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Galapagos ‘Even This Glow’ EP

Galapagos are a four piece indie band from Ottawa. With the release of the debut Potential Space EP in June 2017,  Galapagos continue to create a presence in the Ottawa musical landscape. Their debut charted highly on Ottawa’s CKCU and CHUO stations and topped the CHUO charts in the fall. Ottawa Showbox, APT 613 and PhotogMusic all placed Potential Space on their lists of top local releases in 2017. The band have now released their second EP ‘Even This Glow’ to a sold out show at Pressed.

‘Even This Glow’ is a laid back thoroughly satisfying EP drenched in mellowed out sweet nostalgia. With a retro indie rock feel opening track ‘Wall’ struts in with thrilling sharp guitars laced upon an infectious bright melody and peppy animated drums. These guys deliver a quality sound, richly packed with sublime luscious layers that bring sun kissed vibes to their pure heartfelt tunes. ‘Lungs’ and ‘Jersey’ add a grittier texture into the mix with distorted guitar crashing for the pounding chorus and zealous illumination for the latter track. These tracks evoke a 90’s vibe as sweet melodies and velvety vocals soothe a wistful longing tone. The songs feature some golden guitar moments so mouth-watering and sweet they are like honey to the ears leaving you craving more. ‘Coffee’ takes a darker tone with acoustic accompaniment twinkling between sombre vocals. It showcases a diverse melancholic side to their easy going sound. It’s a soothing track one which takes its time caressing your soul. Gentle and beautiful on the ears it’s truly immaculate and tender. Though their sound is mellow and laid back it is by no means simple, intricate guitar lines weave between passionate vocals creating music that really makes you feel every note, every beat and guitar quiver. ‘Decide’ closes the EP with beaming sweet marsh-mellowness. It’s melodic, utterly emotive and richly nostalgic. Zesty vibrant guitar lines dazzle through a charming delicate melody while a running bass line wanders adding a lavish texture and meaty depth to this superb track.

‘Even This Glow’ is an EP to relax and watch the sun set to. Each track is refined and precisely layered to create a beautifully nostalgic experience that is heart-warming and wholly satisfying.

Stream ‘Even This Glow’ below


Galapagos ‘Potential Space’ EP

Canadian band Galapagos have released their new EP ‘Potential Space’. Band members Adam Ferris (vocals/guitar), Jamie Orser (drums), Matthew Wood (lead guitar), and Gerardo Mantecon (bass) play gritty rock songs laced with Capital City strut and Midwest mosey mixing honest lyrics with jagged guitars and syrupy melodies.

Potential Space’ EP  is a lush bubbly collection of tracks laced in beautiful zealous guitar lines and heavenly melodies blended with some grittier elements at times that keeps the sound refreshing and radiant. ‘Bike’ kicks off the EP with bright sparkling indie soundscapes. Sharp guitar jingles playfully throughout with the sweetest tone and refreshing spurts of zest while the soft beat and honeyed melody glide with a daydream tempo and hazy atmosphere. It’s smooth and soothing while also packing a nice little punch between the dreamy wisps.‘What I Deserve’ bursts with oodles of catchy upbeat guitar lines while the track bounces with a peppy beat and lush melody soaked in a lazy day somber tone. It’s a bopping sway like delight packed with emotion and lush sweetness. Smooth vocals ooze passion while instrumentally this track places you in a mellow state of melancholic peace. ‘Again’ takes a heavier approach. Jagged guitars and punchy drums add a danceable quality and gritty texture. Snippets of distortion give a thrilling dramatic effect while the melody and candied guitar elements glimmer through with bright upbeat scintillation and sun kissed luminosity. A little more aggressive than its predecessors this mosh friendly track displays Galapagos heavier punk-like side with sprinkles of indie pop embroidered on top. ‘Lungs’ closes the EP with tender delicate guitar flickers between acoustic strums and sweet dainty vocals. It’s a twinkling beautiful and emotional track that pulls at the heart strings and places you on a soft fluffy cloud of euphoria. Cool breezy tones, sweet lush harmonies and call and response vocals create a floaty feathery light approach with very subtle hints of flower power psychedelia.

Galapagos ‘Potential Space’ EP takes you on an emotion journey while showcasing their knack for sweet delicious melodies nimble refined guitar work and slick musicianship. It’s a laid back beautiful EP that is perfect for summers evenings or that all important unwind time.

Stream ‘Potential Space’ on Bandcamp here https://galapagos613.bandcamp.com/releases