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Fangclub at The Sound House Dublin with support from The Winter Passing

“Keep an eye out for next year cos something f**king huge is happening” Steven King declares to the crowd amid the sweaty mania and it definitely felt that way on Friday night as Dublin’s Fangclub returned home for their show in The Sound House. The band were excited about something and you could feel it in the sticky air.

Dublin indie band The Winter Passing kicked the night off with their dynamic indie punk tunes resonating through the venue filling it to its capacity with the bands delightfully catchy and powerful tracks. Guitarist and vocalist Rob Flynn jumped literally into the first song as he exuded a mammoth amount of energy throughout the set bantering with the crowd and performing every possible guitar pose. The band whack out a healthy dose of emo-flavoured tunes with a dash of dreamy indie pop sprinkled on top. Throwing in some new tracks along with tasty older tracks like the buoyant ‘Significance’ and the upbeat melodic ‘Daisy’ it was an engaging and enjoyable start to the night. Their sound is hook filled, melodic, hefty and full of gusto and Kate Flynn’s sweet airy vocals contrast the stomping, distortion and gritty background perfectly. There is something for everyone here – meaningful lyrics, a fantastic tight wall of sound brimming with punchy drums, groovy rhythms, twinkling keyboard, shredding guitar hooks and The Winter Passing tie all this together with a compelling stage presence.

The Fangclub trio along with Long Tail’s Ed Scanlan on guitar calmly take to the stage with a suspenseful wail of distortion creating that all important tension and excitement before they whirlwind into ‘Knife’. The universe’s apparent attack to disrupt them throughout their set with technical difficulties doesn’t faze the band, they whack on regardless humorously and lightheartedly joking through the stumbles. There is a glint in their eyes shimmering and blazing behind the mass of hair over their faces. Appearing more comfortable, confident and oozing that rock star quality they are evolving and maturing nicely. ‘All Fall Down’, ‘Follow’ and ‘Dreamcatcher’ from their debut album evoke a massive sing along among the crowd. Kevin Keane jumps, hops and ricochets of each bass slap and groove that he proficiently produces with ease and grandeur while Dara Coleman’s concise epic drumming keeps the crowd at a constant relentless high. Their darkly intoxicating tracks from the new EP ‘True Love’ translated superbly live, better than I could have ever anticipated. ‘Heart Is A Landmine’ in particular was spine chilling, goosebump inducing bliss – Coleman’s drum roll just resonates though your very core. Frontman Steven King oozed effortless swagger and charm throughout the set as he smiled, joked and pranced between Keane and Scanlan. High-fiving members of the audience and shaking their hands the atmosphere was friendly yet electrifying. Each track traveled with sweet brute force. Their vigorous wall of sound wrestling your ears while the smooth melodies caress and entice you into submission. Crashing guitars, distortion, and pulverizing drums create this blood thirsty sound that Fangclub do superbly and its wholly satisfying. The crowd lapped up every guitar strike, drum pound, vocal wail  and every spin executed by Keane. A cracking-ly dark rendition of Babylon Zoo’s ‘Spaceman’ sat snugly between ‘Better to Forget’ and ‘Lightning’ as the crowd moshed, danced and flapped about. New track ‘Viva Violence’ in particular is a spectacular track and one to get excited about. It’s sinister bewitching verses glide easily into the ear while the jangly guitar weaves a golden cheeky thread between the buoyant beat and groovy bass as the feverous chorus explodes with Fangclub’s manic brand of chaotic grunge. It’s well crafted, steamy with a hint of sass through the instrumental anarchy- no wonder the band were excited for next year. ‘Bad Words’ spirals the crowd into a frenzy of blissful turmoil as they prepare for final track of the night, ‘Bullet Head’. Flailing limbs, crowd surfing and beer raining down from a disheveled souls jumping hand among the mosh pit is how the set list ends. Once ‘Bullet Head’ springs into their ears the crowd erupt. ‘If anybody falls pick them up” King shouts as they bash in to a frantic instrumental which ends with King and Keane lying on the stage as a bruising mosh pit worships over them.

Fangclub’s set was mind blowing and majestic. Their live shows exude swagger and fun while the tracks hook you firmly into their tasty  brand of garage rock leaving you craving for more. I’m looking forward to what this three piece have in store for us next year. 

Fangclub ‘True Love’ EP

Fresh from their first UK headline tour, Irish rock band Fangclub have released their highly personal new EP titled ‘True Love’.  Last year the trio Steven King, Kevin Keane and Dara Coleman released their self titled debut album to mass critical acclaim and also toured the UK and Ireland with their own headline dates as well as playing shows with Biffy Clyro, Muse, Pixies, and SWMRS. Fangclub have gathered major attention from the press (Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Upset) and specialist DJ’s at BBC Radio 1 (Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, Daniel P.Carter, Phil Taggart), and Kerrang! Radio with their monstrous tracks ‘Bullet Head’, ‘Loner’, ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Bad Words’.

‘True Love’ marks massive growth in the bands sound. The swirling and churning dark tones lurk underneath even the most peppy sounding of the tracks. There is something more sophisticated and painful in this EP. The meaty brain crush blast we are used to once again feature on True Love however they have honed in and sharpened everything from meatier ground shaking basslines and immense pounding drum grooves to slick acute guitar lacerations placed perfectly for maximum impact. Fangclub have us firmly in their grips and they are not letting go. Recent single ‘Knife’ sets the thrilling mayhem in motion with gritty basslines grumbling under slashing guitars and demanding drums. The chilled vocals cool the scorching instrumental backdrop for the verse teasing the explosive chorus we have come to love from Fangclub. Slick basslines have become a staple on this EP as they fluidly flow throughout each track with a sublime rooted groove adding a lusty darkness to each track, like a shadowy thread holding each song together. ‘Heart Is A Landmine’ is where their shadowy eerie tones take over. A moody melody bleeds over a punchy backdrop of slithering guitars whining between a mighty rhythmic bounce. It’s a cinematic tune that could feature in a Batman movie especially with its stirring melody and sublime griping guitar feature. It’s pretty dark and dramatic yet magnificently catchy and climatic all at once. ‘Smother’ brightens the tone of the EP. The guitars become lighter as they zealously inject juicy zest between punchy punk flavoured rock. Its sun kissed melody melts upon the gritty soundscapes like butter as a slick guitar solo and sing along ready chorus slaps on a glossy finish. The “buzz kill” ‘Sweater Forever’ follows. This is my kind of tune. It’s a moody sunny day wallowing blast of grunge that is just magnificent. The drums trudge through a gloopy sweet melody while the piercing sting on guitars lament and soar over this sullen tune. It’s both vibrant and sulky all at once as their vivid use of instrumentation and shaky percussion creates gripping heart wrenching turmoil for us to immerse in. Those twinkling keys add a light innocence through the heavy monotony. The scale of emotion presented through music in this track is masterful and exactly how I hoped these guys would progress. The sheer musical depth containing perfectly timed multi facets glimmering through emotional honest lyrics make for a completely absorbing listening experience. ‘High’ closes the EP bringing everything full circle. It’s upbeat, powerful, catchy and filled with scorching guitar lines. The vocals lure you into the relentless onslaught of crashing drums, brawny bass lines and mouth watering guitar work.

‘True Love’ is a flavourful and tantalizing EP from the trio and proves Fangclub have a lot to offer – they are just coming into their prime.

Stream ‘True Love’ below

Fangclub ‘Knife’


Fresh from their first UK headline tour Dublin trio Fangclub have have announced the release of their highly personal new EP titled ‘True Love’ along with their new single ‘Knife’. The 5 track EP, set for release on June 29th, is a fiery collection of Fangclub’s unique brand of alternative rock. 2018 has already been a busy one for Fangclub, having toured with The Cribs, Milk Teeth and Nervus as well as rocking the UK with their first headline tour. 2017 was a hell of a year for the band too. Not only did they release their self titled debut album (available now on Vertigo Records) to mass critical acclaim but they also toured the UK and Ireland with their own headline dates as well as playing shows with Biffy Clyro, Muse, Pixies, and SWMRS. Fangclub have gathered major attention from specialist DJ’s at BBC Radio 1 (Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, Daniel P.Carter, Phil Taggart) with their monstrous tracks ‘Bullet Head’, ‘Loner’, ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Bad Words.

Now this track raises the bar. ‘Knife’ introduces a more aggressive mind destroying sound that is just fantastic.It bulldozes in with pure unruly aggro as the rooted bass boils and bubbles beneath a chilled eerie vocal line before the chorus bludgeons you with its crashing wall of sound -screaming vocals and distortion galore. It’s a thrilling, electrifying whack of gritty, rugged, garage rock at its most fermented. The drums bash your skull while the melody still firmly grips the pop infectiousness of their previous tracks however, the intensity is at dangerous levels. I love the energy in this track the destructive, barbaric, chaos churning and coiling for the verses becomes effervescent and erupts for the riveting chorus. This is something special.

Speaking honestly about the music and its lyrical content, enigmatic frontman Steven King said this of the EP.
“True Love is a collage of an intense year that almost ended the band.Last year I became infatuated with the idea of True Love. But not just love of a person. Love of drink, drugs, people, actions & habits. Anything can be your “One True Love” if you let it. Love can be painful. True Love can cut deep like a Knife. “Knife” was my skewed idea of an obsessed love (at the time). It’s the introduction to the EP’s theme. Am I using you or are you using me? I don’t care, I need you. Keep me alive, kill me, keep me warm, make me cold, make me happy, make me sick, wake me up & make me sleep. I don’t mind being chained to you under the blanket of True Love.”

You can catch the band live at the following shows this summer


1st Vestrock, Hulst, The Netherlands

2nd K-Fest, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland


13th 2000 Trees, Cheltenham, UK

20th Truck Festival, Oxford UK

27th Sunflower Festival, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Stream ‘Knife’ below

Fangclub ‘All Fall Down’

2017 was a hell of a year for Irish rock band Fangclub.  Not only did they release their self-titled debut album (out now on Vertigo Records) to mass critical acclaim, including an RTE Choice Prize Album Of The Year nomination, but they also toured the UK and Ireland on their own headline dates as well as playing shows with Biffy Clyro, Muse, Pixies and SWMRS. Fangclub have gathered major attention from the press (Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Upset) and specialist DJ’s at BBC Radio 1 (Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, Daniel P.Carter, Phil Taggart), RTE 2FM, Today FM and Kerrang! Radio with their monstrous tracks ‘Bullet Head’, ‘Loner’, ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Bad Words’.  The trio are now back with their new single ‘All Fall Down’.

‘All Fall Down’ is the trios turbocharged, heavy-riffing follow up that shows these guys are here to stay. It’s a blood pumping, adrenaline fueled anthem laced with the blistering sound Fangclub do so well. Rumbling drums and a running ground shaking bass summons the dead from their graves while the shredding gritty guitars drag you to your knees with an almighty defying fuzz filled rush. With chilled eerie vocals creeping in the infectious melody, this buzzed inflamed banger is a high intensity lightning bolt announcing the exciting return of Fangclub. With a solo that makes your hair stand on the back of your neck and a catchy as hell chorus, it’s an explosive return.

The band are currently writing new material for the follow up to their acclaimed debut album… so stay tuned for more news on that soon…

Catch the band live at one of the following shows:

**With Milk Teeth and Nervus

Mar 21            Crauford Arms Milton Keynes, United Kingdom**

Mar 23            The Underworld London, United Kingdom**

Mar 24            The Anvil Bournemouth, United Kingdom**

Mar 25            The Junction Plymouth, United Kingdom**

Mar 27            Tsunami Cologne, Germany*

Mar 28            Sunny Red Munchen, Germany*

Mar 29            Goldener Salon Hamburg, Germany*

Mar 30            Badehaus Berlin, Germany*

Apr 6               Trinity Ball Dublin, Ireland

Apr 13             Mike The Pies Listowel, Ireland

Apr 14             Cyprus Avenue Cork, Ireland

Apr 18             Roisin Dubh Galway, Ireland

Apr 21             Kasbah Social Club Limerick, Ireland

Apr 26             Whelans Dublin, Ireland

Apr 27             Kavanagh’s Portlaoise, Ireland

Apr 28             Central Arts Waterford, Ireland

May 6             Hit the North Festival, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Jul 12              2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Jul 20              Truck Festival, Oxford, United Kingdo

Stream ‘All Fall Down’ below

Fangclub at Whelan’s Dublin with support from The Wood Burning Savages and Thumper

Whelan’s was buzzing Sunday night as it was the triumphant return of Dublin Garage/Rock trio Fangclub. The last show of the tour they were determined to make it one to remember slotting in an impressive two shows – a matinee for their under 18’s fans and the main show later that night. The stage was dressed with wreathes and green foliage around the drums and mic stands, their logo in place and a sublime piece of artwork for the backdrop, they have upped their game.

Derry’s The Wood Burning Savages kick started the antics. These guys emit an explosive energy with their punk driven rock and roll. With a set brimming with explosive tracks like the swagger driven ‘We Love You’ and the sharp slick ‘Rat Race’ they have the crowd bopping and dancing in no time. Frontman Paul Connolly is an intense performer he hops and jumps rigidly. With guitar kicks and poses he is insanely charismatic and energetic. He whelps and howls with striking fiery attitude while smiley guitarist Michael Woods blasts out some shredding riffs. Their infectious rhythm and slick display for ‘I Don’t Know Why I Do It’ has the crowd fluctuating between grooving and moshing. The tracks are anthemic the guitars frantic and blistering and that rhythm – nimble gritty and snappy. They are compelling to watch delivering a full bodied dynamic set that leaves you craving more. They close their set with the fantastic ‘Thoughts Of You’, now this track was my favourite its intense dark and explosive all at once. It’s one to just go mad to and a fantastic mouth-watering way to end their set.

Noise-pop quartet Thumper followed with a killer live set. Their proficient use of distortion, scalding guitars and punchy drums was mesmerising not to mention the running elastic bassline driving the tracks it was a fierce no nonsense set. It was loud ear bleedingly thrilling. Oisin’s vocals are subtle under the mammoth wall of crashing guitars and pummeling drums. There are plenty of vocal screams and jumping about from both the crowd and the band. Guitarist Alan is a force to be reckoned with he manically wanders about the stage while blasting out piercing guitar lines. Their set is an assault of frenzied punk slapped against bubble-gum pop melodies its quite the deadly cocktail. The crowd loved it heavily moshing and just plain going crazy to every track. The last track sees Oisin jump into the crowd while bassist Joey (who is preforming his last show with the band) smashes his bass off the stage. The crowd swarmed on the stage to gather the remaining pieces of his guitar until nothing was left even a small splinter that was overlooked was swiftly snapped up by an audience member. They removed every trace of his guitar. Thumper’s set ignited the crowd turning the mosh pit into a blur of flailing limbs and tumbling bodies with their speed-riffing tunes.

Blur ‘Song 2’ gets the crowd riled up and ready for Fangclub as they belt out the “Woo-hoo” lyrics. Once Fangclub hit the stage its total anarchy. Kevin Keane throws a mask into the crowd and they blast into ‘Better To Forget’ and the crowd erupt. ‘Dreamcatcher’, ‘Psycho’ only three songs in, and the trio have the crowd eating out of their oh-so-talented hands. It’s all high energy and vigorous sound blasting turmoil as the crowd mosh jump and push. Frontman Steven King, barely looks up when performing, his face hidden behind his hair but when he does he takes on his frontman role zealously. He wastes no time in jumping into the crowd singing and playing in the middle of them. Appearing more comfortable on stage and learning a few new tricks they are adding swagger to their list of qualities. Their set is as fierce and dynamic as ever but there is a change from the first time we saw them a new confidence and slick panache with some stage help at the ready to keep things running smoothly. Kevin Keane and Dara Coleman control the audience like puppeteers by keeping a steady pounding skull bashing flexible rhythm which pummels through the audience making them head bang frantically. With his boyish smile lurking amidst the shadows King takes a sip of water from a cup with flashing lights on it saying “this is what all the strobe warnings were for” before an electric rendition of  ‘Bad Words’. The crowd bellow back the lyrics to each track fist pumping the air and soaking up the trio’s dense brand of garage rock. They dedicate ‘Lightning’ to Kings younger brother who is in hospital, live this track displays the bands firm grip on hooks and melody. They slice through with sharp guitars and strangle you with a melodic ecstasy that hooks you in with its sugar-coated buzz. ’Loner’ is announced to cheers and whoops, it’s raw unadulterated and unfiltered bliss. Naturally crowd surfing happened as King was lifted above the heads of their adoring fans while confetti fell at the end of ‘Bullet Head’. The band returned for an encore with a shredding dark eerie cover of ‘Suspicious Mind’.

These guys are learning new tricks of the trade all the time and each show is gaining momentum and building as they grow. This time around they know how to work a crowd, and the crowd loved it all. People were screaming, beer was spilt, hair was everywhere (I got whipped by someone with dreadlocks) but smiles were aplenty and once again Fangclub kicked ass.

Fangclub ‘Better To Forget’

Dublin-based trio Fangclub have released their brilliant new single ‘Better To Forget’ taken from the forthcoming self-titled debut album set for release August 4th on Vertigo. Formed of singer and guitarist Steven King, drummer Dara Coleman and bassist Kevin Keane, Fangclub have released two acclaimed EPs ‘Bullethead’ and ‘Coma Happy’, toured with the likes of Twin Atlantic and won over a dedicated legion of fans. They have already gathered major attention from the press (Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Upset) and specialist DJ’s at BBC Radio 1 (Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, Daniel P.Carter, Phil Taggart), and Kerrang! Radio.
‘Better To Forget’ is a blazing fiery brutal attack on the senses. Fangclub deliver a massive blow of catchy mighty grunge drenched in an infectious melody and blistering instrumentation. Merciless pummelling drums and crashing guitars create the relentless intensely energetic sound this trio do so well. It’s brisk raging frenzy that consumes you in a bloodthirsty fever of thrilling grunge. The animated elastic bounce on bass keeps a constant rebounding effect while the guitars and drums strike with an instant shot of adrenaline inducing mania. Another mighty track from the unstoppable trio.

Stream ‘Better To Forget’ below

Live Music Review of Fangclub Supported By Vulpynes and Long Tail at Whelan’s Dublin

Offering ear-bleeding rock, raw and unprecedented talent Fangclub descend on Whelan’s Dublin with support from Vulpynes and Long Tail.The garage rock trio assured us last time we met them that their live shows were epic and so naturally we had to check this bold claim out for ourselves.
Vulpynes kicked things off to a fiery start with ‘Sublingual’ they blast the timid crowd with bloodthirsty blustery rock. This duo take no prisoners as Kaz’s drumming ruthlessly pummels through each track while Maeve’s strong fierce vocals resounds over the ruckus like a powerhouse. The beefy depth on guitar and shattering distortion adds a dark lusty gritty texture. They roared through the set with tracks like ‘Bitches are like Waves’ and ‘Break off the Legs’ Vulpynes are not ones to be messed with. This is music for bruised, battered moshing unfortunately a lot of the audience were too timid for the mania however they warmed up as the set progressed. Belting out the single ‘Terry Said’ Vulpynes take the track to a red blooded hair flying all over the place mania. But it was new track ‘Can’t Sit Still’ that showed that this band is destined for big things and are more than capable of holding their own. The track gave me a Jack White ‘Lazaretto’ vibe with an awesome bridge change up. Its one to look out for. Finishing their set with ‘OCD’ Vulpynes rattled the bones off the bashful crowd, warming them up and filling them with dynamic maniacal energy for the acts to come.
An utterly absorbing set follows from Long Tail as they draw the crowd nearer with ‘Waiting’. Displaying a heavier sound live and some snazzy guitar changes. The bright bubbly tracks smothered in positive upbeat tones take a punchy more aggressive role instrumentally while Ed’s vocals and lyrics still flood with dreamy cool motivational vibes. Filling the crowd with go for it attitude the band are met with a comical stage invasion as a member of the crowd jumps on stage and wiggles around like a dizzy lone ranger only to fail in attempt to crowd surf but that didn’t stop him from trying again. Long Tail display a slick tight performance and exude a comfortable swagger on stage that draws the crowd in. ‘Our Star’ and ‘Better Way’ displays glossy melodious riffs with Steve’s elastic bass teamed with Ronan’s punchy drums these guys make performing look easy. The crowd reacts well to each track as Ed banters back and forth a little and seems to sweet talk the crowd into bopping along. Even Indie Buddie gets a nice shout out. Their set finished with the single ‘Your Time’ this peppy anthem sums up the radiant glow and vibrant burst of energy all the tracks on their set possess.
Fangclub take to the stage with an undeniable confidence and breakneck momentum. Swarming into tracks like ‘Psycho’ and the feverish ‘Dreamcatcher’ they leave the crowd in awe and eager to engage in neck snapping frenzy. Steven, Kevin and Dara display electrifying energy that had every one engaged jumping and moshing as they unleashed their explosive sound completed with flashing lights. The rapid pacing percussion is frenzied and boisterous as frontman Steven, croons with raspy gritty intensity giving tracks like ‘Loner’ and ‘Coma Happy’ an eerie spine chilling quality. These guys can put on a show with vigour and roaring enthusiasm getting the crowd jumping and moshing with raging mania. The entire set is professional, slick, fun and compelling to watch as distorted shrill on guitars add a thrilling deafening elation of ear splitting satisfaction. Finishing with an epic crowd surf as Steven jumps into the crowd and they lift him like a heroic champion. What a kick ass performance. Whelan’s was left  more than satisfied with the level of enthralling noise created by all three bands. Who said rock n roll is dead?

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Fangclub


Fangclub are a Garage rock band from Dublin. Band members Steven King, Kevin Keane and Dara Coleman released their EP ‘Bullet Head’ this year and we have chosen the title track as our worth a listen track.
‘Bullet Head’ is an energetic, gritty, grunge rock track that is reminiscent of the 90’s style organic rock. The track begins with an infectious guitar riff intro that builds into a fantastic mosh with pounding drums and vigorous guitars. The verse stalls the mosh and is delivered in a shadowy, cool yet intense manner. With light instrumentation while the vocals are smooth and clear with a slight rasp giving a gritty texture to the track that is enticing. It then explodes into the chorus with dynamic and animated vocals, shredding guitar and thunderous strong rhythm. The chorus is lyrically simple and infectious and difficult not to sing along to. With its punk attitude for the chorus and intense dark verse which has a luring and captivating effect this track shows how diverse Fangclub are.
A Fantastic track which I can imagine is insane when performed live!
You can catch them live at
Jul 24 Knockanstockan Festival,Wicklow
Jul 29 Indiependence Festival Mitchelstown
4 Aug , Whelans Upstairs, Dublin
Watch ‘Bullet Head’ below