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Lupa ‘Until The Day’

Electronic Rock quartet Lupa have released their new single ‘Until The Day’ today. Drawing on the influences of Knife Party and Paramore, Lupa deliver a composite and dynamic listening experience with their newest single.With a multitude of live performances under their belts, collaborations with some of the best producers and filmmakers within the industry and continued growth across a number of their social media accounts, Lupa are continuing to gain momentum and make an impact with the right demographic.

‘Until The Day’ rushes through on an intoxicating buzz of electronic weaved rock. Flickering synths dazzle with seizure inducing flashes through rapid tightly knit drum beats and exhilarating guitar strides. This track travels at an intense adrenaline rushing speed as the compact rich backdrop thunders forward relentlessly building its sound becoming more heavy for the chorus. The meaty whack of the drum and bass lifts this track into a mosh pit ready banger while frontwoman Livvy M’s powerful vocals command and drive the catchy sweet melody. There is a lot going on in this song with intricate guitar melodies entwining a blazing rhythmic and electronic foundation yet Lupa blend these component parts seamlessly creating a dramatic, elated listening experience.

Stream ‘Until The Day’ below

Watch the video for ‘Until The Day’ below

Mini Mansions ‘Works Every Time’ EP

Mini Mansions have released their highly anticipated EP ‘Works Every Time’. Singer/guitarist Michael Shuman, singer/keyboardist Tyler Parkford, and bassist Zach Dawes are the glorious trinity of Mini Mansions, a band who push boundaries and overwhelm our minds with psychedelic encryption and delicious tunes. The band have played in some of the world’s biggest rock bands, Queens of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets these guys have been flourishing right at the roots of the rock genre readying themselves and fermenting their sound.This new release arrives three years after their second record, ‘The Great Pretenders’, which received critical praise and featured guest appearances from Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and ‘Flashbacks’ a collection  of B-side tracks which was released in 2016. Mini Mansions sound is unique and stirring all at once and places them firmly on par if not above their comrades in intricate obscurity and just plain genius. ‘Works Every Time’ is only a glimpse of what these guys are capable of.

‘Works Every Time’ is a concise, flavoursome collection of juicy tracks to re-introduce us to the mouth watering home cooking of Mini Mansions. Title track ‘Works Every Time’ reels us in with a soft beat bouncing off a swoon worthy melody and glistening keys.Filled with wistful tones Parkford takes the vocals on this track, his sweet falsetto cooing over the breathtaking soundscapes as this song floats around a dreamy ethereal atmosphere while the zesty sting on guitars give a lamenting bite and sharpness to the track. ‘Midnight in Tokyo’ rumbles through with Dawes’ elastic bass line teamed with the sticky slapping beats setting the groove infested foundation as the track spirals into a sleazy swagger smacked number. With Prince like Bowie -esque hued verses and a triumphant catchy chorus this track struts in, slicked back, funk fueled and glossy. Shuman’s vocals take the lime light here drenched in panache and gritty rough flamboyance as flashing disco hued electronics dazzle the background while Parkford provides lush tight harmonies. The rich meaty sound is filled gloriously with zingy guitars weaving their way, flickering little bursts of spice throughout. Parkford takes vocals once again on ’This Bullet’ a psychedelic whirl of utter mind melting mania. He ventures to his ominous lower range while Dawes’ throbbing bass and meandering soundscapes rush you with a sinister sense of danger. This track has a residue of Mister Goodnite’s ‘One Against Five’ with a little more darkness and obscurity smeared on top as alien- esque electronics wail about eerie tones and snappy driving beats. There is something magnetic and hypnotic about this track as Mini Mansions distort and dissolve your entire grip of reality with one catchy dizzying tune. It’s dark and creepy especially when Parkford orders take off your vest“ however it’s difficult to prise yourself away from its chilling charm. Of course the band offer up another stirring cover for us to devour. Having previously embellished our ears with Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ and Sparks ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Mini Mansions dissect and dismember a thrillingly dark rendition of Edwyn Collins‘ ‘A Girl Like You’, dousing it in the gritty sleazy and intoxicating tones we love from this trio. It’s dark as Shuman howls, screams and deeply haunts over whining guitars and flashing electronics. Filled with infectious shimmy grooves this track will make your skin crawl and tantalize all your senses while creeping into your mind where it will firmly reside for days. They did a cover the only way Mini Mansions can … better than the original.

The talent of this band is immense. Each track was meticulously cultivated – simmering and ripening slowly in Mini Mansions pressure cooker until the band were ready to delight and shatter our ears all at once. It’s exciting to see what each release will bring. They never compromise their sound yet push boundaries and provide an enthralling full bodied sound with every release. There is no one else like Mini Mansions out there at the moment. We need this trio to keep music fresh.

Stream ‘Works Every Time’ below


Ten Fé ‘Single, No Return’

London based Ten Fé have released their new track ‘Single, No Return’. Now a five-piece, comprised of Ben Moorhouse (vocals, guitar), Leo Duncan (vocals, guitar), Rob Shipley (bass), Johnny Drain (keys), and Alex Hammond (drums). It’s the first new single since the release of their debut album ‘Hit The Light’ earlier this year. ‘Single, No Return’ is simply euphoric. The five piece have crafted a track that displays their sophisticated refined musicianship beautifully with subtle intricate layers so tightly bound yet spaced perfectly – it’s a treasure. Flickering electronics flood the track with an airy sedative that soothes and numbs the soul. Warm sharp guitar injections add a vibrant sun kissed glow while velvety smooth hazy vocals lull you into a calming sense of comfort. Deeply passionate and delicately numbing, each note takes its time leaving a hushed sense of reflection. The track builds becoming more dynamic and bouncy creating a rush of adrenaline for the crescendo. With a nostalgic sombre drizzled sublime melody weaving free and easy around the pulsating electronics and slow groove it’s the perfect mellowed return from Ten Fé.

Stream ‘Single, No Return’ below

The Jackobins ‘Outside’


Liverpool based four-piece The Jackobins have released their hugely anticipated new single ‘Outside’. The band have taken the UK’s music scene by storm, regionally championed by BBC Introducing Merseyside the band have also received national airplay, with most recent singles ‘Nightfire’ and ‘Hasty’ named Radio X’s Track of The Week and previous singles ‘Waiting On The Sun’ and ‘One More Chance’ also airing on BBC Introducing Merseyside, BBC 6 and Radio X respectively.

‘Outside’ follows their string of smashers. This biting smack of intensified indie, blisters and boils with dark undertones and agonising emotion. They scatter a nice dose of synths over the track which adds a glittery disco vibe. It’s anthemic and breezy with mighty fist pump energy and punch. With an arena ready chorus and pop drizzled melody, it’s an instant indie hit. These guys have a knack for catchy indie tracks but this time they have turned their hand to an electronic fused blend to their sound and it does not disappoint. The electronics flicker in and out of the melody adding flashes of scintillation for the verse before exploding along with crashing strident guitars into the potent chorus. It’s ethereal and blustery, a force to be reckoned with. Another incredible track from The Jackobins.

The band say of the single, “Outside was written about the dangers of solitude. It’s about the kid in school who has no true friends, the guy who is after a girl who doesn’t know he exists, the girl who isolates herself from others because she doesn’t yet know who she is. The track deals with the seductive danger of escaping to somewhere that isn’t real, descending into your own fantasy in isolation. In a world dominated by social media people are becoming lonelier, and often those left on the outside become jealous observers of other peoples’ airbrushed lives. This is probably our darkest track to date thematically.”

Following a successful year of headlining full capacity venues across the country whilst also appearing on some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals including: Isle of Wight, Reading and Leeds, Kendal Calling. Tramlines, Live at Leeds, Sound City, Y Not Festival and Dot To Dot, The Jackobins are set to round off another busy year by returning to the studio and embarking on a new UK Tour supporting The Wholls as well as a  handful of festivals.

Stream ‘Outside’ below

MYA Project ‘It’s All About Imagination’

MYA Project is the alternative, electronic/acoustic pop creation from Dalila Mya. Originating from Europe, now based in Los Angeles, this musical creativity comes from a background of classical training combined with a Sound Engineering Degree. MYA Project is a fusion of electronic and acoustic music, where Trip-Hop meets World Music and Pop Rock. Dalila’s background has seen her work as a Live Sound Engineer, working with artists such as Tool, Depeche Mode, Alabama Three and Massive Attack. Besides her live work, she has worked as a Studio Sound Engineer for several studios in England and the U.S.A., including Abbey Road in London and The Village Studio in Los Angeles. Dalila has her own recording studio in LA where she produces all her works including the new release ‘MK’. MYA Project released the 10-track debut, ‘MK’ on the 3rd of March through Milky Bomb Records and has now released the video for the single ‘It’s All About Imagination’.
‘It’s All About Imagination’ is haunting goosebump inducing euphoria. Subtle electronics seep in with eerie tones while the enchanting luring melody seduces, fused with slow groovy dance influenced beats. Swirling interweaving electronics create a dizzy narcotic effect while a captivating bassline and sting on guitars add a razor sharp edge and rock influence. Funky sway-like rhythm adds an elasticity and malleability to this bewitching track while spacey futuristic electronic flashes add a chilling obscurity. Velvety smooth sweet enticing vocals lead you down a musical rabbit hole of hazy spiralling delirium. With a mind numbing illusion rippling effect ‘It’s All About Imagination’ is an experience that will have you in a trance.

You can watch the video for ‘It’s All About Imagination’ on MYA Project’s facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/myaprojectmusic/videos/10154340559705777/
Stream  ‘It’s All About Imagination’ below


Baum Jr. ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Baum Jr. is a newly emerging musician with an aptitude for creating catchy electro songs with edgier vocals. Boasting a background in rock, this eclectic artist is always keen on exploring electro-synth music from a whole new perspective. His music combines electronic soundscapes, retro synths, bleeps, bloops and blips with glitchy sonic effects, all fused with the familiar warmth of rock vocals and acoustic drums.
Baum Jr. has released his new single ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’. Its a powerful  classic rock ballad-like anthem soaked in nostalgic tones and smothered in edgy sonic effects. Bewitching flashing electronics teamed with dramatic punchy drums adds urgency and fist pumping energy while the vocals burst with vibrancy and stamina. This catchy laser light bedazzlement packs a punch with flickering soundscapes and a lyrical intensity that comes from the soul. Its an overwhelming powerful track that burns with fiery enthusiasm. With an explosive chorus and infectious melody its mighty yet smooth, sleek and extremely well crafted.
Watch the video for ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’ below

MUX ‘Can you see who?’ EP

MUX, a brand new electro-stoner band from London is to release at the end of March their EP entitled ‘Can you see who?’. MUX blend elements of electronica, stoner, trip-hop and punk leaving you in a twisted knot of thrilling euphoric disorientation. Comprised of members Tiz, Paul, and Jonas, MUX present  an EP that is a gripping electrifying enigma fuzzed and gritty and smothered in obscure darkness. The band officially started in the summer of 2016 when Tiz and Paul (drums) met in Brighton, while shopping for souvenirs. They started fighting over a seashell ashtray and ended talking about Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. A couple of months later, the pair met Jonas (Guitar) at a Mac DeMarco concert in Camden. Jonas was headbanging harder than everyone else.
‘MDMA’ kicks off the EP with a creepy sinister shadowy tone. Raspy whisper-like vocals are hair-raisingly chilling while the gritty distorted guitar adds a rough round the edges sharpness. Its like a psychedelic trip that’s freaked you out but still feels good. A rapid elastic rhythm gives a sticky gooey glooping effect. The track becomes more dynamic as it progress with the intense electronics becoming more frantic while the shredding guitar pierces with shrilling ferocity. The electronic woodblock-like feature is a recurring element in the EP’s tracks and it adds a plump texture and unusual refreshing contrast to the dark psychedelic swirling surround. It acts like a conscious anchor keeping your mind from becoming completely engulfed by the musical whirlwind.
‘Gold and Prozac’ follows with shivering fuzzed guitar against a tapping rhythm. The track oozes lurid  gloppy liquid- like electronics that seep throughout the track, broken only by hypnotic trance inducing psychedelia. Eerie dark vocals are ghostly with a theatrical tint of evil. Epic basslines travel through each track providing a weighty beefy foundation to sink your teeth into.
‘Teenage Father’ begins with the sweet request “Kill Me” building into a thunderous mighty headbanger. This frenzy causing hysteria is sticky mosh pit neck-breaking head banging ready. Snapping bass is teamed with a fantastic driving guitar that shrills with blissful ear-piercing capability. Its a blood pumping smashing monster of a track that is convulsion causing derangement but so good.
‘Stray’ finishes the EP with a sensual riveting all absorbing guitar feature, lusty crescendo and  pounding rhythm mixed with electronic blurring perplexity, all bashed out and liquored up leaving you in a glazed mind boggled mush. Blending heavy turmoil with sensual steamy red hot piercing guitar and luring vocals, this track penetrates your skull with relentless soundscapes and acute powerful momentum.
Each track flows fluidly into the next as MUX  take you on a riveting complex journey through their proficient composition and exquisite craftsmanship. Its dark, its gritty and fuzzed with narcotic effects. ‘Can you see who?’ is a swirling invasion into your mind showing you a shadowy kaleidoscope of abstruseness.
Watch a snippet of what you can expect below

Rayne ‘Subject A’


Sunderland based indie, electro ,alt rock outfit Rayne have released their latest single ‘Subject A’ which is taken from their highly anticipated ‘Complex By Design’ album. With well over one year hidden away in the recording studio, Rayne members Ben Potts (Vox/Bass), Adam Dagg (Guitar/Synths) and Steve Naisbet (Drums) are committed to unearthing their very best material to date.
‘Subject A’ is an elevated guitar driven anthem with an epic fist pumping arrangement and soaring vocals that can make you feel like you can do anything. Intensifying synth grooves and dynamic guitars create a massive , galvanic experience that will knock you for six. Blood pumping drums rushes like an elastic speed ball and teamed with the emotional compelling vocals leaves you breathless in a whirlwind rush of swirling soaring musicianship. Its a cool, airy, energetic rapture rock anthem drizzled with dark undertones and mighty walloping hooks.
Rayne will be announcing the full album release details and UK live dates in coming weeks so look out for that. In the meantime stream ‘Subject A’ below

Baum Jr. ‘When I Grow Up’

Hailing from Manchester, Baum Jr. is a newly emerging musician with an aptitude for creating catchy electro songs with edgier vocals. He has a background in rock and describes his newly-invented genre as ‘Next-Gen 8-bit’, calling upon influence from film scores and game soundtracks of the 1980’s. His debut single ‘When I Grow Up’ was released in October and is a re-imagination of a Garbage song, the popular American-Scottish alternative rock outfit founded in the mid 90’s. Baum Jr.’s rendition of the track boasts some restructuring and sonic shifts. In lieu of Garbage’s alternative rock stylings from 1998, Baum Jr. has opted for an electronic pop landscape that’s infused with his signature ‘8-bit’ sound. It is elegantly contemporary while wholly retro.
‘When I Grow Up’ is an electronic composition bursting with thick gooey synths that bleep and bloop with bombastic acoustic drums that create a dramatic backdrop for the anthem-like chorus. With an eerie spacey electronic vibe created by the darkened shimmering synths and elastic bounce and rumble beat Baum Jr. gives us a dramatic swirling electronically bubbling punchy track that seems a little subdued by the tactful, edgy vocals. Baum Jr. has rebuilt Garbage’s song from the ground up utilising a new key and style while effortlessly showcasing his complicated, structured music.

Stream ‘When I Grow Up’ below

James George ‘Make You Mine’

Yorkshire singer-songwriter James George has released his debut single ‘Make You Mine’. The track is a storming two minutes of classic indie rock n’roll showcasing brooding guitars, infectious melodies and shimmering synths. It has already picked up over 10,000 streams online and James George is developing a steady growing fan base.
‘Make You Mine’ is a short blast of garage rock that is sprinkled with enough inventiveness to make it a success. The production of this track is bang on as we are swallowed up in a concoction of shadowy misty synths, steady thumping beats and intoxicating psychedelic guitar. The song creates a dark daydream atmosphere with longing crooning vocals that remain cool and almost detached while the yearning tone on guitar almost wails in pain expressing his longing. ‘Make You Mine’ is full of mysterious tones with an eerie atmosphere. This is a track that will leave you craving for more.
Stream ‘Make You Mine’ below