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Heez ‘This time will be different’ Album

Heez has released his new album ‘This time will be different’. The sensual groovy ‘Aphysical’ kicks off the album featuring sweet vocals from Culture Child. Previously featured  on Indie Buddie this track has R&B soul entwined with  dark clammy sultry flexwave. ‘Whoa there’ is brimming with Heez’s swagger filled attitude and sauve. Sticky beats ricochet off ethnic tinged swirling  soundscapes while aggressive rapped vocals flow with venom-filled vigour. Its cruising slick and steamy while holding a nice bit of punch. ‘Sins’ featuring Trip Carter displays a brighter bubbly side to Heez’s sound. Still oozing swagger and panache from its core this sleek ditty radiates sunshine and good times. Sweet melody caresses the soft beat and gliding electronics. This is the perfect summer tune – cool breezy, sun kissed and catchy as hell. ‘Curfew’ bleeds emotion and passion to a body grooving beat and flashes of electronics. Dramatic and heavy its hard hitting and deeply emotive. With an exotic guitar feature its delicate and balmy and richly textured. ‘Slow me down’ featuring the beautiful voice of Kiki Halliday closes the album with pulsing beats dreamy tones and a delicious arrangement. Its melty melody is delicate and tender flowing with such grace and beauty while still maintaining Heez’s sticky drippy electronics. Halliday’s vocals blend perfectly with Heez’s it’s quite touching and sweet.

Heez has proven with ‘This time will be different’ album that he has a knack with melodies and a refined ear for complex sublime arrangements. At times, its tough and aggressive punchy and dark other times its sweet delicate and touching. He blends these seamlessly creating a unique exquisite album that’s absorbing.

Stream ‘This time will be different’ below

Heez ‘Aphysical’

Heez has released his new track ‘Aphysical’ featuring Culture Child. This sensual groovy slow burner cruises with sharp blips and gooey beats. Coated in a darkened clinging almost gluey electronics with a luring steamy melody this track brings R&B soul intermix with clammy sultry flexwave. This muggy track suffocates like a stuffy room on a hot day with nothing but the gentle refreshing cooing vocals from Culture Child and zesty instrumental twangs acting like a brief cooling breeze.
‘Aphysical’ was recorded by Heez and Culture Child in Heez’s college apartment in June 2016. When asked about the track Heez said “The song is about creating your own world that you want to live in outside of this one and sharing that beautiful experience with somebody else”
Stream ‘Aphysical’ below

Heez ‘Codependent’ EP


Heez has released his EP ‘Codependent’ its a five track meandering labyrinth of intricate electronics churning with dark tones and poetic lyrics. Previously featured on Indie Buddie ‘Dancing’ kicks off the EP with its snappy beat, interweaving electronics and shadowy atmospheres. The heavy hearted vocals add emotion to the track while the rap adds rhythm and gives an edge. The quick synth-stabs which are a recurring feature in Heez’s EP give the track an elastic bendable quality while providing a strong sharp whack beat that has a trance effect. ‘The XX Makes Me Sad’ which we also featured this year is a deep rooted flex wave track that is sticky and muggy in thick slap beats and punchy electronics. The haunting lull of backing vocals give a subtle ghostly wailing effect to the track as if they groan and moan with anguish conveying the depression and sorrow of the track. ‘Cold Soul’ follows with distorted spoken vocals and simple accompaniment drawing the listeners attention to the lyrics. The slight echo and “wah wah” vibration to start has a psychedelic vibe. A strong beat enters giving something solid to hold onto before you slip into a trance. ‘Must Be Love’ brightens the tone of the EP with a catchy pop melody for the chorus. Rap vocals brings an R&B feel while the soft instrumentation has a feathery feel and cheery vibe which contrasts the entire EP up to now and showcases Heez can do happy but his way. ‘Sunday’ is a slick sensual light at the end of the dark swirling psychedelic black vortex tunnel that was the first half of the ‘Codependent’ EP. Filling us with hope for the future and optimism. Its a daydream of hazy sunshine with a hint of reggae thrown in and a brighter glimpse of that whack beat teamed with razor shape edgy guitar and strums from a  warm mellow acoustic guitar.
Stream the ‘Codependent’ EP below

Heez ‘the xx makes me sad’


Heez has release his new singles ‘the xx makes me sad’ . Its a deep rooted flex wave track darkened in a concoction of sorrowful melancholy tones swirling and fusing in heavy thick electronics. The sticky muggy beat slaps and sticks and adds punch while conveying the poetic lyrics of depression and sorrow. The lull of backing vocals give a subtle ghostly wailing effect to the track as if they groan and moan with anguish. Heez performs this track with emotional spoken vocals for the verse and soft velvety vocals for the chorus. Encrusted with a whack beat that focuses the mind on a solid feature so you don’t become consumed by rest of the track churning and interweaving into a black abyss.

Stream ‘the xx makes me sad’

Heez ‘Dancing’


Born in Mexico City, 22 year old Heez grew up in Dallas, Texas and now resides in Downtown Los Angeles. The first story he wants to tell is about codependency and having such a strong connection with someone that both identities begin to blur into one. He achieves this through his debut single ‘Dancing’. Heez embarked on this musical journey from his Los Angeles dorm room while studying music industry at the University of Southern California, finding inspiration from his past heartbreaks.
 ‘Dancing’ was released earlier this year. Its a catchy flex wave track with a snappy beat interweaving electronics glazed in shadowy melancholy tones. The heavy hearted vocals add emotion to the track while the rap adds rhythm and gives an edge. The track is richly textured and portrays Heez’ lyrics poetically while holding a grit and darkened atmosphere. The quick synth stabs give the track an elastic bendable quality while providing a strong sharp whack beat that has a trance effect. ‘Dancing’ presents us with an airy hazy vibe you can loose yourself in while maintaining a bite and grit that gives this track substance and attitude.
Stream ‘Dancing’ below