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Indie Quick Picks

The Mocking Jays

Genre: Pop Rock

Bio: Hailing from Nottingham, The Mocking Jays are a five-piece pop-rock band that have effortlessly created a deft balance of pop sensibility and rock and roll swagger that, since forming in 2014, has allowed them to rapidly make a name for themselves, both within their native East Midlands, and across the UK. Though crucial early support from the likes of 6Music and BBC Introducing, as well as festival appearances at the likes of Y-Not, have done nothing to hamper the band’s reputation, it’s largely down to the inherent appeal of their own brand of idiosyncratic indie-pop.

Track: Edge of Your Knife

Why We Like It: This bubbly indie pop gem bounces along with an infectious beat upon a honey drizzled melody and sassy slick instrumental backdrop. Elastic bass lines and rich rhythm create a danceable groove foundation for this fun ditty to explode off. It’s upbeat with swagger soaked guitars rebounding and slickly weaving off the sublime percussion to make for a wholly satisfying and engaging listen. These guys throw on a healthy dose of panache and sleekness to charm their way onto your playlists.

You Can Follow The Mocking Jays on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/MockingJaysBand/

Watch the video for ‘Edge of Your Knife’ below

Henry Chadwick

Genre: Indie

Bio: Henry’s debut EP, ‘Guest at Home’, which was released in 2016 garnered critical acclaim. His breakout single “Alright,” has reached over 100,000 plays on Spotify, and he shows no sign of slowing down. Teaming up on the new record with legendary producer, Rob Schnapf, who has worked with Elliot Smith, Kurt Vile, Beck and The Vines to name a few, Henry is about to share his new album ‘Marlin Fisher’ which is set for release 31st August. Henry acted as a multi-instrumentalist again, playing drums, guitar, bass and keys on the record. The songs have been brought to life for the stage with his 4-piece band, consisting of Eddie Curzon (guitar), Zach Scott (bass) and Anders Cochran (drums).

Track:  Bag of Chips

Why We Like It:  It’s a woozy dreamy number with a luscious pop-ish melody filled with hints of psychedelia. The sweet gently stomping beat adds a strong foundation for the distorted guitar to lament over while Henry’s velvety vocals soothe and coo throughout. It’s a dreamy sun kissed laid back track that still packs in some vibrant vivid instrumentation to make for a wholly satisfying listen. This blissful lazy day tune is such a bitter sweet joy to listen to as it delicately caresses your ears for a perfect mellowed out deeply enriching experience. It always feels like Henry gets you.

You Can Follow Henry Chadwick on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/henrychadwickmusic/

Stream ‘Bag of Chips’ below


Genre: Alternative rock

Bio: KAVES are a Norwich based alternative rock band who have just released a new single titled ‘TBT’. The band have been together just over 1 year, but have had their new singer Caitlin since May, and this is the first single with her.

Track: TBT

Why We Like It: It’s a punchy blast of gritty alternative rock that rides in on a mighty rumbling wave of powerful drums and slick rooted bass lines. The guitar jaggedly pierces through the catchy melody with a strong ferocity as meaty riffs drive the track pushing it to its manic adrenaline rushing crescendo. It’s a slick lean and mean track from this young band.

You can follow KAVES on Facebook here  https://www.facebook.com/kavesofficial/

Stream ‘TBT’ below


Genre: singer songwriter

Bio: BAILEY is the moniker of singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Joe Bailey. His first introduction to the world was with his sparkling debut single “The Future”. The song received a lot of good press and ongoing support from BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire along with many other radio stations.

Track: Change

Why We Like It: It’s a catchy peppy pop track that bounces along with summer vibes and gospel- esque hints. The anthemic chorus teamed with cheery vocals and warm acoustic guitar jingles between a sprightly beat fills this little charmer with good vibes and wholesome tones. It’s one of those pick me up little ditties that you will be humming all day.

You can follow BAILEY on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/baileymusiconline/

Stream ‘Change’ below

 Dylan Murphy

Genre: Folk, Blues, Acoustic

Bio: The Limerick-born, Galway-based, songwriter has made a name for himself performing his self-penned songs. He first started writing songs between busking sessions on a San Diego boardwalk. Since then, he has honed his performance skills, playing wherever he happens to end up, ranging from rooftop fiestas while living in Andalucia to bars in Northern Vietnam to music festivals located not too far from the arctic circle.Though he has lived all over Ireland, Dylan’s musical home is Galway, where he has been heavily involved in the music scene as member of Citog Records for the better part of the last decade. He has performed onstage with artists such as Steven Sharpe, Emma Langford, Tracy Bruen and My Fellow Sponges and has supported artists such as Ben Caplan and Jake Clemons.

Track: ‘Anxious Times’

Why We Like It: It’s a snappy folk flavoured track seeped it gritty grunge hued tones. With a rampant guitar stomp driving it into an adrenaline inducing frenzy while punchy drums set the foot tapping backdrop. This catchy number is filled with a raw energy that is infectious. Raspy vocals and brisk melody add a rough and ready texture to this lively tune leaving you craving to hear more.

You can follow Dylan Murphy on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/dylanmurphymusiclads/

Stream ‘Anxious Times’ below


Genre: ska punk

Bio: Kahuna are an explosive ska punk five piece formed in 2016 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The band provide a fresh take on the familiar ska punk sound, combining upbeat infectious ska rhythms with playful, catchy melodies and an unrelenting DIY punk rock ethos. Since their live debut in 2017 they’ve built up a dedicated and enthusiastic following as well as a reputation for raucous, energetic live sets having played venues across the UK including headline sets at The Cluny and Head Of Steam Newcastle.

Track: Throw

Why We Like It: It’s a vibrant infectious track filled with luscious tropical rhythms zealous tasty guitar jingles and lively catchy melodies that melt upon the vivid backdrop like butter on toast. This track is bursting with colour and dynamism to make for a joyful spiritual listening experience.

You can follow Kahuna on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/WeAreKahuna/

Stream ‘Throw’ below

 Luke Top

Genre: psychedelic/pop

Bio: Luke Top (of Fool’s Gold) is an LA-based psychedelic/pop artist  who just announced his new EP, ‘The Dumb-Show’ out 19 October via Grand Gallop and Org Music.

Track: I’ve Been Workin’

Why We Like It: This dreamy delight is frothing and bubbling with luscious playful rhythms over a beautiful sun kissed irresistible melody. His velvety vocals caress the melody with the sweetest tone to create a hazy euphoric atmosphere that soothes as well as tantalizes the senses. Jangly guitars fill the track with a delicious dash of zest while the shaky rhythm brings forward a surge of tropical bliss. Instantly likeable and charming with the perfect amount of sun-soaked paradise to make for a captivating, wholly enjoyable Beach Boys- esque vibe. Just sublime.

You can follow Luke Top on Facebook here  https://www.facebook.com/luketopmusic/

Stream I’ve Been Workin’ below


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Henry Chadwick ‘Guest at Home’ EP

Currently based in California, indie artist Henry Chadwick has been making waves with his new EP, ‘Guest at Home’. A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, his self-produced EP showcases Chadwick’s skills, as he wrote, engineered and played most of the instruments on it. Chadwick’s music has charted on both the Hype Machine and Indie Shuffle Charts with #1 Spots and his single ‘Alright’ has just reached 100,000 streams on Spotify. Chadwick draws influences as much from music of the past (The Beatles, The kinks, T-Rex, Nirvana, David Bowie etc.,) as from  current artists who keep pushing forward stylistically and sonically. Henry makes catchy, thoughtful and usually energetic music with a unique perspective, edge and charm. Henry Chadwick was raised in a studio environment, his father being an engineer who worked out of Cherokee studios in Hollywood through the 1980’s and continued to record in his home studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
‘Guest at Home’ EP brings a sound that will transport you to back to the swinging 60s with flashes of current indie edge to pull you into a spiralling concoction of energetic charming delight. Title track ‘Guest At Home’ kicks things off with a ripe zealous guitar riff sugar coated in an infectious melody that swoons and floats with ecstasy. Peppy bouncy beat, clap along feature and smooth vocals make this track an instant hit. The witty lyrics and sweet shrill on guitar teamed with a slice of rock and roll Jerry Lee Lewis -esque piano this track will have you rocking around the clock. ‘Overtime’ slows the pace with strumming guitar and reverb psychedelic vocals. Its a prism of trippy sparkling hypnotic euphoria. Soft beats and spaced out vibes give the track a floating wispy daydream feel. ‘Alright’ is a hazy Californian driving track. Bursting with cool sun kissed vibes exuding effortless sleek swagger with a creamy fluid flow. Slick guitar adds a zest and a sensual smack of charm to the track. Its a groovy dexterous foxy strut of laid back smooth rock. ‘Something I Don’t Know’ showcases that superb rock with ear worm melody and infectious hair raising heart quickening guitar feature teamed with punchy drums that makes you dance around the room in a joyous frenzy. Its an uplifting radiant tune that appeals to every fibre of your being. Chadwick displays the high range in his vocals for the catchy lovable chorus. ‘The Two Of Us’ closes the EP with edgy guitar and eerie vocals. Perfect harmonies add a lush texture while the strong beat drives the track forward. Simple sway-like feel with darker undertones keeps the track fresh and makes it stand out from the others. With psychedelic twists towards the end Chadwick knows how to keep your attention throughout making you want to hear more.
Stream ‘Guest at Home’ EP below