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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Johnny Kills

Following  on from the  success of ‘’Who’s  Counting?͛, their first  release via Killing Moon, Johnny  Kills emerge for the second time  in 2018 with their new tune ‘Seems’.  Earning champions including BBC Introducing,  The Line of Best Fit, DORK, Indie Shuffle and  The Metro plus dozens more tastemaker radio stations  and blogs with their flair for delivering scuzzy pop  off-cuts, the trio are made up of Tim, biological brother  Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings and spiritual brother Cameron Gipp. Aiding them  in bringing their tracks to an acceptable auditory standard is Leeds  based producer and Forever Cult bassist Alex Greaves (TRASH, PLAZA, Seeing Hands)  on production and mixing duties, with Pete Maher (Pixies, Lana Del Rey, Scissor Sisters)  on mastering.

‘Seems’ is a glam rock dash of bedazzlement propelled into a fuzz fueled  garage-rock setting to create a whirlpool of blistering bliss. A pounding relentless bass line forces its punk-esque ego  through the glittery bravado with relentless ground shaking ferocity while the falsetto vocals subdue this pounding with its flamboyant sleekness. This track weaves a wiggly wonky thread through the instrumental battery to make for a scuzzy quirky listening experience filled with angst and vigor.

Stream ‘Seems’ below

Miles Kane ‘Coup De Grace’ Album

Finally Miles Kane has released his highly anticipated Coup De Grace’ album to enrich our ears with his new found sophistication and maturity seamlessly blended among his rock and roll swagger. Appearing more cultured and thought-out this album surpasses 2013’s ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ in both refinement and grandeur. It’s a  glam, psych and pop- faceted prism of beauty that packs in some groovy elements and punk wallops along the way.  Kane has huddled together a team of collaborators for his third album, which includes seven co-writes with Jamie T while Lana Del Rey co-writes on ‘Loaded’ and John Congleton produces.

‘Too Little Too Late’ sets the fiery brisk pace of the album with punk slaps weaving through Kane’s rock n’ roll backbone. The glam rock stomper ‘Cry On My Guitar’, laid back pop sprinkled strutter ‘Loaded’ and snappy glossy ‘Cold Light of the Day’ follow suit adding a new dash of spice with each track as Kane builds his repertoire delicately blending a new genre dimension into his own panache driven branding. Slick, thrilling guitar wails, solos and licks are plentiful and the sultry bass grooves and clap along anthemic choruses exceed all expectations. Kane has found his dynamite team creating an enthralling album with each track cruising into the next with masterful fluidity and fantastic musicianship that makes every song lovable. The dreamy brooding ‘Killing the Joke’ cools the intensity a little as Kane belts out a hard hitting emotional performance to a sway worthy background. The synth element adds a delicate ethereal quality to this tender number as lamenting guitars wander about pining behind an emotional vocal delivery and steady drum thuds. Kane’s knack for melodies has always been apparent and this album is no different- he slides those glorious honey drizzled melodies into our ears leaving us craving for more as they seep into our brains sweetly caressing and soothing their way inside our minds. ‘Killing the Joke’ displays the sweet tender lovable melody while the funky flex that is title track ‘Coup De Grace’ fleshes out his swanky, chic melody. This 70’s – esque Disco Stu jam returns the albums pace to high voltage fun. With slinky guitars and an elastic bass line driving the track into a strutting frenzy – this hook filled gem is timeless and magnetising. The album speed balls into the shouty attitude driven ‘Silverscreen’ before another delicious high powered melodic number, ‘The Wrong Side of Life’ erupts where Kane exclaims over a jagged drum and guitar combination. It’s passionate and quite expressive vocally while the keys wisp and float around a striking backdrop. ‘Something to Rely On’ draws on the raw vigor of the beginning tracks with shredding sharp guitars stinging between punchy drums and an anthemic chorus. ‘Shavambacu’ closes the album with a finger clicking sleekness that creeps in from somewhere dark in the 60’s lurking between chilling and romantic. The chorus breaks up the eerie vibe with a bopping beat and vibrant sweet melody over delicious little flickers on guitar. It’s honest with a ballroom Foxtrot- esque spring in its step, over a sing along simple melody to have you doing a little shuffle to yourself as Kane sings out the album.

Coup De Grace’ glosses and polishes over the cheeky rock n’ roll bravado we know Kane for, with some refined sophisticated flurries sprinkled over a raw and edgy foundation. He packs in a healthy dose of wonderful melodies, sweet and tender moments with some good old fashioned fun and danceable numbers which he swirls into his delectable brew.


Stream  Coup De Grace’ below


Miles Kane ‘Cry On My Guitar’

Miles Kane has released another new track ‘Cry On My Guitar’ from his forthcoming new album, titled ‘Coup De Grace’ which is set for release on August 10. The release marks his third solo album, following predecessor ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ from 2013. ‘Cry On My Guitar’ is a stomping dazzler that struts in loaded with intoxicating guitar whines, thumping drums and swagger laced vocals – Kane has channeled his inner Marc Bolan. This slick frenzy of rock n roll is overflowing in steamy panache as the exhilarating chorus blasts adrenaline pumping stamina into your veins while the cool shimmy ready verses chill the feverous atmosphere. ‘Cry On My Guitar’ sounds like it could have come from the seducing glam rock mania of the 70’s with a modern Kane twist. That clap along feature, vaporous guitar solo and constant groovy backdrop drive this electrifying spectacle. It’s a swanky outburst that is sure to have your blood pumping and live audiences in a crazed frenzy. Once again Kane produces a chic riveting number that will have you dancing, attempting air guitar and just feeling like a bad ass.

Stream ‘Cry On My Guitar’ below


FLING ‘Extra Special’

Bradford’s resident psychedelic rockers FLING have released their new single ‘Extra Special’ which was produced by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart at Greenmount Studios (The Cribs, Pulled Apart By Horses, Submotion Orchestra, Snarky Puppy). Known for their wildly eccentric live shows, the burgeoning quintet have already built up quite the following, with their playful personalities seeing them well-received on the festival circuit so far this summer and have earned plaudits from the likes of Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1) and Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music).

‘Extra Special’ is a delicious mouth watering glam pop number brimming with oodles of luscious melodies and fruity components to make for a satisfying listen. This track will have you drooling over its subtle gush of juicy guitar injections and sugar saturated shimmering keys. The laid back almost whispered vocals lure and entice you into this tropical bliss as Charles McSorley sprawls upon the melty melody with irresistible panache and charm while a rich rhythm shimmies and shakes creating a captivating fluctuant foundation for this delectable track. The wandering keys playfully weave between the mesmerising melodies while a glorious stinging guitar glimmers a blazing solo to create a dreamy psyche hued haze over this infatuating tune. This track is well crafted to alert all the senses and surge a sublime wave of tantalising sounds into your ears.

Discussing the single, the band stated: “It’s about that private time of solitude in between the chaos where you choose whatever it is you want to do, whether it be smoking or something else. The moment where you empty your mind from all thoughts and just experience coexisting with someone or something that gets your vibe”.

Stream ‘Extra Special’ below



Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From BØRNS 


BØRNS is the stage name of American singer songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Garrett Borns. Borns released his second album ‘Blue Madonna’ earlier this year and I have been obsessed with the track ‘We Don’t Care’ ever since. Joined once again by producer Tommy English, Borns takes the delicious indie synth pop from his ‘Dopamine’ debut and fleshes it out blending in some dreamy, psychedelic, electric pop flavours along with a dash of glam sprinkled rock and roll which we see in ‘We Don’t Care’.  Its walloping Bo Diddley rhythm drives the infectious groove creating a Will Young ‘Switch It On’ – esque danceable foundation while jangly guitars slide and glide upon this sublime jittery backdrop. Borns’ nectarous vocals slither between a whisper for the enticing verses and lush falsetto for the infectious chorus. The melody is juicy and sweet honey to the ears. The sugary electronics swirl and seep between the clap along beat and fuzz filled guitar spreading a candied lusciousness throughout this electrifying gem. The layering is sublime and the track slowly builds in intensity to a dynamic feverous crescendo. It’s a slick swagger soaked display that struts with smooth precision in every note making for a consuming, enthralling and enjoyable experience. ‘We Don’t Care’ is an ear-worm you won’t be able to prise out of your mind as you dance and flop around the room.

Watch the video for ‘We Don’t Care’ below

Dan Rico ‘Flesh & Bone’

Chicago Singer Songwriter Dan Rico has released his new 7″ called ‘Flesh & Bone’. Its three tracks back in time to all things glam rock, vintage pop and beautiful. It’s a timeless collection that rewinds all the hustle and bustle and brings you swagger and slickness suave at its best. ‘Flesh & Bone’ resurrects Mark Bolan in all his glam rock strutting fineness. Its gritty riff driven and smooth as hell. Snappy and thrilling with lush backing vocals teamed with Rico’s oh so smooth vocal croons its like it could be a T-REX track. With steamy guitar licks and a shimmy ready flamboyance its sure to get those hips shaking and feet tapping.  ‘Gold Volvo’ is just beautiful. Sweet vocals and luscious melody glide immaculately together while jangly guitar blasts bright rays of sunshine into this hazy dreamy track. Gentle and soothing its a sun kissed heart felt sublime tune that oozes nostalgia. ‘Anyway You Want Me’ continues this timeless laid back sentimentality. With a delicious pop melody smothered on a rock and roll slow jam this track cruises and glides with charm and charisma. It is so mellow and easy-going with a clap along rhythm and danceable chorus, Rico knows how to write some infectious tunes. Perfect for hazy lazy days in the sun.

Stream ‘Flesh & Bone’ below

The VEX ‘Living In The’

Rock band The VEX have released their new single ‘Living In The’. The VEX came into being while on tour in Moscow with a previous band, the schisms in the group were made apparent by an offer of management from one Adam Ant. The faction that opposed the deal broke away to form The VEX, playing their debut gig at Moscow’s BlastFest, where the only thing that wasn’t ice-cold was, typically, the band’s beer rider. Josh (guitar/vox), Jacko (guitar/vox), Andrew (bass) and Joshua (drums) soon honed a sound inspired by the classic roots and rock of both Kingston, Jamaica, and London, England. Dealing in dirty guitars and big beats, played with passion and precision, the quartet’s heavy rocksteady sonics became a draw on both sides of the Thames, their ferocious shows earning them a rep as one of the best live bands on the circuit. The new single ‘Living In The’ is the lead track from the bands eponymous self titled third EP set for release April 21st.
‘Living In The’ is a boisterous rough and tumble punch of mighty rock smothered with strut worthy swagger and flamboyance. Right from the start The VEX blast us with their blend of ska-punk. Razor sharp jagged guitar pierces through the track while the elastic stretchy bass gives the track a wobbly flexibility that will have hips moving and grooving in no time. The track leads to a shredding stinging guitar solo that is thrilling and wild. The robust kick drum pounds with a mighty brawn while it prances with panache and slick attitude. Insanely catchy this mighty track steam rolls in with glam rock charisma and charm while slapping you in the face with their riotous attitude. The VEX hit hard and they cut deep.
When asked about the track The VEX frontman Jacko explains:
“Inspired by the wonderful words of English philosopher Alan Watts, who has become a huge influence of mine, ‘Living In The’ is about existing in an eternal NOW. It’s all there ever has been and all there ever will be. With today’s mobile phone culture, it sadly seems more important to photograph or record an event than to be totally present and take it all in. As the song’s title suggests, we play and feel the NOW.”
Stream Living In The’ below

Maker ‘Move Your Feet’ EP

Maker are a four piece rock n roll band from Kent. They deliver psychedelic bluesy punch stirred with a fist full of soul. Band members Alessandro Marinelli (Vocals), Andrew Donaldson (Guitar), Gavin Donaldson (Drums) & John Austin (Bass) have just played to a sold out crowd at Rebellion Manchester as main support for ‘The Slydigs’ who have recently returned from touring North America and Europe with ‘The Who’. Maker have also supported ‘Ocean Colour Scene’, ‘Pete Doherty’ and shared the festival bills and main stages with the likes of ‘Dizzee Rascal’, ‘The Cribs’, ‘Mark Ronson’ and ‘Supergrass’. Maker have recently released their new five track EP ‘Move Your Feet’ through Kidda Records. The EP was recorded at the famous Rockfield studio and produced by the band themselves along with Nick Brine, whose previous production and engineering credits include, Oasis, Stone Roses, The Darkness, and Seasick Steve.
‘Move Your Feet’ EP drips with old school slick swagger and fine musicianship. Maker cruise between genres effortlessly bringing their own fresh sound that is polished and so smooth you could slip on it while maintaining an edge and gritty rawness. Title track ‘Move You Feet’ kicks the EP off with a gritty bluesy guitar riff, its swagger infused funky rock. With sensual bass, soaring backing vocals and strut like bravado this track exudes attitude and infectious groove. Luring you to the dance floor with cheeky charm this track will have you dancing in seconds. Raspy dynamic vocals add warmth with punchy drums adding brawn and power to this mighty track. ‘Dead Ends & Avenues’ is a dirty riff driven snappy track smothered with slick guitar licks and prancing smoulder. Sensually cool this track boasts phenomenal musicianship, wait for the shredding guitar solo its steamy and spine tingling good. ‘Happening’ gives us a splash of 60’s groovy shimmy. Once again amazing guitar features mixed with sassy vocals its attitude drenched and insanely catchy leaving you dancing all night. ‘Quick Getaway’ features  heavy lusty riffs that gives swagger and panache while powerful meaty drums pound adding brawn to the sultry track. Blistering guitars spice up the track building to a fever inducing mosh worthy instrumental. ‘Get Me Through’ brings us to a twanging end of the EP. This track jingles and clangs with country elements. With a jazzy piano feature and soaked in country its straw rolling, hay bailing, boots and banjos fun. Smoother vocals and softer guitar teamed with rapid rhythm its cowboy in a desert mixed with rock and roll. A solid EP from Maker.

You can buy the EP on iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/move-your-feet-ep/id1208424041

You can watch the EP teaser video on Maker’s facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Makeruk/videos/10155326325492240/
Watch the ‘Move Your Feet’ EP  video  below


Creeper ‘Suzanne’

Southampton’s Punk Rock band Creeper have released their new single ‘Suzanne’. This fabulously theatrical band blast us into their massive rock sound with all the flamboyance of glam rock smeared in a massive punk rock anthem. ‘Suzanne’ is a mighty walloping track that emits hyperactive energy from its very core. With ruckus frenzy causing pounding drums and shredding guitars, Creeper erupt with dynamic fist pumping cinematic energy. Staggeringly Infectious melody and intense charismatic vocals gives the track a powerful punch mixed with mosh worthy mania. The elastic slap and rapid flexibility on bass gives a rooted groove and immersing depth and is a strong and fantastic foundation for the track. Creeper slow the pace briefly with a heavy pulsing beat and swagger filled vocals that exude attitude teamed with eerie breathy backing vocals. ‘Suzanne’ is a perfect display of the bands richness of depth and texture as they expand with enriched qualities glowing in glorious 3D-technicolour.
Watch the video for ‘ Suzanne’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Hidden Charms

London band Hidden Charms have released their new single ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ ahead of their forthcoming EP ‘Harder From Here’, which is set for release on October 28th, the band consists of members Vincent Davies (singer, guitarist & bassist), Ranald Macdonald (co-singer, keyboardist, guitarist & bassist), Josh Lewis (guitarist & bassist) and Oscar Robertson (drummer). The four piece have scored support slots for the likes of Hanni El Khatib and Yak, a four-week NME Koko residency and radio airtime from Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Huw Stephens. They have generated a mass of attention from successful slots at Kendal Calling, The Great Escape and the iconic Isle of Wight Festival. We previously featured their single ‘Cannonball’ on Indie Buddie and were extremely excited and eager to hear their new single.
‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ is a hallucinatory rumble of spine chilling neurosis encased and composed in cool strutting swagger. Enduring smooth vocals repeat the chorus, engrossing and consuming you into a maze of intense claustrophobia. The rapid rumbling drums adds a thick gooey humid effect as the spin of psychedelic razor sharp guitar riffs give this track a sultry sensual luring quality while adding an eerie sting. The elastic slap bass gives that strutting prance, stride and groove keeping an upbeat charm and flaunt. Its an infectiously hypnotic and catchy track that creeps up behind and seeps into your brain replaying when you least expect it.
Stream ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ below