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FLING ‘Extra Special’

Bradford’s resident psychedelic rockers FLING have released their new single ‘Extra Special’ which was produced by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart at Greenmount Studios (The Cribs, Pulled Apart By Horses, Submotion Orchestra, Snarky Puppy). Known for their wildly eccentric live shows, the burgeoning quintet have already built up quite the following, with their playful personalities seeing them well-received on the festival circuit so far this summer and have earned plaudits from the likes of Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1) and Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music).

‘Extra Special’ is a delicious mouth watering glam pop number brimming with oodles of luscious melodies and fruity components to make for a satisfying listen. This track will have you drooling over its subtle gush of juicy guitar injections and sugar saturated shimmering keys. The laid back almost whispered vocals lure and entice you into this tropical bliss as Charles McSorley sprawls upon the melty melody with irresistible panache and charm while a rich rhythm shimmies and shakes creating a captivating fluctuant foundation for this delectable track. The wandering keys playfully weave between the mesmerising melodies while a glorious stinging guitar glimmers a blazing solo to create a dreamy psyche hued haze over this infatuating tune. This track is well crafted to alert all the senses and surge a sublime wave of tantalising sounds into your ears.

Discussing the single, the band stated: “It’s about that private time of solitude in between the chaos where you choose whatever it is you want to do, whether it be smoking or something else. The moment where you empty your mind from all thoughts and just experience coexisting with someone or something that gets your vibe”.

Stream ‘Extra Special’ below



Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From FLING

Psych-pop glam-rockers FLING have released their new single ‘Banjo Billy’ a bonkers three minute  glam-pop stomp that leads the way for the release of ‘The Legend of Banjo Billy’ EP out April 13th on Dance to the Radio. The release comes off the back of a 2017 that included sold-out hometown shows, playing to a packed Festival Republic tent at Leeds Festival and enjoying Radio support from the likes of Steve Lamacq (6Music), Huw Stephens (Radio 1), Radio X and Beats 1. Describing themselves as ‘Wonky Pop’ the 5 piece from Bradford comprise of Charles McSorley (Vocals), Jack Winn (Guitar), Billy Fielding (Drums), Jake Lees (Bass) and Sam Malynowsky (Keyboards) met at a gig and instantly bonded over T.Rex and David Bowie. FLING moved out of their basement studio to work with Lee Smith at Greenmount Studios (The Cribs / Pulled Apart By Horses).

‘Banjo Billy’ is the perfect blend of shimmering pop with the zesty fizz of indie rock. Laid back and sun kissed this track was made for summer days, sweltering heat and a cold one. With an infectious pop melody melted on top of sharp zealous guitars and rich buoyant rhythm it’s instantly likeable and fun. Raspy vocals glaze over the vibrant melody with a soothing easy going charisma while lush backing vocals fill out the sound creating the perfect sing along feature. It’s a jingly, infectious gleaming number that is smooth to start with stinging undertones. Well layered this track is a refreshing guzzle of zesty indie pop that leaves you craving for lazy summer days.

Stream ‘Banjo Billy’ below



Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From FLING

Bradford wonky pop five piece FLING are back with their new single ‘Bad Day’. This gang first got together at a gig and they instantly found common ground to bond over with their shared love of T.Rex and David Bowie. This led them to waste no time setting up a basement studio and proceeding to write, record and perform their own brand of self-proclaimed ‘wonky pop’. Before long they had a dedicated fan base filling up venues who they affectionately refer to as ‘Flingers’. This has all combined to cultivate a world unique to them, a world which combines the inventive exploration of The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour type wizardry with the youthful fun of the likes of The Magic Gang and Black Honey. In their short but eventful musical life FLING have picked up notable support across the airwaves with Steve Lamacq championing on 6 Music, John Kennedy spinning on Radio X, Matt Wilkinson being a fan over on Beats 1 and Radio 1’s very own Huw Stephens is another keen supporter.

‘Bad Day’ is a wavy shaky and slithering-ly slick pop track so infectious it burrows into your brain leaving you uncontrollably singing along and shimmying to its infectious groove. So cool and chic with swagger soaked raspy vocals fastened firmly on a steamy sleazy melody and thrilling guitar whines and strides. Lush backing vocals add a slap of sass and finesse while punchy drums and psychedelic tinges of swirling synths lure you into a wonky trip of delusion smothered in sugar pop. The desert spaghetti western harmonica intro announces this riveting track perfectly grabbing your attention ready to hook you into this electrifying track. It’s a shimmy ready, scruffy, fun number that has FLING’s stamp all over it. These guys are good and ones to keep an eye out for.

Stream ‘Bad Day’ below

Fling ‘That’s Nice’

Bradford five piece Fling have released their new single ‘That’s Nice’ by revered independent label Dance To The Radio. The track has recently clocked up radio plays with Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq & Zane Lowe. The band were described as ‘off kilter pop-perfection’ by Wonderland and have been garnering critical praise from all areas of the indie world with Steve Lamacq playing the band numerous times on BBC 6 Music alongside extensive spins from Radio X and even Beats 1 jumping on board. New single ‘That’s Nice’ is a sugar coated indie pop tune, smooth and sleek this quintet have created a laid-back indie pop dazzler that celebrates the natural things in life. A smooth hazy track about having sex, it’s blatant, exuberant and insanely catchy. The sultry guitar licks weave between a honey drizzled melody and spongy beat they cruise in with laid back verses and sizzling instrumentation. Its warm tones wrapped in cosy fuzzy joyous vibes and good times. From the opening catchy keys riff to the scorching guitar and velvety raspy vocals its instantly likeable. It’s a natural  floral and wreaths, irresistible homage to the finer things in life put to dreamy sweet music.

Not one to mince his words, Fling’s frontman Charles McSorley explains ”A lot of people write songs that talk about sex or wanting to have it, but not about doing it. So we did one about doing it because it’s nice doing it.”  …….. fair enough

Stream ‘That’s Nice’ below