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Johnny Yuma ‘Rest In Peace’ EP

Minneapolis, Minnesota rock trio Johnny Yuma have recently released their EP ‘Rest In Peace’. The band comprised of members Elliot Heerman on Bass and Lead Vocals, Patrick Irwin on Guitar and Jane “Damage” Halldorson on Drums have created their own brand of Dusty, Dirty, Rock’n Roll that makes for an engaging electrifying listen. From the get-go these guys blast straight into their no-nonsense raw neck snapping bluesy rock. ‘Alabama Woman’ sets the brisk tempo as crashing guitars and punchy drums whirlwind through a stop start pace while raspy vocals expel swagger soaked fiery attitude. It’s one for dizzying confusion of the sweaty mosh pits. The riff driven ‘Knock Knock’ brings us further into their blistering rock and roll as guitars jaggedly saw through pummeling drums while an elastic rumble on bass keeps the track running along. A scorching guitar solo shreds with a shrilling desert hot western vibe while the punchy rhythm trudges along keeping the rapid tempo. These guys exude a don’t mess with me attitude with slick swagger thrown on top. ‘Cellophane’ continues the relentless stamina of its predecessors while smudging a catchy 60’s- esque melody over their rambunctiously ruffled frenzy inducing garage backdrop. Razor sharp guitars once again blister and pierce throughout the track however in this track they have a slinky liquidity to their acidic sting. ’Mother’s And Sailors’ gives us a much needed breather from the heavy assault. This light county twanged ditty gives us another glimpse at Johnny Yuma’s talents. Still energetic this number is more buoyant, sweetly toned and infectiously peppy. Who can resist a cheeky little whistle along feature especially when it’s this catchy. Barn dance anyone?… don’t mind if I do. ‘Whisper’ brings us to a scuzzy end to the EP. It’s fuzzed up, lean and mean, ready for bar brawl rock and roll. It’s grungy rough and tumble with gritty guitars pulverising drums and sneering vocals that will make your blood coil and boil forcing you to mosh and jump about. Fueled by bad ass adrenaline from the deep dark depths of Minnesota these guys whack out one heck of a tune that will slap you in the face at lightning speeds.

‘Rest In Peace’ is an EP for blasting into your ears at worrying volumes while you headbang, dance and attempt air guitar like a boss. It’s a solid, swagger drenched, meaty display from the trio that will rattle your bones.

Stream ‘Rest In Peace’ below

Swedish Death Candy ‘Won’t be long’

London four piece Swedish Death Candy have released their bruising new track ‘Won’t be long’. Band members Louis Perry (Vocals/Guitar), Jiwoon Whang (Bass), Marco Ninni (Drums)and Francesco Codardo (Guitar) create heavy blues dowsed in heavier psych in a giant cast-metal kiln, the end result from this particular forging is a three minute metric tonne of rock entitled ‘Won’t be long’.
‘Won’t be long’ is rough raw garage swallowed up in a hefty rhythm while spitting acidic bluesy riffs.The maddening blues tinged riffs wallop through the track with sensual slick frenzy while the pummelling drums kick out a stomping beat. Its hair raising, thrilling mania that batters your skull with the most electrifying invigorating assault it can endure. Brimming with distortion and oozing cool sweat and leather swagger with massive harmonised guitar choruses and catchy lyrics, its a mighty meaty punch and exhilarating surge of heavy rock. What a track, it has everything you want and more. Definitely a band to watch out for.
Stream ‘Won’t be long’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Crushed Out

Crushed Out is husband-and-wife team Frankie Sunswept on guitar and Moselle Spiller on drums. Crushed Out’s songs have been featured in VICELAND’s King of the Road, MTV’s Finding Carter, web clips by Clifbar, ESPN, Big Star Jeans, and heard in skateboard videos by Thrasher Magazine, The Berrics, Element Skateboards, and Nike. They’ve toured with Shakey Graves, Band of Skulls, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Social Distortion and Joan Jett. We have chosen their single ‘Love Howl’ from the album ‘Alien Ocean’ released last year, as our worth a listen track this week.
‘Love Howl’ is a riff driven weighty track that roars bluesy gritty rock with a curvy sensual sleekness that is alluring. Fuzzed guitars and thumping almost primal beat gives the track brawny hefty power and muscle. With funky tactile elements that add a steamy gliding slither, its a carnal silky track that glissades with hair-raising swagger backed with mighty thrusting force. Crushed Out manage to blend rough garage rock with slinky seductive bluesy narcotic psychedelia. With smooth luring vocals that develop into yelping and howling its a wild feverous taste of what Crusted Out can do.
Crushed Out are embarking on a UK/European tour you can catch them live at:
Wed 19 Apr Sebright Arms, London, UK
Thu 20 Apr The Shed,Leicester, UK
Fri 21 Apr Box Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
Sat 22 Apr The Grand Social,Dublin, Ireland
Sun 23 Apr Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, Ireland
Mon 24 Apr Bannerman’s,Edinburgh, UK
Wed 26 Apr The Monarch, London, UK
Wed 26 Apr The Thunderbolt Bristol, UK
Thu 27 Apr Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Liverpool, UK
Sat 29 Apr The Full Moon, Cardiff, UK
Watch the video for Love Howl’ below

Rat Ta’Mango ‘Let It Go’

Rat Ta’Mango are an Adelaide band who play a unique brand of blues rock, fusing elements of garage, psych and funk. The three piece have recently released their debut self titled EP. The 5 track Ep is bursting with a mixture of garage rock, blues and Latin-jam influences intertwining and blending together while creating a massive raw sound that packs a punch.
It was their first single ‘Let It Go’ that caught our attention. Its heavy furious fuzzed intro teases their garage rock mosh worthy sound before revealing a funky slick verse. The sensual swagger and opulent rhythmic groove and percussion-soaked bounce adds an elasticity and addictive energy to the track. The vocals are passionate and dynamic giving a steamy exhilarating strut quality and confidence. The track spirals into a shredding guitar solo and intense weighty burly headbang. ‘Let It Go’ softens to gentle vocals and light accompaniment before a final beefy robust crescendo to end. Rat Ta’Mango show us how to mix raw gritty bluesy sound with funky sensual guitar licks and fantastic brawny hooks leaving you wanting to hear more.
Stream ‘Let It Go’ below

Val Cale ‘Two People In The Dark’

val cale

Val Cale are a Garage Blues band from Leeds. The band consists of members Tom Lister (Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar), Henry Smith (Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals), Shafiq Dufrene (Bass Guitar / Keys / Backing Vocals) and Sam Hamer (Drums / Backing Vocals). The band has quickly made progress through the Leeds city gig scene, and is gaining a reputation for enthralling, atmospheric and groovy live performances. They claim their music is “capable of reducing the listeners mind to the creamy texture of a head of stout” and they are absolutely right.
‘Two People In The Dark’ gives us a taste of what we can expect from their upcoming debut EP ‘Blackstuff’ which is set for release this September. Its a deep dark swirling concoction of gritty blues and rock with a dash of psychedelia. ‘Two People In The Dark’ introduces itself with a massive attention grabbing dirty blues riff. The track becomes more sensual and luring with an elastic bass that adds an enticing lustful quality and burning desire feel to the track. While Lister’s vocals are raspy and emotion filled adding to the longing tone. The drums keep a flexible tempting beat that teases the listener as we wait for the massive crescendo. The shredding guitar solo adds that touch of psychedelia as it screeches with powerful distortion and is performed with slick proficient and nimble skill.
‘Two People In The Dark’ shows Val Cale’s skillful musicianship, looking forward to their EP.
These guys are ones to watch.
Stream ‘Two People In The Dark’ below