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Gorilla Troubadour ‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’

Dublin based Gorilla Troubadour have released their second single ‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’ and boy it’s a doozy. Following the release of their debut single ‘The Apple Truck’ and an ensuing tour around Ireland, the band have made a name for themselves as gritty rockers, combining powerful riffs and ear catching hooks. Over the summer they played at festivals such as Townlands Carnival and Gael Linn as well as a headline in The Workman’s Club as part of Gigonometry and packing out Geoff’s Bar in their hometown of Waterford. The band recently headlined The Workmans Club on the 17th of January to a full venue.

‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’ is a thrilling smooth criminal that terrorizes and haunts with slick charm and staggering swagger while an abrasive instrumental backdrop entraps you in Gorilla Troubadour’s sound. These guys have style for sure, as biting raw guitars erode through the punchy drums while a sensual bassline wiggles, weaves and lures you deeper into this bewitching track. The guitars wail and pierce creating a haunting atmosphere of danger and mystery while panache soaked deep vocals coo and entrap over this blistering display. It’s catchy, exhilarating and magnificently crafted. The rich depths in this track are pretty masterful for such a young band- the darkness swirls and rumbles through that sublime bubbling and fermenting bassline while the finesse on guitars creates a sweet tension release, all the while the track is coiling and intertwining with lush backing vocal lulls and pristine harmonies as the track builds to a dramatic crescendo. Gorilla Troubadour have meticulously crafted this song- constructing its component parts prudently and the result is pretty impressive. I’m loving their professional, crisp yet corrosive and enthralling sound.

The launch gig for ‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’ is scheduled in Whelans on for the 19th of February. Also planned are launch dates in venues all across the country as the band look to build on their success of 2018.

Stream ‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’ below

Gorilla Troubadour ‘The Apple Truck’

Dublin based Gorilla Troubadour have released their new single ‘The Apple Truck’. Gorilla Troubadour are an emerging energetic funk rock band that consists of Dylan Kearns (Lead Vocals/Rhythm guitar), Eamon Ganley (lead guitar), Eric Walsh (drums) and James O Connor (Bass). The group take inspiration from bands such as ‘The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ and ‘Arctic Monkeys’ to create heart pumping grooves and atmospheric tunes. In summer 2017 they played venues across Ireland including Limerick, Waterford and Mullingar. Later that year the band headlined Whelan’s on the 10th of October to a full house. A launch gig is set for the 4th of April 2018 in Whelan’s along with multiple dates across the country including Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Wicklow with more to be confirmed.

‘The Apple Truck’ is an impressive swagger-soaked blast of funk rock at its best. This young band display a mature sharp sound that exudes strutting panache smeared on top of ballsy gritty rock. From the start of that opening riff this track steams and blisters with gritty red-hot charisma. With vaporous stings on guitar teamed with a meaty flexible drum beat and sensual bass lines Gorilla Troubadour belt out a thrilling wild beast. This track takes its time unraveling its lush sound slowly as it coolly cruises in on a funky carpet of chicness.  It’s all about the groove, this four piece keep it tight as the guitars follow the rhythm neatly then find their spaces to shine with a sultry whine or shredding solo. The melody and simple vocals dance on top of the infectious groove for the verses while the chorus explodes in true rock and roll manner. It’s catchy well-crafted and definitely makes these guys ones to watch out for.

Stream ‘The Apple Truck’ below