar and ricochet off. With animated jagged rhythms thumping through scorching guitar fondles and smashing solo’s, Circus Wolves have blasted into 2019 taking no prisoners. Dripping in swagger and a gritty rush of adrenaline- this high powered track is locked and loaded for the sweaty live shows. With its catchy laid back melody in tow and powerful vocals adding that final atomic punch- it’s the perfect sweet and sour blend to tantalize your power rock taste buds.

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Circus Wolves ‘Judas’

Manchester five-piece Circus Wolves have released their new single ‘Judas’. Band members Guy Aled Wynn Davies, Jim Ker, Jack Taylor, Ben Lawton and Cameron Tetlow are making a name for themselves with their sound that captures indie rock and roll reminiscent of the late 90’s, early 00’s.

‘Judas’ is a soaring indie anthem. It’s raw and emotional with sweet stinging guitar melodies that bleed nostalgia and passion. Lush harmonies, powerful vocals and sing along fist pumping energy gives an arena worthy vibe. Pulsing drums and rich soaring soundscapes build to a massive crescendo showcasing the hearty full sound of this five piece. These guys were made for big shows and large crowds bellowing out their lyrics at the top of their lungs. A solid anthem from Circus Wolves.

Stream ‘Judas’ below

Circus Wolves ‘Tourist’

Manchester five-piece Circus Wolves have released their new single ‘Tourist’. The band have developed a unique sound combining frenetic guitars with melancholic melodies. Band members Guy Aled Wynn Davies, Jim Ker,Jack Taylor, Ben Lawton and Cameron Tetlow wear their Mancunian influences heavily on their sleeves and share a love for northern soul and 60s rock n roll.
‘Tourist’ is a snappy high powered infectious track. Sharp shredding guitars pierce through the track with kinetic flames of fire while a flexible spring on bass bounces along behind lifting the track. Punchy drums pound throughout while ghostly backing vocals create an eerie spine chilling atmosphere. Stand out powerful vocals add a strong almost theatrically aggressive yet swagger induced quality and when that falsetto kicks in, oh my it’s goosebump inducing. These guys have given us a raw edgy track that exudes rock n roll panache with a Talking Heads- esque element. It’s a feverish blast of blistering alternative rock that marks these guys as ones to watch. Absolutely brilliant.

Stream ‘Tourist’ below