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Lewis Ross ‘Colder Days’ EP

Lewis Ross is an emerging indie folk artist from Edinburgh who has released his debut EP ‘Colder Days’. Formed from the humble environment of his bedroom in Edinburgh, Ross has been compiling this EP for the previous two years. In regard to his song writing Lewis pays particular attention to detail, this ultimately secured him a position on the indie folx spotify playlist “the best of indie folk 2018”. Reminiscing on pivotal points in his life, Ross addresses some of the universal thoughts and feelings surrounding young love and regret in the EP. ‘Colder Days’ was recorded and produced by Garry Boyle, who is a well-established producer within the Scottish music scene. Lewis has also appeared on radio shows within Scotland after recently releasing his debut single ‘Come On Home’ which has been met with critical acclaim.

‘Colder Days’ is a delicate warm and glowing collection of laid back passionate tracks. The sweet ‘Intro’ sets the tranquil tone of the EP with piano twinkles and lush vocals. ‘Now That You’re Gone’ follows with warm guitar flickering between Ross’ velvety vocals. Each track pulls at the heart strings with its beautiful tender arrangement and graceful string injections. Ross provides us with the perfect chill time playlist – his tracks are constructed with subtle intricate parts providing the perfect backdrop for Ross’ emotional vocals. ’Come on Home’ and ‘Signs of Life’ display rich sublime melodies and marvellous ethereal backing vocals that will have you tearfully swaying with a glass of wine watching a glorious sunset until ‘Hope to See you in the Morning’ lulls you into that final soothing state of serenity. When listening to this moving EP the world stops and all that exists is you, stillness and these heavenly touching tunes.

Stream ‘Colder Days’ below



The Half Light ‘Night On My Mind’ EP

The Half Light are a four piece indie band from London who have returned to the scene in 2018 with new material and a new line up. The band have released their new EP ‘Night On My Mind’, which is being released in full alongside the single ‘Seven Summers’. This release follows the earlier releases of the lead track ‘8th May’ (March 2018) and title track ‘Night On My Mind’ (April 2018). To mark the launch of the EP and ‘Seven Summers’, the band will be playing Clarence Park Festival, Wakefield, on 28th July. The Half Light’s music has featured on radio stations across the country, including BBC 6 Music, BBC London and Amazing Radio and the band were nominated for Best UK Act at the 2015 Pure M Awards. Since forming in 2011, the band have self-released ‘Clapham EP’ (2012) and ‘Moscow’ (2015), which is now followed by ‘Night On My Mind’ EP. Following these earlier releases, vocalist James and guitarist Guy were joined by a refreshed rhythm section, Mike and Martin, to complete the line up and the band entered the studio in London in late 2017.

‘Night On My Mind’ is a delightful triad of glorious indie, swirling between luscious pop melodies and sparkling chimes on keys. Both the title track ‘Night On My Mind’ and ‘8th May’ have been previously featured on Indie Buddie, The former wisping us away with ethereal guitars soaring over breezy soundscapes, punchy drums and a delicious bitter sweet melody while ‘8th May’ shimmied its way firmly into our minds and hearts with its rich rhythm and infectious chorus soaring over glorious guitar work. It was no surprise that ‘Seven Summers’ would be the sweet icing on the cake. Laced in glorious melodies coated with sparkling guitars, sublime bass rumbles and gleaming keys. This follows the vibrantly heavenly vibes of its predecessors perfectly and displays the bands meticulous well crafted musicianship. The track builds to a magnificent crescendo as the guitars slash an illuminating zesty flash of light through the glorious soundscape. These guys have an ability to write heart warming wholesome tracks that hop, bop and tantalize the listeners ears until they are shivering in the corner craving to hear more.

Stream ‘Night On My Mind’ below


Transmission Club ‘The Hour of the Wolf’ EP

Cork-based alt-rock outfit Transmission Club will release their second EP, ‘The Hour of the Wolf’, on Friday, July 13th. Recorded and produced by Chris Somers at One Chance Out Studios, the band’s sophomore release takes the listener on a musical trajectory from the intimate to the anthemic within three tracks. The E.P was mastered by Pete Maher (The Pixies, Jack White, Goldfrapp) in his London studio. Titled after the surrealist horror film by Ingmar Bergman, ‘The Hour of the Wolf‘ delves into themes of isolation and fear of the subconscious, explored through a compelling blend of folk-rock and electronic soundscapes. Formed in 2014 as the bedroom recording project of Michael Prendiville, Transmission Club is quickly becoming one of the most unique acts in the Irish music scene. The band’s diverse sonic palette combines elements of indie, folk and grunge, textured with harmonium, violin, keyboards, guitars, drum machines and loops. Recording takes place in bedrooms and living rooms in Cork, giving the music a raw, untrammelled feel. Transmission Club’s first EP, Salt, was released in November 2015, gaining airplay on The Alternative with Dan Hegarty (2fm), The Paul McLoone Show (Today FM) and on 8Radio. Transmission Club also recorded a live session for The Paul McLoone Show in January 2016. Salt was voted No.1 in The Last Mixed Tape’s Reader’s E.P of the Year 2015 Poll. The video for “Taking Off (Blackhole)” was nominated for a Pure M award for Best Music Video in 2017.

‘The Hour of the Wolf’ is a spellbinding three track combo that enthralls and captivates the listener in its luscious deeply moving soundscapes. From the atmospheric and delicately moving ‘This War’  with its elegance and tender tones nudged by warm guitar twinkles, soft percussion and sweet string strides, this bands sophisticated and deeply poignant musicianship becomes apparent. The band build the track meticulously, slowly brooding as if every breath, every note takes its own pace, gently conveying the heart breaking theme. The track builds to a distorted explosive crescendo which sends shivers down your spine. They write tunes that make you listen, grab your attention and tear your heart out. They do this not only through sweet tenderness but through gritty dark instrumentation too. ‘Taking Off (Blackhole)’ is simply magnificent. Eerie vocals coo over lamenting strings and a dark murky guitar riff. Once again distortion is placed perfectly to add urgency and a sense of dizzying panic through this sublime gripping experience. The elegance of the strings is the perfect contrast to the psychedelic haunting soundscapes. This bands ability to creating wholly enthralling tunes that fill you with emotion from melancholic and sweet to haunting and chilling is fantastic. They execute their instruments with a fine tuned precision that is masterful. ‘The Porcupine Dilemma’ brings us to the end of our mesmerising journey with Transmission Club. It’s a soft little gem that features glistening guitar between emotional, warm vocals while lush backing vocals, a thumping beat and graceful strings  fill out the sound. It’s deeply moving and passionate as the divine melody fluidly flows over the tapping rhythm and delicate instrumentation. ‘The Hour of the Wolf’ EP is a thought provoking well structured treasure trove that fills you with vivid instrumentation, oodles of passion with wholesome melodies running throughout. It’s a thoroughly satisfying and rich experience.

‘The Hour of the Wolf’ will be available from July 13th on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. A limited CD run of the E.P will be available also.

You can follow Transmission Club on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/transmissionclubmusic




Fangclub ‘True Love’ EP

Fresh from their first UK headline tour, Irish rock band Fangclub have released their highly personal new EP titled ‘True Love’.  Last year the trio Steven King, Kevin Keane and Dara Coleman released their self titled debut album to mass critical acclaim and also toured the UK and Ireland with their own headline dates as well as playing shows with Biffy Clyro, Muse, Pixies, and SWMRS. Fangclub have gathered major attention from the press (Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Upset) and specialist DJ’s at BBC Radio 1 (Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, Daniel P.Carter, Phil Taggart), and Kerrang! Radio with their monstrous tracks ‘Bullet Head’, ‘Loner’, ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Bad Words’.

‘True Love’ marks massive growth in the bands sound. The swirling and churning dark tones lurk underneath even the most peppy sounding of the tracks. There is something more sophisticated and painful in this EP. The meaty brain crush blast we are used to once again feature on True Love however they have honed in and sharpened everything from meatier ground shaking basslines and immense pounding drum grooves to slick acute guitar lacerations placed perfectly for maximum impact. Fangclub have us firmly in their grips and they are not letting go. Recent single ‘Knife’ sets the thrilling mayhem in motion with gritty basslines grumbling under slashing guitars and demanding drums. The chilled vocals cool the scorching instrumental backdrop for the verse teasing the explosive chorus we have come to love from Fangclub. Slick basslines have become a staple on this EP as they fluidly flow throughout each track with a sublime rooted groove adding a lusty darkness to each track, like a shadowy thread holding each song together. ‘Heart Is A Landmine’ is where their shadowy eerie tones take over. A moody melody bleeds over a punchy backdrop of slithering guitars whining between a mighty rhythmic bounce. It’s a cinematic tune that could feature in a Batman movie especially with its stirring melody and sublime griping guitar feature. It’s pretty dark and dramatic yet magnificently catchy and climatic all at once. ‘Smother’ brightens the tone of the EP. The guitars become lighter as they zealously inject juicy zest between punchy punk flavoured rock. Its sun kissed melody melts upon the gritty soundscapes like butter as a slick guitar solo and sing along ready chorus slaps on a glossy finish. The “buzz kill” ‘Sweater Forever’ follows. This is my kind of tune. It’s a moody sunny day wallowing blast of grunge that is just magnificent. The drums trudge through a gloopy sweet melody while the piercing sting on guitars lament and soar over this sullen tune. It’s both vibrant and sulky all at once as their vivid use of instrumentation and shaky percussion creates gripping heart wrenching turmoil for us to immerse in. Those twinkling keys add a light innocence through the heavy monotony. The scale of emotion presented through music in this track is masterful and exactly how I hoped these guys would progress. The sheer musical depth containing perfectly timed multi facets glimmering through emotional honest lyrics make for a completely absorbing listening experience. ‘High’ closes the EP bringing everything full circle. It’s upbeat, powerful, catchy and filled with scorching guitar lines. The vocals lure you into the relentless onslaught of crashing drums, brawny bass lines and mouth watering guitar work.

‘True Love’ is a flavourful and tantalizing EP from the trio and proves Fangclub have a lot to offer – they are just coming into their prime.

Stream ‘True Love’ below

Delphina Kings ‘Don’t Think This Is Gonna Work’ EP

Following the release of their singles ‘Lovestruck’ and ‘Kid Calm Down’, Manchester-based indie rock band Delphina Kings have announced the release of new EP ‘Don’t Think This Is Gonna Work’ on 6th July. The release will coincide with an EP release party, which will see the band headline Gullivers NQ in their hometown of Manchester on Saturday 7th July. Support will come from fellow North West acts SUNGLO, RAVELLAS and FLANEUR.

‘Don’t Think This Is Gonna Work’ is an infectious collection of adrenaline pumping indie rock that sizzles and boils beneath your skin with thrilling instrumentation. ‘I’m Numb’ kicks off this scorching mania with shrilling distorted guitars over a punchy rhythmic backdrop of danceable groove infected bass lines and shaky percussion teamed with buoyant drums. These guys exude steamy swagger as effortless cool vocals glide over a frenzied strut worthy buzz of sublime instrumentation and dizzying acid soaked soundscapes. Their high voltage sound fills you with an effervescent whir of intensity as each track whacks out a kinetic energy with a sublime anthemic punch. ‘Electric’ is the perfect example of this. The shredding guitars teamed with spiraling vigorous soundscapes makes for an enthralling instantly electrifying listen. Each track surges with heart racing euphoria from the soaring ‘Like You’ with its slinky funk hued persona drizzled in psychedelia to the luring creepy final track ‘Delirious’, Delphina Kings showcase their slick swagger drenched style in all its glory. ‘Like You’ makes a shift in their sound as they hone in on the sultry psychedelic tones, building them meticulously to create a steamy 60’s -esque trippy number that renders you trapped in its sweet luscious delusions. The soothing gentle vocals coo and caress the melty melody while distorted guitars build for the dynamic chorus. ‘Delirious’ closes the EP continuing the psychedelic tones however taking them to darker more eerie depths. The steady beat and strumming guitar becomes the constant as the wispy melody slips between the sleepy hypnotic soundscapes. Their knack with melodies makes each track easy to sing along to with a delightful ear worm effect that will have them stuck in your head all day while the bands ability to blend genres seamlessly makes the experience instantly satisfying.

About the EP bassist/lyricist Andy Hoskinson said : “We’ve only released singles so far, and we wanted to give people something a little longer to get their teeth into, let them get to know us better”. “An EP isn’t necessarily the done thing any more, it feels rebellious”, adds frontman Chris Gibson.

For more you can follow Delphina Kings on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/delphinakings



Callow Saints ‘Unhinged’ EP

Callow Saints are a female-fronted indie/rock band from Aylesbury. After taking the local music scene by storm, the band rapidly spread further afield, becoming more and more in demand in the Oxford and London scenes. They were voted one of the top bands out of 20,000 entrants to win a slot at the prestigious Camden Rocks Festival; performed alongside the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs, Bryan Adams and The Pretenders at Cornbury Festival, have headlined a packed out O2 Academy in Oxford and had two sold-out EP launch shows in the past two years.The band have just released their latest EP, ‘Unhinged’.

Callow Saints deliver a varied batch of memorable songs that exude energy and passion in their ‘Unhinged’ EP. ‘I Should Run’ sets the EP in motion, seeped in emotional tones as a moving melody drifts upon a vibrant backdrop of crashing drums, elastic bass and strident stinging guitars. The flicker between the zealous guitars and sensual groove on bass makes for a wholly enthralling experience for the verses as it teases and builds in intensity for the gritty explosive chorus. They blend the raw expressive emotion and edgy rock soundscapes perfectly creating a meticulously layered sound. This EP gives a sublime taste of the sound Callow Saints have developed, the tracks are catchy, dark and extremely consuming. ‘E.M.M.A’ is pushed by a driving rooted bass line while punchy drums pummel through staggering, slick, guitar work. The whispered bridge adds a creepy, haunting quality that keeps you on your toes- this track is sublimely mesmerising. Ruby’s vocals command attention- her power and control is masterful as she croons, whispers and bellows with magnificent control. Her sultry vocals for the verses of ‘Ten’ is particularly enticing as steamy guitars whine over a steady beat and sensual bass. Once again they produce a fiery aggressive chorus which interrupts the vaporous atmosphere. That guitar riff is hypnotic and spine chillingly good.‘Kiss Is Bliss’ brings us to the end of the EP with a lighter tone. The riff has a Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ feel while the buoyant rhythm, catchy lyrics and peppy melody lusciously makes this track a sing along anthem. It’s an animated, bright way to the end the EP while still packing in some rock punch.

‘Unhinged’ is a thoroughly satisfying EP filled with all the right ingredients to have you rocking out, dancing and singing with ease. Each track is brimming with delicious melodies upon gritty rough instrumentation with a sweet, swagger soaked sliver of silky sleekness on top. Ruby’s vocals are just sublime and powerful she transmits passion and emotion from every note effortlessly to create enthralling, gripping tracks that are wonderful to listen to but mighty enough to have a nice kick.

Stream ‘Unhinged’ below

The Helters ‘Afghani Super Smack’ EP

Five piece alt/indie band from Wellington Somerset, The Helters have released their new EP ‘Afghani Super Smack’. The band comprised of members Mark Owen (vocals), Davey Roberts (guitar) , Charlie last (drums), Conor Dolan (bass) and Alex Canham (guitar) have been together for two years and have already been featured on BBC Introducing as well as selling out local venues and getting regular plays on local stations over the country.

‘Afghani Super Smack’ is a euphoric collection of tracks that flood with that youthful hazy longing and adrenaline of the Pixies. The Helters’ sun kissed dreamy indie becomes apparent from the twinkling intro of ‘Salt’. They don’t dwell in this delirious haze for long when the track kicks in, it’s edgy and raw as dizzying guitars whirr around punchy drums and attitude driven vocals. The band slap on a breezy biting atmosphere to accompany the pop drizzled melty melody adding bite to the smooth sun-kissed atmosphere. Each track displays new fragments to their melodic guitar elements which at times soars to ethereal heights in tracks such as the blissful exhilarating ‘Four Aces’. The bass in ‘Afterglow’ provides a muscular foundation for the golden guitar moments and showcases the meticulous layering and polished production of the tracks as it contrasts perfectly yet, alone, holds its own captivating elements. The melodies are just sublime as they surge with sugar sprinkled longing and melancholy with an adrenaline heart gripping rush driving it through. ‘Killing Joke’ is another example of the superb bass work as shrilling guitars and rumble on bass create a tense start to the song. It’s catchy and filled with a touch more attitude than its predecessors. This soaring, anthemic, edgy number is the perfect way to end the EP as it is biting, thrilling and dreamy all at once.

‘Afghani Super Smack’ is a fresh breezy effort from The Helters. It’s sweetly melodic, euphoric and anthemic with a crashing blustery instrumental backdrop that is heart pumping and balmy while their surf-rock elements are tight and simply sublime. All the component parts are filled with the classic 90’s era indie that will make you sweetly nostalgic. A majestic EP for sure and one for those lazy summer days.

Stream ‘Afghani Super Smack’ below

All Hope Remains ‘Hindsight’ EP

Four-piece punk rock outfit All Hope Remains have released their newest 7-track EP ‘Hindsight’. All Hope Remains is a punk-rock band taking a contemporary approach to a scene that boomed in the mid 90’s.Forming a little over 2 years ago, All Hope Remains is an amalgamation of members from former Surf Coast bands, LostBoyFound and Driveby Epic. Spending the first chunk of their time together behind closed doors writing and creating their sound before moving on to gigging under the band name Kill The King, which was eventually changed upon finding the name didn’t truly reflect the project they’d worked to build. The EP itself consists of a variation of early songs written at the start of their formation, and songs written more recently, offering an insight into the growth of the band over the past few years whilst remaining consistently tight and mature throughout. Taking influence from bands such as No Use For A Name, Strung Out and Bodyjar, who lead the uprise of the punk-rock scene in the early 90’s, All Hope Remains present a modern interpretation of the music that inspired their development as musicians.

‘Hindsight’ is a fast paced, gritty, guitar driven collection of tracks that pound with the youthful adrenaline of early 90’s punk rock. It’s a brisk EP that flies by in the blink of an eye as some of the tracks are short and sweet. ‘Sorrow Sustained’ sets the EP in motion with accelerated guitars crashing against punchy drums creating a hyper wall of sound for the ethereal melody to rebound off. The track runs along at a snappy pace while jagged start stop injections shake things up a bit ready for that mosh pit mania.‘Tolerate’ and ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ are two short numbers, both coming in at just over 1 and a half minutes of brisk heavy guitars and crunching soundscapes.  The band flesh out their emotion pop punk melodies in tracks such as ‘Bleed Regret’ and ‘These Machines’ as these soft sweet melodies melt over a hefty instrumental bashing. All Hope Remains flood a decent amount of sun soaked vibes through their sound as well as the guitars scorch and shred throughout. The bustling, vivacious punk rock relentlessly ploughs through right to the last track ‘Worthless’. The stamina throughout this EP travels at bubbling, high intense speeds to create a familiar yet refreshing listen.

‘Hindsight’ showcases All Hope Remains’ ability to produce listenable tunes and hefty doses of punk rock with some pop thrown on top to create a distinct and respectable sound that is sure to be insane live.

Stream ‘Hindsight’ below

Billow Wood ‘Can You See Me’ EP

Brand new Irish band Billow Wood (formerly known as Flat Out) are a male/female four-piece who fuse their unique brand of instrumentation with multi-vocals and harmonies. Billow Wood are influenced by Irish and mainstream music and are now moving in a new direction often accompanied by a bass and drums, creating their own unique brand of folk, indie, pop and rock.The band have had a whirlwind of success with outstanding performances across the globe including Ireland, Europe and Africa as well as residency in Raglan Road, Orlando. They have also already performed in Indianapolis and the Irish Heritage Centre in Cincinnati as well as the ” Sláinte Asso” festival in France. The band consisting of Mark O’Donnell on fiddle and guitar, Harry Lawlor on Harp and guitar, Ciara O’Donnell on Bodhrán, flute and whistles and Bríd O’Donnell on accordion recently released their debut EP ‘Can You See Me’ to a sold out EP launch in Whelan’s Dublin.

‘Can You See Me’ is a five track collection brimming with warm, hearty melodies and glorious harmonies wrapped in a tight bow of rich vibrant instrumentation. From the magical twinkling harp opening of ‘Turn out the Light’ it fast becomes apparent this four piece know exactly where to place each instrument to fill out and lushly layer their tracks. The songs flood and surge with affluent textures and heart warming glows while maintaining a folky bounce and energy. The elegant ‘Two Doves’ uses tender harp glitters between cosy fiddle injections while the shift between female and male vocals adds a refreshing contrast throughout.The sweet harmonies blend flawlessly and so perfectly creating a sublime melodious quality that makes their tracks easy to listen to. ‘Hello Hello’ once again buoyantly springs with pure heartfelt passion and joy while filling you with homely vibes.The tracks are filled with that proud to be Irish charisma that is home baked, wholesome and authentic without becoming too cliche. Their tender songs such as ‘The Game’ are sweet, delicate and graceful as strings swoon and glide while guitar sways and the gentle drum taps create a sturdy backdrop for the immaculate vocals to float above. It’s twinkling starlit beauty and waltz ready which showcases a more fragile and sweet side to Billow Wood. ‘Dreamland’ closes the EP with an upbeat rhythmic hop while a pop drizzled melody sprinkles a bright infectiousness onto the folky traditional backdrop.

Billow Wood have created a collection of tracks that warm the cockles of your heart. They surge richly diverse soundscapes into each aspect of their songs to create a wholly satisfying listen. Admittedly folky, traditional flavoured tunes are not my usual cup of tea but this EP was so richly flavoured it was a delightful listen.

Stream ‘Can You See Me’ below


Sundays Always Calling ‘Summer Dreams’ EP

Sundays Always Calling, the solo project of songwriter and musician Chris Gardner is set to release his new EP ‘Summer Dreams’ on 1st June 2018. Hailing from Michigan, Sundays Always Calling was formed in 2014. Discovering his love for music and writing, he released his EP ‘Sweet Sunshine’ in the same year and later released his debut album ‘At Sunrise’ in 2017. Both releases incorporate melodic qualities along with tuneful acoustic fingerpicking which is also incorporated into his upcoming release ‘Summer Dreams’ giving him a distinctive style.

‘Summer Dreams’ is a melodic and sweet collection of tracks that sway and jangle along at a gentle calming pace. Title track ‘Summer Dream’ delicately sets the EP in motion with warm acoustic tones  glowing with the zesty cosiness of subtle country guitar twang injections. The track builds becoming a little more vibrant and passionate. These songs smoothly flow into each other creating a laid back picturesque mellow listen to just relax into. ‘Nights Were Young’ and ‘Warm Night’ are your romantic slow jams as a twinkling guitar fills out the spacious contemplation and delicacy of the tracks. Each song builds nicely becoming more waltz-like or softly vibrant adding lush little shifts and richer textures each time. This EP is easy on the ears and sweetly dainty right up to closing track ‘In The Moonlight’ which brings us to a soothing heart-warming end to this dreamy EP.

Sundays Always Calling ‘Summer Dreams’ does exactly what it says on the tin. It lulls you to a tranquil dreamy state while packing it with golden sun kissed vibes.

Stream ‘Nights Were Young’  below