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Dry Roasted Peanuts ‘Former Child Stars’ EP

Cork based Indie-pop four piece Dry Roasted Peanuts have released their second EP ‘Former Child Stars’. Following on from the success of their debut ‘Sometimes I’ll Stay In/Sometimes I’ll Go Out’ in May 2017, Dry Roasted Peanuts are back with another barn-storming effort. Marc O’Cearnaigh (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), JJ Lee (Bass), Robert McDonnell (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Chris O’Sullivan (Drums) have conjured up a two-track compilation of indie-pop bliss, tinged with punk-rock sensibilities.

One thing I have come to love about this band is their sound has begun to reach a maturity beyond their years and ‘Former Child Stars’ displays this perfectly. ‘Honey + Lemons’ with its depth and musical precision pierces like a proficient swordsman at an unsuspecting opponent. The track progresses slowly with sweet toned guitar and steady rhythm leaving the dramatic effect to the compelling vocals. The lyrics are striking and the bands ability to hold the listeners attention through the narration with subtle instrumentation is remarkable. When the track finally does reach its crescendo it is phenomenal. Warm hazed wobbly guitars stride through a buoyant punchy rhythm creating the ultimate dazed blissful peak to the track. Second track ‘Upstanding’ fleshes out their swagger-soaked strut worthy sound. Once again euphoric golden guitar lines flood the track with sparkling luminosity while a spongy beat cushions you in their dreamy tranquilising soundscapes. With its sweet, delicious tone, for me the guitar melody is the highlight of this track. It’s light, nimble, zesty and infectiously calming. This short little ditty is a gem for sure. I could listen to both these track all day on a loop. This four piece are getting better and better with each release. I’m looking forward to what they have planned next.

Stream ‘Former Child Stars’ below

Young Earth ‘Frequency Illusion’ EP Launch in The Academy 2 Dublin with support from Classic Yellow and Dry Roasted Peanuts

Young Earth held their ‘Frequency Illusion’ EP Launch at The Academy 2 Dublin last Friday night. The four piece pulled a large crowd to the venue as fans eagerly waited to hear the bands instantly hummable, energetic tunes.

Dublin-based alternative rock band Classic Yellow set things in motion with a slick sixties tinged psychedelic rock intro before introducing the vaporous swagger drenched ‘Woolly Mammoth’. Frontman Frank Collins croons over hypnotic instrumentation. It’s a punchy fiery track that balances velvety smoothness almost sleazy psychedelia with grittier brawny rock. “We don’t bite you can come a bit closer we are stronger together” Collins beckons as some audience members hurry to the front. It’s the most effortless attempt I’ve seen to get the audience to engage and the most effective he barely had to try. Now with the crowd in the palm of their hands they croon into ‘Ophelia’, Ciarán Traynor on guitar charming the audience (causing screams every time he approached the front of the stage) with his smiley enthusiasm while fluctuant guitars add a hazy dreamy euphoria to the trippy brooding track. Their set drifting from swoony sways to fuzz filled shimmy ready rock and roll it’s a refreshing listen. ‘Mondays Don’t Mean Anything’ follows featuring an elastic punchy rhythm and energetic bounce mixed with thrilling shrills of guitar distortion. There is something retro and familiar about this four piece. Each track is performed with an effortless classic charm and charisma with a modern twist. They finish their set with ‘Mountain’ featuring a nod to Talking Heads ‘Psycho Killer’ “Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far” lyric in the middle. An impressively professional and panache soaked set from the newly formed band.

Cork’s Dry Roasted Peanuts followed. It’s a set bursting with energy, beer spilling, sweat dripping and hair everywhere and that was just on stage. From opener ‘Cherry’ they flood the room with their bright springy brand of indie. Sharp and zealous each tune oozes electric stamina. With an effortless cool stance, they blend dreamy hazy bliss with fiery punchy blasts creating a power-driven set packed with blistering intense energy. “You’re a beautiful crowd……enjoy alcohol responsibly” Marc Ó Cearnaigh declares to the crowd before the infectious riff of ‘Window Licker’ kicks in. It’s a slick track exuding swagger and warm light indie vibes. Their mature suave sound resonates through the “slower” ‘Honey and Lemon’ which will be on their next EP.  Its a jittery smooth operator packed with passionate expressive vocals, moody beat and sublime guitar lines. With a shredding sick guitar solo thrown in for good measure it’s pretty epic. The raw aggressive ‘Tick’ brings a mosh frenzy of delight among the crowd, girls scream as Ó Cearnaigh introduces the rest of the band Robert McDonnell (Guitar/Vocals), Christopher O’Sullivan (Drums) and J.J. Lee (Bass). Not even a mishap with the mic could hinder their stride Ó Cearnaigh laughs it off in true rock and roll manner and carries on. These guys are a confident bunch of lads and they put on a first-rate show for sure.

Jacques Dutronc’s  ‘Les Cactus’  announces Young Earth. They stroll onstage to launch into show opener ‘Frequency Illusion’. Melody and intricate musicianship is certainly this bands strong point and for those of us who would have heard their music before are firmly aware of this, but the live setting drove the message home. Their tunes come to life live. It’s a vibrant jam-packed set ‘She’s Expensive’ is announced to screams and whoops. Three songs in and the band was sweating a member of the audience shouts up to drummer Ben Mulligan “Take your top off” he replies, “I can’t do that my mam is here”. The crowd dance hop and sing along to every word. It’s an intoxicating blast of bubbly indie rock, each track short snappy and delightfully catchy. In truth, the pace was pretty much flawless throughout the entire set, as the four-piece played their delicious menu of tunes, mixing the sweet tender ‘Bloodlove’ and honeyed ‘Let Go’ (which has members of the audience belting out every word they even sing out the intro) with their darker heavier tunes like ‘Undercover’. From there, the energy only rises further. The band throw some new tracks into the set as well keeping the crowd on their toes and giving them some new tunes to sink their teeth into. Mark O’Keeffe’s sweet vocals coo over the blistering instrumentation their live show brings. These guys put on a tight show its no nonsense, slick, bubbly and steamy all at once. The hooks couldn’t be hookier, the guitars thrillingly zealous and sharp and the drums fluctuate between peppy and light to heavy. Girls scream manically through the slick rendition of ‘Got a Secret’ before the room erupts with clapping for the bridge. When was the last time we heard as sweet and engaging a guitar hook as the one that powers closing track ‘Worth It’. The crowd joyously bellow the “oh oh oh oh” lyrics back.

Young Earth are definitely a band to keep you eye on. Their knack for catchy tracks will have you suffering from a serious case of stuck song syndrome until you are blissfully frothing the melodies from the mouth. Their highly energetic shredding live shows firmly place these guys on the ones to watch list.



Indie Quick Picks



Genre: Indie/Alternative

Bio: PALAVA are an explosive 4 piece from Manchester with music spanning across the Rock and Roll spectrum.The band consists of members Robert Whitehead (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar),Nathan Keep (Vocals/Lead Guitar),Carl Jackson (Bass) and Oli Hurst (Drums).

Track: ‘Unwanted’

Why we Like It: Its organic punchy indie rock drizzled in warm zealous guitar and a smooth catchy melody. Pummeling drums add fire and ferocity giving a heavy mosh worthy beat that will have a live audience going wild. With a shredding sharp guitar solo it’s a slick little ditty from the Manchester lads.

You Can Follow Palava On Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/palavauk/

Stream ‘Unwanted’ below


 Dry Roasted Peanuts

Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock

Bio: Consisting of members Marc Ó Cearnaigh – Guitar/Vocals,Robert McDonnell – Guitar/Vocals
Christopher O’Sullivan – Drums and J.J. Lee – Bass, the Cork band Dry Roasted Peanuts came together in early 2016 as the end result of a series of ultimately fortuitous drunken encounters. Since then they have been gigging and writing new material consistently, with their wide range of influences producing a fresh and compelling alt-rock sound.

Track: ‘Tick’ taken from the new EP ‘Sometimes I’ll Stay In/ Sometimes I’ll Go Out’

Why We Like It:  It’s a rapid riff driven, neck snapping indie rock track that blasts in with slick formation and sleazy, sultry,gritty tones. Powerful drumming belting against raw potent guitars, it’s frenzy inducing mania that is perfect for the mosh pit.

You Can Follow Dry Roasted Peanuts On Facebook Here https://www.facebook.com/dryroastedpeanutsband/

Stream ‘Tick’ below

Rylands Heath

Genre: Indie Pop

Bio: Rylands Heath is made up of Luton school friends James and Jack who’ve been playing music together since they were 13. They combine their keen ear for melody and knack for huge harmonies with a wide range of musical influences to create snappy, genre-bending tunes, ranging from gritty to outright anthemic. Despite their young age the duo have collectively worked with or played with the likes of Izzy Bizu, Declan McKenna, The Amazons as well as being featured on BBC introducing.

Track: ‘Rollercoaster’

Why We Like It: It’s simple indie pop, sweet catchy melody lush bright tones and warm mellow guitars create a bouncy vibrant track that radiates sunshine. Smooth vocals and lush harmonies give us another sing along friendly, peppy, richly textured track from the duo.

You Can Follow Rylands Heath On Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/RylandsHeath/

Stream ‘Rollercoaster’ below

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