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Super Paradise ‘Sweat’

Dream garage band Super Paradise have released their new single ‘Sweat’. Born in Milan, now based in London, Super Paradise released their debut album Quencebo in 2016. They have since been gigging constantly, played headline shows around London, toured festivals of Italy, supported Warbly Jets and Black Honey, recorded a new single in the Italian mountains and their music has been featured on the latest Ray Ban advert. Their self-defined genre of ‘dream garage’ builds on the edgy energy of the San Francisco psych scene and the soundscapes of New Order.

‘Sweat’ is a delirious skull bashing thrill ride that steam-rolls in at a frantic pace. The dreamy verses wallow in hazy psychedelic hued vibes as smooth reverb laden vocals coo over jogging guitars which waver between steady strides and punchy short blasts. With crashing frantic choruses bringing screaming vocals and a barbaric superb wall of sound Super Paradise dish out one heck of a manic tune. Filled with unadulterated energy in the form of shrilling distorted guitars pummeling off pulverising drum whacks and rooted bass rumbles mangled between a western – esque guitar jog this mesmerising mind invasion is well crafted for a wholly satisfying listen. It’s fierce and vicious with raw garage aggression smeared over luscious dreamy pop elements which resurface for the chilled verses before becoming suffocated and buried under the sublime garage turmoil for the choruses. This intense raging number is one to turn up loud and go crazy to.

Stream ‘Sweat’ below

Smoking with the Bandit ‘Waiting on Your Call’ EP

Birmingham, alternative rock band Smoking with the Bandit have recently released their debut EP titled ‘Waiting on Your Call’. In early 2016, Colby Wilson (vocals), Garrett Payne (guitar), and Daryl McCarty (bass) were performing as an acoustic trio after a previous band had called it quits. Their sound quickly outgrew acoustic arrangements and percussionist Collin Payne joined the group to provide the depth and rhythmic nuance that the trio was seeking. This EP is the sublime result of this.

‘Waiting on Your Call’ is a fantastic debut EP from this four piece. The glorious ‘Peaches’ kicks off the EP. Warm guitar melodies flood the track in delightful glowing luminosity while soft cushioned drums fill the track with a gentle comforting bounce. The vocals are smooth and velvety as the band introduce their delicate lusciously melodic sound that is laid back and such a joy to listen to. The band add a touch of swagger with ’Undone’ which is introduced by a slick guitar riff and shimmy ready beat. This track glides in full of charm and panache effortlessly cruising on sun kissed vibes and oodles of swagger. With a guitar solo that scorches with steaming hot vapour it is groovy,infectious and oh so chic. Title track ‘Waiting On Your Call’ follows. Again this track is beaming with vibrant mellow golden guitar lines and a swaying swoony melody that melts over a delicate beat and spongy bass line. These tracks are made for summer evenings- relaxing as the gentle light of the sun setting shimmers and warms your face. The slick ‘The Cards’ re-announces their shimmy swanky sound. Wilsons vocals exude passion while slinky guitars add a sharp 60’s tinged wobble and dance. The elastic bass adds a sensual mysterious quality while the drums bounce along giving a light playful spring to track. The sweet  ‘Blood Red Eyes’ closes the EP gently with a luscious melancholic melody beautifully sung in a tender emotive manner while nimble jangly guitar once again floods the track with sublime bright vibrant tones. Its a captivating relaxing and utterly stunning track to finish the EP.

Smoking with the Bandit have created a marvelous treasure box of tracks that are so beautifully evocative and sublime you will want to put it on repeat. They have the ability to create songs with refined musicianship that stops time and creates a soothing calming state to fall into. Their subtly intricate instrumentation engulfs you in a world entirely created by Smoking with The Bandit.

Stream ‘Waiting on Your Call’ below

Moon Loves Honey ‘Lonely Day’

Moon Loves Honey is a dream rock band from Aarhus, Denmark. On February 26th 2016 their debut EP ’Apart’ was released on Tapetown Records to great acclaim.Following the release of the EP the band toured Denmark and has since released two singles. One of which was ‘Before I Crash’ which was chosen by Danish national radio as a standout track and was subsequently aired as the band was interviewed by media from cities all over the world, such as NYC, London and Barcelona. Their debut album entitled ‘You Drift Away From Me’ will be released in April, the new material brings their music in a new direction, with the incorporation of electronics and synths, without losing the ethereal vibe. Jeppe Dengsø writes all of the music and records all instruments except for about half of the drum tracks in the studio along with guitars, bass, synths and vocals. Live the band takes on members Ludvig Kastberg on drums both in the studio and live, Albert Burchardt on synths and Johan Gudmandsen on bass. The band have just released their lead single ‘Lonely Day’ from their forthcoming debut album ‘You Drift Away From Me’.

 ‘Lonely Day’  is a swoony dreamy immensely mellow little gem that exudes chill vibes and lusciousness. With a buoyant elasticity on bass teamed with a soft light bounce on drums this track takes you to a groovy cloud of marsh mellowness. Twinkling synths caress the delicate soothing vocals while ethereal guitars lift the track into a hazy beautiful state of utopia. This magical track shimmers with an airy purity and joyous luminosity. The refined production and musicianship creates a track that is laid back- it takes its time giving the listener a smooth creamy angel delight to bop and dance to. Light and fluffy this track wisps around with happy little bursts between the silky scrumptious texture.

When asked about the track Jeppe Dengsø  said: “It’s a groovy, chill and dreamy track about loneliness caused by the absence of someone special. About finding comforting happiness in the sadness of not being able to do anything but think of this person”

Stream ‘Lonely Day’ below

Mason Summit ‘Stick It Out’

21-year-old Los Angeles Songwriter Mason Summit has finished his Homemade Fourth Album ‘Summer Cold’ which is set for release on January 19th, 2018. The lead single ‘Stick It Out’ has been released today. The album follows 2016’s acclaimed ‘Gunpowder Tracks’. In contrast with his previous efforts, which featured ensembles of some of LA’s finest musicians, Summit engineered, mixed, & performed most of Summer Cold himself at home.

‘Stick It Out’ is a light laid back track that oozes bright luminous tones. Summit’s smooth raspy vocals add warmth and a soothing quality. Golden zesty guitar lines sparkle throughout the track giving a sun kissed glow while the elastic bass injections teamed with the punchy drums add depth and flexibility. With swirling soundscapes between the melty melody and blissful instrumentation it’s a luscious slap of positivity and determination. The melody is hazy, dreamy and insanely catchy while the instrumentation floats and bounces around the striking lyrics. With 60’s psychedelic hints and a euphoric atmosphere this track is a charming little ditty that will give a boost on those tough days.

When asked about the track Summit said: “I wrote the oldest song on the record, ‘Stick It Out,’ in August of 2015, right before starting a gap year to apply to schools and finish my last album. The year off was a rough time, emotionally — I was going through a breakup and most of my friends were away at school. But it also turned out to be pretty productive from a creative standpoint.”

Summit is embarking on his first-ever tour of the California coast, along with fellow student and collaborator Irene Greene, in December you can catch him live at:

12/15 The Bistro – Hayward 12/16 Armadillo Music – Davis 12/17 Make-Out Room – San Francisco 12/18 Morro Bay Wine Seller – Morro Bay 12/19 Bang the Drum Brewery – San Luis Obispo

Stream ‘Stick It Out’ below


Voyages ‘New Year’s Day’

Bath family of five, Voyages have released their new single ‘New Year’s Day’. Voyages is the creation of singer/songwriter, Will Walter whose work began in Spring 2017 in his home studio in the West Country. Enriched by psychedelic sounds, Walter’s journey started to create a modern alternative production and a new sound from everything he loved about his record collection before adding a band of brothers together for the ride. The band, who now perform and record as a 5-piece, are twins, Will and Tim Walter on vocals/keys, their brother Ollie Walter on guitar, alongside another set of twins in James and Lewis Woods who take care of the rhythm section on bass and drums. Their live show has become a huge part of what they do and they plan to be on the festival circuit for summer 2018. The quintet are about to release their debut EP with five fledgling tracks under the guise of ‘New Year’s Day’.

‘New Year’s Day’ is a mouth-watering luscious guzzle of infectious 60’s drizzled pop with a snappy peppy beat rebounding and vibrantly springing off a melty dreamy melody. With heavenly nectarious harmonies and a golden sun soaked radiance this track is a majestic little ear worm destined to brighten any day. Perfectly placed clap along percussion teamed with laid-back cruising guitars which wind in and out playfully between the melody create a snappy humdinger. Well layered and perfectly crafted you hear a new little jingle with every play. It’s mellow, immensely melodic and Beatles- esque with The Beach Boy’s vibes sprinkled on top. Voyages are ones to watch out for. This track is superb.

“The New Year’s Day EP is based around the mistakes made over the last year and the notion that if you didn’t make any you probably didn’t take enough chances, ” explains Will Walter, who wrote lead single, New Year’s Day originally as a poem, on New Year’s Day. “It was ultimately a stream of consciousness brought on by a goddamn awful year and catastrophic New Year’s Eve party which resulted in loss of phone, wallet and mind.”

The EP is available on all digital platforms as well as pre-orders for vinyl copies which include instant digital download. Visit https://voyagesmusic.bandcamp.com/releases for all info.

Stream ‘New Year’s Day’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Fontaines

Los Angeles based The Fontaines have released their video for their new track ‘Two Bodies’ due for release on 9th June. Continuing the rich lush sound of their previous releases this year ‘Vacant’ and ‘Evaporate’, ‘Two Bodies’ is a sultry silky track that glides with effortless smooth swagger. The silky melody is melty and creamy while Charlotte Fontaine’s vocals coo with a soft soul tinged entrapment. Smothered in a hazy dreamy vibe, it’s a sticky muggy bubble. The fuzzed sharp guitar injections add a zesty sting and almost tropical flavour to this sensual indulgent track. The elastic spring on bass and soft beat gives the track a limber pliable texture. It glides with a steamy heavenly grace that is simply splendid. The Fontaines never disappoint, their sound is so refined and sublime they really are first rate musicians.

Watch the video for ‘Two Bodies’ below

Cameron Avery ‘Wasted On Fidelity’.

Tame Impala’s bass player who is also a singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist, Cameron Avery displays his reluctant romanticism through his new release ‘Wasted On Fidelity’. Its a yearning heart wrenching song of affection that displays some first rate classy musicianship. Giving us a taste of whats to come from his solo debut album ‘Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams’ which is set for release on March 10, ‘Wasted On Fidelity’ is an elegantly presented sway of lush textures giving us blends of tender melancholic tones wrapped delicately with warm cosy nostalgia. Sweet strings soothe and lull with comforting strides of wistful yearning. While Avery’s deep baritone vocals brood and pine with sweet liquid velvety tones. The track glides with feathery effortlessness and such elegance that makes your heart skip a beat. ‘Wasted On Fidelity’ is a lonely dreamy swoony single that is heart-breakingly beautiful while throbbing and oozing longing and yearning tones.
Stream ‘Wasted On Fidelity’ below

RINSE ‘With You’

Indie quartet RINSE have released their new track ‘With You’ . The Stoke-on-Trent lads have been featured on stations such as BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing and Kerrang they have supported bands such as Jaws, DMA’s and Palma Violets on their UK tours and are creating a buzz amongst a growing network of fans.
‘With You’ is dream rock at its best. RINSE masterfully pull off wild gritty rock coated and smoothed off by blissful dreamy melodies creating a brilliantly polished track with just enough raw edge and bite to sink your teeth into. Raspy crisp vocals add grit to the chorus while smooth almost haunting vocals coo for the verse with a soothing eerie quality. Reverb guitars have a sweet tone and add a hazy nostalgic atmosphere that you can loose yourself in. The track explodes with a massive chilling hair-raising bridge that is swoon worthy yet mosh ready, its noisy but perfectly delicately blusterous. Pounding drums and vigorous strident guitars bring the track home as the mellow honey tone on guitar plays throughout sweetening the piercing track. Its an ear-popping infectious track that mixes and blends candied melodies with kick-ass ruckus causing rock.
Stream ‘With You’ below