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Midnight Embargo ’00:00′ EP

London  electro/alt rock trio Midnight Embargo have released their second EP ’00:00′ which was recorded with Nottingham producer Guy Elderfield. The scorching four track EP swarms in with catchy rock n’ roll whisked in dark funky flavoured disco vibes – perfect for frenzied live shows. Jangly guitars and buoyant strut ready rhythms glissade through the effervescent HRTBRK’ and ‘Burn Your Fires’ These stomping disco bangers are brimming with panache as swagger soaked guitars prance through the punchy drums and sparkling synth glam. These guys whir through their infectious tunes with a slickness that is enthralling while a rowdy backdrop makes every pulse beat and stride compel your body to groove. The shredding rawness of ‘Borderline (Won’t Let Up)’ keeps the relentless stamina alive as edgy guitar riffs splinter and lacerate through the punchy drums and elastic bass rumbles. With a sing along fiery chorus perfect for live crowd interaction this track whips up a dark smothered blustery rock n’ roll frenzy. ‘Battle Rhythm’ closes the EP continuing the kinetic energy of the previous tracks with a little more aggression burning throughout the ethereal breezy soundscapes. Sharp guitars sting between the dynamic vocals and thumping drums as the synths weave a smoky haunting braid of mystery throughout.

Midnight Embargo have created a sublime dancable EP laced in infectious disco vibes with a magnificent blend of swagger soaked rock ‘n’ roll and 80s-infused rock. The slick, steamy, scalding guitar lines teamed with catchy melodies and driving rhythms make for one groovy wholly satisfying EP that is sure to make for a crazy live show.

Stream  ’00:00′ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Miles Kane

Miles Kane has released the new single and title track of his anticipated third album ‘Coup De Grace’. It is the second taste of the album following the release of the Jamie T and Lana Del Rey collaboration ‘Loaded‘ earlier this year. The album which follows predecessor ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ from 2013 is set for release on August 10.

‘Coup De Grace’ is a snazzy, disco hued dazzling glam rock display from Kane that is sure to have you shaking and grooving mindlessly. The stomping beat slaps and rebounds off fluctuant jangly glitter-soaked guitars while Kane’s vocals glissade upon the infectious melody with swagger and charisma. It’s 70’s esque foot tapping frenzy as the verses cruise and slide with a luring quality right up to the bursting sing along ready chorus. Doused in funky vibes this track steam rolls in with all its flamboyant trance inducing glory to wrestle your mind with its swanky chicness sprawled on top of glam rock finesse. From the first vocal wail this track has you hooked and transported to a groovy timeless world of dance and fun and lets not forget the fluidity in the lyrics, they flow with such rapidity and molten smoothness – its captivating.  The deeply weaved elastic bass adds a thrilling rooted quivering foundation for this track to elevate off. The blending of slinky rock attitude driven guitars with disco soundscapes creates a crisp pristine little world of endless dancing and prancing. It’s very slick indeed.


Stream ‘Coup De Grace’ below


Adam & Elvis ‘Hanging Tree’

Adam & Elvis have released their new single ‘Hanging Tree’. Their thought-provoking, pull-no-punches style which is set to a musical backdrop of exhilarating wall-of-sound pop and primitive punk energy, unleashed by Patrick on guitar/vocals and Tom on bass/vocals respectively, with the aid of Juliet Styles (synths/saxophone), Steve Wraight (vocals/percussion) and Dan Robershaw (guitar). The Berkshire band have been championed by regional radio and performed their gripping live shows on the same bill as Fat White Family, The Zombies and The Correspondents, as well as numerous festivals across the south of England.
‘Hanging Tree’ is a sorry tale of a young intellectual who, despite his rationalism, loses his mind over unrequited love. Its peppy gritty alternative pop drenched in dark tragically comical tones. Deep dramatic vocals change from moody baritone to full-throttle tenor. The chorus breaks into a sweet bobbing melodious indie disco that bops and hops with elasticity and springiness coated in syrupy vocals. Jagged guitars gash as the rhythm blasts and thunders through the track with raw choppy wildness. Adam & Elvis perfectly make the dark gruelling gut-wrenching theme peppy and wacky while still expressing the pain dramatically with razor sharp saw-toothed instrumentation and deep vocals.
You can catch Adam & Elvis live at:
Sat 6 January 2017: Sebright Arms, London E2
Fri 24 February: The George Tavern, London E1 – Freak Power Records Residency
Fri 24 March: The George Tavern, London E1 – Freak Power Records Residency
Fri 26 May: The George Tavern, London E1 – Freak Power Records Residency
Fri 23 June: The George Tavern, London E1 – Freak Power Records Residency

Watch the video for ‘Hanging Tree’ which was shot by Balla Kingston, Craig Rogers and Antonio Pineda below. It captures the band in ebullient mood at UK Live Sound studios in Reading, where ‘Hanging Tree’ was produced.

Inkfields ‘Anybody Out There’

British singer-songwriter Inkfields has released his new single ‘Anybody Out There’ it is the lead track from his third EP ‘Danger Moose’. Since taking the plunge and becoming a full-time musician in 2015, Inkfields (the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist Samuel James-Griffiths) has been busy developing his songwriting into an expansive and adventurous indie rock sound. After building an early fanbase with a series of acoustic gigs and street busking performances across the UK and Germany, his first EP ‘Paperless Book’ sold over 500 copies and his second release ‘You Forgot The Roots’ which we featured on Indie Buddie earlier this year picked up press acclaim and radio airplay across Europe.
‘Anybody Out There’ brings us a fresh new side to Inkfields’ sound. This edgy new track is a clever blend of indie disco with indie rock. The swagger infused strutting beat of the drums teamed with the panache and flaunting slick guitar gives the track a magnetic swagger and slick characteristic. The infectious melody and confident charismatic vocals show Samuel James-Griffiths has stepped things up since we last heard him and honed into his “Disco Stu” side while maintaining that raw edge with classic rock riffs and his unique vocal tone.
Stream ‘ Anybody Out There’ below