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For The Girl ‘Where Did Time Go?’


For The Girl are an Indie Pop Rock band from Nottingham. The band consists of members Sam Plenty (Vocals), Josh King (Rhythm Guitar), Isaac Hallas (Lead Guitar ), James Wells (Bass Guitar/ Synth) and Nathan Fox (Drums/ Percussion ). For The Girl have played a number of high profile gigs and toured with the likes of Young Kato. Their stage presence is like no other irrespective of where they play, from small and intimate venues, to the electric crowds of the UK’s O2 Academies. Known for their style and sound that is unique to them they are gaining an ever growing fan base and are fast becoming the ones to watch.
They have recently released ‘Where Did Time Go?’ the uplifting first single taken from the bands new EP ‘Shark Attack’, which is due out on the 8th of July. Lyrically, this song describes the emotions and feelings of something that a large amount of people experience at some point in their lifetime: the search for you inner self. For The Girl portray this theme to us in a fun upbeat energetic manner that is infectious. This track is full of radiant guitars, shimmering synths, soft beats, bright pop cymbal work and rhythms. Plenty has a unique style and vocal tone which is full of confidence and attitude and although its unique and not what you would expect it works extremely well with their sound as it adds a bite to the track and a refreshing sharpness which is effective. This track has a slick seductively captivating guitar feature that is kick ass. ‘Where Did Time Go?’ is full of amazing dimensions and is ablaze with bright tones and an upbeat energetic atmosphere.
‘Where Did Time Go?’ is definitely a must listen! For The Girl have a bright future ahead of them. We will eagerly await their EP.
Watch “Where Did Time Go?” below

Tom Ryder ‘Desk Job’

Essex-based singer-songwriter Tom Ryder has released his new single ‘Desk Job’ from his recent ‘Strings Attached’ EP. Tom has made an impression on BBC Introducing in Cambridge and BBC Essex. BBC Three Counties Radio have play listed Tom’s songs and invited him in for live sessions. The new EP track ‘Strings Attached’ has already been heard on the airwaves of 39 BBC regional stations. His début single ‘Silence Breaking Through Sound’ raised close to £9,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support in 2015 and has gained celebrity praise and approval from Chris Evans and Rod Stewart. Ryder’s new track ‘Desk Job’ follows and doesn’t disappoint.
‘Desk Job’ is a soft gentle track that explores the daily 9 to 5 grind to a beautiful and infectious folk-pop melody. With a delicate rounded beat and velvety smooth acoustic guitar this track is spongy and sweet. While the lyrics are easy to relate to and perhaps sometimes harsh, we are not being told a fairytale as it is a song about “reality”. However the lyrics are performed in a compassionate tender manner. Ryder’s vocals are warm and sympathetic. Although the theme is somewhat melancholy the tone of the song is upbeat and positive, with a brass feature that fills you with hope and positivity. The added almost whisper vocal and break in the song near the end adds a dramatic effect to the track that makes sure to keep your attention.
This is a lovely emotional raw track that is honest and true yet still upbeat and cheery.
Stream ‘Desk Job’ below .

Mayflower ‘Sienna’

Mayflower are a smooth Rock & Roll band from Manchester. Formed in 2014 they have wasted no time in getting their name out there. They have secured headline gigs at the iconic Night & Day Café, a sold out show at The Castle Hotel and a string of shows around the Northwest in UK. They quickly gained the attention of Michelle Hussey and Natalie-Eve Williams at BBC Introducing in Manchester and subsequently BBC 6 Steve Lamacq has expressed his interest in them.
Their track ‘Sienna’ is the song that caught my eye. It’s a beautiful melodic track full of warm hazy nostalgic vibes portraying a melancholy sombre atmosphere. With gentle guitars and soft beats while the lull of lush harmonies in the backing vocals have a relaxing effect. The delicate smooth vocals are filled with emotion and combined with the sweet backing vocals give an uplifting feel to the track. The lustrous guitar feature gives a bite to the song and an almost psychedelic feel which adds a little contrast to the velvety sound.
Looking forward to their new tune coming out mid-August we really can’t wait to hear more!
Stream ‘Sienna’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes in the form of Fickle Friends ‘Swim’

Fickle Friends are Nattassia (Natti) Shiner (vox/synth), Sam Morris (drums), Harry Herrington (bass/backing vox), Chris Hall (guitar) and Jack Wilson (synth/backing vox) from Brighton. The Indie Pop five piece released ‘Swim’ earlier this year. We are big fans of Fickle Friends hear at Indie Buddie. We have previously published a feature on their track ‘Say No More’ and were so blown away with their sound we decided to make ‘Swim’ our Worth A Listen Track this week.
‘Swim’ is a playful exuberant track that radiates sunshine from the very first note. The soft sprightly pop beats and chirpy shimmering synths give this track a bright upbeat vibe. The twinkling guitar uplifts your soul and teamed with the positive bouncy beat gives a dance quality you can’t help but bop to. The cool and sweet vocals give an airy vibe to the track like a refreshing breeze on a hot day. The lyrics have a more sombre tone as the track is about one feeling like they are drowning which adds an effective contrast, but there is hope as we are told “you are not alone” this mantra keeps the track optimistic and positive.
Another fantastic song from Fickle Friends look forward to hearing more!
Watch ‘Swim’ below

A Chat With: Charlyn


We caught up with Charlyn after our feature on their new single  ‘Marylise’ last week to get to know them a little better.

 Tell us a bit about Charlyn ?

Charlyn is a Swiss singer/songwriter, born on 26th December 1991. She grew up in the French speaking part of Switzerland and had always been surrounded by music and musicians. She played the piano for seven years and then started singing lessons. In 2012 she decided to study music and moved to London to achieve her goal. She met her band members in London and found her style of music. She started to write a collection of demos and learnt the songs with the band since 2015. The sound of the band is Pop-Rock-Electronic with some 80s sounds influence.

When did you decide on the members of your band and how did you meet them?

Everything kind of happened gradually. I had to perform my songs within a band for university, therefore I had to find people to play with me. I have asked Robin Wheeler (drummer/producer) who was my flatmate at the time, to play the guitar for me, which he did.
My brother, Loric Mathez, who was studying drums one year above me became the drummer and for the rest of the musicians it varied according to people’s availabilities. In 2015 I had to find a new bass player, as the one I was playing with was too busy and wasn’t really involved in the band anyway. Therefore I looked for a bass player who would be into the same kind of music as me. I found George Price through friends and Facebook, he loved the project and was in.
Summer 2015 Loric decides to leave the band to focus on his advanced studies. Therefore we had to find a new drummer. We auditioned quite a few drummers but couldn’t find any one who was able keep up with a simple groove. Robin then decided to swap his guitar for the drum kit, which is his first instrument and we then looked for a new guitarist. I posted an ad on Facebook and Thomas Clutterbuck replied. We auditioned him and since that day he is our guitar player.
If I had to describe the band I would say we are like a family as we don’t only rehearse and play live but we meet up outside of the music world and therefore became close friends. I love my band 🙂

 What inspired you to make music?

I’ve always been into music since I can remember. I would say my dad, who is an autodidact has inspired me. He was writing his own songs as well and I grew up playing or singing with him. Then around 12 I started to write my first songs. In 2011 when my brother left for London I had just finished my apprentice time in a job I didn’t like. I came to visit him in London and I didn’t know what to do at the time with my life. He said to me ‘What do you really want to do? What is your heart burning for?’ I said ‘I want to sing’ and he replied ‘Then that’s what you got to do!’. Because of that discussion music is now not only a passion but it’s my profession and I’m so glad I made that decision back then.

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

I’m someone who loves positivity. It’s something that I use on an everyday basis within my life, my health, my studies, etc. I often look at the world or listen to radios etc and I realise that most of what we are listening and exposed to talks about depression, death, heart breaking, or some stupidity which we don’t really care about. In my songs I like to use this positivity as well as bringing hope and happiness to people. Not all of my lyrics are always happy but the message behind them goes in that sense. I had a few people that said to me that my music makes them feel happy and motivated for their day and that is what I want to achieve.
Otherwise I also like to make stories up based on different situations I or other people have been through. I like to write songs about ordinary people’s stories because I know a lot of people can identify themselves to them.

Could you briefly describe your music making process?

I normally sit down on the piano and play around with chords, then find a melody and sing random lyrics just making sounds; I call it the ‘yoghurt singing’. Once I’m happy with my song and melody I write the lyrics with similar sounds to the ones I was using before. I then go on Logic Pro or Abletone and make my demos.
For the songs that are on the upcoming EP I brought most of them as piano and voice ideas to my drummer/producer Robin and he made them sound amazing. I like his ideas and the way he works, he always surprises me with really cool touches and colour to the songs and production.

Tell us a bit about your new single Marylise.

I wrote Marylise in my room in London like most of my other songs. I wanted to write a song after a subject that got to me. I remembered watching some models interviews on Youtube and they were saying how their life is sometimes very depressing, how they have to look pretty all the time, how they have extremely strict diets and how some of them would like to live the life of every day people. I thought that was a very interesting topic to write about. It also made me think about those extremely talented kids we see on TV or Internet, some of them are so young and already superstars. I wonder if this is really want they want to do or if it is what their parents want them to do. That was my lyrics topic for this song.
I would say the song is really summery and catchy and I like the 80s kind of vibe that Robin used for it. It goes well with the song in general and makes it fresh in a way.
I’m happy with how the song turned out I could not imagine it to be different now.

Does the theme behind the single mirror a personal experience?

No, it doesn’t. I actually had the chance to have supportive parents, that always encouraged my brother and I to follow our dreams. They may have oriented us in some ways but never forced us to do something we didn’t want to do.

What was your favourite and most difficult part to record your new single?

I would say my favourite part is the chorus because we’ve put loads of different harmonies, that make it sound fuller. The most difficult part was probably the articulation and accent. Being Swiss English is obviously not my first language therefore I do have a bit of a French accent when I speak and sing. Robin made me sing the lines over and over to get a better accent and say the words in a more correct way. This was extremely tiring but really did help me to get better with how I sound, sing and say things.

 Any plans to come to Ireland in the future?

Yes, I would really like to organise a UK tour with the band and of course we would come and play there, However nothing is planned yet but it’s on the list.
I would love to discover this wonderful country and sceneries as I’ve heard great stories about it.

 What advice do you have for people who want to start their career in music?

I would say try to do as much as you can yourself but also be realistic and if you are not good enough in certain areas then work with people that are and can help you. Also having personal saving does really help as music is a very expensive area and without a part time job or good saving it is hard to move further away from Thursday Jam nights. I would also advise to be nice and respectful towards other people you will work with. Unfortunately they are a lot of big headed and rude people in this industry and it isn’t nice to work with such people so don’t become one of them. Being nice and honest is the way to go you want friends in this industry same thing as every day’s life.

What’s next for Charlyn?

We are lucky to go and play quite a few gigs in Switzerland over this summer and we are looking forward to it. We will also be playing in London on 7th, 8th and 15th June at the Half Moon, Putney. We are playing at the BIMM End of Term Graduation at the O2 Forum, Kentish Town on 17th June and at the Good Ship, Killburn on 14th August. More gigs still have to be confirmed.
We are also filming the video for Marylise on 26th and 27th May and the video should be out end of June, which is very exiting.
The EP is coming out mid June as well and we can’t wait to hear back from fans and audience about it.

We are looking forward to the EP as well if ‘Marylise’ is anything to go by its going to be added to a lot of summer playlists out there

Stream  ‘Marylise’ below

The Flux Machine ‘Louder!’

The Flux Machine is Luis Accorsi and Raphael Sepulveda. They are a New York City based alternative indie rock band with an edgy hard rock sound. Their new album ‘Louder!’ was released earlier this year and it’s a tornado of hardcore rock music with some sneaky melodic pop and country aspects thrown in which make this album contagious and appealing to all.
The first track on the album is ‘Run Away’. From the start they blast you into a storm of pounding drums with a deep rooted bass that pulses through your soul. This track is full of energy with a catchy anthem like chorus that compels your body to jump and dance. With simple lyrics and “na na na” feature it’s hard to stop yourself from singing along.
‘Square Up’ follows in a grungy eerie seductive manner. The verses are full of gritty deep bewitching vocals with luring bass line and tempting drums. The track bursts into another massive energetic rock pop chorus. The contrast between the dark verses to the lighter chorus is effective and innovative.
The title track ‘Louder!’ is a manic mosh pit of frenzy. It’s rapid tempo and grinding guitar with thunderous drums makes this song the power rock track that lives up to its name. You can just imagine a live crowd going wild to this track. Turn it up and go crazy!
‘Toxic Love’ has a “The Strokes” feel. With distorted vocals and prominent strong drums. Again filled with infectious melodies and catchy easy to sing along chorus. The sweet backing vocals and slick guitar solo add a refreshing change to the tone of the track and breaks up the intense energetic vibe.
‘How It’s Gonna Be’ and ‘Mess you up’ follow with the same high powered energy with ‘Mess You Up’ becoming more grunge and intense. With heavy sound and screaming growl vocals that add an eerie quality and give a wall of death feel.
‘Believe’ is a dramatic change from the intensity of its predecessor, it lightens the mood and slows down the tone giving us a chance to calm down and slow our racing heart beats. It is a melodic softer track that is full of emotion with an airy bright feel. It completely takes you by surprise but shows a delicate side to the band. With cool sunny vocals and bouncy beats. The backing vocals add a psychedelic 70s vibe in places. It is a proper tender hazy sunshine track.
‘Love And Affection’ continues to surprise us as it is also bright and more pop infused only with a hint of country added to the mix. The light bopping beats really lift this song while the guitars give us a taste of that rock sound we are used to. The soft vocal in the chorus give a gentle feel to the song. It’s definitely a surprise but a beautiful song all the same.
‘Wheels Of Love’ eases us back into their heavier sound with a slick blues bass riff that coaxes your hips to sway and move. We welcome the heavier rock sounding drums back with gritter vocals and a scream in places. A confident filled, seductive track that exudes swagger and is extremely strut worthy.
‘Jack, Jim And Johnny’ brings us back to a blues country style. With twanging guitars and a soft bouncy beat that builds as the tempo becomes more rapid until we are presented with a country rock track. This track is full of middle finger attitude. It is a great song to get you pumped.
‘Crash Down’ brings us back to a fast tempo high energy rock track. With a call and response chorus that is infectious. It shows us a fun side to the band with stunning guitar and strong drums that bury and bend deep inside you and pound through your body making you get up and dance.
The album finishes with ‘Hate Love’ which is full of “oomph” and energy and is a fiery strong song to end on. The dynamic guitars and spirited drums make this track lively and infectious. With its humorous lyrics and aggressive spirited sound this track will leave you wanting more.
The Flux Machine have created 12, non-stop, power songs that are infectious and memorable and extremely likeable and innovative. They have something for everyone ‘Louder!’ is definitely a fantastic listen.
Stream ‘Louder!’ below

Charlyn ‘Marylise’


‘Marylise’ is Charlyn’s promising first single from her upcoming début EP. The Swiss singer/songwriter who is now based in London portrays an electric mix of Indie Pop and 80’s elements blended together. Charlyn perfectly complements the rising popularity of female electro-pop vocals, in a similar vein to Chvrches or Brighton’s Fickle Friends.
‘Marylise’ is a bright upbeat electro – pop track with sugar coated synths and a soft bop beat. This smooth track is full of lush harmonies and shimmering electric guitars that add a little bite to this sweet creamy luminous track. Charlyn’s vocals are flawlessly radiant and syrupy and so easy to listen to. This song is full of cool tones with the added sparkling sunny vibes portrayed by the guitars and the rhythmic, spacious 80s-pop beats. .Although the lyrics are somewhat melancholy and sad the tone of the song remains upbeat and hopeful which is refreshingly effective. Its definitely one to add to your summer playlist!
Charlyn has graced the stages of renowned London venues such as Bush Hall, Under the Bridge and 02 Academy Islington, as well as playing shows in Paris and Switzerland, Charlyn is now set to take Western Europe by storm over the summer with four performances in London and appearances in Switzerland already confirmed!
We are looking forward to hearing Charlyn’s EP which will be released this June. The EP release show will take place on the 15th of June at The Half Moon in Putney, London – 8pm if your around make sure you head down.
Stream ‘Marylise’ below

Step Rockets ‘West Coast’

Step Rockets are an Indie/Alternative band from Minneapolis, United States. The band consist of Anthony Schulz ,Brady Lillie , Johnny Syn and Joshua Schmidt (aka Josh Von Mink). They have released their new song ‘West Coast’ from their new EP ‘Future Nature’. ‘West Coast’ is a melodic indie pop track with an almost tribal twist. This song is bursting with energy and full of amazing experimental synth sounds which add different dimensions to the track. With a catchy melody and infectious bouncy beat this song definitely deserves radio play. The heavier rock chorus adds depth to the track and is a great contrast to the more pop sounding verses. This song has a dance quality and anthem effect with a big sing along chorus and bright vibe.
A fantastic track that shows off the band’s signature blend of pop rock. Looking forward to more from these guys.
Stream ‘West Coast’ below

Fictionist ‘Free Spirit’

Fictionist are an Electro-pop / rock band from Provo, Utah. Band members Aaron Anderson, Robbie Connolly, Brandon Kitterman, Stuart Maxfield have shared the stage with Imagine Dragons and Vampire Weekend, and are now back with their latest record ‘Free Spirit’.
‘Free Spirit’ is an uplifting and vibrant track with an electro-pop sound and bursting with sunny vibes. This dance worthy pop track was made for blasting through your speakers on a hot sunny day. Full of cool tones conveyed in the fresh airy echo vocal accompanied by shimmering synths, energetic beats and radiant guitars. Its infectious chorus will have you singing along and dancing in no time.
Stream ‘Free Spirit’ below

The Cradles ‘You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me’

The Cradles are a five piece rock band from Cardiff. Band members Joe Norman (Vocals), Kieran O’Brien (Lead Guitar), Declan Andrews (Drums), Luke Haines (Bass Guitar) and Toby Andrews (Guitar) have created a catchy 60s style sound that is unique. They have been championed by Tom Robinson, received BBC Radio 6 airplay and have a number of sell out shows and support slots with The Bohicas, Pretty Vicious and The Ordinary Boys under their belt.
Their New single ‘You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me’ which will be released 29 th July is a catchy melodic track that is smooth and instrumentally innovative. Its sleek gentle guitar riff draws you in and makes this song extremely attractive. The guitar runs along in the background of the verses giving a free airy vibe. While Normans vocals are simple, gentle and effortless making this song so easy to listen to. The delicate elastic beat gives a bendy quality to the track that persuades your body to sway and bop along with it. The guitar solo has a melancholy tone which gives a sweet nostalgic dreamy feel to the track with a soft beat behind it.
‘You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me’ is an infectious innovative track that shows The Cradles have great potential.
Stream ‘You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me’ below