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Feuds Self-titled Debut EP

Wicklow indie, garage rock band Feuds have released their debut self-titled EP which was recorded in the Hive Studio, Kilcoole with Eoin Whitfield. This five track EP is a balanced collection of lushly melodic indie and hefty garage with some sunny vibes sprinkled on top. Each track is carefully layered with adequate spacing between intricate lavish guitar lines and meaty rhythms to create an easy going mellow listen with some roughness to keep it interesting. ‘Longer Days’ jump starts the EP. Laid back and smothered in a hazy sun kissed vibe with silky zesty guitars interweaving between a rapid flexible rhythmic foundation – this track springs from subtly sweet to a light moshing banger. Feuds have a knack for tight peppy guitar lines which illuminate each and every track sweeping elegantly with peppy elasticity and glorious scintillation. ‘Nothing to Happen Next’ and ‘Late Forties, Early Fifties’ continue this sublime trait with the majestic guitar melodies playfully intertwining the punchy drums and vibrant bass line. They don’t overdo anything, it’s the perfect blend of everything, exquisite pop speckled melodies doused in a sweet nonchalance with a garage backdrop that kicks things up a little without becoming overpowering. The Lo fi vocals teamed with the utter blissfully dreamy soundscapes this four piece create make their tracks such a joy to listen to while their rumbly elastic rhythm gives the tracks a rippling quality and adds movement and body. ‘When is October 6th?’ is my favourite track on the EP. It’s flooded in subtle tropical tones with a sweet melancholic vocal melody surging emotion throughout. The track unfolds gently into heavier grittier rock seamlessly. The instrumentation is the main focus of this track as it jingles and flutters along joyously before the brawny crashing chorus shakes things up a bit. ‘Left Behind’ brings us to the end of our day dream with Feuds. The twinkling guitar peeping behind snappy drums give the verses a fluid relaxing flow while the tempo change for the chorus makes sure its not too lulling on the ears. It’s slightly more brooding and moody but still packs in some sparkling vibrancy and feathery lightness in the instrumentation to not put a downer on what is a sublime EP.

Impressively crafted Feuds have created a wholly satisfying EP that shows some serious promise from this band. Their tunes are sweetly melodic, woozy, beautifully formed and pack a healthy dose of rawness behind them.

Feuds are launching their EP in the Workman’s Thursday March 22nd make sure to check them out

Stream Feuds EP here

Feuds ‘Anything I Wouldn’t’

Wicklow band Feuds have released their new single ‘Anything I Wouldn’t’. The track was recorded in the Hot Spot, Greystones and recorded, mixed and mastered by Eoin Whitfield. A beautiful ethereal guitar melody introduces the track followed by gritty heavy crashing guitars and pounding drums. The track finds the perfect blend between sweet and sour as Feuds seamlessly flicker between  luscious delicate guitar melodies and heavy mosh worthy soundscapes. Light and twinkly they excel with intricate nimble blissful guitar lines and wispy dreamy soundscapes. You could relax safe and comfortable in the hazy sun kissed, honey coated guitar refrains. The rumble elastic rhythm gives the track a rippling quality and adds movement and body. The simple vocal melody lets the music speak for itself as it encapsulates and wraps you in its dreamy state. When it’s heavy it’s striking and powerful yet still maintains that hazy structure however a little more fuzzed and darker toned. An impressive track from the Wicklow lads.

Watch the video for ‘Anything I Wouldn’t’ below