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We Three Kings ‘Momma Said’

We Three Kings are a three piece blues-rock band from Manchester UK, comprised of members Rich on vocals and guitar, Paul on bass and Pete on drums. After years of experience playing in various touring bands, in 2016 they came together to form We Three Kings and have released their debut EP ‘Embers’. Describing their sound as an original blend of rock, blues, fuzz and noise, their influences stretch across many genres including mainstream and independent rock and blues from all over the world.
The lead track for the EP ‘Momma Said’ is a fine example of the trios gritty fuzzed bluesy sound. Bursting from the start with a hefty beefy riff this track is a booming rough and ready punch of brawny rock. Thunderous drums pound through the track with relentless stamina while the strong roar almost wail in vocals strikes you with rock anthem fury. Its rapid neck snapping mosh worthy rock all bulky and turbulent that will have a live audience in a manic frenzy. A razor sharp guitar solo and frantic instrumental finishes the track with intense energy and might leaving you wanting more.
We Three Kings will be playing live shows throughout 2017, with more new and original music already in the works so keep and eye out for that.
Get the ‘Embers’ EP here https://wethreekings.bandcamp.com/releases
Stream ‘Momma Said’ below



Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Crushed Out

Crushed Out is husband-and-wife team Frankie Sunswept on guitar and Moselle Spiller on drums. Crushed Out’s songs have been featured in VICELAND’s King of the Road, MTV’s Finding Carter, web clips by Clifbar, ESPN, Big Star Jeans, and heard in skateboard videos by Thrasher Magazine, The Berrics, Element Skateboards, and Nike. They’ve toured with Shakey Graves, Band of Skulls, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Social Distortion and Joan Jett. We have chosen their single ‘Love Howl’ from the album ‘Alien Ocean’ released last year, as our worth a listen track this week.
‘Love Howl’ is a riff driven weighty track that roars bluesy gritty rock with a curvy sensual sleekness that is alluring. Fuzzed guitars and thumping almost primal beat gives the track brawny hefty power and muscle. With funky tactile elements that add a steamy gliding slither, its a carnal silky track that glissades with hair-raising swagger backed with mighty thrusting force. Crushed Out manage to blend rough garage rock with slinky seductive bluesy narcotic psychedelia. With smooth luring vocals that develop into yelping and howling its a wild feverous taste of what Crusted Out can do.
Crushed Out are embarking on a UK/European tour you can catch them live at:
Wed 19 Apr Sebright Arms, London, UK
Thu 20 Apr The Shed,Leicester, UK
Fri 21 Apr Box Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
Sat 22 Apr The Grand Social,Dublin, Ireland
Sun 23 Apr Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, Ireland
Mon 24 Apr Bannerman’s,Edinburgh, UK
Wed 26 Apr The Monarch, London, UK
Wed 26 Apr The Thunderbolt Bristol, UK
Thu 27 Apr Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Liverpool, UK
Sat 29 Apr The Full Moon, Cardiff, UK
Watch the video for Love Howl’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Get Inuit

Kent four piece Get Inuit released their new single ‘Barbiturates’ earlier this year. Band members Jamie, Ollie, James and Rob have been fine-tuning their fuzzed-out live show and have supported the likes of VANT, Spring King, The Magic Gang, PUP, Slaves and DZ Deathrays.
‘Barbiturates’ is dynamite of insanely infectious fuzzed up jagged guitar rock, coated with sublime melodic bubbliness. This snappy tense explosive track is bursting with bloodcurdling thrilling screams and frenzy drenched episodes, coupled with razor-sharp shrilling guitar, punchy drums and driving roll on bass. This is almost theatrically contrasted with brief silences and afflicted whispers creating a breathtaking manic conflict. One minute Get Inuit are screaming at you with pulling your hair out frenzy the next calming with gentle eerie whispers and coos. All hysteria and mania aside this dynamic four piece pull out some glorious sweet Vampire Weekend-esque melodies that create a blissful ear-worm effect surrounded by ferocious guitars and robust drums. The vocals on this track are amazing with such height, powerful range and control that will have you in awe. The track finishes delicately with a trembling almost spoken vocal like tidying yourself up after a psychotic enraged episode, all is normal again. These guys are too good.
Stream ‘Barbiturates’ below

Future Lover ‘Dead Soul Dagger’

Future Lover has released a new single ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ Colin Lime is Future Lover, He writes, records, and produces all the music, with occasional contributions from far-out friends. Originally hailing from Indianapolis, and having spent more than a decade touring the country and living in New York, the sound of Future Lover reflects that journey. It evokes a psychedelic trip through inner and outer space, lighting up the darkness and rocketing out into the universe. He calls his sound “Psych-Wave”. ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ is taken from ‘Reverb Tales’, the forthcoming LP out May 2017 on Crystal Cave Records.
‘Dead Soul Dagger’ is a fuzzed kaleidoscopic prism of psychedelic rock swirling with trippy confusion. Opiate vocals sooth with a narcotic numbing effect while weaving electronics act as a wobbly wave like mirage causing a blissful daydream head trip. Razor sharp fuzzed guitar becomes the constant, keeping you from dangerously slipping into the enticing enigma. The shredding guitar riff is gritty and hypnotic with steamy flashes of disorientation. Strong punchy drums give the track a heavy sound that will cause your glazed head to mosh messily and uncontrollably while you become consumed in the dark bewitchment of this fascinating track. Haunting falsetto vocals echo in the background while the track swirls and weaves with liquid blurred fluidity. Let Future Lover dissolve your brain in trippy ecstasy.
Stream ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ below

MUX ‘Can you see who?’ EP

MUX, a brand new electro-stoner band from London is to release at the end of March their EP entitled ‘Can you see who?’. MUX blend elements of electronica, stoner, trip-hop and punk leaving you in a twisted knot of thrilling euphoric disorientation. Comprised of members Tiz, Paul, and Jonas, MUX present  an EP that is a gripping electrifying enigma fuzzed and gritty and smothered in obscure darkness. The band officially started in the summer of 2016 when Tiz and Paul (drums) met in Brighton, while shopping for souvenirs. They started fighting over a seashell ashtray and ended talking about Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. A couple of months later, the pair met Jonas (Guitar) at a Mac DeMarco concert in Camden. Jonas was headbanging harder than everyone else.
‘MDMA’ kicks off the EP with a creepy sinister shadowy tone. Raspy whisper-like vocals are hair-raisingly chilling while the gritty distorted guitar adds a rough round the edges sharpness. Its like a psychedelic trip that’s freaked you out but still feels good. A rapid elastic rhythm gives a sticky gooey glooping effect. The track becomes more dynamic as it progress with the intense electronics becoming more frantic while the shredding guitar pierces with shrilling ferocity. The electronic woodblock-like feature is a recurring element in the EP’s tracks and it adds a plump texture and unusual refreshing contrast to the dark psychedelic swirling surround. It acts like a conscious anchor keeping your mind from becoming completely engulfed by the musical whirlwind.
‘Gold and Prozac’ follows with shivering fuzzed guitar against a tapping rhythm. The track oozes lurid  gloppy liquid- like electronics that seep throughout the track, broken only by hypnotic trance inducing psychedelia. Eerie dark vocals are ghostly with a theatrical tint of evil. Epic basslines travel through each track providing a weighty beefy foundation to sink your teeth into.
‘Teenage Father’ begins with the sweet request “Kill Me” building into a thunderous mighty headbanger. This frenzy causing hysteria is sticky mosh pit neck-breaking head banging ready. Snapping bass is teamed with a fantastic driving guitar that shrills with blissful ear-piercing capability. Its a blood pumping smashing monster of a track that is convulsion causing derangement but so good.
‘Stray’ finishes the EP with a sensual riveting all absorbing guitar feature, lusty crescendo and  pounding rhythm mixed with electronic blurring perplexity, all bashed out and liquored up leaving you in a glazed mind boggled mush. Blending heavy turmoil with sensual steamy red hot piercing guitar and luring vocals, this track penetrates your skull with relentless soundscapes and acute powerful momentum.
Each track flows fluidly into the next as MUX  take you on a riveting complex journey through their proficient composition and exquisite craftsmanship. Its dark, its gritty and fuzzed with narcotic effects. ‘Can you see who?’ is a swirling invasion into your mind showing you a shadowy kaleidoscope of abstruseness.
Watch a snippet of what you can expect below

Crazy Bones ‘Melting’

Toronto-based garage psych trio Crazy Bones have released their new video for the single ‘Melting’, taken off their forthcoming debut EP ‘Cosmic Drips’. ‘Melting’ is a fuzz drenched mind liquefying heavy mosh worthy track. Easing us into their sound Crazy Bones begin with a psychedelic trippy gentle verse which leads into pulverising frantic heavy rock. Hefty drums pound through your skull with weighty abolishing force while shredding crushing guitar solos shrill with earsplitting intensity. Smooth sensual raspy vocals coax throughout the mania of this  psychotic acid trip. Its foaming at the mouth bombardment that is deliriously good and thrilling to listen to.
Watch the swirling kaleidoscope colours of the video for ‘Melting’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Bright Young People

North Wales guitar band Bright Young People have released their new single ‘Suppress Happiness’. The Rhyl 3-piece made such an overwhelming first impression on Gary Powell of The Libertines that he signed them up to his label 25 Hour Convenience Store on the spot after witnessing their near-riotous show at London’s Shacklewell Arms last year. Despite only forming a couple of years ago, rock and roll royalty such as Iggy Pop, Duff McKagan and Glen Matlock have already been singing the band’s praises. Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch loved the band so much he produced and even played on the band’s debut single ‘Liberties’. Bright Young People have also had Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and Radio X’s John Kennedy all playing multiple tracks from the band’s most recent release ‘Sunshine Town EP’. They’ve also previously shared a stage with the likes of The Libertines, The OffSpring and Catfish and the Bottlemen.
This new single ‘Suppress Happiness‘ was recorded and produced by former Vibrators guitarist Pat Collier. Its full throttle rock introduced by the thrilling shrill of distorted guitars. Darkened steamy verses bleed along a woozy hazy rumbling bass. As the brooding vocals add a chilling spine-tingling eerie effect. The seductive guitar lines lure you with a brazen sultry sway-like wispy quality. The track blasts into a ruckus causing frenzied chorus that screams for heavy moshing in a sticky mosh pit. ‘Suppress Happiness’ is a powerful catchy moody explosion of passion and intense emotion with a Nirvana- esque vibe. Its dirty gritty rock that will have a live audience going wild.
You can catch Bright Young People live here
18th February 2017 – Night & Day, Manchester
24th February 2017 – Zanzibar, Liverpool
16th March 2017 – The Monarch, London
Watch the video for ‘Suppress Happiness’ below

Caelo ‘All You Need’

Cape Town alt-rockers Caelo have released their debut single ‘All You Need’. The rock trio have been busy making a name for themselves on the fertile Cape Town music scene since they formed in 2014. The band was initially an experimental two-piece consisting of frontman Joel Bronner and drummer Michael Dickens they soon expanded their ranks to include guitarist-turned-bassist Mat Winfield. Caelo have a knack for dexterous guitar work and an ear for singalong melodies and their debut single doesn’t disappoint.
‘All You Need’ is a headlong rapid whirlwind of fuzzed riffs and grunge pop hooks. Its breakneck style is a slap in the face of pummelling rock with robust pounding drums and razor sharp guitars. Its mosh worthy, frenzy causing hefty rock which lightens for the verses revealing their flair for ear-worm sugar coated pop melodies. This track gives you your cake and lets you eat it, well probably smudges it in your face. Exuding a grunge turbulent attitude with dynamic vocals this track packs a punch.
Stream ‘All You Need’ below

Our Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is Stellify’s ‘Shun’

Stellify are an Alternative Rock / Fuzzy Blues band from London. Band members James Howlett (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Richard Costello (Vocals & Lead Guitar), Carlos Dittborn (Bass) and Daniel Perez (Drums) have been steadily and constantly gaining momentum since their formation in 2011.
Their new single ‘Shun’ is a blues filled, fiery rock track, with deep smouldering vocals and seductive, alluring, elastic bass. When teamed with the rapid persuasive drums in the verse they  compel your body to move. The chorus comes alive with a heavier mosh sound and more dynamic vocals which really shakes things up before the song returns again to the intense smooth tease of the verse. The psychedelic trance feel on guitar adds to the bewitching effect of this luring track.
Stellify are playing a number of shows and festivals throughout 2016 where they will be delivering blues filled fuzzy rock and roll.
You can see them at
JUN 23, The Beer Kat, London
JUL 16, Eailing Blues Festival,Walpole Park, Ealing
SEP 13, Time Out Rising Stars, 229 The Venue, London
Stream ‘Shun’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes in the form of Jackals Rose’s adrenaline filled ‘D.I.D’ (or “Devil In Disguise”)

Five piece Jackals Rose are Jake James, Max James, Darren Griffiths, Zak Simmons and Grant Masters. They are a fuzz rock band from Essex. They have been smashing the live circuit with gigs at the likes of Camden’s iconic Dublin Castle and many more.’D.I.D'(or “Devil In Disguise”) is the second single from Jackals Rose, the follow up to their 2015 debut release ‘All For You’. The track was produced by Nick Gavrilovic (who tours with Placebo). It has gained them a bit of attention scoring Radio X Track of The Week, with plays across BBC Introducing, as well as being made Track of The Day by Fred Perry and Gigslutz.
‘D.I.D’ is a raw Brit-punk track crossed with Indie-rock. Its powerful vigorous guitars, forceful drums and mighty bass creates an energetic frenzy that compels you to dance and mosh. With sharp guitars that has a “The Prodigy” feel with a bit of Kasabian thrown in. The vocals are full of attitude and swagger that draws the listener in. This track maintains a rapid manic tempo throughout instrumentally, however the vocal slows things with its almost moody gritty intense tone making this song extremely easy to listen to and very catchy. The track finishes on a heavy hard core headbanging worthy pounding drums.
‘D.I.D’ is an edgy track that is an absolute must listen!
you can catch Jackals Rose live at :
Jul 22 Tramlines – The Crystal Stage,Sheffield
Aug 06 Party in the Pines, Scunthorpe
Check out Jackals Rose video of ‘D.I.D’ which was shot and edited by Liam Masters, brother of drummer Grant below